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Fiverr Review: Why You Should NEVER Use Fiverr For Freelance Work

I’ll be honest, I always liked the concept behind

Just a few clicks and a client can place an order with a freelancer based on a specific set of deliverables.

Easy peasy, right?

Sure, but it comes at a cost. A big one.

This is one the few freelance platforms where buyers are given free reign to abuse, threaten and outright blackmail sellers any way they like.

Why? Because Fiverr turn a blind eye to it.

In this post, I want to share a recent bad experience as a seller on Fiverr, and why I decided to give up on the platform altogether.

How A Regular Order Quickly Turned Into A Hostage Situation

While I’ve been using Fiverr myself (on and off) for a while, this particular experience relates to my girlfriend’s account, not my own.

(I’ve been advising her on building up a reputable account, and how to go above and beyond with every last order. Everything stated is her doing, I’m just an observer.)

In this case, she had just gotten another $5 order on her logo gig, which seemed to be like any other… or so we thought.

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The order was fulfilled in good time, and my girlfriend had even included a bonus logo concept as well as the source file (which is usually part of the more expensive package).

The client “ loved ” one of the concepts and so we proceeded to send her the appropriates file sizes, as stated in the gig description.

Soon after, things got a little weird.

The client came back asking for a social media kit to go with the logo, something that is clearly not offered as part of her gig.

Against my advice, my girlfriend decided to deliver the additional work, despite not getting paid any extra for it.

After that, the client responded with even more demands and some changes to the social media files.

At this point, she agreed enough was enough.

Despite every effort to please this person, they were clearly overstepping their boundaries here.

So, she sent the client a polite message:

The next reply was the nail in the coffin.

This is when the client went from simply overstepping boundaries to unquestionable blackmail. (The equivalent of taking my girlfriend’s Fiverr reputation hostage.)

While she took some time to ponder a response and reach out to Fiverr support for assistance, the client did eventually go ahead and leave a 1 star review.

Presumably this was to show her he/she wasn’t kidding.

Soon after, while still waiting on Fiverr’s response to the support query, the client paid an extra $10 for the social media kit.

Of course, the payment was accompanied by yet another threat.

At this point, all I wanted to do was go all Liam Neeson and hunt this person down so I could repeatedly punch them in the face.

(Seriously, I would have paid good money for the privilege.)

But, at the time, I still had hope that Fiverr support would step in and rescue my girlfriend from this PITA client.

Enter The *Almighty* Fiverr Support Team

When the response came back from Fiverr support, they told her they couldn’t force the buyer to accept the order.

Okay, that’s fair enough. (Even though the buyer already accepted it, technically.)

They also suggested drawing up a list for the buyer to show the work has been completed in accordance to the gig requirements.

Honestly, this reply just didn’t cut the mustard.

My girlfriend communicated in her initial email that the client was trying to extort her for free work outside the agreed terms, by leaving a negative review if she didn’t comply.

Of course, it wasn’t really about the work, it was about seeking protection from an abusive client who was blatantly pushing their luck.

Their reply didn’t give either of us any confidence that Fiverr really understood that, and even at this stage we felt like they didn’t want to get involved.

Here was her reply to Fiverr:

At the same time, she also responded to the buyers latest threat, explaining that she would not continue to work with them unless the feedback was changed/removed.

(Again, this is feedback that was clearly and intentionally left to bully her into providing work outside of the agreed terms.)

A fair request by anyones standards, right?

Well, apparently not.

Rather than acknowledge what the buyer had done up until this point, Fiverr immediately turned the tables on my girlfriend.

Turns out, she was the one breaking all the rules.

Because she had asked the client to change their feedback, she was no longer entitled to any help from Fiverr support.

You can imagine how we both felt reading this.

Everything that the buyer had said and done prior to her last message was now being swept under the rug — as if never happened at all.

Fiverr essentially chose to support a manipulative bully, leaving my girlfriend with a permanent stain on an account she’d worked so hard to build up.

What a f*cking joke.

Think This Was Just A One-Off? Think Again.

If everything that happened wasn’t upsetting enough, it’s knowing that this person is still running rampant on Fiverr, preying on defensless sellers without a shred of repercussion.

And believe me, there are plenty of buyers doing exactly this on Fiverr, knowing they can and will get away with it.

Well, as all of this was happening, I did some research to see if any other sellers went through a similar ordeal with a buyer.

Very quickly, I found a number of almost identical cases on the Fiverr forum dated years back. (that’s right, years.)

Here are just a few examples:

I could go on, but I won’t.

This is clearly something that’s been going on for a long time and it all stems from giving buyers too much power over sellers.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Fiverr, it’s that clients are ALWAYS more valued than freelancers.

Doesn’t matter how much time you put into a project, or how hard you worked on it, or even how well you handled communication during a dispute, when it really comes down to it…

…freelancers have little to no protection.

Even when it’s a clear cut case in your favour, there’s still every chance the client will come out on top. All it takes it one tiny thing you “did wrong” according to their terms of service and EVERYTHING else is disregarded

Looking at the evidence, it’s obvious to me that Fiverr is well aware of what’s going on, yet is still willing to sit back and let it happen.

A Final Message To Fiverr…

If you’re a decision maker at Fiverr and you’re reading this, I implore you to seriously reconsider your current support procedures for freelancers.

It’s not right that someone can put all that time and effort into building up an account and over-delivering at every possible opportunity, only to be shot down by the very people you rely on to protect you.

Look, I don’t want to abandon Fiverr.

I don’t want to be telling people to avoid your platform.

But after everything that has happened, you haven’t left me any choice.

Until something is done to protect freelancers from this kind of abuse, I will continue to spread this post and do whatever I can to prevent others from falling victim to your one-sided support team.

The second you actually do something about it and give freelancers a way to fight back, I’ll be more than happy to update the post.

85 thoughts on “Fiverr Review: Why You Should NEVER Use Fiverr For Freelance Work”


Thank you for the post, I felt heard!
I am a bilingual translator. I am not active on Fiverr, but I have just had a similarly awful experience with Peopleperhour. It wasn’t the first nasty experience with their customer-non-service and bullies/clients.

I am amazed by the shortsightedness and greed of the site hosts. What makes these platforms successful are the sellers, not the buyers. Honest, hardworking sellers who provide quality work and services are penalized, vetted with vengeance, but sellers measures are lax and sloppy.

I am stumped by negative reviews on all the freelance platforms. It makes you wonder where you can get fair work as a freelancer. Where to go next?

Thank you Lewis,I agree.Fiverr support sucks.They don’t care sellers.They have brutal polices for sellers only.

Hi, thanks for alerting people on this. I was thinking of doing freelancing work as an editor on Fiverr, but I think there’ll be many PITAs over there. Not worth my time.

I can add that the same seller/buyer disparity exists on eBay too. I’ve been an eBay member for 17 years and my experience of the site as a buyer was overwhelmingly positive, so I didn’t think twice about selling a couple of items on there just before Christmas. HUGE MISTAKE. Despite two of my buyers being clearly in the wrong *one with written evidence saying that the items broke in their possession* eBay still found in their favour and even charged me for the cost of them returning items to me. It cost me £20 and I was left with a broken item that I obviously couldn’t then resell (plus the email stating that it worked when they received it – kicker).

As a seller it was almost impossible to get hold of eBay customer services and when I finally did, they told me that according to them an individual person (not even a shop or professional seller) should be able to guarantee an item against misuse by the buyer for 30 days after purchase. 30 DAYS.

What frustrated me was that I had written in my listings that I don’t accept returns. It cut no ice – there is an eBay buyer protection guarantee that overrides the seller’s choices. Buyers can lie about the condition of the item (and get really nasty about their accusations) and get a refund, and eBay can garnish the seller’s PayPal account for the money, plus charge the seller for the return! (An eBay employee told me that they always ask the buyer to return the item so that the seller can inspect it – fair enough – what they didn’t tell me was that they then do not listen to anything the seller says subsequent to that.)

As a buyer you have complete protection and a more-or-less iron-clad return policy. As a seller… well you’re on your own.

I have had the same experience with Ebay. For 6 years I always had a rating of 99 percent plus until a few customers out of country decided to file a complaint that they did not get their product on time. One of them I refunded the money to and the product finally arrived, not my fault. The other two, I shipped replacement product to, as they claimed they had not received the product. It was plainly explained on my product pages that if the item is shipped via post, I can only track it until it leaves the U.S., no further. I have no idea if they got the first item or not, and they absolutely ripped me in the dispute. It was a slow time of year and it affected my feedback enough that Ebay blocked me and the appeal process is a joke. Yes, I am still angry about this, speaking with an Ebay rep, saying for 6 years I had 99 and 100 percent ratings and then three people rip me off for free product. But it was, well too bad that is our policy. Good bye!

Fiverr is something which is only good for buying. If you are selling your services, get a website. Promote your website instead of relying on Fiverr. After 1-2 Years you will realise how much time you wasted on Fiverr sucking support.

Freelancers have been exploited on such websites with fear of negative reviews.

Great blog. Totally agree. I’m a seller who’s always had 5.0 marks for 2 yrs straight on fiverr, but one buyer who claimed to be satisfied and happy with a gig that I revised 3 times for her (well beyond the limit) left me a 3.7 for no undisclosed reason and now my ranking have suffered severely. Not to mention that their so called app wasn’t Sending me notifications as promised or programmed and I missed several inbox messages. They claim to be compatible with iPhone. Yeaa-no. I’m looking for alternatives ASAP for online work.

I had a similar experience with UpWork (…more like “Up Yours”) except I was the buyer. Seller accepts project based on my specifications. Seller completes all design pages that were to be used for an X-Cart integration. Seller is paid in stages. Final stage

Seller tells me that the design cannot be integrated into X-Cart even though my project details indicated the specific integration. A huge WTF on my end. I placed into dispute with Citibank but they were useless (I closed all my Citibank accounts…
F them)…UpWork was equally useless. I got to the point where the all the stress landed me in the hospital for respiratory distress. My best advice is to grow your business slow and steady through channels outside of these companies….especially UpWork. Your talents are worth more than $5.

Thank you for your post. I’d like to add Fiverr both ‘customer service’ and their ever changing & faulty algorithms punish & penalize good people w/ out recourse

When one contacts Fiverr for resolution, Fiverr ‘customer service’ simply cuts & pastes from their computer generated answers to ‘key words’, never actually reading emails or complaints & never, no matter how many attempts you make, resolving issues. It is a literal nightmare of horrible constructed algorithms & seemingly mindless ‘customer service’ bots run amuck

God help anyone venturing in as you will be eaten alive & treated like dirt

Sandra, I know exactly what you mean with the ‘copy paste’ templates. It grinds my gears. I really hope I can update this review to reflect a positive change one day, but I can’t see it happening any time soon.

As a seller they aren’t very helpful either. The CS is subpar. Lack of phone number and real time communication make problems drag out for days.

I paid an invoice from my seller and the system hit my multiple times to the tune of $2000 USD. Drained my account. Within a 2 hour period of time I only got 2 replies fro the Team leader…THE TEAM LEADER. all she did was tell me she needed the transaction IDS and order number . Ok. only the vendor hadn’t been paid and there are no numbers until then.

It’s ridiculous. Don’t use them. They are completely dysfunctional.

Wow… that’s just… wow.

I appreciate you taking the time to let us know. Nothing will change until they get enough bad press. Such a shame considering how much potential this platform has.

Thank you… Thank you so much for this! I have been extremely depressed since yesterday over my first bad experience with a fiverr buyer.
This buyer had essentially ordered a gig that required me to do an unreasonable amount of work in a short period of time. I was creating a website for her but I first had to design a mock up design of the website, create a bootstrap website from the mock up and then make a wordpress website in 5 days time. Yeah I know, it doesn’t sound so bad. But here is where its really funny… The seller said they would send the images I required to create the website… They did not send anything. They disappeared from fiverr for several days and only appeared online to give an “okay” reply. Well being a seller hell-bent on trying to deliver good work on time, I created a mock up using some images I took time to research, created a bootstrap file and started making the wordpress website. At the time of delivery I sent them the mock up and bootstrap files and asked them for where I would finally integrate the wordpress website. They gave me a domain name… not a host. Almost like I had to purchase a hosting plan for them so that I can deliver their work. After explaining to them tirelessly the things I needed inorder to completely finish the work they called me a scammer. I asked customer support to cancel the order and refund the buyer as I had just hit rock bottom after the buyer went ahead and left a 1 star bad review. Yeah I know right, five days with about 16 hours spent a day to complete a job, only to be called a scammer, you get a tarnishing bad review and the support is happy to refund the buyer who won’t remove their bad review. What a life.

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. Nobody deserves that.

I can only hope that Fiverr customer care find this review (and people like you in the comments) and actually do something about it. The problem is, too many Fiverr sellers just roll over and take it rather than make their story known.

So I appreciate you taking the time to comment, because people really do need to know how badly Fiverr treat their sellers.

I just got banned and blocked. No free speech, I joined fiverr in 2020, took me years and hard work to get to top rated seller, the they pull your most profitable gigs without explanation and put you back where you belong.

Not a revenye and seller/buyer-focused system, fiverr .

I’m really sorry to hear that, Roger.

Maybe turn your attention to cold email outreach. This is something I’ve started to play with lately and I’m seeing positive results.

Maybe next time offer 2 price points the first and an all inclusive price where the transaction is cancelled within 24 to 48 hours of the required parts not being supplied. This allows you to move on to another one. And include the sentence where the buyer agrees to be responsible for the cancellation if they failed to provide you with the parts in time.

I was scammed on Fiverr for 127,68 euro by developerstate . I ask for a 3D logo and get back a 2D drawing that looks like made by a child.
He take a free clip-art and chanced a little bid, this is not designing, this is stealing.
I give this guy more input and a lot of examples how I want the 3D logo look like.
The response was worse then before.

I is a totally waste of time, stay away from it.

Yep, I feel your pain. This is something Fiverr need to start paying attention to if they want to keep their position in the market.

Hi Lewis, thanks for the article. It is quite an eye opener. I’m really curious to hear what Fiverr reply will be.

Thanks Jack. I’m curious if I’ll ever get a reply to be honest. I did email them the link and tweet their CEO, but nothing yet.

Thank you for this review. I’m looking for a freelancing site, but I definitely won’t try Fiverr.

Thanks Debbie! — I recommend Upwork!

Sorry to read of your experience with fiverr customer care. Please understand that a 3 year old could do more than those stupid uneducated An Idiot Abroad type customer service people. They dont value freelancers you only make them money. They break there own T&C that often i am not surprised those idiots replying as so called customer care dont care. Report your cause to visa or MasterCard, then you see the top scammer owners of fiverr working. Stay as far away from as you can. in saying that there is a lot of real and genuine freelancers on the site . but with the most stupid pigs ever in customer care, scammer owners and the biggest load of scammers going fiverr is the new style of fraud.

I know exactly how you feel, trust me.

Fortunately, in this case, a refund wasn’t offered to the seller since feedback was already left. It wasn’t in my girlfriends interest to refund the money after that. Especially since the work WAS carried out.

Fortunately, I did my due diligence before posting my seller profile on fiverr. It led me to your serendipitous article and I have now deleted all my info from the site. You saved me a lot of potential sweat and tears. Thank you.

I hope people don’t abandon Fiverr altogether. I believe it still has a lot of potential if some of the issues I mentioned in this article are taken into serious consideration. That’s a big if, however.

I was going to buy from this site but I do not need that headache. Sorry to the potential freelancer who may have been able to provide service for me.

Thanks for dropping by, Debbie.

I have had these kind of experiences. One just now and this is just but the truth. As a seller you really have no protection.
My case is interesting because i have just contacted them as a seller requesting for a potential customer bullying over an order. They replied with their usual automated responses. I then replied to them asking if they really help sellers at all because with all the evidence, a buyer will still cancel and i lose my money ,sweat and time. I get a reply check this out:

Michael (Fiverr Customer Support)

Mar 24, 6:04 PM EDT
Hi again,

We are very sorry if you got the impression that we are helping the sellers.

We would like to clarify that both – buyers and sellers are from the equal importance to us.
We do not take anyone’s side. Our goal is to make everyone satisfied and to assist them with their issues.

Your order is still active. We suggest you to communicate with the buyer and try to come to a common ground in an amicable way.

Hope this helps. ”

They just addressed me as a buyer. They dont even check , i think when we report to them, bots are the order of the day. How could they miss am a seller and address me as a buyer? Beats me

Again, there is this thing of removing the best rated gigs for imaginary TOS violations. God, this is so frustrating how they beat us down after all the effort we put for them as they make cuts.
I also like Fiverr as a platform, the dynamics are great but currently they should be dealt with at workers’union. PS: Joke…wish it was possible though.

Thanks for your wonderful post.

I also had same brutal experience with Fiverr. I would like to tell my story so as some one else could be saved.

It was my first contract on Fiverr( was of $160 ) and was related to WordPress plugin development. It was a 30 days gig and I completed that in 27 days, delivered to client and client completed it successfully with a 5 stars review.

Then after 2 months, client came back and asked me to do some extra with same money on which I clearly asked him that it can’t be done in same money and definitely it would cost more.

But that guy was not ready to understand and keep on asking me to do it in any way. So at last, I just stopped responding him thinking that Fiverr does understands that gig was completed and changes can’t be done after 2 months, especially after 2 months of order delivery( none of the freelance site will understand this, I think ).

But I got surprised when Fiverr cancelled the completed( and 5 star already given ) order and also removed the funds. So I contacted Fiverr support to inquire why did they do it.

To my surprise, Fiverr support asked me that it is unprofessional to not responding any person. So basically, according to Fiverr customer support, as I am seller, I don’t have right to decide whether I should speak to a person or not( which is the first right of every person living in democracy ).

Further they asked me to fulfill the buyer else they will take all money( $160 ) from my account( to this point they only took $10 ). So I decided to fulfill him as this was my first order and was not willing to worsen the experience. So I started communication again and fulfilled his requirements. And as a proof I asked my buyer “IS THIS ALL DONE. ”and he said “YES”. So again I went to Fiverr support and asked him to complete the cancel order as you would probably know that “Cancel” order worsens the buyer experience.

Again to my surprise, they said me that this is not possible. “Cancelled” order can’t be reverted to “Completed”. To this I was like cut sharp to death. If they can cancel the completed order, after 2 months, then why they can’t complete the cancelled order.

Is this a joke. How I will get $10 back. If I am not getting then why I helped buyer.

To this Fiverr asked me to convince my buyer to place new order and get money. Hell, this is a SHIT. They are asking me to convince my buyer so as I can get my money. And just forgetting money, what about cancel order. This also effects my ranking, as per stated by Fiverr itself.

So after doing all, giving an extra-ordinary support, which no agency usually provide, Fiverr dumped me out and there was nothing that I can do against Fiverr’s ALIEN policies.

I wonder if there is any court where I can make a case against Fiverr and close them permanently. I immediately closed my account and started my new account on UpWork and guess what I am earning lot more with no ALIEN policies as do Fiverr have.

Thanks for reading.

As a top seller in Fiverr, working full time for the last 6 years making 6 figure earnings, I have to say that Lewis, your review is quite monochromatic and it doesn’t reflect the true core state of our marketplace. Too many things I disagree with, I wish i had time to comment on all of this. It was a bit disappointing reading your article. ��

For sure, this is just one experience. Thing is, if you look at the other comments, you’ll see that most people’s experience with Fiverr is pretty negative. I’m pleased that not everyone gets burned, however.

I think you are the only one who is satisfied. I, with my many friends had same experience and thus I can say you are among the 1% happy people in the burning hell.

If you would have suffered the same experience as I had then you would also say same thing and just use any other market place.

Go get fucked, you corporate shill. You are probably one of the people selling spells or psychic readings and blabbing on about how “it’s real hard work”. Go to the forums and see what EVERYONE is saying. Fiverr is a great concept but their customer support is ATROCIOUS and they have 0 respect for sellers. I hope you starve.

I had the opposite problem. Tried to buy some service to produce graphics for a book cover. I included a rough mock-up of the cover design. What was returned was a horrible copy of the mock-up. Poor color choice. No artwork at all beyond what was supplied. No real evidence of effort at all, just a quick and dirty poor copy of the mock-up. And arbitrarily different fonts. The font on the spine was FAR too small to read. Every person I showed it to thought it was really bad — far worse than the mock-up I had sent.

But since I had paid already, there was no recourse. Technically, she did the job, it just looked really crappy.

I could not find any place to “review” the gig. I have seen reviews from other people, but somehow I am not able to add one. Of course I would add a scathing review. Any real review system has to allow all recipients to review to have an accurate representation of the jobs. It was strange how I received such a scammy job, and no ability to review, no recourse whatsoever.

So … that is $35 thrown away, and I will never use Fiverr again. Ever.

Keith, asking someone to do a book cover for $35 is like asking me to suck your d*ck for a penny. If you can get it for $500 you’re “REALLY really lucky.” – a quote from a talented designer with many years of experience.

Sorry to hear your situation bro. I’ve been a Fiverr seller for over 2 years and I could tell you that so many days I feel that I want to give up on Fiverr despite it is my main source of income.

Fiverr has given me so many good things, for example, I could make in 2 years $200k, but the pain to get here doesn’t worth the money. I know so many people would like to get paid $200k but believe me Imma real hustler.

The pain to get this $200k is really big, especially this month with over $3k in cancellations. For example, an $800 order where the customer got the work for free just because he keeps sending revisions until he could cancel the order. A Fiverr CS cancellation of my work cause I delivered what I didn’t promise, and so and so.

Sometimes the answers from CS are like “Wtf man?”, they just copy paste the answer without even read the messages, sometimes for a really easy thing I have to write them for 3 or 4 days until we almost solve the problem, but the client will always right.

As I said, I just have given up, I don’t care anymore, I don’t care if the client like or not if my gig doesn’t show on the results, if the scammer rips me off or if the CS just downgrade my seller level.

Sometimes you might feel that you would like to punch the CS in the face, I hope one day I will haha, but the best thing is to have a Plan B in case that something happen and I see that the Plan B is coming soon ��

Thanks a lot for the post, I enjoy a lot and keep doing the good work!

It broke my heart when I read at the beginning of your article, your girlfriend’s message to the abusive buyer:

“I have also added an extra 1 design for you, free of charge :blush:”

Why are there such mean people in the world? : (

Lewis, thanks so much for this thoughtful, beautifully crafted examination of Fiverr. My view is quite different from most I’ve read here: I am a 68 yo retired psychiatrist and was thinking about doing some coaching, thus looking carefully at Fiverr’s setup. I was impressed with how much financial responsibility they placed on sellers (the nickel and dime effect at every turn). That’s what stopped my reading their rules and regs to go find a review. Sad as your commentary is, it does not surprise me that your company (and others like it) give “their workers” no support. But, in contrast to Maria’s view (March 25, ’18), I would say that the experience of the freelance worker is in exact keeping with that of the worker everywhere, as now made infamous by the stories of subcontractors working for Donald Trump in real estate development in the 1980’s. The dignity of the worker, across the globe apparently, is the price paid for the greed of the owner/investor/buyer. The willingness of the latter to steal the human rights of the worker has led civilization to a humanitarian crisis that has resulted in a division of wealth, the likes of which may destroy civilization. The problem you are discussing here is one of the unimaginably many tips of this iceberg that may sink us all. Thank you for your ongoing efforts to make the true extent of these injuries public.

After one bad experience I stopped using fiverr, what happened is the opposite of what you described, the gig was not delivered, and the person claimed it’s completed, fiverr support was useless, PayPal cannot do anything by the end I lost this money

Thank you for positing this…i do not feel as if i am the only one that this has happened to ��
I also got knocked back down to level 1, and some of my gigs was taken down all because some one wanted something for nothing and abuse the system.

Fiverr always seems to side with the abusive client rather than getting both sides of the story before they deliver the TOS violation and destroy the 4 years of hard work and client building that i had performed before this “person with ill intent to begin with” ruined my reputation with lies and deceit against me.

Thanks again for posting ��

I am a top rated seller on fiverr and in the beginning it was all bliss, sunshine and rainbows but just like your girlfriend it has become more of a job than actual freelancing.

Not only do you have to deal with abusive sellers. (Plenty of those f****** jokers) but you also have to deal with other sellers who offer 4 times more work than you for half the price and you cannot compete.

I’ve been on there for 7 years now and I think it is time to throw the towel in but the money is so good.

Where can I get better paying clients?

Hey it was actually GOOD to see a response from support worker KENN.
his response was WORD FOR WORD the SAME response he left for me.
I’ve had to deal with KENN many times.
I honestly have to say this guy needs to be FIRED.
He does NOTHING. EVER. After many support issues, I get the exact SAME copy/paste response.
THe owners of this website DONT KNOW that they’re paying ZENDESK for services THEY ARE NOT GETTING.
ZENDESK is responsible for the support workers on fiverr.
The owners of fiverr probably have NO CLUE.
1> fiverr support DO NOT FULLY READ support tickets. Its quite common that they answer with messages that has NOTHING to do with the help you need.
2> No matter what your complaint is, THEY DONT INVESTIGATE ANYTHING. EVER.
3> They send you off to read the T&C’s that FIVERR SUPPORT actually breaks MORE TIMES than site users do.
a) report someone for DEMANDING WORK THEY DIDNT PAY FOR or ORDER= fiverr support will send you to read the t&cs
b) report someone for THREATENING a BAD REVIEW= fiverr support will send you to read t&c’s
c) report someone who DEMANDED work they did not order, threatened to leave a bad review and then DID leave a BAD REVIEW that had NOTHING to do with the work ordered= fiverr support will send you to read the t&c’s
After this: they’ll stop answering you
and they DONT CLOSE ANY SUPPORT TICKETS where they think THEY will get a bad review.

KENN actually marked my account as DO NOT RESPOND. So no-one was answering my tickets.
Then I had my earnings FROZEN from withdrawal, with TWO LIES here:
1) a client has complained about one of your orders, so we’ve frozen funds until we sort this out. PROBLEM HERE: a) ALL MY ORDERS WERE COMPLETED and b) fiverr rules state: that fiverr support will NOT intervene in ANY orders unless the buyer has used REQUEST REVISION and messaged the buyer. And I proved this had NOT happed= there WERE NO GIGS NOT COMPLETED and NO BUYER had complained and ALL BUYERS had left a 5 star review.
I had to start legal action BEFORE fiverr support would contact a TEAM LEADER.

The owners of fiverr should know that ZENDESK STAFF are being paid to do NOTHING.
THey dont care about anti bullying, in fact zendesk support WILL BULLY YOU themselves.

For the rest of the world, know this: ANYTHING you want done on fiverr is FREE. Just order it, and then DONT MARK IT COMPLETED. and its yours. Support will do nothing. Except threaten you.

Thank you for this article, I was on Fiverr for two years as a translator with an excellent 5-star seller account. A buyer asked me to translate his website which I did and delivered on time, however, i didn´t get any response and 1 hour before the order would be completed by Fiverr in the 3 day´s after completion he asked for a revision on which I replied that it was okay, Another 3 days and again 1 hour before completion he asked for another revision on which I replied that I already gave him the revisions according to my gig and that I needed him to accept my work which he never did. I contacted CS and they told me that there was nothing wrong with that my client asked for a revision and that he was in his right. After 15 days of continuous revisions he finally canceled, Fiverr refund the money to him and his website, translated for free with my work, is now displayed on the internet. Afther this I decided to close my account on Fiverr.

I’m very happy this post is ranked on possition #2 in my serach, becasue this is the true!

I’m seller there from 8 years.

This is not all folks. There have new army of cheaters.

Here is what is happen:
– buyer place an orders for $20+ (few $20+ orders)
– buyer leaving positive feedback
– 5-6 days late buyer opening refund dispute direct in paypall (with temp paypall I guess)

– all orders canceled and refunded
– I lost few days of work, fiverr lost few bux
– my selling level dropped, because high cancelation rate, becauase this orders and the support don’t care

Few more words about the support: This is not support! Their job is to click on pre-made messages and sometime these messages are not even near to the problem.

I’m completely agree with you.

It happens many times with me. I’m selling on Fiverr since last 3 years, many times people just place an order and then ask for cancellation, sometimes they placed an order by mistake or sometimes they ordered inappropriate gig. In any case when I cancel order, it messes my rating and reputation. Increasing my order cancellation rate, Fiverr should think about it.

Thanks for this article! Very informative!
I was just about to make a purchase because I would like my resume and cover letter revised but I do not think they deserve me as a client now knowing what I know. Any idea how I can get a reliable and knowledgable person to review and fix my documents as I am not too familiar with this.

Selling from time to time on FIVERR as a hobby has brouhgt me some great and fun expierences.

There are idiots and scammers all over the world. The skill you need to master is to spot and unmask them quickly.


When I sent a bad buyer just cancel the order … Don’ t deliver.

F*ck the ratings just do your thing … Truthfull people will keep finding their way to your gigs

Fiverr has become a really BAD PLACE, they are pushing the buyers more and more every day to the limit, i hope people get tired of this plattform and a new one arrives being more human. Fiver DOES NOT CARE FOR THEIR SELLERS!. They are just thinking new ways to push the seller everyday and to get rid of giving any kind of support

Thanks for this post!

I just downloaded the app and was about to make an account when I figured: “let’s first see what people’s experiences are”.

Many thanks for posting – it’s good to know this. I hope you’re both having good freelance experiences now.

Micro-thing – ‘free _rein_’

The person who created Fiverr was desperate , therefore when one becomes in a desperate. State .. There is always someone looking for prey. Five dollars is nothing to pay , how can anyone expect anything more or less then predators.

I am a frequent buyer on fiverr and recently starting selling. My last transaction however, was completed by Fiverr and then cancelled even though I delivered the work. In fact, I spent a week of work on the project and spent money on plugins for the client, and now not only did I work for free I also lost my own money too. I sent a complaint to CS but no response. Also no response from the buyer who has been refunded.

I want to take further action (legal if necessary) and would like to collaborate with others with similar terrible experiences to form an alliance to seek compensation for our inconveniences and losses. I would be grateful if anyone here has any suggestions on how best to pursue compensation.

I am so sorry about what happened. I just sign up for fiver. The very first seller I used did advertising for me and sent me to a site that stated I received over a thousand views. When I went to my website I saw only about 164 views that all came from Facebook. When I inquired about it he gave Some dumb excuse for that. I had advertised on Facebook as well and can see where the traffic is coming from. I did contact him back a and he offered to give me a refund. I said keep the money since I only paid so little. I was not planning to use him again anyway. I didn’t want to leave him a bad review I just suggested that he be more clear to buyer because i felt that i was misled. The next seller was great! I will be using him again. I do agree that you should get a website that you have control of I did!. Because when these people are in control you are slaves to them.

Fiverr, and the like, are a stain on the Graphic Design profession. If you’re a halfway competent designer, your rate should be around $150/hour. If you think your time is worth $5, you need to find another vocation. Don’t sell yourselves short, people and for God’s sake don’t give potential clients the impression that Graphic Design starts at these garbage rates – it’s ruining the industry for new designers.

I am doing digital marketing on fiverr for the past year. made over 40k . the money is good, i work a lot, however there are too many scams in there. i have had many cancellations , after I did the job.
The customer might get what he wants ( sales/conversions etc), but at the end he can claim that the result wasn’t good enough, and demand a refund. at this point, there is nothing you can do, since if you contact fiverr customer support they will say that ”they can NOT force the buyer to accept the order delivery”. Today I also got an unfair negative review, 25 days after the order has been completed.. the buyer came back and left a negative review.
Generally fiverr is a joke. Do i make good money out of it ? yes. but i don’t know for how long I will be able to do that. Probably not long. If you are thinking about joining fiverr,please understand that the power is in the hands of the buyer. The buyer controls everything. if they want, they can get your work for free.

I have both worked on Fiverr and Upwork and for me, Upwork is giving me the runaround that there is an oversubscription in my skillset so they have to deny my account. I have had my account on upwork suspended because I am sending out proposals that are not fitting with the job description. A bunch of crock. I have looked at each job carefully, applying with caution, but with Upwork, it was just a bunch of dummy posts where jobs are concern.

Fiverr I had my growing share on Fiverr, where one particular seller, sold me a gig and disappeared. CS stated that they had cancelled my order but I had to write them repeatedly to cancel it. If the system cancelled the gig, then I would had have the money refunded to my Paypal account. I had to write them for that as well, as they placed the money in my shopping basket instead of my paypal. Now I had requested it to be done so and I have not seen reflected in my account…maybe I need to wait a bit more to see it

Lewis and every commenter giving examples of maltreatment by fiverr staff are right, i have made the same experience, like thousands others:
fiverr staff CANNOT read, so totally unrelated are the staff’s replies all too often.
Fiverr is run by teenagers – if at all that mature?
The website itself has SO MANY FLAWS it is a miracle how the site could survive through recent years – where quality matters more than ever.

And then their childish popups when you (even accidentally) hit the wrong key (like say @). Fiverr is not from this world, and I foresee they go bust one day. Not soon, but they will. It’s just too crappy to exist.

Oh and their “search algorithm”, what a farce. Unless you use THEIR terminology, they won’t find you what you’re looking for. I could give many example that document that, again, teenagers work at fiverr, who cannot devise an algorithm.

Hey what can you expect if they can’t even read?

I have read most of the replies, but please guys let’s be fair… If you were running a website like Fiverr, how would you resolve this kind of disputes/issues/situations ?

I have paid for about ten marketing, legal and web design gigs on Fiverr in the last three years. Most in the last few months.

I will say the “hostage situation” of which you speak works both ways. I have been “held up” for reviews and dealt with outright unprofessional if not fraudulent behavior, bait and switch, etc.

Most of these sellers, even with US residency, don’t speak English well enough to understand the specifics of most requests.

I have paid for SEO and Social Media marketing, millions of emails, etc., etc. and not gotten a single result. I am sure some of the email marketing gigs never sent a single email.

The “Top Rated Sellers” are some of the worst. In all fairness I have been a bargain basement shopper. Some of the gigs asking for hundreds or thousands of dollars may be better. In this situation before I have seen people ask for obscene money and deliver the same quality, they just have bigger balls.

Yeah, that’s a fair point. I would say a large portion of Fiverr gigs over promise and under deliver, but that’s because these are services that can’t (and shouldn’t) be offered for such a low price. You can’t expect your site to rank in Google on the back of a $5 gig. Even someone offering to do it at $500 would be suspect.

Hi, this has now gone one step further (a step too far in my eyes!), where a seller on Fiverr contacted me out of the blue on my blog’s contact form with an EXTORTION thread that “he will destroy my site with backlinks” if I don’t send him money. I cannot contact Fiverr in any way shape or form, unless I have an account with them, which I now refuse to open. I have reported Fiverr itself to their host (GoDaddy), but doubt they will do anything about it. Is their any way I can get an email address to contact Fiverr directly?

Mhm, I doubt the host will do anything. You could always try tweeting them, or their CEO, or both.

I got the same extortion mail. Ignore it.

Thanks for this review. Very helpful. I’m just looking into Fiverr as an option, so good food for thought.

Frankly the idea of paying $5 for a logo and expecting the transaction to be in any way professional seems preposterous. A logo is often the first touch point of a brand. And a brand needs to be properly articulated in order to inform the design choices made when creating a logo. This requires discovery and strategy in order to understand the goals of the project. In other words hiring a professional to do professional work. This costs money. Ignorance of these facts means the buyer is an amateur and the seller must be too.

The larger issue is that offering important design communication services (like a logo design) for virtually zero compensation devalues the profession of communications (whether it’s art, or copy, or any other discipline). So for me it’s less about Fiverr customer service and more about the basic premise of giving away work. It’s an age old argument of course, but now because of online access, this devaluation of creative work and ignorance of the value of properly informed communications has become distressingly more prevalent.

I totally respect the sellers on Fivver. I think, for what goes into making a $5 anything (in my case it was a brand logo) should cost a LOT more given the amount of time put in. Hell, it’s less than minimum wage in some cases.

What I don’t like about Fiverr are the reviews. Sellers demand 5-star reviews for less than 5-star work. Ok, so it’s said they will make any changes until I’m happy. I love that, I really appreciate that. But, if they don’t understand the concept from Jump, then it’s just changing something that is already not what I want.

I guess what I’m looking for are people that know more than I do when it comes to graphic design and logo making. Maybe someone who is more creative than I and can work with me to get design ideas. Maybe this isn’t part of the gig?

I have paid up to $20 (undoubtedly a cheap price for a logo, what should I expect?) thinking it would get me better quality or more help. Nothing. The seller demanded a 5-star review. I told her I won’t do it until I get what she promised. In the end, she pleaded and begged that I stop making changes and just give her a 5-star review. I hated to request the changes, but what she was giving me what not even close to the concept I gave her,… even with multiple comparison photos!

How can I trust the review system if the buyers are bullied into leaving 5-star reviews? (I know because I left that girl a 5-star review, so I’m no better)

I’m done with Fiverr. But just to be clear, I give MAD respect to the sellers that are legit and give 110%. Y’all deserve so much better.

Support tickets are closed without an answer
Support tickets are answered with AUTOPOST replies
Any support tickets opened to request a TEAM LEADER or a person higher up in support are immediately DELETED
Fiverr support THREATEN site users with TOS violations IF they contact fiverr support again.
Fiverr support BAND TOGETHER to continue bullying and intimidation of site users and NO support worker will EVER review or fix issues by any support worker that has added answers BEFORE them.
Fiverr team leaders will only message you to THREATEN YOU with a TOS and will NOT do anything about any issues being caused by support workers.
Fiverr support ALLOWS COPYRIGHT THEFT and does NOT take down stolen content used on the website even WHEN NOTIFIED
Fiverr Support ALLOWS buyers to BULLY and THREATEN sellers and does NOTHING.
Fiverr Support ALLOW buyers to order gigs, get goods or services and then refund the buyer even when it is PROVED that the goods or services WERE supplied exactly as described in gig description and in the gig order. And they do this without contacting the seller first! Im guessing they let their friends get work done for free.
Fiverr support state that ALL reviews left are an OPINION even if it includes hatespeech, swearwords, name calling or bullying. Liabelous statements made in reviews are NOT removed. False reviews are NOT removed. The review is NOT investigated or READ by ANY support staff. Reviews that have NOTHING to do with the gig ordered, or the work done are NOT removed.
Fiverr support WILL FREEZE your earnt funds if you continue to press your support issue. This has happened to me. Fiverr support was notified that I was being THREATENED by another site user and I WAS BULLIED BY SUPPORT STAFF who refused to do ANYTHING about it.
Fiverr support do NOT KNOW the TERMS OF SERVICE rules, and when you make a complaint they will only send you a link to it and do nothing. When you show them WHERE in the TOS you are correct they will STOP answering you.
Fiverr support will USE the TOS to THREATEN site users.

Fiverr support WILL GIVE YOU A TOS and LOWER your seller rating IF you message support about legitimate issues that they have done NOTHING about.
They will then inform you that YOU are THREATENING THEM, when it is in fact THEM threatening site workers.
IF you have any issues with fiverr support they will NOT mark the ticket closed
And they will NOT send you a REVIEW email so you can give them a bad score or write any comment.
Fiverr support do NO work, are lazy, incompetent, RUDE, ABUSIVE, BULLYING and THREATENING.
Luckily for me I’ve screenshotted EVERY support ticket I’ve ever opened, and made copies of the source files of ALL pages.

I’ve earnt over $130,000 USD on fiverr
And they keep 20%
So I’ve earnt Fiverr $26,000 USD
For this I get IGNORED, THREATENED, BULLIED and ABUSED and I NEVER GET ANY support. EVER. They do NOTHING, no matter what I ask, or what problem I have they do NOTHING.
Fiverr support has enacted ATTACKS on my user account, my funds withdrawal, my seller level has been demoted, and my support tickets have been marked as “DO NOT RESPOND”
so in an OPEN MESSAGE to Micha Kaufman
Its time you REVIEWED how many support tickets are NOT read, not answered, and not marked completed. I’m BETTING every support worker has a PERFECT record because they DELETE support tickets, and DONT close support tickets where they have BEHAVED INAPPROPRIATELY so NO-ONE will ever know.
If you REALLY want to KNOW what happens on fiverr with your support people you need to send an INDEPENDANT REVIEW FEEDBACK email to ALL fiverr users that fiverr support CAN NOT see, or KNOW about, or have access to.
You are paying people to a job that they DO NOT DO.
I also want you to know Mr Kaufman that it is completely possible on fiverr to get ANY work or thing for FREE because support does NOTHING about theft, copyright issues, or intimidation OR bullying.
This is THE WORST SITE you could EVER work on. And until support are hauled over the coals or fired and replaced with people that actually DO do their job its NOT SAFE TO WORK ON THIS SITE.
When theres a class action against this site I will be submitting ALL my screenshots, and copies of actual html pages, and then I’ll never have to work again.

Top Rated Sellers are “hand picked” by fiverr website admins.
This is very SUSPICIOUS to me.
How can you TRUST that a seller is a top rated seller if its NOT based on their work record, their delivery times, their own customer service, and their reviews and instead its in the hands of some other unknown person? How do we know that these people arent PAYING to be made top rated sellers? Or some DARK WEB fiverr site thats selling top rated seller ranking on fiverr?
You certainly CANT get a top rated seller ranking BY WORKING on fiverr.
I have worked on fiverr for almost 8 years. I have a perfect 5 star record and all my statistics are at 100% for everything.
And I still cant get promoted to a top rated seller.

What I can get is DEMOTED by Support staff.
I have been a level 2 seller for years.
But everytime I have an issue with support I get a TOS and demoted to a level 1
and they threaten me with having my account suspended.
So I’m continually going between level 1 and level 2 seller
I’ve completed over 7,000 gigs with a 5 star rating but NOTHING matters on this site.
You are at the complete and FULL mercy of the incompetants that work on support.
These people should not have any access to your account, your user levels or anything else.
I find this to be a BREACH OF MY PRIVACY.
Fiverr support are intolerable, rude and useless at best.

So back to my original statement, the top level sellers are manually selected by admins.
Very suspicious
and looks very much like “jobs for the boys” or their friends, or themselves.
Everything about is suspicious and badly managed.
this would have to be the worst website to work on online.
You will never know if you’re going to get paid.
And you’ll never know if you’ll be abused by buyers or support staff.
my rating for fiverr support is a minus a million below a zero.

Being extorted by one of the fiverr consultants after they deleted 17 www sites.
fiverr refuses to take ANY responsability.
Avoid this if you do not have a passport photo of your consultant.
fiverr is a terrible choice.

i am seller from 8 years back in this marketplace, well, i’ve experienced on this kind of buyer, many times …. haha, and yeah, and I feel that it is true that F teams are more defending buyers than sellers.

and the more day, Sellers are just like slaves, you slow response to reply a message, you late delivery (in case if you get annoying buyer), you didnt get any order in a last month, your level is threatened to demoted.

i really missed this marketplace 4 years back that almost none buyer with bad behavior

Sorry for my bad English

All of these “gig” sites are LCD: lowest common denominator. Buyers looking for cheap, sellers looking for easy. If you want to make good money, freelance to the best agency or consulting firm that will work with you. That way you get access to best clients. May have to work your way up the food chain. Then, when you’ve got a great portfolio and reputation for professionalism, you can go out on your own.

I’ve had some great seller-buyer interactions on Fiverr (I’m a buyer), but as with most others here, interactions with customer service have been a complete disaster. Auto-responses, template responses, and responses completely unrelated to your questions. There’s no continuity between you and a single rep either – you need to explain your query from the beginning again each time there’s a back-and-forth, because a different “rep” (or probably bot) replies each follow-up question. And there are lots of follow-up questions because their “answers” rarely address the issue. Horrible feedback loops!
No native English speakers among the reps, and each rep seem to get less and less competent than the last one, as a “conversation” goes on. Usually I’m just seeking a clarification on an update to their TOS or have an Ownership/copyright question, but rarely do I come out of these interactions having these things clarified. Very frustrating, and legally a little dangerous.
Unfortunately, as another commenter mentioned, they’re in the same lucky boat as eBay – the only viable option in their field – so I’m forced to stick with both of them and their incompetence (yes you too eBay)… for now.
Phew, thanks for allowing the rant. I feel better.

I used to be a 5 star / Level 2 seller at Fiverr, but not anymore due to their policies…
I’ve also experienced something similar with abusive clients and yes, Fiverr won’t do much to protect you as a seller, I got a similar response.

Well, it’s official: fiverr is going down the drain; today they suddenly removed ALL my gigs, which were five seduction guides, all very respectfully and carefully listed. When I say ‘they’, I really have no idea who decided to review my account and basically negate it, after I’ve been active for eight years on their struggling online platform, but I suspect it was some overzealous, underpaid employee from some third world country were you can be stoned for having extra-marital sex. Anyway, I can’t help but marvel at the hypocrisy of fiverr, which allows scores of scammers to operate on their platform, offering fraudulent gigs that rely on outdated bots and paid five-star reviews (I’ve been burned many a time by these scammers and no longer rely on fivver for ANY online marketing activity), but removes legitimate offers with real positive reviews. Well, I guess it’s goodbye from me, fivver, I’ll enjoy seeing you go the way of ‘My Space’…

Fiverr is a 2 ways street. If the seller is dishonest, the buyer has no footing. Pay first and then deliver is a bad concept regardless of talent and promises.

I got ripped off on my first order, I hear crickets and no response to my request.

It’s like this, this company is dying a little more every day but they just don’t know it yet. In my opinion, it is an unhealthy company to be involved with or certainly in.

This happens eventually to every company that think they are at the top of their game and as such take advantage of the very people that gave them success. They become sick. Greed is like cancer that spreads slowly and without detection.

I am sad for the staff, there is no future worth staying there for. In my opinion, this company doesn’t care less about you – it’s a systemic problem and is very visible in the way they treat others. The idea of putting profits before customers is and will continue to be their downfall. They are aware that they rely on customers right?

You’re not a rat to jump a sinking ship, you’re smart. If you’re a customer – seek out more sustainable web partners – you are NOT building a business with this company as a partner, they are the boss – you are dispensable.

Staff, think about going out on your own with a better start-up that respects all, not just the $$. You will go far and wide.

Greed always loses out in the end. To some it’s difficult to explain the hurt and pain greed causes, for some, it’s just in their genes.

Perhaps it’s time for an open source version of this company – something along the lines of WordPress.

If you’d like to collaborate in producing a viable, sustainable, respectful alternative to this failing giant – get together in force – you have the power.

Fiverr’s customer support is terrible. I messaged them three times with three different issues, twice as a buyer, once as a seller, they were incapable of solving any of them. No longer having an account on Fiverr and not recommending the experience.

I had a bad experience with Fiverr as a potential seller. I had never been on the site so I tried my best to offer a good gig. I was trying to advertise Craigslist ad posting services just like others do on that site. I thought the other sellers of this kind of service were setting their fees quite low. I realize that Fiverr promotes the $5 gig and I tried to match that. I ended up creating a 3-level service that tried to offer per week or per month gigs as well as a low-priced gig for a one-time project that costs $10. I patterned my offers after some that I had seen. So Fiverr, in their ultimate reasoning, disabled my ads and deactivated my account and barred me for life because some viewer of my offer claimed that I violated their copywrighted services or some sh*t like that! No warning, no specific explanation. I was just banned for trying to make a living. I would have changed my offers to fit their rules but they didn’t care.

Thank you for this post. This article was very enlightening. I’ve been seriously considering setting up a “gig” on Fiverr, but I’ve had reservations. My intuition of having a slight uneasy feeling must be right. I will find another way to make additional income on the side.

That was a hostage and blackmail situation and no help from the site owners concerning bullying on their platform. Absolutely appalling. I guess to sign up one takes their chances with that type behavior

I have also got cheated on fiverr . The thing happen to me is very strange . buyer orders me a gig worth of $180. i have spend my money for full fill gig delivery requirements. like buying hosting and domain for client . as deliver the gig on time . and deliver all details of every thing . buyer mark the gig competed. and given the 5 stars review . and i got sleep as per my night timing . when i wok up in morning , i have seen fiverr has cancel the order and refunded the buyer . even i have written in gig terms . after final delivery and handing over the logins and details gig is not refundable . i have tried to contact the support they said they can’t help about it .as per they cancel the order on mutual agreement. This is the way how fiverr and it’s buyers are cheating there seller .

I messaged them three times with three different issues, twice as a buyer, once as a seller, they were incapable of solving any of them.

Fiverr is the worst!
I got scammed out of $500 by a buyer who cancelled their order a month(!) after it was completed.
A simple message from the buyer was sufficient proof for their customer service.
No seller protection whatsoever. You could lose money after months of having completed the work. It’s ridiculous!

Dowfeel Reviews: is Legit or Scam site? What is

This is a Review about Your research has found its way and you have landed on the right place.

For a fresher, the reviews of the previous customers and their comments are of extreme help. Those comments may be either indicating a sign of “beware” or a feeling of joy. Being aware of the details about a scam sites can protect the country by being scammed and deterged. Therefore this is the sole responsibility of each and every customer to raise the red flags if any. This would help the potential customers to not repeat the same mistakes. Reviews of the user customers are really valuable and can save others from being trapped in the same web. Therefore we request our present and potential readers of this article to drop their comments in the below provided section.

It should be the responsibility of every person to inspect the site very carefully in order to avoid scam. However, here we have listed some detailed points so that you can note how to avoid scam:

Whether the offer is malicious :

There are many scam sites which provide claims which are too good to be true. Likely, they will provide you unexpected, unseasonal high discounts. Such situations are out of box and create curiosity in the minds of people.
For instance, if you wish to purchase a Smartphone from an online store which may cost you nearby $800 to $1200 but suddenly you cross an online website which boasts to sell the phone at just $200. Therefore it’s very obvious that the site is playing fraudulent. All they will do is invest your hard earned money somewhere.

Whether the site is secured :

Checking in an unknown site can be dangerous while providing your personal details. Therefore you must check whether address bar which is located on the upper left side corner of the site contains HTTP or HTTPS.

Fortunately if the site contains HTTPS it means that all your information like email address, password, card details are safe and protected from intervene and vindictive parties.

Though you must check whether company name is included in the URL or not. If yes then you will understand that the website is actually controlled and run by the company and not someone who wish to scam people.

Whether details are mentioned :

You must check whether the company has mentioned its details about address, contact, etc. Such details are provided in the Contact section of the webpage. After reaching with the details you can check whether they are legit details or not?

You can contact on the mentioned number for further queries and can Google the address.

Whether the site is reliable?

For you to use a site it should be reliable and unbogus. Therefore for you to inspect hackers behind the company you must review it before using. Before you buy anything or use the site in any way you must Google the feedback of the previous customers. Such comments and reviews will help you to understand the real motive of the company and the people behind it.

Whether the site is describable :

If you consider that the site looks ugly and is designed in abrupt manner then consider it as a scam site. Because you must know that such scam people do not have enough resources to develop a professional site. These sites will use irrupted English; contents will be positioned in improper manner, etc.

Remain skeptical about free trails :

There are some malicious companies who trap people by claiming to free trails. But it is observed that once you sign up for free trails the company will claim bill on you unnecessarily. Hence, we suggest that whenever you feel convinced by such things you should promptly research about the site.

Change you pass codes on weekly basis :

It is clearly advisable to revise you passwords. As there are time when we tend to click on some messages or pop up notifications which turn out to be scam. People behind such messages are dealing with fraud and hack our passwords. Hence, we advise all our readers to revise their patterns on time basis.

How to identify a Scam Online Website:

William Shakespeare’s play has a famous line – ‘Everything that shines is not gold’, similarly not every breathtaking online shopping website is real. Before shopping from any unknown shopping website, it is necessary to search about it on Google. If no result is coming in the search or there are negative results, then never shop from such site. These sites display very good products at very low prices to entice customers. So that you get caught in their deception.
1. Type the name of the website in the search engine and observe the result carefully. If the website is coming up in the search engine and no one has made a wrong comment about it, then you can trust.
2. How secure is the connection of the website. See the security status of the website in the address bar of the browser. The https page is generally considered secure. The payment page should start from https.
3. How much the website gives the customer sport. Go to its about us section and see. Call customer care number
4. If the domain name has many dashes or symbols, the domain names are similar to other websites, the domain name has an extension .biz or .info, then do a deep investigation about them.
5. Observe the website design, language and grammar. Stay away from the site if you see a deficiency in it.
6. If the website has too many ads, then it should be doubted.
Cash on delivery option:
Many times we get caught in the cycle of cash on delivery option in the guise of fake looking website. For example, suppose a mobile phone of Rs 40000 is available for Rs 5000 and there is an option of cash on delivery. In such a situation, one can think that if you order, if it comes then it is okay, if it does not come then there is no loss. But maybe during ordering, your phone gets hacked or data is stolen. Therefore it is good to stay away from suspicious websites.
These sites can harm you in two ways. They may take online payment from you and the delivery of the product is never done. Secondly, they can steal your bank account details and other important data. Such fake websites usually reach you through Facebook and Google Ads.

In all the above bullet points we have showed you various back out options from scam.

In any case you are dealing with queries or confusion about the above content then please feel free to comment in the section below. Experience holders are most welcome to share and acknowledge their views and opinions.

Is the Wish App Legit or a Scam: The Real Reasons Why It’s so Cheap

Katy tests money-saving apps to find ones that are legitimate, easy to use, and effective to share with readers.

Is Wish Shopping Legit?

The Wish shopping app features crazy low prices on a lot of fashion items and accessories for men and women.

So, what’s the catch?

Shopping on Wish is risky! It’s hard to know if the products are genuine until you order and receive them.

Wish is as legit as Amazon and eBay. The company is real and there are real companies selling products on the app.

But since the sellers on Wish are located all over the world (but mostly in China), shipping takes longer, and product quality is lower. You can find mid-quality items for super cheap if you know what to look for, like Romwe for clothes or Geek for gadgets.

Just follow these tips to understand where the products you order comes from so that you know what to expect before checking out a shopping cart.

Where Do the Products on Wish Come From?

Look at where the stuff on Wish comes from and you’ll understand why the prices are so low. Wish is a mobile shopping site that connects buyers directly to individual merchants selling merchandise made in Chinese factories.

Many big retailers ship directly from China to Western countries like the US, UK and Canada successfully.

Unlike most online shopping experiences, where you buy from a retailer, an item from Wish comes directly from the factory. There are no middlemen, which means lower prices and less quality-control.

The Reason Stuff Is so Cheap on Wish

There’s no middleman, no brick-and-mortar store, no employees restocking shelves, and no advertising money spent promoting a single shopping site. The savings go directly to the customer.

But there are some downsides to this stripped-down model. Read on!

Are Wish Products Fake?

The website and the app are definitely real: You order something, pay with your credit card, and the items will get delivered (eventually). But are the products offered fakes?

Wish doesn’t sell many brands that are available in the United States. You’ll find knock-offs of common brands. The quality is definitely lower than items in other stores or shopping sites, but if you’re willing to take the chance, Wish can be a great value.

Cons of Shopping on

Women’s Clothing

The sizing is a gamble when ordering from Wish. Look at customer product photos and reviews to get a good idea of what size you should order.

Material and stitching is definitely cheap but can be appropriate for certain casual items. Sweaters, hoodies, and accessories make good Wish buys when you don’t need the highest quality.

I tried ordering two tops from Wish. They were much more sheer than they looked in the picture. The V-neck peasant blouse I purchased was way too big. The other was a white long-sleeved shirt that looks okay but is made of cheap, breathable material. I learned to not order clothing to wear to work and stick to the casual or novelty items.

For clothing I’d recommend a site like SHEIN (which is actually legit) if you are looking for major steals from on trendy pieces. They ship straight from China and are less risky with fit and descriptions.

Is Personal Data Safe on

One of the biggest concerns some users have about is that the site displays full user names on the profiles linked to wish lists. This means that your wish lists aren’t private and any items you put on your lists show your real name.

In its privacy policy says that they collect information about customers in two ways:

  • When customers sign up and purchase products asks for name, email address, payment method information, shipping address, phone number, and social media account credentials.
  • collects other data automatically, including your computer’s IP address, location information (they say they ask for customer permission before obtaining specific GPS data), social network profile data, the browser you use, usage data including where you click and how much time you spend on pages.

With these things in mind appears to be as safe for personal data as any other shopping site, and all sites can potentially be hacked.

Pros of Shopping on

Legit Electronics from Wish

Purchasing electronics from Wish is hit or miss. Expect the audio quality from speakers or earbuds to be poor. Cables, like USB or HDMI, will work but they might not be as robust or last as long as their more expensive counterparts. A flash drive or storage device from Wish will also work as promised, which can be a great way to get cheap data storage. Bluetooth is also surprisingly reliable.

I recently received a pair of noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones from Wish. While the sound quality isn’t spectacular, the Bluetooth always connects and it’s great to have when traveling or going for walks. Pretty good for $10.

Many of the electronics you buy in the U.S. come from Asian countries anyway, so the products don’t differ too much. Think twice before buying anything that requires customer support, however, like a tablet or a smartwatch.

Beware of Deceptive Product Photos and Descriptions on

There are going to be sacrifices in the order process when you buy directly from any factory. Though they cost more, the US-based retail stores serve an important purpose as middlemen to smooth the way for the customer.

Skipping the retailer entirely leaves the potential for a few drawbacks:

  • Mislabeled items
  • Wrong sizing in clothes
  • Inaccurate descriptions and photos of products
  • Poor customer service

Most of the time the customer receives exactly what they paid for from Wish. This requires that the item from the factory matches the description and pictures of the item in the app, which can be difficult in translation to English. Order from Wish often enough and eventually the product you ordered in the app will turn out to be slightly different than the item that shows up in your mailbox.

What About You?

What was your experience shopping on Wish like?

How to Avoid Getting Scammed on Wish

Read Reviews Carefully!

The best way to avoid being disappointed by products sold on is to do your research before purchasing. Read through customer reviews. Look at photos that other customers have posted of the product they actually received. Users can also leave star ratings for merchants, but these aren’t as useful as written descriptions and photos.

It takes some work to have a good experience with Since it’s a global marketplace, customers and merchants are located all over the world. Product descriptions and reviews may be written by people whose English is not fluent. Find as much information as you can about the product you’re interested in and its merchant before purchasing.

Apps that Aren’t a Scam

Like Wish, apps that sound too good to be true usually are. But also like Wish they can be invaluable if you know how to use them correctly.

Here are some other apps that help you earn or save money, with some important caveats:

Mercari – Buy gently used or totally new stuff or sell your old stuff. Find some great deals but you need to be really thorough when looking through items to spot scammers.

ROMWE – Trendy women;s fashion at super low prices. Shipping can take a bit longer and you have to know which items to buy but this can really fill out your basics and fun pieces.

Walmart Grocery Pick Up – Walmart’s free service for getting your groceries delivered to your car in almost any Walmart parking lot. This is now how I get my weekly grocery shopping done!

Acorns – Invest the spare change from your transactions. It’s super easy to start investing but it won’t get you rich quick. Also, make sure to read about the fees before you start.

Ibotta – Get cash back from grocery receipts. They’ve expanded ways to earn cash back but is usually only worth the effort if you buy mostly brand name items.

These are great apps but it pays to look through the reviews and see if they’re right for you.

Some Drawbacks to Shopping on

Shipping Takes Forever

The number one complaint about shopping on Wish is that items can take several weeks to arrive. Some might show up within five to seven days, but other orders may take a month to arrive.

Inconsistent Clothing Sizes

Clothes sizes on Wish is another issue. Asian and American sizing don’t translate well and this is made worse by the fact that most Chinese factory-made items do not carry a size label. Customers that shop for clothes on Wish are often left wondering whether the “medium” they ordered, but which was small enough to fit a child, is really an “extra small” or just a factory mistake.

Poor Customer Service

The other downside of buying from a foreign factory is the customer service support is not very strong. With a retailer between you and the factory, the customer service experience is a lot better for the customer because that retailer has a reputation to uphold. The out-of-country factory has less direct stake in keeping you happy so it’s up to Wish to communicate between the customer and the factory. This can lead to a lot of frustration from customers.

Making Returns on

If you do get an item that differs from the item you ordered, is it possible to return the item to Wish for a refund? Yes, returns are possible, but they are not very easy.

Wish does offer returns and refunds, but they don’t refund the initial shipping cost (usually pretty low) and you can expect to deal with a clunky customer service process.

How to Make a Return on the Wish App

Initiate a return to Wish through the app. You will message back and forth with customer service and they will send you a shipping label to return the item. Wish does not list a phone number so it is hard to contact someone directly. There is also no obvious option to escalate the customer service concern to someone else if the rep is not satisfying your concerns.

My Terrible Experience Trying to Return an Item

In my experience Wish is very good about issuing refunds, but the return process isn’t friendly, as I unfortunately discovered first-hand. I bought a PAX 3 vaporizer as a Christmas present, hoping to get a deal. But the product that arrived was a clear knock-off, so I initiated a return. I was allowed 60 days to return the item but the customer service rep stalled and ignored me for long enough that the 60 days vanished. I had no option other than to say good-bye to that $85.

With the low cost of items on Wish, it seems like they make the return process difficult so most people will choose to eat the cost of a $3 item instead of fighting customer service.

What About You?

Have you returned an item to

Buying Wish Items for Resale

Since Wish is essentially a distributor you could make a good profit by buying cheap items and then reselling them. This is usually done through a drop shipping website. Another online option is using an Ebay store.

If you use Wish as a source for reselling you’ll have better results if you add some value to the item in the process. Otherwise, your customers can just buy directly from Wish.

How do you add value?

Any way that you can reduce the risk for the customer will be adding value. You can take more accurate photos and post them so buyers are more informed.

Wish vs. eBay

The same cheap, fast-fashion clothing items from China can be found on eBay too. So what’s the difference?

The eBay sellers with similar items usually have slightly higher prices so they can still make a profit after paying eBay’s fees. They may also charge a bit more for shipping because they don’t have the ability to do bulk shipping orders like Wish.

But a transaction on eBay is easier to dispute if you run into problems as a buyer. Also, the item descriptions tend to have more information, letting you get a better idea before you purchase.

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I bought a smart watch feom wish but it came with no battery so was useless. I wanted a battery but was not given an option so settled for refund. Then a frightening thing happened. I started getting orders i hasnt placed and money deducted from my account. Ithe first time i contacted customer support they gave a recund. I wanted my account details deleted but did t heR back. Then another more expensive item was orderes nearly $400 waa deducted. Thw day it was withdrawn from my account i again asked for rexu d but they sais it waa too lat es. They had dated the ordee the day before. I am waiting to heR from them. If i close off my card they won tf be avle to refund the mo ey but when and if they do ill have yo cancel the card.

Has anyone else had this awdul experience?


I just was thinking I place many orders and now I am afraid that there are coming from China

And can be infectious with corona 19

Can I get a full refund

I punched online yesterday


I joined wish and they gave me a free gift. I thought no way is this going to come, however within 2 weeks I received my free gift (a shaving gown). So I thought I betters write a because they delivered on what they said. I will use them again in the future.


I ordered a drone from them over 2 months ago. they sent an email stating it was processed (as opposed to getting the usual email saying they ran out).

It looks like I got ripped of as they won’t respond to any of my attempts to contact them (and the phone # the BBB supplies is no longer in service)


It takes time it comes from China I ordered from China yea it took a while but it came BE PACINT


Pls Tell me how can I get my money Back 3000 rs I paid

Cheryl Williams

You are a rip off I ordered just rite before Thanksgiving and never got it you stilled my money. The item was rechargeable foot calus and buinon remove that cost me 30 or 35 buck I am senior citizen and I wld like for you to ship it to me please.

MJ Schmetzer

Some wipes are said to take two months to arrive, but when I tried to cancel immediately, there was no real customer service. The company said it was in US, but really in China.


If they are legit, why do they want picture id to “verify my account.” That is complete BS

Y you dont awsner questions.

Anne Garner

How longg to recieve my purchases

This is my first and last orders. And i fo expect all soon. Doon soon. You got you money. I WANT MY MERCHANDISE


On March 6, I ordered two N95 masks from Wish through Amazon. On March 13, I received an e-mail from Wish that the items have shipped. When I tracked the order, I realized that the items are due to be delivered on April 22 and that they were currently in China. Wish did not state that items were out of stock at the time when I placed the order and paid. On March 17, I read an article on MarketWatch about on-line scammers selling masks that are paid upfront, but never show up. Upon learning that, I tried to cancel the order on Wish website, but was not able to do so because the items have shipped.

DAvid leek

Most items OK apart from long waiting time One item no good, could not get Wish to answer my questions

Used them a lot will not in future


Don’t use wish my former friend ordered a phone and I got a email too days later I told wish I wanted a refund but they said no because they shipped it out already I had to tell my bank to cancel my card and try to get my money back because it was a fraud order

Linda Mac

Thieving , unsavoury frauds

Wish had better refresh themselves With their policy’s .

I made an order and realised that the dress was much more then it was listed on site once it was paid for . The order was for $260 with several items involved .

When I looked at the order after realising it was way more expensive then it should have been . I realised that on some items I was being charged $18 postage for one item ( with other items also coming from the same place but yet had its own postage .

Upon realising this was a robbery I tried to cancel my order . This was not even an hour after making the order .

I was told it had already been shipped ( not even a hour after purchasing ) yet there terms inform people they have 8 hours to request a refund , and I would have to send it back to them for a refund . Which meant over $100 bucks in postage .

Then when I received an email today , telling my my item had been shipped today . Which I was told it was shipped 2 days ago .

I noticed it had my late address on the paper work

When I made the order , I had updated my address . They just didn’t bother to update it as they packed my things

So I won’t even get them any way

In this day and age how does any business think it will get away with treating people with no respect or an or care factor of how their business is criminal

I can rest assure you Every government department and every offical will be informed of this fraudulent behaviour

It’s actually thieving .. and a jailable offence

I won’t be Letting you scam me

colin edgeworth

Have ordered and paid for 3 items, a belt for golf a top and a wallet have not received anything for weeks.


Every electronic item I hav purchased has been a FAKE, Bose QC35 noise canceling headphones (Supposably refurbished) so i ordered them and when they came they did not have the switch for turning on and off the noise canceling feature and the button layout was incorrect. I took a picture of the product I received along with pictures of the real item and sent it to them, the next day they refunded me my money. I also bought “refurbished” Beats Tour3 wireless earbuds that were obviously fake. They were extremely cheap feeling and light and the sound quality was completely garbage. After trying to get a picture of the real product i found that Beats never made Tour3 ear buds so i contacted Wish and got a refund for those as well. Also while just browsing items to purchase I noticed that the sell complete knock off fake items they are trying to pass as the real item but the logos are slightly different like for Nike the swish has another slush at the end making it look very similar but different enough to not be the real thing. So with that in mind I know that most of the things for sell will be fake cheap China knock offs with the title and description mentioning features that are clearly lies but with that in mind I know the things for sell will be not as described so when I do buy something I make the determination of do I want to take the chance and buy a $300-$400 item for $30-$40. So with that 90% off I might order something and when it comes I make the determination if the quality is great enough to keep at that 90% off or if it is just way too cheap to keep. Just remember that 99% of the things for sell On Wish are completely fake but even with that in mind the quality vs what you paid for it might make it worth purchasing.


I have never had a problem with wish. I have only not recieved one of my orders and when I contacted wish they resent item to me again, also told me if the original item should come in not to worry about it. I knew from the get go that shipping would take more time. Im sorry so many have had issues with it


Wish is ONLY eBay items that are redirected to the wish app. It’s plain and simple a SCAM to make eBay items more attractive. You can get anything on eBay cheaper than Wish, so your blog is irrelevant due to your lack of knowledge on how to use eBay.

celia sorensen

It’s impossible to get a hold of Wish, not by phone, not by email. I’m sorry I spent $151 Dollars on Wish. Never again! Stay away if possible.

Poornima Dobriyal

I wish i can give you negative stars but this site is not allowing me to. Wish is a Fraud and it compromises your personal details including your bank details (that you never even saved in your wish account.) Somebody placed orders worth $50 and i didn’t even know that. This is the security they provide with the account. I tried reaching out to customer care but it sucks, it’s their mistake and they are not giving my hard earned money. I would suggest people to not even set up your account or buy anything from wish. Ohh and they do not have any phone where you can talk to them directly. They have fixed answers an they won’t even listen to you.


Wish Is expensive. Compared to aliexpres it is expensive and full of cheaters . The goods are cheap and you are lucky when it arrives at all .

Zeta Gard

Some one has changed my address instead of Australia to some where in Russia I can name that person . I can not change it so hence cannot buy from wish anymore. There is no one to talk too.

Betty Williams

I have ordered two rings, and I never recieved either one.


Bought a citizen blue angels watch. On the back casing it says everything its supposed to and is spelled correctly. On the inside facing, Angels is spelled Angles. My concern is how legit is this watch? Is it s real Citizen,? Did they get a deal becausd of the misprint? Answers i may never know. With that said, it does appear nice.

Jeffery braddy

If I don’t get what I ordered , I’ll just get a refund that simple.

Thomas Bower

You normally cannot return items on/to Wish or their sister company Geek. If something is not right that you ordered and delivered to you, both are very nice and apologetic about it and offer you a refund in Wish or Geek cash, just like a store credit to buy something else, but they usually do not deal with the hassle of having you send the item back, so you are stuck with it. When that happens, you do get a full refund, but you keep the item you bought which you can just resell or give away.




How many sweat shops .


Even reputable stores like eBay and Amazon normally have more negative reviews. “Wish” too, have a higher number of negative reviews. I tend to believe that 70% of sellers are fake, 30% are genuine. I will now order, but on amounts, I can easily forgo, also on items I care the least about quality and never using my credit card.


If you leave your debit card on you profile they will charge your card without your authorization. They are big time fraudsters!

Gwendolyn Villavaso

Wish is a scam. I rdered from wish and never got my order .it is a scam

Nkele Nkatlo

I ordered dresses from wish I Sep 2020 on the 11th to this date nothing


Why bother reading reviews? Most of them are fake – easy to tell when customers from France and the UK are giving positive reviews (in horrible English) for electronic devices that only work on US power sources. Clearly like most things China related, there’s a lot of negotiable truth involved

Ronita Haws

to pay the lessor amount, and pay the remaining balance on March 2, 2020. I did this in good faith that there would only be $13 plus change taken from my checking account, because my balance in my account was 27.00. Well, not only did they charge me the $27 plus to my account, in doing so they have caused me a $32 overdraft! I have been a very good customer for years! I have had other issues with them, but have never made a stink about it. I have had numerous occasions of prices changing, the cost of shipping TRIPLED. I have made the decision that I will no longer be shopping with them, and may I suggest that you think LONG AND HARD before you do business with these shady characters! They will steal money right from your checking account or credit card. They will fail you on every level! DO NOT THRUST THIS COMPANY! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM! THEY ARE UNDERHANDED AND SHADY! They will make a mistake and blame you for it. They have down right insulted my intelligence and yours! If I hadn’t chosen the pay half now, pay half later. why then did I have a chosen date to pay the remaining balance on March 2, 2020!? As I said insulting my intelligence and yours. Tell your friends, tell your family not to take the chance of doing business with these underhanded, cheating, lying, stealing, shady very poor excuse for business people! Thank you for sharing this information and spreading the word!!”


if you make a purchase on, only use way would I use a credit card


I wish I hadn’t. WISH is a complete scam. I ordered some bike shorts and got a pair of long johns about 2 months later. Currently ‘trying’ to get a refund but their support system is designed to make you want to give up. I have given up. I am now alarmed to see others saying that unauthorized credit card payments have been made to Wish. I am telling everyone NOT to use WISH whatever they do.

Pete is the worst rat-bag organization imaginable. They essentially have no customer service, and no monitoring of sellers’ fulfillment of customer orders. Most often the products are far substandard from what has been advertised in the sales page; in other words, only a cheap approximation of what the item was advertised to be. Such as, “genuine leather” jacket turns up as pitifully-made rubberized vinyl.

SERIOUSLY, Save your money and STAY FAR AWAY from !!


Stay away from Wish

You will be disappointed and it will cost you

[email protected]

I ordered some items in wish shopping company,they told me my items will be delivered,but since then I have not seen them,I keep on emailing them, but no reply,I do not if this is scam or.

Josephine David

I placed order since 14th January, 2020, yet to receive my item. Can somebody help me with their email address please?


If you do decide to buy on, pay with Paypal and do not use a credit card. With Paypal you can feel secure and they will have your back

concerned citizen

Wish is a scam, the majority of their items are knockoffs from American companies, they steal money from your bank account, they claim that your account was hacked and then demand your personal info to get your account back (My guess is, identity theft will visit ones life soon) and Limited Quantity Deals are scams, they arent controlled by the stores, they are controlled by wish themselves.. so no, the first person does not get the item..unless its a cheap item, everything expensive they either keep or give to their family and friends.. BUYER BEWARE Wish should be investigated and shut down


I bought 4 watches and none of them came, I’m trying to get a refund but still no joy, every time I hit the refund button it just goes to the item that I have bought and nothing else waist of time KEEP AWAY







I bought two Parfums De Marly which are pretty expensive normally. I paid very little for them. I think they are real but I cannot be totally sure. These days they can make good knock offs. The boxes look real but on the back of both boxes they have the same misprint, so I’m no sure what to think. Any ideas?


Just ordered from them all sorts of stuffs worth 106€ total. When the payment was made, I was redirected to WIsh and apparently, all the products were still in the cart and on my profile in ”orders”, no order history was listed. No receipt anywhere, even in email. Contacted customer support, who knows if I’ll get a reply.

If not, this was a very easy and quick way to lose a hundred bucks.


After I stopped buying they repeatedly sent me black playsuits that for toddler sizes so I cancelled it so I won’t get conned again. Next time I’m going to open another account so I don’t get ripped so they can’t automatically get money from my personal account. Got only about three items that seem good


Wish is scam they charge form my credit cart 121.60Eur i didnt get back money.dont buy from them .i didnt order 121.60Eur but they stole money.Be careful with this side.


Most items are much poorer quality than they look or completely different. Missing parts or not working/stop working not uncommon. Advertised prices change higher once you click on them. I’ve had prices change, of course higher in cart before check out! Customer support is quick but useless. 2 items prices went up before I checked out and I didn’t realized until after they shipped. I decided not to make an issue out of one, it arrived today. I figured I should not have opened it. I contacted support regarding the other one to see if I could refuse it or return to sender. He apologized for the inconvenience, checked my order and verified the price went up before I checked out. He forwarded a link on how to cancel orders, which needs to be done within 8hrs. I let him know clearly that was not helpful. I was told I should check the prices before checkout to verify they haven’t changed. If I learn after checkout, I’d have 8hrs to cancel. Free of charge! How kind. It’s absurd! I’ve dealt with the other issues, I’ve been refunded for some crap that’s nothing like advertised but this was the last straw today. I’m done with Wish. I used a couple years ago and received junk. I gave a gift that was missing a electric cord :/ This time they had something I’ve been searching for. It popped up on Wish after a google search. I ended up buying many items over the past month, see issues above. I still have orders yet to arrive :/ I wish I could cancel all. Very sketchy “business” I’m concerned they have my credit card info now. My only hope is the item will arrive nothing like advertised and I can fight to get my money back. The “nothing like described” is likely!


There scamers do not order from wish.They kept taking money out of my visa.I never gave them permission.


Do not support this app. Scam artists!!


I used to use the site years ago until I got 50% of what I bought, because they used so many different addresses to ship stuff I paid for, everywhere in the country! I decided to try it again. They were supposedly having flash sales on different products, and I ordered over 75 different products in one night. The next day, I got a message about each item, stating that my order “could not be processed on time”, and wanted to know if I wanted “wish cash” or for the money of each item returned to my account. Well, I have spent hours trying to go to each item to get cash back into my bank account, but, there is no way to go to each item, because once I am done requesting money back for one, it will not go back to where I was on the list of items I ordered. It is a complete scam! Looking the site up, they do have a 800 number, but, when you call, it actually states that they have no humans to talk to. Stay as far away from the site as possible. You will not get what you ordered, or the cash back. Please pass this on to others so they do not get scammed like millions of other people.


Never had a problem if you read ads properly you get what you paid for always arrive within 2 weeks refunds been done easily customer support been easy to use and good no problem here

Charlene Martens

WISH has the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. Someone requested my email to be changed and I tried contacting WISH customer service via email and through their app because there is no phone number to talk to a living breathing person. Their response was that this is a sensitive subject and someone would get back to me. Six emails to them, three weeks later, still no response. Since I don’t have access to my account since someone changed my email address. Just hoping they don’t have access to my PayPal account or I will be contacting them. Will not open a new account with them. Beware!


I have ordered maybe 50 times from wish and for well over 20000 USD, most of the time good products have arrived (you have to browse and compare different sellers and prices before buying), sometimes packages have not arrived (probably ordered over 200 packages) and it might be around 30 of them that I did not receive, but I have always been refunded as long as I report missing delivery within their “support window”. Packages arrive within 3 to 8 weeks. The types of items ordered is home decoration, clothes, shoes, tools, a big party tents, some electronics, and personal defense items. I really recommend Wish and I have saved a ton of money.


I got this when I first open it. Claim your free gift. Is it true? Is just that I will pay for the shipping

Ken Murrell

Every order that I placed for delivery to my home address was fine & arrived on time. However, on a few larger orders I wanted to save on shipping so I had the items sent to a local store just 2 miles away.

I checked with the store for weeks and nothing then late last night

everything showed up with a QR Codes and said that the items were available for pick up. I went to the store early this morning and all the items on my phone from the order still said available for pick up. I enter the store. Game & Video on Vermont in Los Angles – the clerk grabs her Ipad, scans each QR CODE but each code as she scans them is showing that the items have already been delivered. all except one which she hands over to me. She then advises me to follow up with WISH. The funny part is that the items on the app now show “delivered” instead “available for pick up” and this only took place after the QR Code Scans happened. Somethings fishy. . something doesn’t add up. Now I’ve got to go through the process for getting a refund. For anyone reading . pay the extra and have the items sent to your house. Do not try to save 3-5 dollars by having your items sent to a local store.

Diana Montgomery

2 months ago from New York State

There are many scams on Wish but there are many scams online. Some Wish sellers are honest. They tell you the correct descriptions, etc. but some are dishonest. You have to realize that if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. I shop online frequently and I have seen the “bait and switch” at Wish, Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. They all state one price, then when you try to buy, the price is much more. I just don’t buy when this happens. In fact, last night on Ebay, I encountered this. I contacted the seller and told him/her that I would not buy because of this. You have to make sure that the seller is reputable by reading reviews, contacting the seller and getting things in writing, only buy low priced items when they can’t be misdescribed. For instance, all jewelry on Wish is costume even though they state diamonds, 14K gold, etc. You can’t buy any good jewelry from Wish. So, if a seller doesn’t state that it is chrome over base metal or cubic zirconia, they are lieing period. I’ve never had a problem contacting Wish but their answers are never helpful. They say that each size and color of shoe or dress, whatever is sold by a different seller. So, they can’t help with the prices. And I would believe that all electronics are knockoffs.

Shirley A Lane

I was looking thru wish and put some things in a shopping cart I didnt order them or give you a ok to send it thru. From a very old card this is illegal. You force it thru without my ok so can you refun my $253.00 or what the bank gave me a phone number but cant get thru you need to do the right thing you did not have my ok on my new card let me know what you can do about this beforee everone fine out what you did my phone number is 2567087046


I bough a gamecubeController from Wish,

It took around 6 weeks until I got a message saying they deliverd the item but I never received anything.

Tried to get my money back without succes, Friend of mine bought a fake JBL box yes it was cheap but so was the quality.

Long story short don’t buy from wish.

Alicia Stanley

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! THERE IS NO ONE TO TALK TO AND IT TAKES FOREVER TO COMMUNICATE. all communication is done by their menu. Product took forever to arrive and it was a very very CHEAP product

Horidled Gaz Ru Mayforth

Advertised t-shirts on wish always shoe a large image covering much of the t-shirts front what they actually send is a t-shirt with a much smaller image on the front Also – if you complain too much and request returns/refunds, they will continue to allow you to buy stuff, but will ban you from future customer service

Todd larue

Waiting sence Dec 26 2020 still no order and to find out about it they want me to pay to find out if it was shipped


Cannot get unsubscribe to work. Never ordered , only put an item in basket and cannot delete or get unsubscribe.


Yes alot of the products are indeed fake. I purchased some PC parts for dirt cheap on wish and it turned out that only one of 3 products I bought was legit. The other 2 were completely 4 generations old and we’re being advertised and sold as new generation products. You should have done more research into this before writing this article.

mahmood ali

This is the way collecting funds from around the world if per customer spend five pound Dollar or Euro just imagine how much money they are sitting or using to make more money from other peoples wealth even people ask for refund which takes long time it’s a very clever way to have a big pot of moneyway of scamming people showing prices people could not resist.

Nancy Knorr

I order 3 items from Wish. Charged $304.oo for items costing $11.00 each. Not good quality and am still getting items I did not order, nor do not want.


I’ve ordered many items from wish and zero arrived. This is a scam site. Do NOT give them your money.


im sorry i ever dealt with this company. Dont do it.

Des Ewers

They advertised a product at a very low price, I ordered it, then told I was outside the time frame which was rubbish. They ten send a advert the next day, same product but 700% more expensive, Con artists, shot them all.


in wish, i always just order the stuff under $50, i got all my stuff


They buy their items from aliexpress.

Wake up you idiots.

I downloaded the app and now my Samsung is getting full phone screen adverts from their stupid site all the time. Literally 3 x an hour.

Visit aliexpress for all their items and buy direct from China. They just drop shipping the items, which if you google ‘how to start a drop shipment business’ you will find ample evidence of this.


I shopped at Wish for 6 months and I lost all my money. They never delivered the paid goods. They try to get you to believe that they care but it is definitely a scam. My bank couldn’t help me. Some of the people employees even used my card details to purchase products in the States. I am absolutely disgusted with Wish they should be shut down. Wish even asked me for my bank statements ,they deliberately tried to convince me that my credit card and numbers were false. I got very very upset

Never ever shop or have anything to do with Wish.

Joe Babin

I purchased an order, Sports running

Shoes in December, 2020.Still waiting

For the product, Can it take several weeks to receive the product I purchased for $118.00


I shop a lot through Wish. With the exception of a pair of earrings that were so tiny I could hardly see them, I’ve gotten some good deals on some decent quality items. Being an old stay-in lady I’ve been able to fulfill my shop-a-holic needs cheaply. Shipping length doesn’t bother me because by the time I get something in the mail, I’ve probably forgotten what I ordered and it’s a pleasant surprise.


I’m just here for verification.and to read seems like the things is terrible

Leonie Moran

This was the first time i have ever ordered anything on line, on the 26th november i ordered a dog harness which was chargwd to my credit card at 10.48am on the 27th november the amount $8.95 . and as at 3rd january 2020 i still hVe received the goods . P,ease explain

Crystal Dilly

KFRRCYQ is a 50% off code


hey guys, welcome to China LOL, the online shopping environment in China is totally different from that in your countries, especially in western world, shopping online in China requests your brainstorming, experience, and money of course, but the most important thing you should know is that you can never win the sellers, thats why you would always pay for a shipping fee for so called FREE items, coz the cost of the items and shipping is still less than your spending, sorry for my typo but you know what I’m talking about right?

Ray Kuan

Yes definitely a scam, online fraud. False advertising . Stay away from wish. After checking out ,it’s a different price. Wonder how they get away with daylight robbery. Best is to simply not try at all. Prices which are low, are just to trick you into believing. Once paid, it changes. Even for refunds, they credit back short of what u were charged. Still waiting for an order, ordered 24/11/19 due 26/12/19, now it’s due 01/02/20. That’s over two months. Shipping it by boat, I reckon. Don’t wanna get con, stay away from WISH.

Lorena Martinez

It took 3 weeks to receive a shirt, I ordered it for a Christmas present. The shirt is nothing like the pic and description, Totally generic crap. I’ve emailed them many times, No English, horrible.


Damn man, this app is definitely a scam. I purchased a boot for RM 7 (displayed price on app) and all of suden it said, RM 47 plus RM 31 for shipping. So total is RM 78. I used my credit card to pay and guess what! The msg i received after paying was RM 354 for the damn boots. Im trying contact Wish, i can seem to find the email add. If anyone knows, pls do email it to me at [email protected] Thanks.


Stay away, 4 items i paid for, next day were unavailable at that price, then there’s the just pay the shipping scam which doubles the price.

Don’t understand how this site is still running.

Alex 42

You’ve never addressed the biggest red flag of why people think is a scam. After several purchases from Wish, the website sends you an email saying they would like you to send a photo of your bank statement with a copy of your latest transactions made with Wish.

It makes me suspect their cheap prices are loss leaders for identity theft and bank fraud.

Val Shelby

It’s terrible I ended getting some stuff that I didn’t even ordered off of wish. It’s like they replaced the items that I ordered cus they weren’t ready to be shipped yet or something like that.


I ordered stuff.on wish that my son used his mame with mone . what i.thought.was a set of ri ngs turned out to be 251 worth stuff i didnt want

I.tried to return it was to.late. they wont. Refund my money i have a live person that i can talk too


What could possibly be wrong in a scenario where direct seller to consumer transaction? This is progress!


wish uses the old bait and switch.

it advertised one price on the desription and a higher price on check out. watch out for the “free” merch especially. rip off.


I buy from Wish all the time. I’ve ordered over 10 times and have received everything. Mostly watches and electronics. I highly recommend researching the seller and reviews. Im from Colorado, USA.

Masego Christopher

I Am Located In South Africa And i Have Placed my orders In August But still Havent Recived All Of Them Could i be Scammed?


DONT I repeat DONT buy from wish. I’ve ordered from wish once and I never will again. After the product I ordered finally came to my house 3 weeks after ordering it I was thoroughly disappointed. The product looked nothing like it did on the website and was even cheaper than I imagined. Wish is a Borderline SCAM. Save your money and don’t buy from wish.

Kavita Motwani

I have not received my orders since quite long,they just extend the dates and still product is not yet received.Customer Service is also pathetic.No communication from them.If eel its a fake app and no money is refunded.

Marylynn W

I have had mixed service from wish my biggest complaint is the jewlery stamped 925 but not real silver mostly silver plated. Also the stones they say are plastic. I understand that you are paying next to nothing for this jewlery so it is obviously not quality, I am frustated with the discretion i would still purchase if they gave the actual disruption of what they are selling. I have called wish on this and have been immediately refunded.. what can we do to force them to give correct descriptions. Again i know i am not investing in quality jewlery it is really just for fun.

Christopher Dean

Why are the selling 24 Carat Gold necklaces for £1 with £8 shipping. This has to be a complete scam! I took advantage of first order free gift and paid £0.78 for a phone holder for my car but I would not trust much else on the site!


My shipping doesn’t take forever

Michael Ladd

I never buy from them but everything is made in china and save people money Labor is so cheap over there.

[email protected]

i ordered several items that never arrived. it doesn’t even show in my purchase history. goodbye

How was I such a fool?

I wear 3x in US. ordered 8x on WISH and its see through fabric and still TOO TIGHT. WHAT. I am so disappointed. and ANGRY. I guess there are no larger people in China. Be careful ordering clothing. Jewelry however. Im happy with. Especially rings.


I experienced wrong shipments, no shipments received, cheap products or refurbished, and you will never get your refund dollars.

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