Code Fibo – CodeFibo Review

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Code Fibo Review – 97% Success with Codefibo, No Scam Involved

If you are looking for the accurate review ’’Is Code Fibo Software Scam?’’, worry no more. We are going to provide you with an accurate and honest Code Fibo review, that you can make a wise decision. If you have been a victim of scam services before, this is the time to rejoice because finally there is a system that you can trust and which can consistently make you profits.

The Code Fibo Software is so unique in the sense that there is no hype, false promises and fake testimonials. Everything about the software reflects the reality. We tested the auto trader and we were very impressed by the CodeFibo App’s performance. It does generate profits just as explained in the website. We are going to provide you with Code Fibo Review so that you can understand the system better before beginning to trade. Here is the review.

Official Website:

Features of The Code Fibo Review

Qualified And Experienced Developers

The Code Fibo App was developed by Prof. Matthew Lewis with relevant knowledge and experience.

85% Winning Rate with Code Fibo App is Real

The Code Fibo System has 85% winning rate. This is because the system is integrated with some of the best weather prediction satellites. This enables it to predict prices accurately by generating Code Fibo Signals to make more winning trades. For example, if you place 10 trades; you will win 8 and lose only 2. This means that you will make more profits. The innovative technology which they are using is unique. Analysts predict that Code Fibo Software will revolutionize binary option trading industry.

The Code Fibo Software Makes $89 Per Hour & 4,500 Every Week

According to the video presentation, Code Fibo App can generate $89 in an hour and $4,500 per week. We decided to try the software to see if this was true. Indeed our trading balance increased from $250 to $ 4,000 in one week. We were very impressed by the results and even encouraged our friends to try the interface.

Remember that the amount of profits that Code Fibo System generates depends on the amount of money you deposit. With a trusted system like this one, you can deposit $500 or more depending on your financial ability.

Responsive And Reliable CodeFibo Customer Support

We were excited by the customer support service we received. Before using the Code Fibo App, we emailed the support team to ask some questions about the system. They were very honest within their answers and responded in less than 24 hours. If you choose to trade with Code Fibo System, you will get quick help in case you experience any problem. They have provided their email address in the website. This is something that most scam services avoid.

The Code Fibo App runs in Complete Auto Pilot Mode

The Code Fibo Software runs on complete auto pilot. This means that it will open and execute accurate trades for you. You don’t need to do much. That is why it is ideal for ordinary every day people who want to supplement their monthly income.

Easy To Use

This system comes with a friendly user interface. This makes it easy to use. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience to use the CodeFibo system. No formal training is required.

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Easy To Understand

The software has simple features. They are not complicated. This makes it easy to understand how they work. It is also easy to navigate through them.

The Code Fibo Software is Absolutely Free For 90 Days

The Code Fibo Software is currently available for free for a period of 90 days. Traders who are interested in making money using this innovative system can join free of charge. However, after 90 day period expires, you will be required to pay $790 per month for the license. The good thing is that with the sufficient amount of profits that the software generates, you will afford paying monthly subscription. You are advised to try the Code Fibo App while it is still available for free.

Minimum Deposit Is $250

You will be required to deposit at least $250 to fund your trading account. This is the minimum investment. It is very little when compared to the amount of profits you will be making in a day.

Easy To Join

The CodeFibo System is easy to join. You only need to fill a few personal details and you will be done. This shall be explained later.

Advantages of the Code Fibo Auto trader

  • Easy to use because it has a friendly user interface.
  • No trading experience is required.
  • Has high accuracy of 85%.
  • Runs on auto pilot.
  • Tested and trusted.
  • Requires tiny investment.

Is CodeFibo a Scam Software?

No. The Code Fibo Software is not scam. There are no exaggerated promises of becoming an overnight millionaire. In addition, there are no fake testimonies on the site. Endorsements are based on trader’s experience with the software. Furthermore, results can be verified.

Pricing – How To Join

  1. Clear all cookies so that you can clearly watch the video presentation on the site at
  2. Enter Your Name, Email Address, telephone number and password on the form that appears on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on REGISTER NOW button.
  4. You will proceed and select your broker after which you will open an account and deposit a minimum of $250.
  5. From here you will begin to trade straight away.

Click Below to Sign Up

Does this Code Fibo Review to be Trusted?

Our reviews have proved that Code Fibo Software is not a scam. Results can be verified, there are no fake promises, this App uses a combination of excellent technologies and more. Reviews show that there are many positive reviews from traders who have used the software on third party sites. Most of them are impressed by the performance of Code Fibo System.

In conclusion, it has been proved beyond doubt that CodeFibo is NOT SCAM. Feel free to trade. Reviews by experts in binary trading industry indicate that CodeFibo is not scam. Reviews also shows that there are no testimonials on the Code Fibo site. Legit systems sells itself. No need for fake testimonials. This is the case with CodeFibo Software. Share your results with the App below in Comments.


Fighting online scams since 2020


In this review of Code Fibo we prove that it is a scam that abuses binary options. It is presented by Professor Matthew Louise.

Louise claims that he has automated a binary options strategy based on Fibonacci numbers that wins 97 out of 100 trades. Thanks to this success ratio it can make you $6,900 per week on autopilot.

And because money is free (right?) in this world Louise is willing to give you his CodeFibo App for free.

Table of Contents

CodeFibo scam

Code Fibo is just another scam that abuses binary options. It is designed to take your money and lose it.

Professor Matthew Louise

Louise is in fact a fictitious character, the role of the Professor is played by an actor, a well-known scammer.

Professor Matthew Louise does not exist. Look at the picture, this same guy played the role of the creator of the Virtual Income binary options scam.

That system lost a lot of money to a lot of people and now the same actor pretends to be a Professor and creator of CodeFibo.

Reviews and testimonials

We have already noticed that Code Fibo has fake reviews on some other binary options websites. Make no mistake, those websites publish fake reviews and get paid for promoting scams.

Also all the testimonials you can see in the CodeFibo video are fake, they were made with paid actors.

You can also try to click on any article with Professor Louise on the CodeFibo website and you’ll see that they don’t even exist, you will be asked to sign up for the trading system.

The truth

So how does Code Fibo work in reality? Scammers who created this system are affiliated with some brokers and they get paid for referring new depositing clients to these brokers.

And to make you deposit and trade with one of their partner broker they need you to believe that they can make you money. So they made up their Code Fibo story with Professor Louise…

If you sign up with them and deposit money, their system will lose your deposit in bad trades, that’s all.


Code Fibo is a very basic scam that abuses binary options. If you use it to trade, you will lose money.

Make no mistake, Fibonacci numbers can be a very useful tool to trade binary options successfully, but you have to build a proper strategy based on them. You have to do it on your own, scammers don’t know how to trade profitably. You can try to do it on a free demo account.

And you should start to trade with real money only when you are profitable on the demo.

103 thoughts on “ MANIPULATIVE SCAM: Code Fibo review ”

I joined Code Fibo and funded my broker. The broker I was giving I have used in the past and they were fine. The problem I am having is the software hasn’t done any trades. Their customer support has yet to answer any of my emails. I can’t say if it works or not but I can say you get no help from them if you are having problems.

I tried code fibo because the basic idea seemed credible but following their signals was only about 50%, which means a loser. Then I switched over to manual trading with their recommended broker Rumelia Capital and gradually built the account up to $2300. I resisted their pleas for free bonuses based on more deposits. Is that money really there? Also, do you know anything about the software Pips Wizard Pro?

Thanks for what you do.

Rumelia Capital is not regulated and they don’t even provide an address. I doubt you could withdraw anything. Pips Wizard Pro is in my opinion a Forex scam.

I saw code fibo review on binary options anonymous , they said it was totally legit . Then I saw ur post and went to dig into it abit more further ..and it turned out your right , I gotta ask I have a bit of experience in technical analysis and was wondering where or who should I learn to trade binary options from?

Thanks John for the post !

Hi Victor, I think a good place to start is the school at

Hi John, thank you for this review. I almost joined CodeFibo, luckily it was not offered here in the Philippines. What can say about BinaBot System? Again. thank you.

Hi Fernando, Binabot is a scam from the same people. Their latest scam is called Swarm Intelligence.

hi i’m new to this as well. What is your best opinion on what companies to go with and what not to go with. I’m trying to save my family of a life long impoverished life please help .and marli seemed very convincing .

Hi, I think there is no quick money in trading. You can learn how to trade profitably, but it can take months or even years. Some people may succeed quicker, but you shouldn’t count on it. Trade with regulated brokers only. And don’t search for robtots that will make money for you, they don’t exist.

Thanks John. I kind of figured that’s where the money is coming from. Appreciate the insight. Really cool what your doing here will keep checking this page
Thanks again

What about tim Sykes? Scam or legit?

Do you mean Tim Sykes? Is this the guy that appeared on Wall Street Warriors years ago? I remember him blowing accounts on penny stocks. I don’t know how he has evolved over the years, but the story I heard about him is that he makes money from teaching and selling his products, that as a trader he is not so successful. But that was some time ago, maybe he changed…

Hi john i have found this other auto trading called millionare blueprint it sounds catchy n so far i haven’t found any negative feedback about but am afraid to join it cuz it has similarities of other scam webs can you please check if it legit or a another scam.

I am from Bangladesh, how can i learn manual trading? I have opened an account in iqoption yesterday. Please help me.

Hi, you can start with the school at

I myself have been conned Thank you for this can you check binary signals watch monitor for me and tradeo where you copy traders

Hi, so far I haven’t seen anybody making consistent profits in social trading. If you want to try it, do it on a demo and check the results against an independent demo account to be sure they are real.

Hi John
Could you please comment on PWRTrade and OptionBit as brokers?

I joined Code Fibo who put me onto PWRTrade as the broker and I’m still waiting for a VIP access code after 2 weeks! Reading all the comments here I’m guessing I got scammed with this…

Hi, PWRTrade is not regulated, so they can really do what they want. Optionbit is regulated, so withdrawals should not be a problem.

Hi I opened an account with code fibo yesterday put in $500 turned it on at 1am NZ time as stated by Jasmine turned it off at 8.30am this morning after waking up hello I had $347 so we all have been scammed yet again there should be able to have these people for fraud as the are stating that you can make money if I took some ones money through this form it would be classed as fraud I will ring my bank an see if the can reverse my payments, then you get no stop phone calls from a broker who will help you make money an you guessed it deposit more money cause the more you have the more you will make hello yes they will make not you SCAMMED BIG TIME!

Hi jhon, i believe you,I just tried code fibo and lost my intial investment of $250,I did lots of research before using it,but unfortunately the whole thing is a scam, when you start using code fibo,that auto trade option never actually works,I think code fibo is a franchise which makes money for the broker website and inreturn they give code fibo their commission, so as a matter of fact it is a well organised buisness and you even have to share your card details and your personal details with the broker who is assigned to you on a telephonic conversation luckily that my account does not have that kind of money,but still for safety reason i will block that card,they even demand photo copies of your proof of identity and some utility bill.I recommend whomsoever is watching this comment dont watch youtube and start using code fibo as,people who are are convincing you on youtube might themselves will be involved in the scam. If you love your money and your time do not invest in code fibo as it is not worth it from my personal experience.Thank you.

Well, isn’t this interesting?
I just found a website where you, John, was saying that Code Fibo was NOT a scam. You said it was reputable and trustworthy and could make you money.

And now?? A complete turnaround? Now you’re saying it IS a scam? So which one of your articles do we believe?So, who’s the person that’s genuine here?

I’m totally confused.

Hi Debra, you are right, it is really interesting. Because I never publish anything outside this website, so if you found something elsewhere, it is not from me. Could you please tell me where did you find this comment attributed to me so that I know who is abusing my identity?

Hi John– Could you recommend a legit system? I’m very new to this “trading” business. However– I would like to learn how to do it. Could you please point me in the right direction?

Hi, I don’t think there is any profitable binary options robot. I believe that manual trading is the only way.

Hi, John. Are there anyways to get our back from the scammers?

Hi, I don’t know, their more or less anonymous, so it’s difficult. But maybe if people complain to relevant authorities…

Thanks for your review what abou eToro? Safe?

Hi, eToro is a regulated Forex broker focused on social trading. I think it’s safe, but I would demo for a long time before investing real money, because social trading can be very tricky. Basically it is very difficult to find consistent traders to copy.

I have been scammed in a big way by ZE-Binary signals . I joined their managed account service which promised huge returns after 9 months . My ba balance grew from 35k to 367k in 7 months. My account was traded on ok-options broker platform. On 13.9.16, got message from ZE saying that they are transferring my trading to Trade Market auto trader where trading will continue for one month and then ZE website would be ready with security features and back to trading on ok-options again. On 14.9.16, my balance of 329k was transferred to TM. Until 13.10.16, trading went on and my balance grew to 367k. On 14.10.16, TM website had a message thAt it was under upgrade and would resume shortly. There was not prior notice given. On 17.10.16, email came saying the upgrade would be completed on 19.10.16. On 18.10.16, TM account manager Cameron came on Skype around 12.06 GMT to say the trading started at 5GMT on 18th oct. when I checked my account, my balance is 32 dollars. They placed more than 3000 trades between 5-9 GMT and wiped out all the balance. I wrote nasty emails. Why should they bother to reply. I get the feeling it is a well preplanned operation of all three -ZE Binary Signald, Ok-Options and Trade Market. All 3 are quiet. My hard earned money is gone down the drain. Pl alert and caution your customers not to deal with these 3 even if they come back with a different name.

Yup, as has been mentioned, these sites promoting this rubbish are all the same. I also almost got dupped with all the positive comments going around on quintup and the like about how great this code fibo is. In fact I signed up for code fibo, was assigned the Banc de Binary broker which is pretty well known, but was still skeptical so I did a quick google search about them and 2 worrying and recent headlines later about their practices, I decided not to pay the deposit. The urls are: and and all the negative comments on the recent posts of . I also posted this concern on a 2 positive review sites but the posts never saw the light of day. Please people, make sure to do some thourough resaerch before GIVING AWAY your hard earned money.

Hi John.
Thanks for reading your reviews. It has saved quite a lot of lives and still saving. However, I am particular about Auto/copy traders apps. Can you try testing these Binary trading apps and give your review for the community. With the nature of my work schedule, I need a service that will unto-trade my account or provide signals to me. Lastly, aside making money by trading binary options by oneself, do you know of any services that offer investment in Binary Options that is worth a try?
Also, lastly, what’s your verdict on :

Hi Charles, in our reviews we cover as much binary options systems, autotraders and signals services as we can. So far we have never seen a free profitable system, they are all scams. It is normal, because there is no free money. I believe that the only way to profits is manual trading. Starting on a demo, testing and learning until you become profitable. And lastly see our Signals365 review.

i registered 2 weeks ago and they gave me secured option trader, did 20 trades from which 7 were successful and 13 were not; so until now i lost about 170 Euro. for me it didn’t work even if i used their proposed strength and hours

It doesn’t work for anybody, because it is a scam.

Can you help with information on high low binary traders in Australia please?

Hi, what do you mean?

Thanks….. you saved me from loosing money with Code Fibo, I was about to sign up after reading good reviews from Jasmine Steve now I know she is a scammer. What is your opinion on PlusOption, I have been struggling to withdraw my money for 7 days now?

Also, is there studying or a manual you recommend for us to learn manual trading?

Hi, it seems that PlusOption is not regulated, so the risk is big. Concerning manual trading, I think there are a lot of Forex resources that can be used for binary options, like

Hi, just trying to find out if CTOption broker is regulated

Just signed up with €250 two days ago after watching marili YouTube video…I suspected a foul play when I was comparing the screen setup on my code fibo page on my phone and on laptop…one showing to put while the other is showing call on the same commodity…Will try and see if I can withdraw my money back

Glad I found this site. I thought binaryoptionswatchdog was legit and found it strange that I lost over $1000 trying out all of their recommended auto traders. I found it funny that when I would post my negative reviews they never showed. Now I know why. I’m in the USA and get confused with Nadex. Do you have an opinion on

Hi, Trade Thunder is not regulated, so I would stay away.

Dear John,
What do you think about Plus500?

Hi, I think Plus500 is a pretty decent Forex broker. But beware of Option500, similar name, but it is a binary options broker that we hear a lot of complaints about.

Thank you so much for your reviews, I was about to sing up to CodeFibo again, checking out the third party trader first but obviously there is no point. Lucky me. Somehow we need to reveal these facts over this scammers not to let other innocent people to fall for these scams. It is unbelievable that Marili and Binaryoptionwatchdog is recommending the same scammers.

Hi I have opened my account a month ago and the autotrader would not place any trades for me. My broker said codefibo has to activate it. I have been emailing them and no answer… any advice?

Withdraw your money and run away from Code Fibo.

Tremendous reviews, you’ve probably saved me a lot if miney by exposing these cheats, thanks. What are your thoughts on Michael Freeman’s Facebook Group?

Hi, Michael Freeman is a proven scammer, so I cannot trust anything he does.

thank you very much for your review. I’m about to sign up in; infact i signed up previously in after reading Jasmine Steve blog and I lost my US$250. After reading all comments in your blog, I immediately un-follow quintup blog (what a waste). Thanks again for saving us by not falling into these bloody scammer trap.

Hi, when it comes to forex trading,which is the best site that also offers demo accounts?

Hi, in Europe one of the best brokers is Dukascopy. In the US I think you can try Oanda for example.

So i therfore conclude..that this fake reviewer like dog…thanks to this review…we have to be vigilant other.people may not fall
To this scammers.. Expose them.bad karma to all who.or helping or use as accesories for this…

Hi ,since you say code fibo ,citidel,and most binary options are SCAM.Which is the BEST binary options can you recommend as best and legit.ONES WE CAN MAKE GOOD MONEY WITH.

Hi, unfortunately I haven’t seen any profitable binary options robot or signal service. I believe manual trading is the only profitable way. Free money (=free binary options robots) does not exist.

Hi John, thank you very much for the heads-up, I came across Citidel LTD Investment, is it legit?

Hi John. Have you check on Binary Options Auto Traders? Are they reliable? I really appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you so much.

Hi, unfortunately so far I haven’t seen any profitable binary options auto trader.

nice review what you thing about 500 daily payday. i was researching it on google but i cant find anything about it. do you thing its a scam? its not a binary option but i would like to know your opinion on this.

Hi, do you have a link to “500 daily payday” so we can check it out?

Hi all, i have been trading demo on iqoption…are they a scam? Anyone who is trading with them now? John ur view?

Hi, we have good feedback about IQ Option, it is a regulated broker.

Hi John. Appreciate your review. I had planned to activate Code Fido, but my credit card is not with. I am so lucky to come across your review. What’s your opinion on 24options and Binary De Banc. Are they scam too. Do they go on auto pilot?

Hi Nora, 24option got banned in France and I have heard several complaints about them, so not a good broker in my opinion. And Banc de Binary is even worse, a lot of complaints, espacially about their agressive employees that promise you a lot of money from their investment tips, but in the end you lose everything.

Thanks John. So now if I want to trade in Binary Options which brokers do you think most reliable? Any recommendation? How about Boss Capital?

Boss Capital is not regulated, so I would avoid it. We have our list of brokers that we have good feedback about here:

Auto Binary signals
Are any of these legit, I haven’t looked up reviews for option robot yet but I’m getting mixed reviews for the other two

Neo2 review
OptionRobot review
We have not reviewed Auto Binary Signal, but just looking at it I see it’s a scam.
Stop looking for free money making systems, they don’t exist. Not even on binary options. Free money does not exist.

John Novak, thank you for this honest appraisal of CodeFibo. Another tip for recognising this as a scam is that it is supposedly a limited time offer. When I looked yesterday, 19 September, the offer was to due to expire today, 20 September. When I looked today, surprise, surprise, the offer is due to run until tomorrow, 21 September. My guess is, if I look tomorrow, the offer will run to the next day and so on. Also, it is sold as a free offer – 90 day free trial, no credit card details taken – but of course a minimum of $250 is required as an initial deposit. (No doubt this is non-refundable – that’ll be in the smallprint somewhere). If it was as easy as hitting autopilot and then heading off to play golf, as they claim, why would anybody only work three hours a day? Surely it would be better to leave it on 24 hours a day and earn eight times as much! . As is mentioned in a previous comment, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Keep up the good work in exposing these type of scams and the tricks they use, (e.g. the supposed impartial third-party review sites).

ok , i just read binary 5 from your website…another dud.

I have another one though… that promote 60 sec bollinger strategy..again lots of positive comments, people making profits….have a youtube channel too. what is your opinion?

I see they are promoting scams like Neo2 and Binabot 2, so Binary Options Agency obviously is just another scam website with fake reviews.

If you leave comments and ask them why other sites labeled their software as scam, they wont reply or post the comments but if you say you make a proft , you will see the comment published. Geez. So i guess thats one test to see if they are legit.

How about Binary 5 from binarytoday, legit? so many positive comments.

Have you used any auto trading software that works? I searched in your site to see if you mention or recommend a reliable and good auto trading software, I found none. Is there no good and reliable auto trading software that is not a scam? I am a newbee and I want to avoid any possibility of losing my money.

Hi, unfortunately so far I haven’t seen any profitable auto trader or signal service.

I lost 500 with this damn scam. Now I’m trying to join prof. Louise but nobody is answering.

Can anyone who have used/ or who is using codefibo software currently, tell if the software is a scam or not? If u haven’t use it, pls don’t comment. I need a answer from genuine user of this autotrader.

$300 that I will never see again. I should read reviews before I subscribe!

Another thing you can check if binary review site is fake.

Try to leave comment on comment section end of their review site. It won’t post right away. They have to read it first then post if not harm their intent.

Not necessarily, we do the same, it is a protection against spam, moderation is needed.

Thanks for your honest review.

Few sites say Code Fibo is %100 regit such as:

All above sites paid by scammer? is written by Jasmine Steve and very convincing and sends me all new scam binary option by email. So I thought her recommendation such as Copy Buffett which I purchased minimum of $350. The broker was and they insist me to start $10,000.00 so I can make real profit. I told them I will research before I commit. After 3 days of auto pilot (robot) my balance was $310. Success rate was less than %50.
Then I saw your post and withdrew all my money today. Currently payment is on pending status and hope I get it back on my credit card soon.

Only regit binary option site I found was Nadex Binary Option station at USA. They have demo so I am trying to learn
their system.

Let me know if you think there are regit binary sites.

Yes, Binaryoptionswatchdog, Besttbinaryoptionssignal and Quintup are scam websites. They promote scams for money. Did you notice how they look the same, all using the same banners for Copy Buffett etc. They probably are run by the same people.

Hmm, interesting you say that because I asked two questions one on Quintup and another on bestbinaryoptionssignals and they both use the same comment system and same email confirmation process. There using the identical tech which I found strange and found some strong similarities between the two sites which may very well be the same person. That Jasmin Steve may not even be a real person, Id say its actually a man and uses a fake name and photo (quite attractive) to deceive people as a women who may seem more trust worthy. Not to be sexist and sure its possible but how many women traders are there out there? Its like 1-2%. Usually when something sounds too good to be true it usually is. I just find it hard to wrap my mind around the concept that all you have to do is deposit $250 and click an “auto” button and watch the profits come in. $250 will buy you $7000 a week on auto pilot? Come on! I also noticed on one site (cant recall which, been to so many) where the first comment said something like “I dont think this is going to be free for long because its worth $$” which is a bit fishy and id say an insider job to get sales. Lets not forget EVERY one of those site promoting code fibo is whats called an affiliate and they get a nice cut from each referral sale. You guys may also want to see this , those testimonials are all fake and the people in the videos are paid actors which is just so obvious and cringe worthy that its just not even funny. On a final note which just come to my head, that apparent Jasmin Steve from Quintup recommended signals page , this one claims every one of those products has a +80% success rate. O really ? There all that good but code fibo happens to be the best because its “the latest and greatest”. In retail they always promote the latest product as the best.

Exactly, over the time these scam websites like Quintup have promoted at least a dozen of free binary options programs that were supposed to make everybody rich. If only one of those programs worked, there would be no need for others. We all would be rich and there would be no need to do review websites…

Hi, there are also a girl called Marili and has Youtube video posts about CodeFibo and she is posting reviews about scamming websites like Binaryoptionswatchdog. She has recommended Tradorax. I have checked them and was a lot of bad review about them, and I have asked her how is this possible. She still recommended them after confronting her with the facts through emailing. She is posting videos how profitable is CodeFibo and how she has made 1000$ in 2 weeks. It is very annoying. I have thought that these watchdog websites are legit. It is a sane. I was signed up to CodeFibo and got signed in to and they are just dreadful. Their CodeFibo auto trade sowftware are not working. Never did I think. They kept promising me it will going to work next week, they are checking it out etc. I would not recommend them at all. I am expecting my money, but it is difficult. I only got back 215$ today and I have to wait again another 7 working days to get my majority of my money. Avoid them!

Hi Betti, unfortunately the vast majority of binary options reviews websites is fake. They expose some scams to gain credibility, but then they endorse some other scams through affiliate links to make money.

If your site is saying that iq options is the best broker then i have to say that your site is total scam.
Be aware people of this site. and don’t listen what they are saying.

We base our list of brokers on feedback from real users. So far we have not received any complaint about IQ Option, only good feedback, especially because unlike the majority IQ Option prvides an unlimited and free demo. If you have had any problems with this broker, please provide us with information and we will investigate it. We will remove any broker from our list that is dishonest.

I thank u foy your blog. However i find it difficult to believe when u have twice refused to condemn IQ OPTIONS yet this is a scam ran by a russian lady scammer called Svetlina. I recommend everyone to just google “i q option complaints” and read abt the pissedoff customers.

Luis, IQ Option is a regulated broker and we have never received a single complaint about it. Because it is a regulated broker, anybody who feel not treated right by the broker, can complain to authorities to have their case evaluated by a third party. Also anybody can complain to us and we will investigate it. If we find that a broker is doing anything wrong, we will remove it from our list of recommended brokers. Concerning complaints on other websites, we cannot investigate them, because we are not in contact with those people. Unless someone contacts us directly, it is difficult to know what a complaint is really about, because in the binary options industry there is a lot of fake reviews and complaints (competition, frustrated traders, etc.). For me personally IQ Option is the most honest binary options broker that I have seen so far. One of the many parts of this honest approach is a free unlimited demo that is still very rare in this industry.

Is John Lucrosa legit.

CodeFibo Is Not A SCAM!! – Analytical Review Exposes Code Fibo!

The CodeFibo Software is an interesting Binary Options trading system that has drawn our attention. We have got tons of emails from our valued readers if this CodeFibo System is legit or a Scam. Therefore, we did a thorough analysis of the Code Fibo System and found that it actually can generate a good profit.


As you all know, we have exposed scams one after another to guide you not to fall for any fake systems that can make you a dime. We want you all to make research before you join any automated trading system. Don’t just go with the flow. So, let’s just begin with today’s analysis of the CodeFibo App.

Matthew Louis and Fibonacci

thecodefibo.c0m has created by Professor Matthew Louis and he gives the full details about the signal software and how it works. Matthew Louis, CEO of Code Fibo robot, is basically a professor of Finance at a renowned university. He has tested financial trading tools for long to figure out the best elements that can influence in making money. Finally, he discovered a strong strategy based on ‘Fibonacci’ and the ‘Golden ratio’ that can deliver good results. Well, personally I have used Fibonacci Retracement strategy for long and I found it the most accurate indicator I have ever used.

Now, what is basically the Fibonacci? Fibonacci retracement is a very popular tool among technical traders and is based on the key numbers identified by mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci in the thirteenth century. However, Fibonacci’s sequence of numbers is not as important as the mathematical relationships, expressed as ratios, between the numbers in the series.

In technical analysis, Fibonacci retracement is created by taking two extreme points (usually a major peak and trough) on a stock chart and dividing the vertical distance by the key Fibonacci ratios of 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% and 100%. Once these levels are identified, horizontal lines are drawn and used to find possible support and resistance levels. Before we can understand why these ratios were chosen, we need to have a better understanding of the Fibonacci number series.

How does the CodeFibo signal work?

The Code Fibo platform works combined with Fibonacci, Golden Ration, and trader sentiment. When the Fibonacci retracements points reach its peak, the software immediately seeks for trader sentiment and the risk levels. After calculating thoroughly, the CodeFibo algorithm sends the best signals to the users via the Code Fibo platform. Thus, it generates the binary trading signals with an accuracy of up to 97%. The CodeFibo auto trader generates a limited number of signals per week. In other word, 80 signals a week. Because there are many things that change an asset price dramatically. So, it needs a thorough analysis of stock prices randomly to deliver the best signals.

Unlike the fake systems out there on the internet, CodeFibo software has not backed up by any imaginary company behind it. It has created by the man Matthew Louis himself, not by any developer company. How often have you perused an article with a counterfeit organization highlighted? Why is this regular? The answer is basic. Numerous trading software is scams. They sell lies and fake hopes as it were. There is no substance, just trash.

The CodeFibo Auto trader features

*Easy to use, user-friendly platform.

**Best for newbie traders.

***High success rate up to 97%.

****Manual and automatic mode option.

*****Endorsed by major binary review blogs.

******Require a tiny deposit.

Cons about CodeFibo signal system

There are some things that came to our attention and we want to share with you. The creator claims that Code Fibo has a success rate of up to 97%. Well, that is hard to believe. Because we have tested this app for 9 days with a tiny deposit of $350. Our exact ITM ratio was 83.49%. That’s also a good profit, but getting 97% winning rate is hard to believe. Maybe, it’s their advertising policy to showcase the software to the world of trading.

Another thing has we had difficulties accessing the CodeFibo platform for mobile phone. It wasn’t a good user experience. Hope they fix this issue soon. Overall, the experience was good.

Is Code Fibo a Scam Software?

Our investigation has not found any ingredients that detect the software as a Scam. There are no overstated guarantees of turning into an overnight mogul. Moreover, there are no fake declarations on the site. Supports depend on user involvement with the product. Besides, results can be checked.

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CodeFibo Software Scam Review

New CodeFibo : If you haven’t already heard the news, CodeFibo software is a brand new binary options trading app that has taken the market by storm. We are well aware that there are a ton of automated trading apps out there, and of course most of them are completely bogus services created my online scammers. Yet we aren’t so sure about CodeFibo software because it seems to actually be a pretty legitimate binary trading app. We aren’t going to say anything for sure because things are never quite what they seem to be, but there are definitely some positive aspects we found when doing our research on the CodeFibo software app. It has some legit people behind it, it has some pretty good results (according to our subscribers), and the ITM performance rate is quite good too. This is a CodeFibo software scam review and we have a feeling that this review may not be all bad unlike all of our other scam reviews.

Official Website:

What You Get When You Sign Up With CodeFibo Software?

We are really pleased to tell you that there are a lot of advantages and benefits to be had from using CodeFibo as your number one binary trading option to go with. Let’s talk about some of the best parts of CodeFibo system.

CodeFibo app is highly user friendly

One of the best parts about the CodeFibo system is that it is easier to use than any other binary trading platforms and autotraders out there. It doesn’t matter if you have never placed high number of trades before because even the most newbie traders can use this app with ease. It’s easy to use because it has a very simple interface that lets you control the trading actions easily. Not to mention that it is an automatic trading app which means that it pretty much does all of the work for you. There are a few settings you can choose to change in order to give yourself some control over the program, but there really isn’t much that you need to do apart from registrations process and getting your assigned brokers account fully synchronized with the system autotrader.

Placing and Executing Trades process can be fully automated

We really like this new autotrader because lets a user choose whether to run on the fully automated (Full-auto) mode which means that you barely have to do any work. However for anybody that knows a thing or two about binary trading, you can also take some more control over CodeFibo. There is a setting which turns off the automation and lets you do everything yourself which can increase ITM win rate performance. All you need to do is to pick the signals from manual signals table you want to trade with and pick in which direction you think that they are going to go in by using technical and fundamental analysis. Something that you should know is that unless you have extensive knowledge of binary options or Forex trading, you probably shouldn’t do the trading yourself, instead just let CodeFibo system do the work itself. Its better to be safe rater than sorry. We are going to publish many CodeFibo Live trading videos on our YouTube channel, Please Subscribe .

Number of Trades

The next thing that we really like about the CodeFibo trading software is that it places an astounding number of trades per day. Many automatic trading platforms, in fact most of them, only place a few trades per day, something which we aren’t a fan of. Quality over quantity but little number of trades is not enough especially if you only invest minimum amount per each trade. What we are a fan of when it comes to this automated trading software is that it places 80 trades per week. That translates into 16 trades per day, each of which has a fantastic chance at generating a profit for you (75% -85% ITM rate on average). The more trades are placed on your behalf, the higher your chances of making some good money.

ITM performance rate & accuracy

Another thing that is really impressive when it comes to this autotrader is that it has an outstanding performance rate. Most legitimate binary trading platforms have a performance rate of about 60% percent which of course is not very high. Some of the best binary options autotraders can achieve a performance rate of 70% or even 80% ITM, but that does not happen very often. Something that also does not happen very often is that automated trading platform actually has over 60% ITM performance rate which is needed to profit. That is because most of the autotraders we review are bogus and scam services.

That is definitely not the case with CodeFibo trading because it has a performance rate of 75% up to 93% ITM. We aren’t just saying that and we definitely aren’t taking CodeFibo’s word for it. We tested the app ourselves and were blown away by the fact that it actually does have an absolutely amazing performance rate. Depending on the day you can even reach an ITM rate of 94% (on high market volatility situations), something that was thought to be impossible up until now. Once again we actually had to test this autotrading app for ourselves and since it did just come out today we could only test it for a few short hours, but the signs are definitely positive. We made a fair amount of money (few hundreds), nothing huge, but we still managed to turn a neat little profit.

How Does CodeFibo Work?

We aren’t going to go into too much detail as to the specific algorithms and inner workings of the CodeFibo App because quite frankly it is all pretty boring. What we are going to tell you is that the CodeFibo autotrader relies on the Fibonacci Retracement as well as the golden ratio to fuel an algorithm that is nearly guaranteed to turn a profit. The Fibonacci numbers, a sequence of numbers with many practical applications, combined with the golden ratio, is a virtually unstoppable combination which makes this automated program a force to be reckoned with.

The CodeFibo app uses these number sequences to measure current and past market conditions to predict future trade. Most binary trading scam autotraders out there give us some kind of incoherent and convoluted explanation as to how their program works, but that isn’t really the case here. The information we are provided is fantastic, comprehensive, and actually makes sense to us.

Who Is Behind The CodeFibo App?

The man behind this masterful piece of software is named Matthew Louise. Matthew Louise is actually a professor of business and economics and he is a brilliant man indeed. He spent many years doing nothing more than being a professor and teaching people the ins and outs of the world of money.

Not only did he teach these things, he also spent several years doing in depth research of the financial markets, especially trading signal pairs. Matthew looked far and wide for the best binary trading programs that had the highest performance rates and worked well in various market conditions. He was also looking for the best algorithms and numerical sequences which would generate the most money. Well instead of hijacking another program he actually decided to create one of his own.

He wanted to know absolutely everything that there is to know about binary options trading. We’re pretty sure that this guy knows more about binary trading than anybody else on planet earth, something which comes in quite handy when you are trying to make a program that generates money out of thin air.

Matthew Louise’s motivation for creating a binary trading program that pretty much anybody can use is that he was tired of watching his students struggle financially. He hated seeing the multitude of low income students struggling to get by and having to pay off student loans for years to come. He really did not like being a professor of economics and being forced to watch students flounder around in a bad economy. For that reason he decided to create the CodeFibo app, something that would help his students generate some decent passive income.

Of course Matthew Louise is only a financial expert and not a computer programmer, so he needed someone to help him. Matthew needed an expert computer programmer to help him put together the number sequences and all of the data he found in order to create a comprehensive trading algorithm.

The lead programmer of CodeFibo is named Carl Leary and the man is a borderline genius. He spent several decades creating some extremely sophisticated computer programs, both in the financial world and in other places too. Carl Leary and Matthew Louise worked together to create a stellar automated trading system that we can use to turn a pretty big profit.

Both of these guys check out as far as their credentials and background are concerned. We did our research and both Carl and Matthew have solid alibies. What we are trying to say is that unlike with so many binary scams out there, the men behind CodeFibo are completely real, legitimate, and trustworthy

Verdict: CodeFibo App is NOT a SCAM

We definitely think that you should try out the CodeFibo software for yourself because it seems to be more than trustworthy. All of the research we have done and all of the evidence we have found suggests that CodeFibo software is not a scam. It sounds weird coming out of our mouths because we usually only review and talk about scams, but that isn’t the case here. Everything we have found is positive and according to our subscribers and other users CodeFibo software has 75% up to 93% ITM win rate. We can’t say for sure that you are going to make a huge profit, but with profits ranging from few hundred dollars per day on average according to other users, this autotrader is highly recommended.

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