FP Markets Review Is Fpmarkets.com.au A Scam Forex Broker

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FP Markets Review: Complete FX Broker Review

FP Markets is a large Australian broker that allows clients from around the world to trade numerous different assets and markets.

They offer their traders both ECN execution and Direct Market Access (DMA) with CFDs. This allows them to provide a highly refined trading experience with near instant execution and razor thin margins.

However, is FP Markets safe and can you trust them?

In this FP Markets Review, we will give you everything that you need to know about this broker. We will also give you some of the top tips that you need to know in order to make the most trading here.


FP Markets is based in Sydney Australia and was established in 2005. They are the brokerage arm of First Prudential Markets and are located at Level 5, Exchange House, 10 Bridge Street. They also have a regional head office in Beijing and a representative office in Shanghai.

FP Markets has ECN execution on their forex trading accounts with direct connections to liquidity providers. They also offer DMA for their CFD accounts which gives traders access to equity and commodity CFD markets. In total, there are over 10,000 instruments on offer!

All of these factors have helped FP Markets grow exponentially and they currently have over 200,000 clients across the world. They have also been recognised by a number of industry bodies and have won numerous awards from the Investment Trends Reports.

FP Markets takes traders from a number of different regions and countries. They have translated their website into another 11 different languages.

Having said that, there are some regions where they restrict traders. These include the likes of USA, Japan, New Zealand and certain provinces in Canada.

Is FP Markets Safe?

Broker safety is perhaps the number one concern for any trader and as such, it is a big component in our review.

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There are a number of things that we look for when determining this but the most important of considerations are regulation, client fund safety and risk management protocols.

Let’s take a look into each of these individually.

FP Markets is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and has an AFS licence of 286354 . Below is the copy of their business registration:

FP Markets ASIC Licence. Image via ASIC

Regulation by ASIC is considered to be one of the most secure in the world and there are a number of protections that the trader is afforded. In order to have an ASIC regulation, the broker has to meet the following requirements:

  • Capital Reserves: Before a broker can be regulated by ASIC, they have to have capital reserves of A$1m.
  • Background Checks: There are background checks that need to be done on both the company and the directors beforehand.
  • Segregated Accounts: Brokers are required to keep client funds separate from those of their main operations.
  • Regular Reporting: There are regular reporting requirements on an annual basis that the broker has to adhere to. These make sure that the broker is well capitalised at all times

Apart from the benefit of knowing that this broker had to clear these hurdles to get their licence, it also helps to know that there is an agency to turn to if you have complaints. ASIC has a consumer reporting arm which can deal with these.

FP Markets has a number of other security protocols and reporting standards that they adhere to.

Firstly, all of the client funds are stored in those segregated accounts at the National Bank of Australia. This is a tier one Australian bank which has got strong levels of liquidity.

They also make use of auditing services from BDO. These are well regarded auditors in the broker space and they are able to reconcile the trading books on a regular basis.

Finally, they use some of the top liquidity providers in the industry including the likes of JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, HSBC and Citibank. They are connected directly with these providers as FP Markets uses the Equnix datacentre in New York to locate their trading servers.

Assets & Leverage

There are a range of assets that you can trade on FP Markets and they have over 10,000 instruments on offer across their Forex and CFD trading products.

Exactly what asset you can trade will depend on the type of account you have (covered in detail below).

If you have created a standard Forex account then you have access to a number of standard markets. These include the following:

  • Forex: Up to 45 FX pairs to trade including all Majors and a number of Minors / EM currencies.
  • Metals & Commodities: You can trade Gold and Silver denominated in both USD and AUD. You can also trade WTI oil
  • Indices: Numerous global equity markets
  • Cryptocurrency:Bitcoin only

So, there appears to be a reasonable range of Forex pairs for you to trade. However, we were quite disappointed to see that you can only trade one cryptocurrency in Bitcoin. If you wanted to trade a greater selection then you could consider IQ Option CFDs.

You also have a pretty limited range of commodities to trade and can only trade equity indices on these standard forex accounts. However, if you decide to open a CFD account with DMA, you have more of a selection.

The CFD accounts also give you access to thousands of single stocks that you can buy directly on the exchanges. Below is a short snippet of the assets that you can trade:

FP Markets CFD Asset List

In addition to these assets, they also have a number of Index CFDs and DMAs. These cover most of the same markets that the Forex accounts do accept that it is done on a more advanced trading platform (see below).

Given that FP Markets is a CFD and Forex broker, this means that you are trading on margin. You will usually only require a small percentage of the trade position (margin level) to hold a particular notional in trade value.

Trading on the margin means that your position is leveraged and your gains / losses are magnified by a certain factor (leverage factor).

The amount of leverage that you can achieve at FP Markets will depend on the account type that you have as well as the type of assets that you are trading. If you are using the Forex accounts, then the max leverage levels for the particular assets are:

Apart from these, you will also have limits based on the size of the deposit and equity balance. For example, with a deposit of $100 and a max equity balance of $100k you are allowed a max of 100:1 leverage. However, with a min deposit of $500 and a max equity of $10,000 you are allowed all the way up to the 500:1 leverage.

In terms of the CFD accounts and DMA assets, the amount of leverage that you can take on will vary on a case by case basis. It will start all the way down at 1:1 and go up to about 200:1. The riskier assets such as the single stock CFDs will have lower leverage levels.

FP Markets Fees & Spreads

When trading with leverage, the volume that you trade is much larger than normal. That means that fees and spreads can eat into your profitability.

Given that FP Markets is an ECN broker and that they offer Direct Market Access, they have some really low spreads on their assets. In most cases, prices are coming straight from the liquidity provider / exchanges.

If you have created a Forex account, the exact fee that you will be charged will differ slightly depending on whether you have created a Standard STP account or a Pro ECN Raw account. Below are the min spreads for a selection of assets for the Standard / ECN (pips):

These fees are pretty reasonable and are some of the lowest that we have seen. In fact, FP Markets has even won an award for being one of the Cheapest Non-Advisory Phone Brokers in the industry.

Take note though that although the ECN account has lower spreads than the standard, you will have to pay a “lot” commission of $3 per round trip. This is about standard for ECN accounts at other brokers.

You will also have to pay swap fees on positions that you hold overnight. These can be thought of as financing fees that are charged on the basis that you are trading with borrowed money. This can be positive or negative based on the applicable interest rate parity at the time.

Applicable Swap Rates on MT4 Platform

If you are trading on the CFD account then the fees and spreads will differ greatly depending on the asset that you are trading. These will all be presented to you clearly on your IRESS platform.

You will also be charged commissions and financing. With this financing fee, they will add / subtract 2%-4.5% on the base rate on a long / short position. You can see more on their fees page.

Most of the trading platforms at FP Markets are free although they will charge you $55 per month if you create an account on IRESS Trader/Viewpoint.

However, if you trade 15 times (with a standard min ticket fee of $10 AUD) or more per calendar month or generate more than $150 in commissions you will get this fee rebated to you and effectively use this platform for free.

You will also have to pay a fee for access to more robust data feeds that come directly from the Equity and Futures exchanges. However, as with the IRESS trader above, these fees will be rebated if you make a certain number of trades a month.

When it comes to funding your account, there are no fees that are charged on the on the FP Markets side. However, given the payment processors that they use, you may be charged a fee depending on the funding method.

This will also depend on where you are sending the money from as you could incur wiring fees if from another country. Below are the fees that you could pay based on payment methods:

  • Bank Wire: If local to Aus, you will not be charged anything. If international, you could pay a $25 inward fee
  • BPay: If you are funding with a BPay credit / debit card then you will have to pay 1.6% if paying into an IRESS account
  • Credit Card: Deposit fees into an MT4/MT5 are free but you will be charged 1.6% for NAB credit / debit card funding into an IRESS account. This will be 3.18% if funding in foreign currency
  • Neteller: If you are funding into an MT4/MT5 then you won’t be charged but if you are funding into an IRESS account then you will be charged 4%.

So, it seems that when funding a standard / raw ECN account then you most likely won’t be charged a fee although you will be on an IRESS account. There are some payment methods that are fully free and these include the likes of China Union Pay .

You should also note that there may be additional fees that intermediary banks or your own bank may charge that could increase the cost of this funding.

Finally, you will be happy to know that there are no withdrawal fees that are charged by the broker.

FP Markets Account Types

As mentioned, there are a number of different accounts at FP Markets. These will differ according to the type of platform that you want to use as well as the assets that you want to trade.

FP Markets has segmented these different accounts into two main categories. These are their “Forex” and “CFD” accounts. The latter gives you Direct Market Access on the IRESS platform whereas the former uses the standard MT5 / MT4 for forex trading.

Let’s take a closer look into each of these briefly:

There are two types of accounts that you can open with the Forex account type. These are the Standard and the Raw ECN .

As shown above in the fees, the Standard has slightly higher spreads although there is no commission charged on the lots traded. The Raw ECN gives you access to spreads straight from the liquidity provider but you will have to pay a slight lot commission.

Below are the main differences between the two accounts:

Standard vs. Raw ECN Account at FP Markets

For both of these account types, the minimum trade size that you can put on is 0.01 lots and both accounts give you access to a max leverage of 500:1 .

CFD Trading Accounts

With these accounts, you get DMA access which means greater order book visibility. However, given that these accounts give you more tech to trade with, there is a higher minimum deposit of $1,000 .

There are three different CFD accounts that you can open and these differ according to the minimum deposit amount, the brokerage rate as well as the financing rate. Below are the main differences between the accounts:

Comparison of CFD Accounts at FP Markets

The premier account seems to be the best option for the professional traders where financing and brokerage rates on large volume can have a negative impact. However, if you are not that regular of a trader then you should consider the professional or platinum.

With all of these accounts, you get delayed ASX data, free Telephone trades and free use of the standard IRESS Investor.

Finally, for those of you who are conscious of the laws around Sharia finance, FP Markets allows you to open an Islamic account on the MT4 platform. These are adjusted so that swap fees are not included.

If you want to create an account like this then you will have to first open an MT4 account and then get it converted into an Islamic account. This is done by contacting customer service who will switch it over manually.

When the position is held over two consecutive days then you will be charged an administration fee. You can see the full outline of all the fees on their Islamic Accounts page.

FP Markets Demo Account

Why risk your funds at first when you can try a perfectly respectable demo account?

FP Markets gives you the option to open a demo account on each of their platforms. These are non-threatening ways to trade on an account with demo money ($100k) and test out your trading skills.

These demo accounts use exactly the same trading platforms that you will have with the live account so they should replicate the actual trading accounts quite well. In order to create a demo account all you will need is an email address, your name and number.

Demo Account with 100k Funds

Trading Platforms

There are a number of different trading platforms that you can use at FP Markets. These will differ according to the type of account you have and the type of trading you want to do.

Firstly, they have both of the Metatrader platforms. These are third party platforms that are developed by the Metaquotes software company.

Then, they have a few different versions of the IRESS platform. This is a trading platform that was developed in Australia and used by a number of other brokers. This is the platform that gives you Direct Market Access.

Let us take a deeper look into each of these platforms.

The MT4 platform is the most popular third-party trading platform currently on the market. It is used by countless brokers around the world and is well known to traders.

At FP Markets, this MT4 platform is available on both the standard STP account as well as the raw ECN account. This means that you can trade all of those Forex account instruments that we mentioned above on this platform.

So, what is so good about the MT4?

Well, this platform was developed by traders for traders and has extensive functionality. You have a plethora of charting functionality as well as a range of technical analysis indicators and studies.

FP Markets MT4 User Interface

The MT4 platform is also compatible on a number of operating systems. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The MT4 platform has also been developed so that it could be run online in a browser.

The MT4 platform also has its own programming language where you can code your own Expert Advisors (EAs). These are trading algorithms that you can develop to trade automatically for you. This is the MQL4 coding language that is pretty easy to understand.

FP Markets also does offer their traders the MT5 platform. This is a slightly upgraded trading platform that has more charting functionality. It also has other goodies like an economic calendar and market depth chart.

The main reason that traders may move to this platform is because it gives them the opportunity to trade other markets such as equities. However, given that FP Markets has the IRESS platform, you should rather use this as it gives you access to more markets.

Moreover, given that the MT4 is much more popular than the MT5, it is battle hardened and time tested. You are better suited to trade on this platform than on the MT5 for now.

This is the flagship trading platform available at FP Markets. This will allow you to connect directly with the exchanges in order to buy the shares that we mentioned above. You can also trade Forex and EFTs on it.

The IRESS is available to those traders who have the CFD accounts. There are three different types of platform and they are the IRESS Investor, the IRESS trader and finally the IRESS viewpoint.

The IRESS investor is the entry level platform at FP Markets. This is more for those traders who employ a buy-and-hold strategy and don’t need the latest charting and data feeds. This is also free on all CFD accounts.

One step up from this and you have the IRESS Trader / Viewpoint. These have a great deal more functionality and you can conduct more thorough technical analysis. Some of the additional features include:

  • Advanced order management
  • Access to full Market depth
  • Real time, dynamic market data
  • Module linking
  • Advanced charting
  • Ability to trade pre and post market auctions
  • Live streaming news

UI of the FPMarkets IRESS Viewpoint

So, if you are a trader that is quite active and is looking for additional tools to supplement your trading then upgrading to the Viewpoint or Trader is probably your best bet.

Of course, this will cost you extra given that you are getting live data straight from the exchanges. They cost $55 a month however, you can earn this back as a rebate if you trade a certain volume on the exchange (see above).

As with the MetaTrader platforms, IRESS is available on PC, Mac, through your web browser or on your mobile.

FP Markets Mobile Apps

If you are going to be away from your PC then you will no doubt want to make use of the mobile apps on offer.

Unfortunately, there is no app that will allow you to administer your account at FP Markets. So, if you need fund your account, withdraw or make any changes in the admin panel then you will have to do this through their online portal.

However, you can make use of both the MT4 and MT5 mobile apps that have been developed by MetaTrader. These are available in both iOS and Android and are one of the most downloaded trading apps in the world. Combined, there are over 12m downloads for the two apps.

These apps give you a great deal of functionality that is just not available on other apps. This includes mobile charting, order management, technical studies and other useful indicators.

MT4 App in the iTunes Store

If you had a CFD account then you can also use the IRESS mobile app. This is also available on iOS and Android. Although not as popular as the MetaTrader apps, it does have a range of features:

  • Track portfolio and holdings
  • Enhanced charting
  • Live dynamic pricing
  • Advanced order management

So, should you trade on mobile?

Well, we would prefer using a PC or web platform. This is mainly because of the shortcomings of mobile trading including higher latency and less functionality. It is much harder to chart effectively on such a small screen.

Deposit / Withdrawal

If you wanted to start trading on a live account at FP Market, then you will need to fund it. Funding your account is pretty easy and you will head on over to the “funding section” within your account management.

Once there, you will have to select a method to fund. There are a range of these that are available and they include wire transfers, web wallets, credit cards and a number of other local payment options. The full list of these is below:

Deposit Options at FP Markets

The quickest method from the above would be to use one of the web wallets like Skrill, Neteller, or through a credit / debit card. A wire transfer could take 2-3 days especially if sent from overseas.

Withdrawals are a bit more involved than the deposits. Firstly, you will have to complete their KYC requirements in order to verify your identity.

You will also need to complete a withdrawal form where you will give them your banking details. You can withdraw with many of the same options as the funding above including through a card, a wire and Neteller.

As is the case with the funding of the account, they can only make a payment to an account in your name and there are no third-party transfers.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of those things that can either make or break your trading experience. This is why it is such an important criterion for us.

FP Markets has a number of options for you to reach their customer service. The first of these is through a standard email address. This is their support email at [email protected] .

Yet, perhaps your best bet to get a prompt response to your query is through their live chat function. They are able to answer your questions immediately and are also available in over 12 languages.

Live Chat Window at FP Markets

We actually tried out the live chat and were able to get through to someone almost instantly. We spoke to numerous different agents in our interactions and they were all very clued up on the brokerage and their products.

For those of you who prefer to speak on the phone, there are a few telephnone numbers that you can reach out to. Their Australian number is available on +61 2 8252 6800. They also have a number in China on 400 166 0012.

We called the Australian number and we were dealt with immediately. Note that telephone dealing is also possible for those clients that hold a CFD accounts at FP Markets.

All of this active customer support does not come as a surprise to us. This is because FP Markets received the best customer service award from Investment Trends magazine.

FP Markets Education & Research

It is always nice to see when a broker throws in educational material which can help to augment your trading experience. You know what they say:

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime

FP Markets is no exception in this regard. They have a host of educational and research material that you can make use of.

These are written resources that are positioned at multiple different levels of experience. They are short and sweet explanations of a number of concepts in Forex and CFD trading. They have the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced trader guides.

They are also easy to navigate and cover a range of different topics from the fundamentals of global markets to the intricacies of order management and technical analysis. They are relatively easy to navigate and work through at your own pace.

Different levels of learning Guides

Moreover, these guides are free to use and do not require you to even have an account. You can head over to the information centre right now and take a look at them.

Of course, in addition to these educational guides, you also have a standard glossary with a comprehensive collection of terms. You can peruse this if you are unclear about anything.

If you would prefer to watch some videos in order to learn about the markets then FP Markets has a bunch of them as well.

These videos are guides that are well narrated and take you through the basics of charting and technical analysis. Up until 2020, they also used to run a number of daily market updates on these videos.

Unfortunately, they have not updated these since 2020 so some of the market analysis may be stale. This does not mean that you won’t be able to get value from it. Many of the disciplines that they talk about are still applicable in today’s markets.

These are additional resources that could help supplement the basic guides. They are in Ebook form which means that you can also download them for offline use or print yourself some copies.

We downloaded one of the Ebooks and found it to be quite well written and comprehensive. The standard Ebooks at FP Markets are the following:

  • Avoid CFD Mistakes Guide
  • 3 Essential Strategies Forex Strategies
  • Spotting Opportunities in Volatile Markets
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Trading

If this was not enough, they also have a more involved online trading specific Ebook course. These look into specific markets including Forex, Stocks and CFDs.

These guides will help your ongoing trading and analysis. They take a look at the markets from both a fundamental and technical perspective.

Firstly, you have your daily market updates. These are short research pieces that will give you updates on what is happening. From these, you can also drill down into the more specific markets that you would like to cover. Overnight reports are published so that these are in your inbox the moment you wake up.

You can also take a look at all of the previous research that should be available in the archives. Below are a collection of some of the categories of some of these reports:

Research Report Categories at FP Markets

While most of these are quite up-to-date, the webinars section is a bit dated. We would hope that FP Markets could update this sometime in the future so that they can compete with other brokers that have this.

Finally, you also have a standard Economic Calendar. This is available on for free on the website and will give you a breakdown of some of the most consequential economic news that is coming in the week.

Trading Tools

FP Markets has included a range of other helpful tools that could help improve your trading experience.

Some of these are free while others are paid services. However, in most cases, if you are able to trade a certain minimum amount then FP Markets will reimburse you these funds.

These are add-ons that you can use on the MT4 platform. In order to get access to these, you will need to fund your account with a minimum of A$1,000 .

These are essentially tools and apps or “extensions” that you can install on your MT4 program. Below is a collection of all these added tools:

MT4 Trader’s Toolbox at FP Markets

If you wanted to use one of these then we would encourage you to read the in-depth guides and manuals that FP Markets have compiled for you. They have also put together a collection of videos tutorials that take you through these tools.

So, should you consider these tools?

Well, if you were thinking of funding an account with over $500 then it could make sense to fund an additional amount just to get access to these tools. They will help by making your analysis that much easier.

This is more for Money Managers or those who are thinking of using Money Managers. PAMM / MAMM accounts allow the manager to trade numerous different client accounts at the same time as they are linked up.

FP Markets provides these money managers with a number of features including lightning fast execution from the MAM Master to the MAM sub accounts. They also have access to all of the account types, order types, trading parameters and the ability to alter these parameters in real time.

Given that FP Markets offers true ECN liquidity, it allows these money managers to execute these trades much more quickly and with some of the lowest spreads. Of course, low spreads and fast execution for the manager benefits the end client as well.

Pro traders will know the inherent benefits that come from using a Virtual Private Server (VPS). These allow for low latency execution from a server that is located nearby the exchange servers.

FP Markets has an arrangement with two VPS providers. These are Traders Co and Becks FX which are well regarded providers in the Forex industry. If you come through FP Markets, you will get a discount rate.

These providers connect their servers directly to those used by FP Markets. FP Markets holds their servers at the Equinix datacentre in New Jersey which is used by all the High Frequency Trading firms in New York.

Equinix New Jersey Co-location Data Centre. Source: Equinix

If you wanted to hire a VPS, this will cost you about $25 a month . This is actually worth it if you think about the increase in trade execution speed you garner from using a professional machine.

What We Didn’t Like

While there were numerous things that we liked at FP Markets, there are a few areas of improvement that we think they need to work on.

Firstly, the high $1,000 minimum on the DMA account may be a barrier for some traders to get on board. This could be unfortunate for those traders who wanted to trade a selection of their single stock equities.

We also found that the fees that you have to pay on deposits into the CFD IRESS accounts are quite high. For example, 1.6% on Visa cards for AUD funding and 3.18% for other currencies. They could find it hard to compete with other brokers in Australia such as Axi Trader.

Secondly, in terms of cryptocurrency assets, you can only trade Bitcoin. This is really substandard and every other broker that we have covered have at least a minimum of 4 crypto assets to trade.

Lastly, FP Markets does not provide some very important risk management tools. These are Guaranteed stops and negative balance protection.

Without guaranteed stops, the market could gap through your stop levels and without the negative balance protection, you could be sent into debt on a large market swing. If these are an important consideration for you then you can check out Plus 500.

Regulated CFD Brokers ⚖️


Our FP Markets review found the broker to be a high quality one. They have some of the lowest spreads on their Forex ECN accounts and the Direct Market Access on their CFD accounts is amoung the best.

Moreover, they have top quality execution with advanced trading technology on three separate platforms. Great customer service, numerous trading tools and education resources.

Indeed, it is not just our review that has found them to be a great broker but also by others in the industry. FP Markets has won a number of awards in the categories of trader satisfaction, trade execution, education material and a few more.

Yes, there are a few things that we think they need to improve. But they appear to be a receptive broker that are open to suggestions from their traders.

So, should you use FP Markets?

We would encourage you to do your own research, but based on this review, they should be a strong contender for your broker of choice.

Introduction to FPmarkets

FP Markets is an online forex broker that offers a wide variety of trading opportunities, including currency pairs, CFDs, and share trading. The company was established in Australia in 2005 and quickly developed as one of the most reliable forex brokers. The company has regulatory approval from the Australian Investments & Securities Commission (ASIC) and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Both of these regulatory bodies are highly regarded, and so you can rest assured this broker can be trusted to operate responsibly and securely at all times.

Company Information

FP Markets is a Forex and CFD broker which was established in 2005. The company is owned by First Prudential Markets Pty Ltd., which is headquartered at Level 5, Exchange House, 10 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.. The company has a robust reputation and though you can find occasional complaints there are no red marks associated with FP Markets. Since it’s inception in 2005, the company has notched up over 35 different awards from several different organizations. The awards are scattered throughout several categories including operational functionality, transaction execution, and client satisfaction to name a few. FP Markets has won the highest overall client satisfaction award for the past 5-years. The company covers a wide range of capital markets products and is used by both retail and institutional traders.


The registration process is straight forward, but is based on the jurisdiction that regulates your domicile. You can start with a demonstration account, which provides access to most of the functionality available with a real-money account. You have a choice of base currencies when you register with the broker, including including the AUD, GBP, EUR, USD, SGD, CHF, CAD, NZD, JPY and HKD. Additionally, you have a choice of platforms which include MT4, MT5, WebTrader and IRESS. If you open a real-money account you will be asked about the account type you are opening which include individual, joint, corporate or trust accounts.

Assets available

FP Markets provides a range of products which include Forex, shares and CFDs. The platform to trade forex is an ECN, while the CFDs are traded as a traditional broker. The CFD section provides investors with thousands of underlying products, including commodities, indices, equities, metals, currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. FP market also offers CFDs on ETF, as well as sector based ETFs.

Not all the shares that are traded are leverage CFDs. FP Market does offer share trading on ASX shares. This means that you can buy shares of a company and receive a dividend. If you purchase shares the leverage will be lower as FP Markets will need to abide by the maximum leverage allowed by the Australian Investments & Securities Commission. If you are interested in trading CFDs, the products are transacted on the IRESS platform, which is web-based and an alternative to the MT4 and MT5 systems. FP Markets offers 51 currency pairs. For non-retail clients FP Markets offers MAM/PAMM accounts where a manager can offer portfolio management to several clients on different trading accounts. MAM/PAMM accounts offer access to assets traded on MT4 and MT5.

Mobile Trading

IRESS and MT4/5 are available for download on your mobile devise through the Apple App store or Google Play. These mobile trading apps contain many of the same capabilities as the desktop platforms by are optimized for use on iOS and Android.

Customer support

Customer support is robust and this is reflected by the awards FP Markets consistently wins as number-1 in client satisfaction. FM Markets offers several choices to communicate with a customer support specialist. These methods include live chat, telephone, email and social media. The company caters to their global client base by offering information that is translated into a number of languages including English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese and Portuguese.

Types of Platforms

FP Markets offers 2-types of platforms, neither which has been developed in house. For Forex they offer the industry staple MT4/5. There are no surprises with Meta Trader which is an industry-standard platform. This tells you that the company is focused on providing liquidity and breadth of products, and not trying to reinvent the wheel. You can run the expert advisor on MT4/5 allowing you to backtest and fully automate your trading strategy. The platform offers 1-click trader as well as a VPS service.

If you’d rather, you can also access both the MT4 and MT4 platforms in your browser via WebTrader. With this easy-to-use platform, you can trade in the browser of your choice, on your preferred device (whether that’s Windows or Mac), without the need to download any software. This makes it perfect for traders who are on the go or have web-based devices, such as Chromebooks.

CFD trading, is transacted through the IRESS platform, which is a state of the art platform with excellent charting and analytic capabilities. IRESS Trading Platform is a HTML web-based platform that can be accessed from any browser. This platform has access to all of FP Markets global markets, and support multiple order types. IRESS offers more than 59-technical indicators and dozens of drawing tools, including trend lines and Fibonacci retracements. The platform offers the ability to save templates allowing you to see hundreds of different screens.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are several methods that can be used to deposit and withdraw funds. For countries that allow credit card deposits (not the United States), there is a variable charge when making IRESS platform deposits that ranges from 1.6% for Australian clients to 3.18% for FP International clients. Depending on your location, you can also deposit via PayPal, Union Pay, Skrill, Neteller, Fasapay, Paytrust88, Ngan Luong and Online Pay. They also offer standard bank transfers as well as BP pay and broker to broker transfers.

Withdrawals from FP Markets usually take just 1 business day, and while there is no fee for withdrawals from Australian clients there is a $10 charge for withdrawals made via bank wire.

Account Types

FP Markets Account Types

There is a broad selection of accounts to choose from.

The account type you choose is more of a function of what you plan to trade then the platform you are planning to use. For example, if you only trade spot forex, they have a standard forex account or ECN Raw accounts.

The Standard Account, is a commission-free trading account, with a minimum initial deposit of $100 AUD or currency equivalent. With this account, you’ll have access to spreads from 1.0 pips, ECN-pricing execution, VPS, and the FP Markets mobile app. You’ll also be able to use EAs when you trade.

The ECN Raw Account can also be opened with just $100 AUD, and this provides access to over 50 different products including forex, indices and specific commodities. It boasts spreads from 0.0 pips but does come with commission fees of $3 AUD per 100,000 lot. The ECN Raw account also offers you ECN-pricing execution, VPS, EA compatibility and access to the mobile app.

If you are interested in CFD investing, you can choose from several different accounts, each with specific capabilities. The professional account has a minimum deposit of $1K, $10 on commissions and $55 IRESS trading fee. The platinum account has an initial deposit of $25K, $9 commissions and a $55 IRESS fee. The top of the line is the Premier account which has a $50K initial deposit requirement and no platform fee.

Share Trading Accounts

Includes Individual accounts, Joint Accounts, Trust Accounts, Corporate Accounts and Super Fund Accounts

Islamic Accounts

Muslim traders can also open Islamic accounts with FP Markets. These accounts are designed for clients who cannot pay or receive swaps, or rollover interest on overnight positions because of religious reasons. To open one of these accounts, you must first create a MetaTrader 4/5 platform account and then request for it to be converted.

Spreads and Commissions

The company offers a schedule of fees on their web site. The spreads and commissions will vary depending on your account type and the product you are trading. The commissions on share trading are 0.8% for non-leveraged CFDs and 0.11% for standard share purchases. For CFD’s commissions start at 0.08% for the Premier account ranging up to 0.1% for a professional account. There are no commissions on FOREX. The bid/offer spread can be as tight as zero. You should expect approximately a 1-pip bid/offer spread for the major currency pairs on a standard account.


  • Large breadth of market instruments
  • Regulated by AISC and CySEC
  • Transparent pricing and tight spreads
  • Multiple platforms to choose from
  • Multiple automated back-testing platforms
  • Metatrader 4/5 for desktop and mobile
  • Spreads and commission structure
  • Robust leverage offered up to 500-1
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Requires a minimum deposit of at least $100 AUD
  • Deposit fees on credit cards and payment processors if using the IRESS platform

Is FP Markets Trustworthy?

FP Markets has been in business since 2005, and is regulated by AISC which is a preeminent regulator in Asia. They have won multiple awards including a 5-year streak of number-1 in client satisfaction.

Does FP Markets have a minimum Deposit?

FP Markets has a $200 minimum deposit for their standard forex account and as high as $50K for the premier CFD account.

Is FP Markets regulated?

FP Markets is regulated by AISC.

Does FP Markets have a Demo Account?

FP Markets has a robust demo account, for their IRESS Trading Platform as well as their MT4/5 platforms.

How does FP markets make money?

FP Markets makes money in a number of ways. They take a spread on transactions, and as a market maker try to buy on the bid and sell on the offer. They also charge a commission on CFDs, share trading and larger accounts.


FP Markets is an Australian Forex and CFD broker, that has a robust reputation and excellent choice of trading platforms. The company focuses on providing liquidity, and use vendor developed trading platforms. For Forex and backtesting the MT4/MT5 platforms are the standard in the capital markets, while the IRESS is a web-based platform that has excellent charting and analytic capabilities. The company makes its money by charging relatively heavy fees for deposits and withdrawals using several methods including credit cards. In addition, they are an ECN that uses tight spreads to drive liquidity. The company is reputable, provides excellent liquidity, and provide excellent trading tools with very few complaints about their operation.

Объективный обзор FPMarkets.com

Участвует в таких рейтингах (в скобках указанно место занимаемое в рейтинге):


FP Markets – онлайн-брокер, штаб-квартира которого расположена в Австралии. В своём активе имеет более чем 10000 торговых инструментов, главные из них – Форекс, CFD, фьючерсы и фондовые индексы. Брокер выделяется прозрачностью цен, неплохой поддержкой и скоростью торговых операций. Клиентские денежные средства находятся на сегрегированных счетах (к примеру, Национальный банк Австралии), а спорные ситуации разрешаются, в т.ч. и с помощью Financial Ombudsman Service Limited (FOS).


  • Адрес: Level 5, Exchange House 10 Bridge St Sydney NSW 2000
  • Телефон: 1300 376 233
  • E-mail: [email protected]

Отзывы (3)

  • Сортировка

CFD – заработок на разнице цен на определенный товар, без владения самим товаром (золото, нефть, газ и т.д.).

Бинарные опционы – это как ставка на спортивное событие, например вы делаете “ставку” X долларов, что цена нефти через день будет Y. Если это случилось получите прибыль, не случилось – теряете всю “ставку”.

Forex – торговля валютами и заработок на их курсах.

Индексы – заработок на изменении экономических индексов разных стран.

Акции – заработок на акциях крупнейших компаний мира.

Торговые советники – автоматическая торговля, используя сигналы для начала сделки.

Copy-трейдинг – автоматическое копирование сделок успешных трейдеров.

Суть этих опций в том, что вы передаете свои средства в управление менеджеру, который совершает сделки вместо вас.

LAMM – менеджер торгует на своем счете, а система дублирует его действия на вашем.

PAMM – деньги всех инвесторов находятся на одном счете,которым управляет менеджер. Прибыль\убытки распределяются в процентном соотношении.

MAM – менеджер торгует вашими средствами сразу с нескольких ваших счетов.

NDD – торговля происходит на реальном рынке\бирже, где его участники продают\покупают друг у друга.

ECN – торговля идет между участниками системы, которые сами назначают цену покупки\продажи. Но при этом на межбанковский рынок торговля не распространяется. По сути участники системы лишь покупают\продают право владеть товаром.

STP – торговля идет и на межбанковский рынок, можно сказать напрямую к поставщикам ликвидности (тем у кого есть физический товар). При этом брокер все же выступает посредником.

DMA – клиент покупает\продает у поставщика ликвидности, при этом участие брокера сведено к минимуму, а трейдер получает большую свободу действий.

DD (не рекомендуем для крупных сумм) – торговля происходит внутри компании брокера в виртуальном режиме, при этом на реальный рынок брокер не выходит и ничего для вас не покупает.

Instant Execution – сделка откроется\закроется по конкретной цене. При этом если за время подачи запроса на биржу цена изменится в негативную сторону и станет невыгодной вам\брокеру, то брокер вернет отказ в исполнении сделки. Это может помешать вашей автоматической торговле или потребовать дополнительного внимания для обработки отказов (реквотов).

Market Execution – сделка откроется\закроется по рыночной цене и произойдет в любом случае, даже если цена будет отличаться от вашей изначальной заявки. Это более быстрый вариант выставления ордеров и их исполнения, при этом не требующий слежения за отменами сделок.

Спред – это разница между ценой покупки и продажи товара на бирже.

Плавающий спред – это естественное положение вещей на рынке. Ведь продавцы и покупатели постоянно меняют цены своих заявок, тем самым спред постоянно меняется.

Фиксированный спред – это когда брокер либо покрывает разницу между реальным спредом который существует на рынке или отменяет вашу сделку. Т.к. это несет дополнительные расходы для брокера, то крупные компании с именем, стараются не использовать эту опцию.

Биржи по типу торгуемого товара делят на: фондовые, товарные и валютные. Но чаще биржа включает в себя все эти 3 типа.

Фондовая биржа – это площадка для торговли акциями компаний, облигациями, долговыми ценными бумагами и пр. Выйти на фондовую биржу можно только через посредника (брокер или банк). На фондовом рынке можно купить реальные ценные бумаги (например, акции Apple Inc.), а не просто играть на их цене (фактически ими не владея).

Товарная биржа – даёт возможность торговли различными товарами (чаще сельскохозяйственная продукция, драгоценные металлы).

Валютная биржа – организует и проводит биржевые торги валютой и др. финансовыми инструментами (не путать с Forex).

Индексы описывающие усредненную (по специальной формуле) суммарную стоимость акций топовых компаний конкретной страны. Как правило такие индексы отражают состояние экономики в стране.

На изменении значения этого индекса брокеры предлагают заработать. При этом вы не покупаете конкретный товар, т.к. его по сути нет. Поэтому торги здесь виртуальные.

Скальпинг – частые сделки с небольшой прибылью за короткий промежуток времени.

Хэджирование – открытие сделок для перестраховки и уменьшения рисков. Как правило это или заранее оговоренная цена контракта в конкретный срок (называется фьючерс) или открытие второй сделки приблизительно равной первой но в другом направлении.

Возврат части спреда (рибейт) – как правило у крупных брокеров его нет, т.к. это означает что брокер делиться частью своей прибыли с клиентом. Исключение – это партнерская программа, где брокер делиться прибылью за то что партнер привел ему клиентов.

VPS – это постоянно работающий сервер, на котором круглосуточно будет работать программа для автоматической торговли.

Autochartist – программа, которая автоматически анализирует графики цен, и прогнозирует развитие событий на рынке.

Торговые сигналы – брокер предоставляет свои сигналы для начала сделок или позволяет получать другие. При этом вы сами выбираете каким сигналом пользоваться для трейдинга.

Финансовые регуляторы – организации которые регулируют финансовый рынок (в том числе и брокеров) в конкретной стране.

Если брокер регулируется авторитетной организацией или имеет ее лицензию, это хороший сигнал для увеличения доверия к нему. Это с большой вероятностью означает, что брокер играет по установленным регулятором правилам и соответствует его требованиям.

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