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Bullet Proof Blog

Posted by Gale Catalan · November 17, 2020

If you are thinking of buying body armor like a bulletproof vest, aka a Kevlar vest, plate carrier, ballistic vest, or bulletproof clothing in general, keep in mind that you are investing in your safety, and your choice could be the difference between life and death.

In ancient times, warriors had to protect themselves from spears, arrows, and swords and they quickly realized that wearing armor made a big difference. Today, both war and the weaponry involved have advanced dramatically. Spears and other projectiles have transformed into lethal bullets and shrapnel that can kill with deadly accuracy.

The use of body armor has expanded to areas other than just the battlefield. These include civilian crime scenes, terror attacks, bomb disposal squads, federal and military special force, law enforcement agencies, and security services, and the list continues.

According to an FBI report, approximately 505 law enforcement officers were killed while on duty between 2005 and 2020 due to firearm attacks.

Following the advances in combat weaponry and its extended uses, the needs for body protection have also changed. Contemporary bulletproof vests are ultra-light and flexible, but very strong and capable of blunting most bullets and projectiles.

As the bulletproof vests and other ballistic vests modernize, they are also becoming more expensive. Today, buying a bulletproof vest is a serious investment which means that you must carefully weigh many different options when committing to getting a vest.

It is vital to choose only the best bulletproof vest and highest quality body armor that will meet all your needs.


Due to the military and security aura around the entire range of body armor including bulletproof vests, Kevlar vests, armor plates, and bulletproof clothing, there is a general feeling that such items are restricted for sale to only the military, security, law enforcement agencies, and other such outfits.

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The fact is that buying any type of body armor by any law-abiding US citizen or legal resident is completely legal. Anybody in the streets can walk into a store making body armor sales and make a purchase.

The only restriction that the US law imposes is that any kind of body armor cannot be bought overseas and then brought in the country. Similarly, ballistic vests cannot be bought in the country and taken abroad.

This important legal condition being clear, here are 11 important things to consider while looking for solid body armor or the best bullet proof vest for sale.


Your budget will, in many cases, be the deciding factor in which vest or type or armor you end up purchasing.

Make sure to properly evaluate all the options within your budget range and also consider whether or not investing slightly higher than your budget for the best bulletproof vest could be worth it.

At the end of the day, you can’t put a price on your life and coming back home safely to your family. The average lifespan of a bulletproof vest, or kevlar vest, is 5-7 years even if it isn’t used often. After that period the materials, even with proper care, will be less effective than when new. We carry a wide assortment of brands and types of bulletproof vests for every budget.


One of the first things you have to keep in mind is that even though a plate carrier or bulletproof vest will definitely not feel like a soft sweater, it must be comfortable for extended periods of wear or else it can become a cause for distraction.

The piece you choose must fit your body snugly without making you feel like it’s squeezing you too tightly. If you lose or gain weight after purchasing a properly sized vest it could become less effective in protecting your body.

A loosely fitting vest may initially feel more comfortable but the level of protection it provides is diminished if it doesn’t fit properly. In that case, you should consider other types of ballistic wear.

While there are lots of choices when it comes to carriers, sizing is the most vital factor as far as comfort is concerned. Look for one that fits you best.

Also, it’s important to consider the amount of time you will be wearing the ballistic vest. Will you wear every day, all day? If so, that is a lot of time to carry the extra weight which can affect your comfort, stamina, flexibility, and so on.

Considering these factors, make sure that you choose a proper fit of your bulletproof vest or body armor plate. It should neither be too tight to the degree of being uncomfortable, nor too loose to compromise on protection.


Different manufacturers have different sizing policies. Those who supply law enforcement agencies tend to customize the size to fit individuals. However, this comes at an added price and the delivery will take a little longer, as the custom vests are customized and made to order. This can be something to consider as you choose to make a purchase.


Through the years, carriers and body armor plates have notably become lighter and much more effective.

The biggest improvements compared to the vests of the past is that the latest ones have become lighter and more comfortable to wear – not that much different than heavy, comfortable clothing. Pick a vest designed for the type of protection you will need rather than the maximum protection you can obtain.

Always remember that the weight of the equipment you select will always have an effect on your fatigue levels and this is also impacted by body armor plates or armor inserts. If you plan on wearing the vest for long periods of time, narrow your search to lighter armor such as bulletproof Kevlar vests.


When a vest is too large, it can impair your movement on the field; conversely, if it is too tight or cumbersome, it can limit your range of movement.

Your vest must allow for an optimum level of movement meaning you should not find it hard to rotate your torso or arms as you would normally.

During tactical situations, it is crucial for you to be able to react and move quickly. Can you enter or exit vehicles without being inhibited? Your ballistic vest must be comfortable enough to ensure this. A second of delay in these types of situations can prove to be fatal.


Depending on the specific situation you are in, it matters a lot how your Kevlar vest or body armor plate fits your body. In tactical situations, when your assailant sees your vest, they may target those areas of your body that are not protected.

When your body armor plates poke out of your shirt, it can feel and look awkward. If you prefer not to use an overt armor vest, here are some great alternative concealed carriers.


Bulletproof vests for sale are usually made of either nylon or cloth. The materials used during the production can affect how they absorb moisture from sweat, the kind of maintenance required, price, and comfort level.

You also need to consider what you will be wearing underneath your body armor and length of time that the armor will stay on. Be aware of the fact that certain materials can cause skin abrasion or discomfort under certain conditions. Check out here for additional accessories for your ballistic vest and clothing.


These can be either hard or soft panels that slide into the front of the Kevlar vest to provide the wearer with additional protection. See to it that the panels that hold the plates are sealed with heat as the ballistic material and panels, typically Kevlar, hence the name Kevlar vests, will be protected from sunlight and moisture.

Be sure to consider the weather conditions you may encounter, extreme heat, rain, cold can all impact the ballistic materials used in your armor.

For more information, you can view our packages.


The National Institute of Justice or NIJ provides the official ratings for bulletproof vests and body armor. Without proper specifications or any indicators of quality, it can be difficult to find that piece of gear tailored for your needs.

In many cases, people do not know exactly what type of body armor they really need. This can lead to bad decision making which can negatively impact any given tactical situation.

Each bulletproof vest or piece of body armor is classified under 6 protection levels.

Level I, which protects against small caliber, low-velocity rounds. These levels have an A alternate that cycle upwards to Level IV, the highest protection level.

Knowing the protection level you will need is going to be one of the most crucial deciding factors of which vest you get because everything else will be determined by it – be it the cost of the vest or its size and fit.

Besides just the vest’s round stopping power, you may want to consider additional properties that any given ballistic vest has to offer, such as the material composition, shape, and shock distribution. These factors may be helpful in determining which vest will specifically suit your needs better. See our blog for more in depth information about Body Armor Protection Levels.


Check to see which of the vests you’re considering offers warranties if any on their products. Because body armor is a large investment, it is something you want to be able to rely on for a long time. As a general trend, most manufacturers offer 5 years’ warranty on most types of bulletproof vests for sale.

Warranties can add to that peace of mind that if anything should happen to your gear, there is the support to get it fixed. Can you return the vest or is there a price match guarantee like our company offers?


Buying body armor plates such as bulletproof vests, Kevlar vests, plate carriers, and bulletproof clothing is an investment so you’re going to want to properly maintain your armor and a ballistic vest. Make certain that you keep up with a regular maintenance schedule.

You should also do some research regarding cleaning and caring for your tactical gear. The US NIJ is a good resource to take advantage of. As a general guideline, you should know that most materials that go into the making of the best bulletproof vests, body armor plates, Kevlar vests, and all other ballistic clothing are sensitive to the following materials:

  • Liquid or solid detergents
  • Bar soaps
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Bleaching agents
  • Dry cleaning agents

These materials are sensitive to climatic and ambient conditions such as heat, cold, humidity, and freezing temperatures, among others. Since these are comprised of synthetic materials, they may cause skin abrasions or allergies.

Whether you are a private citizen or in line of duty, body armor of any kind is critical, and in certain exposed situations, the only means of protection. You certainly don’t want to let criteria such as pricing be a compromising factor but we also know budgets do matter. Any type of viable protection is better than nothing.

So you need to make sure that you are making a prudent, need-based decision while investing in ballistic gear. Check the fit, ensure there is a product warranty, and most of all, maintain your valuable body armor plate or ballistic vest as directed by the manufacturer.

Make sure to carefully consider these things when deciding on the bulletproof vest or plate carrier that will protect you in whatever situation you may encounter. Before you make a purchase, conduct some research or you can ask one of our Bulletproof Zone support team members to figure out what is best for you.

Bulletproof Profits Review (Read Before Buying)

Product: Bulletproof Profits

Price: $9

Rating: 20/100

Overview: Bulletproof Profits is a pretty typical course about making money online. This ISN’T a compliment and means this product is generic, basic and won’t actually teach you how to succeed online.

They even use scammy sales techniques like fake testimonials and absurd profit claims. I definitely don’t recommend Bulletproof Profits.

If you are looking for the best training on how to make money online, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I learned how to work from home and now I make more than I ever did before (and I only work 15 hours a week).

Click below to read my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

What Does Bulletproof Profits Teach?

Bulletproof Profits teaches you how to do Amazon FBA and private labeling. Amazon FBA is when you send products to an Amazon warehouse and they do most of the work.

For instance, they handle the checkout, the shipping, and follow up with the customer afterwards. Amazon takes 15% of the sale and that’s how they make money from the process.

Your job is to find products that are worth selling and you have to pay for the stock/advertising. On average you make around $10 per sale.

There’s definitely some risk involved with this strategy and you could lose thousands if you aren’t successful.

Bulletproof Profits also teaches you how to be an Amazon Affiliate. This is where you create websites in different niches and write reviews of products that are on Amazon.

In your article you link to the product on Amazon and you earn a percentage of every sale you send Amazon’s way.

I make a lot of money as an Amazon affiliate and know what it takes to succeed – this training will NOT help you succeed.

I’ll dive a little deeper into the training and it’s flaws but I want to point a few things out first.

There’s Fake Testimonials

Part of what I do is review different courses that supposedly teach people (usually beginners and other naive people) how to make money online.

Most of these products are very low quality or are outright scams.

Bulletproof Profits is low quality and is teetering on being a scam. One reason for this is they use fake testimonials in their sales page to get you to buy.

Here it is below:

You see Liz there? It almost looks like that’s a professional photo and not someone’s profile picture on Facebook. I wonder why that is.

The photo is just a stock image off of Shutterstock – Shutterstock is a place where people can buy images and pictures.

This type of sales tactic is one that I come across a lot actually and every single time the course ends up being one I wouldn’t recommend.

If the creator of Bulletproof Profits has to resort to making fake testimonials and doesn’t have any real success stories to share, doesn’t that really say it all?

A legitimate course would have many different students happily sharing their success stories. If there aren’t any students making money that’s because the training is low quality or an outright scam.

Want To Make Real Money Online?

You should check out Wealthy Affiliate then. It’s the single best place to learn how to make money online and gives you all the tools to get ahead – plus it’s free to try!

The Training Is Really Basic

The reason I don’t outright call Bulletproof Profits a scam is because there is training based on profitable business models.

There’s people making millions of dollars doing private label Amazon FBA and there’s people making millions doing affiliate marketing.

The main issue is you need an edge to beat out your competitors now. Maybe 10 to 15 years ago you could follow basic advice and make it work but that’s not the case anymore.

You need to know tips and secrets that are timely and ones not everyone knows – that’s the only way you’ll ever make a decent amount of money online.

If you go through the videos and PDF’s in Bulletproof Profits you just see very generic advice and no really strategies being shared.

You can easily find the same information free online and on Youtube without spending any money.

For instance, I’ve created several Amazon affiliate sites that have earned over $2,000 a month and I’ve sold some sites for over $40,000.

The advice they give you on creating an Amazon site is so basic and you will not make the money they promise by doing what they say.

They recommend writing reviews and don’t go over any tips that’ll help you beat out your competition. There’s certain keyword strategies you need to follow to succeed and they aren’t even mentioned in the training.

There’s A Monet Back Guarantee.. Sort Of

In order to sell on Clickbank you have to offer a money back guarantee (I believe it’s 60 days). I’ve gotten my money back a few different times on Clickbank and it’s always simple.

You just go to the Clickbank website and initiate the live chat and you’ll have your money back in a few minutes.

Again, I’ve done it several times and never once had an issue.

But there’s a disclaimer on the bottom of Bulletproof Profits that I have never seen before. Here it is below:

This is completely false and you don’t have to go to Bulletproof Profits directly to get a refund. And they do have to give you a refund or else they wouldn’t be able to sell on Clickbank.

So that’s a very bizarre warning.

What I Like About Bulletproof Profits

There’s nothing really here that I like.

Maybe if you’re completely new to making money online, the ideas could nudge you in the right direction.

However, you will need to find better training if you want to actually make it. You’ll need to find mentors that are doing well too.

What I Don’t Like About Bulletproof Profits

First off, I don’t like the sleazy sales tricks that prey on naive and beginners. Those sales tricks include fake testimonials and crazy profit claims. Any course promising you’ll make thousands with just a few clicks is lying.

The training is too basic as well. There’s no specific advice or strategies mentioned. There’s no showing real results or anything like that.

Lastly, I don’t like that refund warning at the end. When you buy a product off of Clickbank you have a right to get your money back and you shouldn’t let them scare you into thinking otherwise.

Here’s A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I’ve convinced you Bulletproof Profits isn’t worth your time or money. There’s just not enough there to push you over the edge.

This shouldn’t deter you from trying to start an online business, however. There’s plenty of ways to make money online and you need to find the right training and community to teach you.

If you want the very best, make sure to check out Wealthy Affiliate. This is where I learned and they offer training, tools and a community of over 1 million internet marketers to ask questions.

Plus it’s free to try! To check out my full review of Wealthy Affiliate, click below:

Monero (XMR) станет ещё безопаснее с протоколом Bulletproof

Криптовалюта Monero, известная своей продвинутой приватностью, сейчас находится в десятке крупнейших цифровых валют на 9-м месте. Команда проекта анонсировала ещё большее усиление защиты данных пользователей после введения протокола Bulletproof.

Monero станет более защищённым и быстрым, а транзакции подешевеют

ICO проекта Monero (XMR) было запущено в 2020 году, тогда эта криптовалюта позиционировалась как первая, ориентированная на приватность транзакций. Bitcoin не давал полной защиты, при желании можно было получить адреса пользователей, переводивших друг другу токены.

За последнее время проект Monero прошёл через ряд усовершенствований, главным из которых стала защита от «атаки 51%». Сайт ruscoins.info писал о том, что издание Bloomberg назвало Monero и Zcash самыми перспективными проектами криптовалютного рынка.

В середине июля команда XMR начала работу над внедрением протокола Bulletproof, который сделает эту сеть более масштабируемой, быстрой и защищённой. Это может помочь в достижении ещё более высоких позиций в десятке крупнейших блокчейнов. В августе сообщалось о том, что разработчики Monero успешно провели три аудита нового протокола, которые доказали его надёжность.

Протокол Bulletproof, представляющий собой новую криптографическую схему, позволит уменьшить объём передаваемых файлов на 80%, что сделает переводы менее затратными. Это программное решение станет дополнением к нынешней технологии RingCT, на которой работает проект. С обновлением RingCT станет более эффективным, его главная проблема, которая заключается в низкой масштабируемости, будет решена. Bulletproof также позволит упростить и ускорить загрузку обновлений сети в будущем.

Помимо новых функций, обновление будет включать исправление всех существующих в сети багов, что улучшит её работоспособность.

Bulletproof будет загружен уже в этом месяце

20 августа после подтверждения успешного прохождения аудитов, команда сообщила, что новый протокол будет загружен 30 сентября этого года. Снижение стоимости транзакций на 80%, которое произойдет после обновления, может привести к росту объёма торгов токенами XMR на биржах и запустить восходящую тенденцию этой криптовалюты. Если к тому времени общая конъюнктура рынка будет нейтральной или крупнейшие активы будут расти, возможен мощный взлёт Monero.

В сентябре котировки токенов XMR, в отличие от других виртуальных валют, падали не сильно: за вчерашний день снижение составило около 3%, сейчас они торгуются на уровне $111.85.

Сообщество Monero ждёт обновлений для того, чтобы протестировать дешёвые быстрые транзакции и новую защиту личных данных:

Monero и так даёт полную защиту, куда ещё больше? А вот сделать транзакции подешевле — отличная идея. Уже хочется попробовать.

Приятно видеть, что проект развивается и вводит новые фишки. Для тех, кому нужна анонимность, это лучший выбор.

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