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Write a review

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I will always remain grateful to Mrs…

I will always remain grateful to Mrs Louisa Rox de all the help rendered to me on getting back all that I have lost in less than a month, I i advice everyone struggling to make profit in trade of wanting to get back all their lost in a shot period of time should feel free to contact this honorable woman for help via WhatsApp +1 (772) 242:6212 once again thanks Mrs Rox

I just rounded up my first trade with…

I just rounded up my first trade with Mrs Louisa Rox, everything seems very easy with her easy withdrawal and good customer service. Reach her via Whats.App +1 (772) 242:6212 For a professional service

Am so lucky to have someone like Mr…

Am so lucky to have someone like Mr Liam Bruccini as my account manager. Liam Bruccini make binary option trading so easy for me and for the people that I introduce to him for trading. With Mr Liam Bruccini your binary option trading is saved. Your profit and bonus comes in due time. Contact Mr Liam Bruccini for smooth trading. WhatsApp +1. (772). 405: 3594#

With Mr Liam Bruccini as my trader…

With Mr Liam Bruccini as my trader (Account manager) I have mad not less than $65,000. He had a cold feet and I started small but invested more as gain maximum profit with he’s unique strategy which is actually the best in binary option.you can join me in making cool cash on binary option. Contact him via WhatsApp +1. (772).405: 3594# for good strategy and easy trading

If you are looking for a gainful…

If you are looking for a gainful business that can bring you lovely profit it should be a binary options. In binary business the only thing you need to do is to seek for a better account manager like Liam Bruccini. Mr Liam Bruccini made me to understand that binary options is very gainful after my first withdrawal of 95% of my profit and after that my profit keep on coming on day by day. You can contact him via WhatsApp +1. (772). 405: 3594#

I have tried some platform but no much…

I have tried some platform but no much improvement, I also lost my capital to some brokers then I stop the binary option trading. But after some time I searched for a nice account manager then I came across Mr Liam Bruccini. He helped me to make money now on daily basis. Trust me you get 100% of your profit. Contact Mr Liam Bruccini via WhatsApp. +1. (772). 405: 3594#

Scammers made me to forget the binary…

Scammers made me to forget the binary business after I have invested in wrong hand for many times. I quit the business for like a year before a friend introduce me to his account manager. I contacted him and invest back on the binary option. I got my first profit after 14 working days. All thanks to Mr Liam Bruccini for helping me out. You can reach him on WhatsApp +1. (772). 405: 3594#

I thank God and appreciate Mr Liam…

I thank God and appreciate Mr Liam Bruccini for helping me recovered all my lost funds from scammers.I recovered most of my profit in binery when I started trading with him.and if you really want to make good profit from binery option trading, you have to trade with a good account manager like Mr Liam Bruccini with a very good strategy of trading. You can reach him on WhatsApp +1.(772). 405: 3594#

My family and I are very happy today

My family and I are very happy today, because we are financially okay through the help of the this great trader/account manager. Since I put my trade under her care I haven’t recorded any loss reach her on Whats.App +1 (772) 242:6212. Please specify I referred you so I can get my referral bonus ☺️☺️��

I’m so happy and didn’t regret…

I’m so happy and didn’t regret contacting Mrs. Lisandra Franklin for she has just proved herself to me, I just got all my interest in my account without stress, about to start another trade with her right now. I urge everyone investing in binary trading to please invest wisely and seek her advice before going into trading for she truly an expert. You can reach her on Whats.App +1 (772) 242:6212 She’s customer friendly, honest and profit oriented

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Sign-up Bonus:

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

Better option to recover your loss in…

Better option to recover your loss in binary option trading. I went into trade sometime ago and lost almost all my savings I decided to contact some recovery agents and ended up being scammed several times, I was later referred to Mrs. Louisa Rox after explaining what binary option trading is all about and the reasons why people loose their trade I decided to follow her advice and since then I have gained back everything I lost and am still making more money till this time. She can be reached on Whats.App +1 (772) 242:6212 she will definitely help you on all issues related to trade.

Recover your lost fund without paying…

Recover your lost fund without paying anyone, Mrs Louisa Rox have been changing people’s life by helping them with all problems concerning currency and crypto currency trading. A trade expert, good account management, advice on low to get back you money within a short period of time. Whats.App her on +1 (772) 242:6212 always customer friendly.

All thanks to Mr Liam Bruccini who…

All thanks to Mr Liam Bruccini who helped me place trade and monitor my account as it groes, made me much profit and helped me recover all my lost. I now get 95% from my frofit after my first withdrawal of 14 working days. With him your trading is sure. You can contact him on WhatsApp. +1. (772). 405: 3594#

Binary option trading is a lucrative…

Binary option trading is a lucrative business that can earn you income you will not believe. After I have traded for eight months of no return (profit). I thought I will not make it anymore. But when I came across a good account manager, Mr Liam Bruccini, he showed me how to make profit and withdraw with ease and I followed the steps. I now make profit on binary which I thought it was over, you can contact him on WhatsApp:+1. (772). 405: 3594#

I lost some money to fake brokers so…

I lost some money to fake brokers so many times last year which makes me not to believe on them anymore. but after some months my very good friend referred me to contact Mr Liam Bruccini that he’s a good trader/account manager I can trade with. And after contacting him, we talk and he advised me on how to invest since then I have been making lots of profit. So I can assure you that Mr Liam Bruccini is a good account manager with trust. You can reach him via WhatsApp: +1. (772). 405: 3594#

If you need trading guidelines and…

If you need trading guidelines and solutions which work for me in making good profit. Please contact Mr Liam Bruccini, he’s a good account manager with my experience, I assure you trading time with him. He has been giving me over 90% of profit. My trade with him is lovely. Invest with him and You will not regret it. You can contact him via WhatsApp:+1. (772). 405: 3594#

Get your money back from this fraud of…

Get your money back from this fraud of a company. I was able to get my investments back. check email ABOVE to contact funds recovery expert for help.

FX Trading Basics that You Must Know


FxTradingRevolution.com Representative

In the first article of our educational series on the FX Trading Revolution website, we will show basic facts and terminology that some traders will probably know. However, we will present these facts in the correct way. In the article we will move on to the facts about Forex, which you probably do not know, but which you must know to trade in the financial markets profitably.

1) Forex stands for FOReign EXchange, and means trading with foreign currencies. It is the biggest and the most liquid financial market in the world. A daily turnover is currently more than 5.6 trillion USD.

2) Forex is an Over the Counter Market, which is not localized. Forex is a site for connected phone and other electronic systems. The site is based on supply and demand, and trades are executed. The system connects banks, brokerages, insurance companies, investment funds, corporations, and investors together (if we are talking about a true interbank market).

However, if we are talking about the trading conditions of 98% of all the regular retail traders – then their trading accounts are only connected to one single market maker. The market maker is a trader’s broker, or they are owned or connected by a contract to an ECN / STP broker. One way or another there is a conflict of interest between the trader and his broker. You can read more information about this issue in the next articles from this educational series.

3) Participants of financial markets usually use financial markets to make a profit based on changes in the markets, or to insure their business risks (hedging). A special category are governments and central banks, which use financial markets to intervene and set monetary policy.

4) Speculative traders use various trading systems – algorithmic and high frequency trading systems; intraday, swing, or long-term trading strategies. Long-term trading strategies are usually based on fundamental analysis. Usually we can split retail traders’ approaches into manual and automated trading strategies (all trades are executed by a computer, and a trader only enters codes that are an algorithm based on his strategy).

5) You can trade Forex 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Forex is considered to be one of the fairest types of investments in the world, because the market is not influenced by quarterly statements of classic stock companies. You can make money whether markets rise or fall.

6) Some traders mention that Forex trading is a zero sum game. This is correct – because every buyer needs a seller to execute his orders. However if all client orders are sent by your broker on the real interbank market without any conflicts of interest – you can then make a profit from trading financial markets.

The main problem is not a principle of financial markets – that they are considered a zero sum game. The most important problem is a conflict of interest between small retail traders and their brokers.

7) Based on statistics of financial markets, only 15% of trades are executed by corporations, governments, and central banks. The rest, as much as 85% of all transactions, are executed to make a profit based on a move in the markets. The main financial centers are London, New York, Tokyo, and Sydney – each center has its own trading hours. As many as 40% of all currency transactions are executed in London.

8) In the picture below you can see a true hierarchy of the Forex market from a view of the typical retail trader. For profitable trading results from financial markets, it is extremely important for a trader to choose a broker which will not execute all his trades at only one market maker (as the vast majority of ECN / STP brokers do).

9) The more trades and the shorter trades you execute, the more you compete with the most modern high frequency trading systems that are able to work in extremely short intervals, and it is required to keep going with these technologies. These traders usually have to use some type of automated trading. Intraday, swing, or long-term trading is suitable for manual orders.

10) A high volume bank and institutional orders are often executed at price levels of psychological numbers (100, 150, 1.0000, 1.1000 etc. – rounded numbers). Also, high volume orders are often executed at the price levels of important minimums or maximums of a market – there are often stop-losses of traders accumulated.

11) Please avoid all commercial expert advisors (automated systems), paid trading systems, indicators or services, and pseudo professionals that tell you that they will make you profits of hundreds or even thousands %. This is an absolute waste of your finances. At the same time, these services are totally against the principle of logic. If any of these sellers truly had a profitable system, they would never need to sell anything.

12) If you are searching for paid Forex help, only the following services make sense. Automated systems / indicators / scripts and coding based on your requirements – in this case, if you are trading through MetaTrader 4, you can take advantage of low prices from freelancers directly at mql5.com. At the same time, you will find various indicators, automated systems, and scripts for free at mql5.com. Coding services based on your needs could also be provided by your broker if he has an interest in getting good results for his clients.

13) In all the publications, you will probably read that the most important factors for successful trading are psychology, money management, and trading systems. These facts are very important, but more important is the choice of broker; to determine whether you will be able to achieve profitable results, or if you choose a low quality broker, you will lose your good opportunity for any potential profits.

14) Trading is a zero sum game – every buyer must have a seller, but that’s not the main reason why traders lose in the financial market. Financial market traders lose because of conflicts of interest with market makers or ECN / STP brokers who only have one liquidity provider (market maker), and directly participate in the profits / losses of their clients. The main issue is not the principle of how the financial market works, the main problem for 98% of all traders is how the brokerage business for small traders works.

15) A fixed spread on the interbank market does not exist. On the interbank market, the spread is always variable. If you are trading with a fixed spread, you are not trading on the real market.

16) High leverage and deposit bonuses are the most common marketing distractions for beginning traders who will quickly wipe out their first trading accounts.

17) Brokerage advice and investment recommendations are another common way to a quick disaster for many beginning traders.

18) Slippage – inaccuracies in execution of trades should be both positive and negative.
The vast majority of brokers across the world execute the trades of their clients only with negative slippage. You can read more about that in other articles in this educational series.

19) You will find out the quality of a broker only after tests on real accounts. The team FX Trading Revolution has done extensive and detailed tests of hundreds of brokers around the world on real trading accounts. On these tests spent not only a lot of effort, but also a lot of our financial resources. However, empty words and theories are what motivated us, especially because now we can also show retail traders unbiased information about the huge differences that actually exist between brokers.

20) The same trading strategy will always achieve different trading result on real accounts. For more information – read further the educational series or take a look at our homepage.

Team FX Trading Revolution

7 important factors to consider before starting a business

Cut out the risk and give your startup the best chance of success by following these seven top tips from Quality Formations’ Graeme Donnelly.

Are you planning to start a business of your own? Not sure what the road ahead may entail? Well, there are some important factors to bear in mind when launching a business.

Having spoken to entrepreneurs, we have highlighted these guiding factors from their experiences, including Graeme Donnelly, a founder of online company formation agent Quality Formations.

Graeme Donnelly is an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, with almost 20 years’ experience. He has founded several leading online company formation agencies, which have offices around the UK. Quality Company Formations has worked with Barclays, Lloyds and Namesco.

These factors to consider when starting a small business could help you to eliminate the risks and obstacles you’ll face on the journey – take note to help prepare you for success!

1. A great idea

“No business can develop in the absence of a great idea. A great and a practical idea is the only thing on which the development of your business will depend. Moreover, as a lot of companies are involved in the market, you need to have a unique idea that stands out.”

Not sure what your great idea is? Explore our business ideas hub and get inspired.

2. Funding and budget

“The next important factor that should be considered involves the funding of your business. You need to properly identify the sources through which you will be able to get the funding for your business. Moreover, it is better to have a plan so that the budget of a company can be properly maintained.”

What are the options for funding your business? Discover the different ways of raising finance.

3. Analysis of competitors

“You need to know what your competitors are doing and what are their strategies? With this knowledge, you will be able to take appropriate decisions about your company. It will also help you in developing a much more effective strategy for your business.”

4. An effective business plan

“No business can develop fully in the absence of a business plan. Writing a business plan can help you determine if your idea is feasible and provide direction. With a business plan, you will be able to know every next step that should be taken.”

Visit our business plan template page to get started.

“The next factor that needs to be considered is the completion of legal documents. For the sale of some specific products and services, there are some requirements for the preparation of legal documents. Make sure you have already done all the legal documentations for your business.”

Our legal issues section can help you to understand some of the common concerns.

6. Positive attitude

“It is one of the most important things that will help you in passing all the challenges and difficulties. There will be a lot of risks and hurdles you will face in this process and the only thing that can save you will be your positive attitude. You will have to work hard to develop a company of your own.”

7. Know when you need help

“The development of a business is not a matter of seconds, it will involve a lot of time that is spent with hard work. However, in this process, you will be needing the help of some experts. Make sure you already have an adviser who can provide you with the best advice at the hour of need.

“These are the seven most important factors you need to consider while starting a business of your own.”

Next, visit our 10 steps to starting a business for more ways to help you get going and set up your startup. Or, read our business tools page for more information. Good luck!

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
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  • Binomo

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