Avtomoney.site Review Is Avtomoney Scam or Legit

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Проверка и отзывы о сайте avtomoney.org

Основные данные

Возраст домена: 324 дней.

IP сервера:

Месторасположение IP: Соединенные Штаты Америки

Информер доверия сайту avtomoney.org:

Уровень доверия и оценки людей сайту avtomoney.org:

Рекомендации для сайта avtomoney.org:

К сожалению, сайт имеет отрицательный уровень траста. У сайта мало комментариев. Сайт имеет плохую репутацию в системе WOT. Для увеличения уровня доверия необходимо:

* Продумать работу по негативными оценками. Например: можно связаться с пользователями оставившими негативные оценки.

* Продумать работу по увеличению колличества комментариев в нашей системе. Например: можно попросить своих пользователей написать комментарий о сайте.

* Продумать работу с негативной репутацией в системе WOT.

AutoMoneySystem отзыв

Официальное уведомление онлайн-сервиса «AutoMoneySystem»

AutoMoneySystem – банальный лохотрон. Аферисты создали сервис, якобы обслуживающий рублёвые денежные счета граждан Украины. Но это обман .

Известные названия проекта

  • AutoMoneySystem

Ссылки на сайт проекта

  • https://xbonuss1.top
  • http://xbonuss1.top
  • http://xbonuss2.top
  • http://automs.top
  • http://xbonuss3.top
  • http://sysautosysmoney.top
  • https://sysautosysadminmoney.top
  • http://autosystranzaction2020.top
  • https://transferorgcompany2020.top
  • https://toporgtranz.icu – лицо проекта morissonjack
  • https://cashgeneral.icu – лицо проекта morissonjack

E-mail адреса проекта

Внимание! мошенники очень часто меняют адреса своих лохотронов. Поэтому название, адрес сайта или email может быть другим! Если Вы не нашли в списке нужный адрес, но лохотрон очень похож на описанный, пожалуйста свяжитесь с нами или напишите об этом в комментариях!

Информация о проекте ” AutoMoneySystem “

Вот, что можно прочитать на главной странице:

Официальное уведомление онлайн-сервиса «AutoMoneySystem» !

Здравствуйте уважаемый пользователь!

Уведомляем Вас о том, что наш сервис с 5 августа 2020 года вынужден прекратить свою работу на территории Украины в связи с изменениями в законодательстве.

До 31 июля 2020 года, согласно регламенту нам необходимо рассчитаться со своими пользователями, произведя полную выплату денежных средств с их аккаунтов.

Для того, чтобы начать процедуру заказа выплаты, нажмите на кнопку «Проверить баланс», после чего следуйте инструкциям сервиса

Вы получили данное уведомление, так как по нашим данным, на Вашем аккаунте баланс составляет более 50 000 рублей .

Click Money System Scam Review

The Click Money System is the newest trading system that has been made available in the Forex industry. It is an automated software for Forex and CFDs trading owned and created by two people – Julia and Harold.

We have reason to believe that this trading system is a scam. You can read our detailed review to find out why or you can .

Table of Contents

Top Forex Robots

  • Price: Free
  • Software: Manual & Automated
  • Max Returns: 90%
  • Min Deposit: $250
  • Forced Bonus
  • Unrealistic Returns
  • Success Rate Not Verified
  • Limited Accessibility

Not Reliable Service

What Is Click Money System?

Click Money System is a Forex software founded by Julia and Harold – a brother and sister who designed and developed it together. Up to the present moment, it has generated mixed results to a very small amount of online investors who have dared to sign up with it.

It does not require users to have any additional trading skills [1] or experience. One could be an absolute newcomer to the Forex industry and still manage to acquire a stable digital income. The problem is that we do not think Click Money System is the best tool for that. In our practice, we have tested and approved a lot more reliable trading systems.

We decided to make an exclusive inquiry into ClickMoneySystem in order to verify if it is legit or scam and the results did not surprise us. The Forex automated software is not completely genuine and authentic product and users’ investments would be safer with an approved robot.

Do not forget that Forex trading carries a lot of risk and if you do not choose your system carefully, you might lose a lot of investments.

How to Work with ClickMoneySystem?

There is nothing particularly special about the Click Money System and the algorithm [2] created by Julia and Harold.

Click Money System can be put to work both manually and on autopilot. You can activate a feature that would compound your profits, but we did not find it very useful. On the contrary, since the software has not been proven to work properly, it is very dangerous to activate such feature – it can deplete your account in an instant.

How to Start With Click Money?

Click Money System offers the very tempting success rate of 90% completely on auto-pilot. This winning ratio has not been verified by independent traders. On the contrary – people who have signed up for the system report less than half that percentage.


Everything points to the fact that the promised earnings of $10,000 cannot be achieved. Still, for the purposes of objectivity, if you wish to be among those have tested the system, here’s what you have to do in order to start trading with it:

1. Free Registration

2. Place Initial Deposit of $250

3. Trade – Manually or on Autopilot

ClickMoneySystem Price

While some profit-amplifying solutions do require an initial fee to be entered or begin charging a small commission after the first couple of months have passed, ClickMoneySystem does not. Only a small initial investment of $250 has to be made, but it is utilized solely for the purpose of funding one’s account.

Even legit Forex robots often require a small commission after the first couple of months have passed. Usually, they let users convince themselves that the software works properly before asking for the fee.

Is ClickMoneySystem a Scam or Legit?

From what we were able to find out about this Forex software, it is a not reliable and trustworthy one. In fact, ClickMoneySystem has received a lot of mixed feedback from initial clients.

Additionally, the fact that Julia and Harold do not share their last name, worries us also a lot. This might be a sign for dubiousness. We cannot recommend Click Money as a safe choice and we advise you to join a tested robot instead.

This Forex system is not regarded as a legit and trustworthy profit-amplifying solution. ClickMoneySystem is marketed as a trading tool that can be utilized even by people with zero experience. But it is also very well equipped to mislead those people. Most experienced traders we managed to contact about the Click Money System say they have seen through the scam in time.

For that reason, we are ready to agree that Click Money System is not a good choice for your trading endeavors.


Our investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Click Money System to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Click Money System is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.

In order to protect traders from bad trading experience and financial loses we recommend you to

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
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  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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