Review Online Forex Expert Advisor Generator

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Expert Advisor

Inexperienced beginners are always interested in finding a trade robot that does all the work, so that the trader does not have to lift a finger. This idea has been pursued by all traders of the computer age. The burden of responsibility for decision making, which wears out a trader`s nerves, now falls squarely on the trading forex expert advisors.

What is a Forex Expert Advisor?

The forex expert advisor is a program capable of performing in the terminal any action following the instructions of a trader, without his direct involvement. All tasks are performed automatically or mechanically, which is why the advisors are called experts or mechanical trading systems (MTS). Simply put, this is a program sending applications to a broker without any intervention on the part of the trader. You install a profit forex expert advisor to the existing forex online trading platform, which is connected to the server broker, adjust all the settings, and the advisor will begin trading according to a preset strategy.

Benefits of Forex Expert Advisors

From a psychological point of view, the forex expert advisor is irreplaceable. A trader decreases the responsibility for decision-making, and the trades become less stressful. The trader does not need to have an in-depth knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis, since all the calculations are already included in the program. Besides, the advisor is able to handle the trading signals even when the trader is absent from the workplace.

Writing An Forex Expert Advisor

Forex Expert Advisors for MetaTrader4 are written in the MQL4 programming language. This language was developed by the manufacturer of the trading terminal specifically for writing expert advisors. It allows the trader to program the trading system without any difficulty, which will trade in online mode day and night. Programmers familiar with this language will not have any difficulty in doing the job. For ordinary users this will be a more difficult task.

Forex Expert Advisors Indicators

You can create your own technical indicators for more effective work by the advisors. They will be a great addition to the existing indicators in the MetaTrader4 terminal. The purpose of using advisors indicators is to implement analytic functions and generate trading signals.

Built-in And Own Forex Expert Advisors

The MetaTrader4 trading terminal has several built-in expert advisors. They have the function of an independent trading system and dub the trading signals. They are very popular among beginners and were created specifically to demonstrate the abilities of programming the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal.

The possibilities in creating your own advisor are simply dazzling. You can set various orders by price and time, automatically open the counter orders, etc. These programs are able to replace the trader at their workplace.

Testing Forex Expert Advisors

The trading terminal can not only write advisors, but also check them on historical data before using, which is another unique feature of using the advisors. Testing is very useful, since it helps to measure the ability and effectiveness of a mechanical trading system on historical data, estimating the chances of future earnings and errors. If you have tested the advisor, and know how it will behave in different market conditions, you can begin trading without needing to intervene. For this purpose, the terminal has a special window where you can also optimize the input parameters of advisors.

Parting Words For Beginners

Beginners may think that trading with advisors is it very complicated. It is not so. After about a month any trader can begin to program their own automated trading system. Even if you are hesitant about trusting your money to a computer program, you can configure the advisor to five sound alerts, which will greatly facilitate your work so that you spend less time on graphical analysis expecting a signal to open and close positions.

You can find lots of advisors on the Internet, but getting a profitable one is very difficult, and using every single one is exhausting and may result in depleting your deposit. That is why you are advised against buying the first advisor you come across. Many advisors demonstrate excellent results when tested on one currency pair, but perform poorly on others. It is better to use the advisor for those instruments that you have tested on.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    Best Binary Options Broker!
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How to create a forex expert advisor

Forex Strategy Builder — build forex trading systems without knowing the language. Forex Strategy Builder: general description of trading robot builder capabilities. Detailed overview of the software functions, step by step guide to building and testing your own forex Expert Advisor.

There are two ways of creating forex trading system: designing an EA based on a complete algorithm and employing special forex EA builders. The first way is more efficient, but the second one doesn’t require any knowledge the programming language. Forex Strategy Builder is a unified multi-functional trading robots builder that helps you manually design and generate a wide range of Expert Advisors (EA) using standard and user indicators based on personal rules of risk management, so that you can develop your own trading robot for live trading. The software also allows you to optimize the settings of the newly created or already existing EAs, to evaluate their efficiency with several stress testing techniques on demo and real trading account. From this overview, you will learn how to create an automated forex trading systems from scratch.

Forex Strategy Builder: design your own trading system with no knowledge of programming language

Every traders dreams to is click on a single button and get the trading to yield profits right away. Common sense suggests that it is impossible, but it is hard to give up on a dream when there is at least a tiny hope that it might be possible. And it is really might be real due to forex Expert Advisors. Employing a trading robot of course requires a trading plan, you can get a simple trading strategy to identify trends for you in particular market conditions and yield real money.

There two ways to create an advisor based on an algorithmic trading system that works:

  • Order writing (or write yourself) an EA according to a particular trading algorithm. If you know MQL 4 or MQL 5 it is a perfect option. But if you don’t, it will be rather hard to code your forex trading robot. You won’t know whether the EA will be able to correctly embody the idea of a trading system and how then to optimize the robot. And there are many such questions.
  • Build your own trading robots by using special software, as this way requires no knowledge of a programming language. THis way somehow limits forex traders (as you can then exceed the software capacities), but is still an optimal variant for those who want to create a unique Expert Advisor.

Forex Strategy Builder is a forex robot builder that designs simple and complex (combined) EAs based on basic indicators, providing an opportunity to test, analyze and optimize trading robots. The software is not that easy but it has a lot of good functions.

Some of its features:

  • Advisors are designed for the MT4 trading platform.
  • It is a free forex trading robot builder (this is an advantage) and it can be easily found on the Internet.
  • It takes a few minutes to install software, but there are some problems with the compatibility of operating systems. I believe the reason is in Windows. I can’t say for sure that it is really so, but one of the computers failed to run any version of System Creator.

Forex Strategy Builder: overview of functions and capabilities of Forex Strategy Builder Professional

The first you should start with is to select the language. You can do it in the View menu. The next step is to download the forex rates history in the main window of History Center. If the History Center window doesn’t open when you start the program (there is only the top menu and the gray screen on the monitor), you can open it in the Market Menu/Download Forex Rates.

There three ways of importing historical data: importing server data files, importing MT4 files (the rates are loaded automatically there), or importing data files from JForex terminal. It is important that the quality of forex rates (rates accuracy, no dates are skipped and so on) determines the EA efficiency, in particular the difference between the trading on the historical rates and on the real trading account.

  • Import FSB Demo data. You import the FX rates historical data from the developer server. The quality of data is not the best here. It may suite for simulating, but you’d better choose another way to design a profitable Expert Advisor.
  • Jforex. jForex is a platform of DukasCopy brokerage company. As the developers claim, it is multi-functional platform recommended for manual and/or automated trading. This platform is designed for traders interested in automated trading and/or developing and testing trading strategies based on the JAVA programming language. They stress good quality of their historical data that you can import in System Creator. You import historical data from the website into a separate folder and enter its address in the forex strategy builder.
  • The Forex strategy builder supports the direct import (and conversion) of data from the native HST files used by MetaTrader4. In theory, this way is the best, as it implies that a trader has already responsibly approached choosing the FX historical data and downloaded them into the platform. In addition, you’d better do everything based on the same broker. You should base on the FX rates of the broker, you trade with. The broker that provides trading terms and conditions and where you are going to start your Expert Advisor.

The strategy builder limits the number of bars in the history by 1 million.

The interface is quite user friendly, the location of menus and windows is very convenient. There are two main menu panels, File/Editor…and the panel with icons. For example, you can start a new trading strategy clicking on the very left button or in File/New section. You can export and import strategies into MT4/5 by clicking on the Strategy section. All enabled functions (History Center, strategy templates, new strategy builder and so on) are opened in separate tabs that are under the main menu.

Pay attention that there is a tab with the Demo strategies in the above figure, the list of which can be seen in the right window. They are already complete demo strategies based on standard indicators, included by developers. This is done so that the user can see how the complete program looks likes. They are called by clicking on Strategy Explorer buttonin the settings line (menu with pictures).

In the left window, there is a supplementary menu, whose items change according to which main window is opened. For example, in the above screen, the main window is the new strategy window, and the additional settings in the Editor section on the left. I will describe them in more detail later.

There are some more helpful functions:

  • You can correct an open code. That is, if you know the MQL programming language, you can improve the created advisor, adding your own methods of risk management, trailing stops etc. (thing you can’t put together in the strategy builder).
  • There are also various journals in Forex Strategy Builder. In the strategy itself (left sub-menu Review in the above figure), Journal is the statistics of the transaction records for the finished strategy: transaction, direction, lot size, margin, etc. At the bottom, there is Trade journal. It is the output log, which displays information about what the user is doing, errors, etc. There is a similar function in MT4.

1. Account settings

It should be done before you start working. First, you click on Account/Profile settings in the top menu. Profile settings command opens the Control Panel, where you can set some parameters of the profile. Here, you need to create a new profile by clicking on the corresponding button in the left sub menu. Next, you enter the Profile name and description. Go back to the General tab.

Next, you click on the new profile in the Active profile section. There can be as many profiles as you wish. The reasons may be different. For example, distinguish between radically different types of forex strategies.

Control Panel includes the following tools:

  • Backtester. It provides an opportunity to close a position on a Margin Call, to make the testing more realistic. The second point allows you to operate on shorter periods. That is, if the strategy is designed for hourly periods, than periods of M1-M15 are used for testing. I recommend switching on both options.
  • Balance/Equity chart. Both options are supplementary and refer to informational one. The first, in addition to the main growth line, displays similar statistics separately for long and short trades. To understand whether a forex trading strategy works at all, this is not necessary. But this moment is important for optimization, it doesn’t matter in which direction a trade is entered for a robust trading system. That is, both short and long trades should yield roughly equal profits. It makes some sense to tick the second option as well.
  • Program. It also includes supplementary functions, whose aim is clear from the title. It is up to you whether to switch them on.
  • Networking. Proxy types are set individually.

We have studied the General tab. Now, go to the Data Sources section (icon is under the Profile tab in the left window).

Here, you need to add your data source. I think, everyone, who trades in the forex market, has their data sources. There is also an opportunity to download the sources from MT4 or a special file (that you need to create first), but we are not interested in these options. You’d better download them from your broker website.

The next step is to configure your account. In the left panel ( Control Panel) you go to Account tab. In the Active profile, you again select the created profile, in the given example, it is LiteForex. Next, you set the parameters of the account: min deposit, account currency, leverage etc. You can choose the information display in currency or in points.

And the final step is to click on the Update button, to update all the FX rates from the Internet. In general, you enter all the inputs you already have on your real account.

In the Symbols tab, you can add any positions that have updates exchange rates, set the swap for long and short positions, lot increment. You can set the number of symbols, following the dot; it is correctly set by default. Ito get the test conditions as close to the real ones as possible, you can add a slippage parameter.

Where you can take all these values from? From the broker you are going to trade with. Because of different starting trading conditions, the same forex trading system with the same parameters may perform different results.

It means it will be working in one case and losing money in another. For example, it may enter trades too late due to re-quotes, or the spread for the instrument will prevent you from reaching the target profit. That is why, an Expert Advisor is usually developed for a particular broker, where the trader learns the data on quotes, spread and so on.

Data Horizon. This dialog window serves to set the max and min number of data bars, as well as the number of ticks inside the bars. You can also set the start and the end dates of the of the testing period. Unfortunately, but all the time ranges have are strictly limited, so that you can develop strategies on the timeframes from H1 and longer. Forex Strategy Builder doesn’t suit for minute timeframes, as, in this case, the strategies won’t be accurate.

Custom Code. Forex Strategy Builder provides an access to external resources, a kind of database, storage for all the basics. In this tab, you can go to this data base and get an access to dozens of already complete strategies. Does a trader, who is developing an own trading strategy, need it? It is a rhetorical question. I don’t think he/she needs. But what you may really need is supplementary indicators, different form standard one. So, click on the Go to indicators forum link.

When you got to the Forex Strategy Builder official website, click on the Repository button that redirects the user to the section of manual trading strategies and indicators. You click on the Indicators tab in the page menu, and choose the indicator you are interested in. The greatest difficulty is with the description of the indicator properties and settings. So, if you have found nothing about the indicator, try other ways to import indicators to the FSB. However, indicators, provided on the FSB developers site, are compatible with the forex strategy builder, but there may be problems with compatibility of the tools, imported from other resources.

This is a snapshot of the tab, showing the indicator from FSB site. The tab with general information is now opened. Next to it, there are two tabs with the open code in two versions, according to the programming language, that you can get acquainted with without downloading the tool. If the indicator suits you, download both versions. You will need MQL for Metatrader, and С# — for the strategy builder and,

Now, minimize the windows of forex strategy builder and the developers site, and go to the FSB archive, where, in addition to the running file, there two more folders. Past the downloaded indicator files into the User Files/Indicators folder.

A brief description of FSB folders.

  • Code. It stores all the additions to the strategy builder. In the original version there is only one account statistics file, which can be corrected if you know programming. Those who are just starting to learn how to create forex Expert Advisors do not need to change anything here.
  • Data. You past historical data, the strategy will be based on, there. If have already clicked on the exchange rates update button, they will be stored in the folder.
  • Indicators. It is the folder with indicators
  • Libraries. It contains indicators already compiled.
  • Logs. It stores the same data that are displayed in the FSB journal, that is the history of actions.
  • MT4 Files. It contains the satellite (supplementary software), that installs the bridge between Forex Strategy Builder and МТ4. Using it, you can operate with a EA on the real account via MT4 directly with the forex strategy builder. You can run it in Forex strategy builder in the top menu Trading/ start Bridge installation.
  • Strategies. It contains strategies that you downloaded (if you did) from the developers site, your strategies and demo strategies of the forex strategy builder.
  • System. It is the system folder, where you can add language that is not in the strategy builder list, or you can add some of your own unique words. There, you can correct the strategy builder modules , their visual display and so on. But you can do it only provided that you know the programming language and understand how the software works.

To display the downloaded indicators in the forex strategy builder indicators list, click on Update user indicators. If the indicators haven’t appeared, then they are not compatible with the system builder. Test user indicators is also a useful function; here, the constructor checks the correct work of the indicator (sometimes, the indicator is displayed in the list, but it may have a failure in the code). If “OK” is indicated, the indicator is working correctly.

Acceptance criteria. We again return to the Control Panel. This tab contains the risk management criteria of your future strategy. You can specify a maximum drawdown in currency or percentage points, minimum and maximum number if trades and so on. You can switch off the positions at all if you think that they will distract you.

In the next tab, Expert Advisor, you enter the directory to the MT4 folders, where you will place the EAs. The next tab, Trade Settings, provides an opportunity to specify the size of a slippage, when opening and closing the orders, depending on spread. Auto Start is the tab for creating the script that will be run the EA on the platform automatically. You need to enter the name of the strategy into the box and past the EA into auto run.

2. Historical data import

All information on data download is in the Historical Center menu that was described above and where you start creating an Expert Advisor. Of the interesting tabs is Data Statistics. It displays everything that is used in a particular strategy running: exchange rates statistics, number of bars and so on. This one of the informational spaces that can be used for the analysis of an EA performance.

For example, the snapshot above displays the statistics on EURUSD currency pair in the daily timeframe (it is also reported by the journal at the bottom of the screen if you switch on its display).

Intrabar Statistics. It is a helpful tab that allows you to assess the exchange rates data quality. If for some reason a period of time was not included into testing, this information will be displayed in the Data Download Error window.

3. Building a new forex trading strategy

When you have configured everything, imported FX rates data, created a profile and an account, you can go on to create a trading strategy. Click on the New Strategy tab and start building your forex trading system.

The window opened also has left menu of tabs and main sections: Input parameters, Strategy Properties, Conditions for Bar Opening and Bar Closing, Indicator Chart, Account Statistics, Balance/Equity Chart. Pay attention to the Builder mode that is now active (the menu is on the left of the red box in the figure below), and the Editor tab is opened (it is highlighted with blue as an active tab).

First, you enter input parameters in the tabs that are highlighted with the red box in the screenshot. You select the profile, data source, asset, timeframe and the interpolation method. For example, if you have an open position and in the range of the same bar, you have set a take profit and a stop loss orders, and they are both available in this bar. If you are using the pessimistic method, the strategy will directly execute the stop loss order, optimistic — take profit. Shortest Executes the orders in such a way, so it creates the shortest possible route between the way points of the bar — Open, High, Low, Close and all orders in the range. The Nearest method will execute the order that is closer to the current price. When there is not enough data to know which order the backtester should execute first, the Random method will execute the orders in a random fashion.

Strategy tab opens in the main area of the program. It holds a strategy and provides all tools for editing, exploring, testing and trading a strategy. Double click on the Strategy Properties with your scroll button.

Strategy properties are grouped into three blocks:

  • First block contains the entry amount and the maximum trade volume
  • Second blocks contains optional entry conditions. For example, to add one more position, if the first one yields a positive return. Or, if it yields negative return (building a grid, forex grid trading strategy). You can reduce the current position, or close it if there are certain events.
  • In the third block, you can specify a fixed stop loss and take profit, enter Martingale multiplier (the multiplication factor of the next position sizef under the given conditions, for example,if the prior trade has yielded profit).

Let us return to the main area of the strategy. Below the strategy properties, there are rules for entering and exiting the trade (they are under the red box in the last figure). If you click on the Add an Opening Logic Condition, you will see the list of indicators, both the default FSB tools and the indicators, added by the user. Here you can specify the settings of the strategy indicator, everything is just like in MT4 (shift, multipliers, periods of moving averages etc.). Pay attention to how the Balance/Equity chart will change, responding to any changes in the indicators’ parameters.

A forex trading system is build based on Logical Groups that contains numerous conditions for entering trades. You can assign name to each group and add as many tools to it as you wish. This way, you can build an Expert Advisor that will enter trades according to a few strategies of different types. However, it is a rhetorical question how efficient this approach is. All forex strategies can’t be winning trading strategies and so, it makes some sense to develop EAs with equal number of strategies, and filter off those that don’t work. And you can make the forex trading system from strategies that work afterwards, if you wish.

The strategy efficiency is displayed in the chart by one or several lines. If there are a few lines in the chart, then they are equities, profitability of long and short positions (2 lines), total change in the deposit. In the last figure, balance chart shows that the system must be applied in any case. In addition to sharp, deep drawdowns, the balance goes to zero in the end.

4. Strategy Generator

Editor tools are helpful when you clearly see what you should have in the end and what trading system you want to build. But what if you don’t exactly understand how a forex trading system is built? If so, you can use Strategy Generator (a tab in the Control Panel).

The user interface of the Generator is very similar to the interface of the Editor, but there are some differences. First, the upper menu (toolbar) is completely different.

  • Common Options. This panel contains base settings for the Generator. If you are building an EA for the first time, you’d better leave the default settings. The important thing here is the Maximum Count of Slots of opening/closing, i.e., conditions that must be met to enter a trade.
  • Generator settings. Here, you enter criteria related to the strategy you want to build in the end. risk/reward ratio, minimum loss in the deposit and so on. An important parameter here is Working Time, the time needed to generate a strategy. The longer it is, the more accurate will be the result. For example, based on users’ feedback, 360–400 minutes will be appropriate for daily timeframe.
  • Generator indicators. By default the Generator will use all the indicators that are present in the program. However you might not want it to use all indicators, so you can remove the tick to switch off the indicator. But before you switch off an indicator, you should study all of them.
  • Out of Samples. It specifies the number of historical data out of the total number of data, which will be used for forward testing. Forward test is a type of testing that is mostly used for optimization. The market is changing, and its present behaviour may differ from what was 2 or 3 years ago even in relatively similar situations. Therefore, it is suggested that the EA should be optimized only according to the last period (at least 3 months). This is called forward testing.

And there is another important thing, you should pay attention to. In the upper right corner of each block there is an icon. More precisely, there are three options for displaying it: it is completely missing, a lock is displayed, or something similar to a rectangle.

A lock means that the program can’t change this block. Unfortunately, even reading the user guide on the Forex Strategy Builder official site, I haven’t managed to find out which changes in the block it is about and what happens when you activate the icon. If you have any idea about this, please, do write in the comments.

When you have put all the ticks in the blocks, click on the Start button at the bottom of the window. It may take form a few minutes to a few hours to generate a strategy (depends on the accuracy, working time, indicators and so on).

The generated strategy can be found in the menu View/Repository. We are interested in the Local Repository (left vertical menu), where the strategies are stored (both generated and downloaded). There are filters that help to arrange strategies in convenient order. We find the generated strategy (while there is a single one, there are no problems with the search) and we look at its statistics. To do this, in the lower right corner look at the item Strategy Slots, and then Account Statistics.

In the Strategy window, the program offers different variations of the systems according to the parameters specified; there can be dozens of them (especially since all types of indicators are switched on). Based on the account statistics (that is the strategy testing), you can take a decision whether to launch the strategy on the real account or to optimize it. If the forward testing (the last section) is not successful, that is, the curve is either flat or downward at the last section, we delete the strategy without the analysis of statistics. Below is an example of such failed strategy.

If a forex trading system seems to work, optimize it on the MT4 demo account and compare the statistics in the terminal with the data, calculated by Forex Strategy Builder.

You should warn you here that the program won’t generate a perfect strategy right away. There are comments on the Internet, written by those who took the responsibility to develop, employ and analyze the forex trading systems, built by the program. Out of 600 of generated and tested strategies, only 80 turned out to be acceptable, only 10 of them passed forward testing successfully, only a few of them showed relatively acceptable performance, deserving to be tested on a demo account.

5. Strategy Optimizer

Последний шаг — оптимизация созданной стратегии. Под оптимизацией подразумевается подгонка отдельных параметров стратегии с целью улучшения результата, потому логично, что оптимизироваться могут не только созданные, но и те системы, которые уже были в работе на реальном счете.

The final step is optimization of a new strategy. Optimization means adjusting particular parameters of the strategy in order to improve its performance. That is why, you can optimize not only new generated strategies, but the forex trading systems, already being applied on the real account.

We go back to the tab, where we designed (and generated the strategy) open the Optimizer toolbar. There are relatively few settings. Like the previous menu, there is main area and the top toolbar. Click on the Settings tab in the toolbar and put ticks where it is necessary. I think I don’t need to explain each section, they are quite clear. In the main menu of the Optimizer Settings, correct the indicator setting as you think to be appropriate, again click on the Start and look for the optimized strategy in the Repository.

6. Strategy Overview

Strategy Overview is another group of tabs in the left drop down menu. Here FSB Pro generates a reading-friendly description of the strategy properties and the statistical parameters of the indicators. This is another way to present statistical information. It consists of the following sections:

  • Description. Text description of the entry and exit logic, strategy properties, indicators slots and so on. Primary language is English. If you operate in another language, 50% of the description will be still in English (some phrases, titles and statistics will be in your language and the descriptive part will be in English).
  • Balance chart. It is the same chart that is displayed in the bottom right corner of the window, it is only zoomed in. In addition to the main area of the chart, there are two more tabs in the top toolbar, but I didn’t see any useful information there.
  • Indicator chart. The indicator chart is a visual representation of the historical market price and the indicators used in the strategy, as well as the levels of stop loss (flat red line) and take profit (green line). At the top, there is toolbar, containing 10 tabs, if you point with the cursor to the icon, you will see what it means. It doesn’t make any sense to describe each of them.
  • Journal. The journal is a detailed log of the trading operations. You can import it to Excel (it is easier to sort and filter data in the editor)
  • Bar explorer. The bar explorer is similar to the journal but it gives more information about the deals and the bar interpolation.

7. Analysis

The last group of tools is the methods of the strategy stress tests.

Comparator. Open the tab (it is necessary for each Expert Advisor generated) and click on the Start button. In the beginning of the article, I have briefly described the methods of exiting a trade (optimistic, according to take profit, pessimistic, according to stop loss). The comparator’s goal is to give a full idea of the strategy performance. The program compares the charts, constructed with different methods. If there is a single line of the price chart (or, there are a few of them next to each other) after the test, then everything is alright. If there is a divergence, remove the strategy and start all over again — something went wrong. Below is an example of such a strategy with an error

Multi Markets. It is another way to stress test of the generated strategy. The test of whether the strategy will work in other markets. It is thought that is a forex trading system yields profits in one market, it shouldn’t losing on the others. It is an arguable matter, but if the positive yield remains with most trading assets, it means that the trading system is robust.

For example, I generated a strategy that turned out to be not that steady, as almost with 50% of other instrument it yielded losses (start with 10,000 and a reduction of the deposit by the end of the period). On the other hand, the deposit didn’t come to zero at least, and that is already good.

Pay attention that there is a toolbar at the top that allows you to learn the statistics on each market.

Monte Carlo. It is the last tool for testing the strategy robustness. In the top menu, there are two tabs: Simulations and Options. There, you can add such a problem as random spread, random fx rates etc. The tool’s goal is to test the strategy performance in different unexpected situations. The most important result is the bottom line of the chart that displays what may hypothetically happen in the very worst case. If in the worst case, the balance decreases in the end, I would recommend to delete this system right away. For example, based on my trading system performance, it is balancing on the edge.

8. Auto Trader

Forex Strategy Builder professional provides an opportunity trade with the EA directly from the program, without saving the file for MT4. It is a kind of time saving. To enter Auto Trader mode, you need to switch form the Builder mode to the Trader mode the left drop down menu, it is just above the Editor tab. You also need to set up a connection to the MT4 chart (Bridge). To do it, run the installation file Bridge Installer in the User Files/MT4 Files folder. After it is installed, assign an ID number and past it into the FSB Set Connection ID area and click on the Start button.

If you are not interested in the Auto Trade, then click on the Save As Expert Advisor in the Strategy menu and export the strategy created to MT4.

And the final step is to past the statistics on the entire portfolio generated into Excel.

Press the icon in the top menu and in the right drop down menu import all the data into Excel.

In general terms, I think the principle of using the program is clear. You enter the key data of the strategy and risk management, start the EA generation, analyze the performance statistics, and, finally, you optimize the new strategy. It seems that everything is not so difficult. In practice, things are somewhat more complicated. First, it makes no sense to describe all menus and tabs, present in the programm user interface since there are far more of them. Second, different versions of the programm (even one version of the program, but in different languages) have differences in the user interface and menu structure. The differences are insignificant, but they still are. You can understand the program use by randomly clicking on all the icons and buttons, but it can’t be called simple. You can also study the user guide on the FSB website

Forex Strategy Builder provides even more opportunities for those who know programming language to code the EA. The program allows you to import any other indicators, different from the standard ones. It is important that that they are compatible with each other.

Advantages of Forex Strategy Builder Professional

  • It quite good for training. Creating a trading system, a trader understands its structure better, learns to optimize parameters and criteria, sees visual display of each action. It will be useful for applying Expert Advisors, and Forex Strategy Builder makes it much easier.
  • Assistance. Despite the criticism of the generated strategies, you can create something decent something with it. However, it takes a lot of time.

What I didn’t like about FSB

  • High defect rate. The EA builder operates according to an algorithm, so it is reasonable that with the given criteria it generates Expert Advisors that fail even on a demo account. Not all of them, but many. It is a rhetorical question whether it is worth spending
  • It is hard to search the generated strategies. I have failed to find a way to assign names to the created forex trading systems and sort them by, for example, alphabet, or by date of creation.
  • It is an interesting program that creates an illusion of easy profit generating. Forex Strategy Builder is just software that operates based on a particular algorithm.

I also want to stress a psychological aspect. EA builder makes a pretty convincing impression. Ample indicators, the possibility of automatic generation of trading systems, stress tests — all this seems so convincing that by the end of the Expert Advisor creation all these numbers and charts inspire in a trader a sincere belief in success. Forex Strategy Builder creates a kind of illusion that you really can create a trading Grail. But, in fact, all the generated strategies, passed through stress tests, need a thorough analysis.

Forex Strategy Builder is a complementary tool, but you shouldn’t have high expectations for the program. It is just another variant of creating automated trading systems. It has its advantages and flaws, needs much time, but it trains you to understand the peculiarities of trading systems setting.

Conclusion. Forex Strategy Builder is a creator or trading strategies that is far from being ideal, but is has its strong points. Its flaw is that you can generate the strategies for the timeframes starting from 1 hour and longer, but such strategies are perfect for traders with little experience. Optimization of the new strategy takes much more time. It is clear that not all of them will work on a real account, but if you observe the technology of creating trading systems and carefully select them afterwards, you can get quite a good result. On average, it takes about a week to generate a short series of EAs and select the best of them.

Why do you download the out-of-date EAs from the Internet, if you can create your own new trading systems? Download the forex strategy builder, install, run and learn to work with the program! I am looking forward to your comments, opinions, offers, ideas and results in the comment section below!

P.S. Did you like my article? Share it in social networks: it will be the best “thank you” :)

Ask me questions and comment below. I’ll be glad to answer your questions and give necessary explanations.

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Forex Expert & Strategy

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Меня больше волнует другой вопрос где найти такой ДЦ чтоб давал зарабатывать 2 пипса и не жужжал

Вы стейты его смотрели в телеграм группе? И почему он везде скрывает имя ДЦ?

Наоборот светил бы всем свою партнерку и рассказывал бы. А нет – скрывает. Я задал вопрос автору в личку – говорит Альпари. Ну ну.

Кто то может сказать ГДЕ такой Альпари который даст так работать?






списался с автором. эквити не показывает, засранец. На мои вопросы про эквити делает вид что не понимает. Вот переписка:
EA Support, [14.04.19 10:43]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
We selling EA

EA Support, [14.04.19 10:44]
We have 2 kind of the EA one of them 900 and other one is 1,600 €

EA Support, [14.04.19 10:44]
[Переслано от EA Support]
[ Видео ]

EA Support, [14.04.19 10:44]
This is just 5 min of daily live trading from own EA

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 12:40]
I see. I see in the video the history of positively closed transactions, but equity can be deep in the red. The volume of open negative trades can be very large. Do you understand me?

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 12:41]
ie, when you close all trades at the end can be a minus

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 12:44]
not every broker can give close deals with such a minimum profit. Who’s your broker? In the video, I don’t see that this is a real account.

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 12:45]
to sell the EA, you need to show a real account, not cut the video.

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:21]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:22]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
I dont undrestand this also

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:22]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
I work with alpari and forex time also have icm market

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:23]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
[ Фотография ]

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:25]
Thanks. One more time. Closed trades are all profitable.The volume of open negative trades can be greater than the earned profit.

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:29]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
Not all trade close with profit check the channel

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:30]
And all positions close

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:30]
The EA working too fast in open and close positions

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:30]
And all positions have sl and tp

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:31]
OK. what is the difference in the cost of expert advisors?

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:32]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
The 900 have limit in acc and profit and safe trade

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:32]
in more detail can be in than restrictions

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:33]
is there a link to the computer?

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:44]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
Ummm what ?

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:45]
is the EA tied to only one computer? Can I install the EA on another computer?

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:45]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:46]
what are the specific limitations of the Advisor for $ 900?

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:47]
The limit on acc , profit and safe trade

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:48]
profit and safe trade?What is it like?

EA Support, [14.04.19 13:54]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
For example if the 1600 have 3 startegy for trade the 900 have 1 witl littel profit

Wadim Smirnov, [14.04.19 13:55]
and how many percent per month on average for a small profit?

EA Support, [14.04.19 16:21]
[В ответ на Wadim Smirnov]
Its depending on market and account balance i cant say exactly hou much

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