Binary Option Robot Review

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Option Robot Review 2020

Option Robot is an auto-trading platform started by software designers in Europe in 2020. It is advertised as the most trusted in the market with reliable broker compatibility. They believe this makes it stand out among other similar robot software. Option Robot does not overstate about the success you can get if you decide to use them for trading. They let you decide how you want to trade and with this in mind; you get different results from other people.

Option Robot is not a binary options broker hence another authority cannot license it. Despite this, it has several brokers licensed by other groups like the CySEC. Some of the binary options brokers that it is compatible with are as follows:

  • Binary Tilt

It started in 2020 in London with Chemmi Holdings Ltd as its
owner. Its minimum deposit requirement is $250 and a minimum trading size of
$10. It has expiry times of 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2, 3 and 5 minutes.

It started in 2020 making it new in the market. It mainly
focuses on South American clients. It offers expiry times of 60 seconds, 90
seconds, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes.

It is one of the more recognized brokers. It specializes in
pair options and binary options. It has expiry times of 60 seconds, 5 minutes,
10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 1 hour.

  • BDSwiss (Banc de Swiss)

It has its headquarter in Cyprus. It has a minimum deposit
of $250 with 85% returns. It offers 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15
minute, 30 minute, and 1-hour expiry times.

It started in 2020. It allows trading in eight different
currencies. It offers expiry times of 60 seconds, 90 seconds, 2 minutes, 3
minutes, and 5 minutes.

Option Robot Software Review

This automated software has two versions: the free version and the pro version. The free version limits you to certain features like having to use the Stock pair. Other limitations are like having five-minute trades, 3 trading indicators, obeying to a minimum amount per trade, two maximum concurrent trades, and only one binary options broker. The Pro version of this binary options trading robot software allows you to access more features like have higher minimum trade amounts, 7 concurrent trades, three binary options broker, varying breaks, and 8 currency pairs.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Sign-up Bonus:

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

When you use both versions, you can be able to make use of three trading systems namely, Martingale, Classic, and Fibonacci. The Martingale system ensures that when you get a loss, it increases your trade amount and if you win, it resets your trade amount back to the original. The Classic system ensures that whether you lose or win, you will have the advantage of trading with the same amount. The Fibonacci system does the opposite of what Martingale system does.

The Option Robot software is user-friendly and easy to download. Even though the system may not accomplish its goal of 83 percent win rate, it still has a remarkable win rate. Its win rate can go up to around 70 percent.

Portable Trading

OptionRobot is software is compatible with smartphones and tablets. It makes it easier for brokers to travel anywhere and be able to make trades on their phones or tablets. Traders who like to get notifications on their trades should know that there is no app accessible on Android or IOS to give them the notifications. They should, therefore, do their trading through mobile internet browsers.

Customer Support

The software has a live chat available on its website. A
chat box opens up and it has an online chat advisor who is ready to help you
with any queries. If you would rather use other means of communication, you can
go down to the bottom page and choose “Contact Us” link. This gives you the
option of either sending an e-mail or going to the FAQ’s to get answers for
your questions.

Special Features

The Option Robot platform is quite easy to use. It is very easy to find what you are looking for in the software. It has reviews of different brokers, signal indicators, trading systems, and even a demonstration of how the software works before you decide to start trading.

2020 Update

In the past, a binary options software like this one would be very appetizing. Yet, in recent years, systems like these don’t seem to have the same cache. There’s no verified trading results, and it’s almost impossible to find a trader that’s using it, and can prove their success rate.

It’s much like the BinBot Pro software we reviewed just a couple weeks ago.

There are lots of promises, but no real proof that the software is actually viable. Prove us that it works, and I’ll certainly change my mind.


Overall, Option Robot has a reputation for being one of the first big systems in the binary options market. Yet, as times have changed, we expect more from the software vendor.

We want to know why we can’t find successful clients, and we want real verified results.

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A Professional Binary Options Robot Review For Semi Automated Trading


Binary Options Robot offers a semi-automated trading system that attempts to remove the mechanical aspect of trading and allow traders to be in full control. There are several aspects to like about the system, but there are also a few issues that lower the success rate. Nevertheless, Binary Options Robot is one of the better trading robots that is available for profitable binary options trading.

Introduction To Binary Options Robot Review

Not all binary options trading systems in the market are able to offer sustained profits, which can be verified and cross-checked with actual trading performance. It is common for signals service providers and binary options trading systems to offer promises of extravagant bonuses, which will make the impossible, seem possible. Binary Options Robot is one of the more advanced and premium binary trading systems in the market that has many years of performance history to back up its performance claims.

In our review of the Binary Options Robot, we attempt to discover the innate characteristics of Binary Options Robot strategy and the live performance of the Binary Options Robot in real-world market conditions. We will also analyse the Binary Options Robot fees of subscription, app performance, and the overall trading environment.

Binary Options Robot is not a regulated or licensed entity, and it does not claim to be as such either. Binary options Robot is one of the vast majority of automated trading systems that operate without a valid registration and is not authorised by any licensing authority to offer investment-related advice to traders or investors. Binary Options Robot does specify in its terms and conditions that the company only provides information on its website for informative purposes, and the company is not responsible for losses that may arise from using its services.

It is trivial for traders to expect any kind of regulatory status from such automated trading systems, especially due to the lack of clear rules surrounding investment advice and binary options trading. However, the general consensus over regulatory licenses for allied services is not an indicator for the whole industry, as there are several automated trading systems, signals companies, and other service providers that are regulated by some of the top regulators in the financial markets. Nevertheless, Binary Options Robot works with some of the leading binary options brokers as part of its automated trading system, which does possess excellent regulatory authorizations and licenses to indulge in Binary Options trading.

Binary Options Robot first appeared in the market in 2020 and is one of the very first automated trading systems to take advantage of the growing popularity of binary options trading among the masses. Despite the company’s shortcomings in the regulation department, the safety of your investments is largely dependent on the quality and regulatory reliability of the broker. Hence, if you are careful about choosing a regulated binary options broker from Binary Options Robot, you can enjoy a fair amount of protection. The team at Binary Options Robot has also ensured that it has teamed up some of the leading binary options brokers, to ensure that they have access to the best companies in the market to cater to their users.

Binary Options Robot Working Principle

Binary Options Robot is not your average trading system that puts your account on autopilot to ‘set it and forget it’. In the era where automated trading and trading robots are gaining immense popularity, Binary Options Robot understands the need to strike a healthy balance between automated trading and manual trading. Therefore, Binary Options Robot is a semi-automated trading system that acts as a signals service provider and an automated trading robot.

Most binary options robots on the market provide an option to its users to open and close orders, without any input from the trader. These automated trading systems don’t require the presence of a trader; neither does it need any guidance. Therefore, all the emotional aspects of trading are eliminated. However, there are certain drawbacks to fully automated systems, as in the case of losing streaks, such programs can induce heavy drawdowns, which can potentially wipe out a trader’s account.

To eliminate the potential risks of automated trading, Binary Options Robot has decided to follow a semi-automated approach, whereby traders get 100% control over their investments. Binary Options Robot will not trade on behalf of a trader in their absence. In fact, it acts more like a trading signal prompter that requests the trader to verify the trade, before placing an order. Therefore, the semi-automated approach may make sense for traders looking for better control, but human emotions may play a vital role in the entry and exit of trades. Therefore, the success and failure of the Binary Options Robot depend on the emotional calibre of the trader, rather than the outright performance aspect of Binary Options Robot.

Opening an account at Binary Options Robot is straightforward, as the actual financial transaction occurs between the user and a broker. Binary Options Robot allows its users to open an account at any of the listed binary options brokers, as it is vital for traders to open their accounts through the system to ensure the seamless performance of the trading robot. Traders are offered a choice of different binary options, and it is up to the trader to determine his/her preferred option of a brokerage. Traders can activate the Binary Options Robot by funding their broker account opened through Binary Options Robot, and they are good to go.

Assessing The Core Trading Features On Binary Options Robot Platform

The Binary Options Robot platform, like most of its peers and competitors, is a web-based interface that grants access to the markets through an online trading system. The online platform connects traders to their respective broker through a semi-automated system, which grants full control to the trader for dictating their trading strategies. The primary Binary Options Robot platform is built on sophisticated algorithms that make use of multiple strategies and signals providers to offer a combination of the best trading strategies in the market. Traders are not restricted by a select few Binary Options Robot strategies; instead, traders have the option of subscribing to multiple strategy providers and signals to choose the best strategy that works according to their investment goals and risk tolerance.

Traders still have a fair amount of control over the trading strategies, which allows them to modify or customise the strategies according to the indicators used, the money management principles, the binary products, and the expiration times. It is indeed a novel feature that Binary Options Robot has adopted the Auto Trade Approval feature for its programs, but the actual relevance of the feature in automated trading may be questionable. Nevertheless, the Binary Options Robots platform seems to have all the essential features required for creating a profitable trading strategy.

The platform also contains a VIP account option, which opens up further customizable trade options such as risk management and choosing additional trading functionalities. Although these features are provided as a standard option for VIP traders, users must satisfy minimum conditions to be eligible for a VIP account. One of the main requirements of a VIP account is to refer additional clients to the system or satisfy minimum trading conditions. Either way, the VIP option is certainly an important and useful feature, which is a must-have for all traders.

Investments start from $25 per trade, which is certainly higher than the traditional average of $10 and the lowest of $1 offered by binary options brokers. $25 is a considerably riskier investment option, as a string of consecutive losing trades can deplete the account within a short span of time. Nevertheless, the interface provides an option to set a maximum daily stop loss limit, along with the option of setting the maximum number of trades per day. Additional features include Reverse trading to take trades in the reverse of a strategy if a trader feels that it is the most profitable course of action according to his/her inference.

Minimum Investment For Trading & Binary Options Robot Assets

The minimum investment required for opening an account at a broker supported by Binary Options Robot is $200, but there are different broker options that have different minimum deposit requirements. As a rule of thumb, traders can expect to invest anywhere from $200 to $350 for a binary options trading account. Funds can be deposited using different payment methods, including PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Visa, MasterCard, and Bank wire transfer. Deposits made to your broker account will reach instantly, while withdrawals will have a delay of two to three days, excluding holidays.

One area where Binary Options Robot really shines is the number of assets provided to traders. While most trading systems and signals providers limit the available assets to FX currency pairs, Binary Options Robot allows its users to invest in a wide range of markets, including stocks, commodities, indices, and Futures. Binary Options Robot attains its feed from multiple sources and makes use of advanced algorithms and trading indicators, which ensures that the system covers a wide range of markets and financial assets.

Our Experience Trading With Binary Options Robot Mobile Platforms

Binary Options Robot does not have dedicated trading apps for mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android, as all users are offered the option of the standalone Binary Options Robot online trading platform through a responsive interface. Responsive interfaces do seem to be the obvious platform of choice for a large number of automated trading systems providers, but several leading companies offer standalone mobile apps for tablets and smartphones.

Nonetheless, all mobile users can access their Binary Options Robot accounts on their mobile devices without any significant compromises. The company also ensures that there is no loss of features or functionalities for traders using their system on different devices, which does ensure that the Binary Options Robot mobile platform performs as expected for all types of traders.

Payouts, Trading Performance, & ROI Expected From The Binary Options Robot System

Binary Options Robot has not specified any concrete figure on its trading performance, but we have seen the system returning an average success rate in the region of 55-80%. The success rate is, of course, dependent on a wide variety of indicators, strategies, and trading signals, including human emotion, but we can’t properly analyse the system’s performance due to the semi-automated nature of the robot. Nevertheless, the system triggered trading calls with around 70% accuracy, which is not bad for a semi-automated trading robot.

The payouts offered by supported brokers also varied in the region of 80-90%, which means that as a combined performance, traders should expect around 60% ROI for their investments. However, traders have increased their odds by using the system by ensuring that they follow different strategies and by developing excellent money management and risk-mitigation strategies. It does take a skilled trader to use the system successfully, but a beginner trader can also learn the concept of trading successfully through expert assistance. Binary Options Robot is certainly suited for beginner traders who wish to learn the different successful strategies adopted in binary options trading, and become a professional in their craft.

The Cost Of Subscribing To Binary Options Robot Services

Binary Options Robot does not charge any fees for its services and is similar in concept to some of the other automated trading systems in the market. Binary Options Robot requires its traders to open an account through their system, which qualifies them for affiliate fees and commissions. Therefore, the end cost to the user is nil, but Binary Options Robot may receive compensation that is directly proportional to your investments and trading frequency. We do not usually recommend free services due to their lack of accountability, but Binary Options Robot has stood the test of time by offering excellent performance that is verified by genuine traders who use the system for their binary options trading strategies.

Trading On Binary Options Robot Demo Account

Binary Options offers only a limited demo account, which is actually very difficult to obtain using regular login credentials. Traders will have to send in special requests to the customer service department to be able to use the demo trading facility. Although demo trading is the perfect way to analyse the performance and reliability of a trading system, it is certainly a huge problem for traders to miss out on a demo trading account from Binary Options Robot.

Binary Options Robot Customer Service – Is It Any Good?

Binary Options Robot caters to its customers’ requests via email and a live chat form, but we have seen that the company has just recently removed its live chat function from its website. You can get your queries answered and may be able to resolve any issues through professional correspondence, but the customer service department is nowhere near perfect. We don’t expect the company to offer any expert or dedicated customer service channels, as the company offers its services for free. Despite the cost-savings, traders are actually paying for the services through indirect means, which means that traders may expect a sense of professionalism and dedication from the company’s side. Therefore, a good customer service department is essential from the company’s perspective, and we anticipate Binary Options Robot to pay special attention to its customer interaction channels in the near future.

Binary Options Robot Verdict

  • Semi-automated trading that offers 100% control to the trader.
  • Supports an extensive list of financial assets.
  • More options for trading through varied signals, indicators, and diverse trading strategies.
  • A user-friendly trading platform that also provides mobile trading access without any downloads.
  • Option to trade binary options through regulated brokers.
  • Free to join and no cost to the trader for trading signals or automated trading.


  • The system may be susceptible to human emotions, which reduce the success rate.
  • Customer service department is not as effective as other service providers.
  • Distinct lack of mobile apps for automated trading.
  • No precise information on the actual performance of the system.

Does Binary Options Robot Require A Subscription Fee?

No, joining Binary Options Robot and trading through their systems is completely free of cost. Users don’t have to pay any subscription fees or any other costs of trading.

Can I Make Money With Binary Options Robot?

The success rate and past performance quoted by any automated trading system, trading signals service provider, and other allied services cannot be indicative of future performance. Traders will have to apply due diligence and use excellent money management skills along with the tools provided by Binary Options Robot to make money in the long term.

Is Automated Trading Legal?

Automated trading is legal, but some brokers may prevent its traders from using automated trading strategies. Consult with your binary options broker regarding the legality of using trading robots. Binary Options Robot offers access to binary options trading companies that support the use of trading robots for trading and investing.

Is Binary Options Robot A Scam System?

Binary Options Robot is not a scam system, as traders have used the system for consistently successful trading results. The performance of the system may vary from trader to trader, but Binary Options Robot is not a scam.

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    Best Binary Options Broker!
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