Greenwood Formula Review

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Greenwood Formula Is SCAM!! Review Facts Exposed !!

In this review we have exposed Greenwood Formula software ,which is a confirmed Scam.The Greenwood Formula System is being presented by an anonymous person, we have all reasons to proceed with caution. It would be wise taking our standpoint concerning this software because its true success rate is not known, and neither are the people promoting it any credible.

The Greenwood Formula Review

When you visit the Greenwood Formula website, you will realize that this software is being presented as the most profitable trading App you could use on the planet. And since Jake (the anonymous Greenwood Formula owner) is claiming that you will be compensated a whooping $10,000 if you fail to make $100,000 in 30 days, we can use this as evidence that he needs to catch your attention by sounding so confident.

No one will ever pay you the said $10,000. This is not a guarantee. But even if it was some sort of a guarantee, you wouldn’t want to trust a guy who is clearly remaining anonymous throughout his presentation. Greenwood Formula is a trap laid for newbie traders, and you can see that this is a statement designed by plan to boost confidence.

Why Greenwood Formula System is Scam ? Review Facts !!

According to this anonymous figure who claims to be a multi-millionaire, Greenwood Formula system has never failed anyone who used it. This means that he has never paid out a $10,000 bill out of his pocket to compensate people who lost time and investment using this software. Again, this statement is designed to boost your confidence towards this malicious trading App.

Apparently, the Greenwood Formula system is an ordinary scam which you’re supposed to lay your hands on for free. With all the assurance, we can see why new traders are more likely to fall for it. Why are they giving it out for free anyway? Why is Jake promising $10k free money which he’s willing to distribute to anyone who fails with Greenwood Formula program? It is because this software doesn’t fulfill its purpose. It is a scam, which is why it is sounding too good to be true.

The Self-Proclaimed Multi-Millionaire Jake

Fraudulent persons are all after announcing all their worth to attract the attention of the average trader. The so-called Jake claims to be a multi-millionaire. However, his multi-millionaire profile continues to remain incognito. Instead, all he says has been replaced by evidence that point his role as an actor hired to present Greenwood Formula signals for $5 only.

In fact, Jake has appeared in several other binary options promotions on the internet. He only changes his character and name of the software he is promoting at any given time. For instance, he played the role of a CEO when promoting the Profit Maker Method scam. Today, he is still the head of a team who engineered the Greenwood Formula software. That sounds quite unrealistic, and we don’t see how we can ever put pieces of the puzzle together. Unless this man is a scammer, we don’t see how on earth he is real with all the false boasting and hyping.

”Verified” Greenwood Formula Testimonials are not Real !!

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Many traders wonder if this software is truly profitable as they claim it to be. You notice that each member has a verified rubber stamp to depict that they are indeed regular and profitable users of Greenwood Formula App.These guys are busy thanking fake Jake for his sure-fire system which has enabled them live a life they only dreamed of before. They are even showing account screenshots to go alongside their testimonials. These are supposed to be treated as proof that Greenwood Formula system works.

When you realize that all the Greenwood Formula reviews,testimonials and people who appear in this section are paid actors.We noticed one alleged user appearing on another scam called the Amissio Formula system. Here, he played the role of a computer programmer instead of a member. Can you see how these guys are fooling you to lose your money? Of course they are pushing it too far. If your not careful, you could lose a lot of money on this kind of thing. Thankfully, this is the reason we published a comprehensive Greenwood Formula review to shed some light on this scam signal service.

Inside the Greenwood Formula Software ; Hidden Facts

This review would have been rendered incomplete without mentioning how this platform looks like from the inside. Yes, it is a scam, but we still have a few ridiculous things to point out.First, we were told that this Greenwood Formula software would make us a whooping $100,000 in binary options profits. This was supposed to be made in less than 30 days. Not only is that figure impossible to achieve in 30 days, but also the software itself doesn’t look very capable of yielding any profit in a day.

This is the kind of system used by scammers all over the internet. For instance, the website is the same software that was used in scams such as the Hedge Formula and the Money Glitch. These are well-known scams by the way. And seeing that they are using the same thing, it settles our doubt completely.

Again, this bogus trading app will force you to deposit a minimum of $250 with their selected brokers. This is supposed to act as seed money which you will use to multiple your profits in one night. Sounds magical, right?

Well, by doing so, you will be putting yourself in great risk of losing that money. There is nothing like free Greenwood Formula software. It is not free because you always stand a big chance of losing that money. So this automatically amounts to $250 worth of a useless piece of crap.

Avoid Scams, check my scam binary software’s page before joining new systems.

For the list of trusted Apps, see my Recommended binary signals page.

Conclusion: The Greenwood Formula Software is Scam !!

All scammers know nothing about binary options, let alone the financial markets. Instead, they are abusing the opportunity to make money for their bellies. These are greedy individuals who want to capitalize on newbie traders who don’t have much knowledge on what they are getting into. So stay away from Greenwood Formula scam.

Green Wood Formula Scam Review

Green Wood Formula is a new software offering innovative ways of controlling your Forex investments. But does Green Wood Formula really give you the best trading possibilities or it is just another Forex scam?

There was not enough information to make an informed decision about this system in order to rate them as a scam or a legit one.

We recommend you to OR find a Reliable Robot to trade with form the table below:

Table of Contents

Top Forex Robots

Green Wood Formula – True Scam Review

Keeping high information level about all the Forex trading systems on the market is a challenging task. They just continue to emerge day after day and all of them state to be the best income-generating solution. However, this is not possible.

That is why there are good and bad products in terms of placing trades in the online market. Examining the real performance of each new robot is impossible for the common traders, so here is where the informational articles come to help. In this review, a new pretender for the title “best online trading solution” is going to be inspected – the Green Wood Formula, created by a man, only presented as Jake.


First Look at Green Wood Formula

This Forex trading software is presented by a person named Jake. During the promo clip he seems to read a script from a teleprompter, saying how much money he has already made by using his auto-trading solution. This person is promising people, that his trading platform is going to accumulate for them more than $100,000 in a period of just 30 days. Otherwise, Mr. Jake promises that he is going to pay traders $10000 out of his own pocket.

Is Green Wood Formula a Scam or Legit?

We are not saying categorically that this auto-trading Forex robot is a scam, but based on our investigation, we do not recommend it to traders. There is users’ negative feedback available in the Internet space, supporting the claim that Green Wood Formula is not properly working and fails to bring the promised return of traders’ investment. To continue with, the presenting video is repetitious by nature and constantly keeps emphasizing on the same key points in a very aggressive and irritating manner.

So, despite the respectable look and easy-going mannerisms of the creator of the program, at the end of the day he is providing just insufficient information based on a very clear agenda designed to make random online traders fund trading accounts with unknown, unregulated Forex brokers. Unfortunately, it seems that what people can see here is just a replica of other fraudulent systems and their promises for high profitability and great returns.

How Does Green Wood Formula Work?

There is no substantial information about how does the robot actually work and how it manages to place high rate profitable trades. In the promo video there are only promises and claims being stated but nothing in specifics. Viewers fail to understand more about the system’s working process and remain uninformed. The only thing they receive as information is that the Green Wood Formula is automated Forex software.

Each trader will need at least $250 initial deposit in order to get started with a broker account. If any user already has an existing one it will not work, so people shouldn’t just put away their credit card.

If any user wants to try dealing with this automated robot, he should follow these steps:

Create an Account – traders should fill in a form with personal information about names and valid email address.

Trade – users may start trading by using the autopilot or the manual trading mode.

Withdrawal – a request for withdrawal should be sent to the assigned broker. Then, traders should gain access to their generated profits.

Final Verdict

Based on what we have shared as an investigation result, we are going to advice people to find another Forex trading platform. It should be legit, reliable and supported by positive testimonials, feedback and winning examples of satisfied traders. Green Wood Formula definitely seems to be missing solid proof that states for properly working income-generating solution.


Our investigation team conducted a comprehensive investigation on Green Wood Formula to find out if this product is genuine. As a result we cannot say that there was enough evidence indicating if Green Wood Formula is generating high profits. We found many reasons that made us suspicious about this robot being a scam.

In order to protect traders from bad trading experience and financial loses we recommend you to

a Complete Guide for Binary Options Trading

In GreenWood Formula’s promotional video, which you can view here, the creator of the formula ‘Jake’ promises to make any users of the formula hundreds of thousands of dollars within the next few months or he will personally give them $10,000 out of his own pocket. Of course, as he repeatedly emphasizes throughout the video, he has never had to pay out the $10,000 before; such is the power of his awesome formula.

If you are lucky enough to be one of the exclusive group of people he invites to use his formula, you too will be able to live a life of luxury like the kind that he advertises in his video. The GreenWood Formula is free, of course, because Jake just wants to give back to the community since he already has so much. What a great guy!

So is GreenWood Formula the real deal? See our answer below!

Basic information:

Cost: Free
Software: 100% Automated
Max Returns: Up to 88%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Countries: All nations

  • Fake testimonials
  • Not realistic claims at all

BinaryMinery Verdict:

Not Reliable Service

What Is GreenWood Formula Robot?

As anyone with half a brain can deduce, GreenWood Formula is nothing but a generic scam with some outrageous claims. Just one look at their claim of making their users hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few months should be all that you need to know to point this out as a scam. It is impossible to make that amount of money trading binary options unless you yourself are depositing hundreds of thousands of dollars into your trading account. Making that amount with a minimum $250 deposit? You are only kidding yourself. Notice also that there isn’t a single mention of how his system actually works; we figure the scammers make these videos so unrealistic to ensure that only the most gullible people get roped in.

And as for Jake’s claim of giving you $10,000 out of his own pocket? You’ll have a better chance of the Tooth Fairy dropping off $10,000 under your pillow; Jake will never pay you the money because he is a struggling actor who needs to appear in scam videos to pay his bills.

If you watched the video, you might have noticed that ‘Jake’ never mentions the word ‘GreenWood Formula’; this is deliberate because this video has been reused for other scams such as the Cambridge Method. Cambridge Method reuses major sections of the GreenWood Formula video. The actor was also the main character in yet another scam robot: The Profit Maker Method.

And as for the video testimonials? More actors giving fake testimonials; we recognized one of the actors in the GreenWood formula video as having a cameo in another scam; the Amissio Formula.


How Does It Work?

These scams are all the same: free upfront at no cost to you, all you have to do is fund your trading account with their partner broker and begin using the robot! What most people don’t know is that these scammers make their money via affiliate commissions that get paid from their partner binary options broker when someone funds their trading account through the robot. This is why the scammers don’t bother to go into too much detail about the robot; ultimately its performance is irrelevant as the scammers have already gotten paid before you have even started using the robot.

In our case, we were unable to be redirected to a broker when using the GreenWood Formula website; it appears the scammers have already moved on to their next scheme although we are sure they will reuse the promotional video and its message again.

Final Conclusion: Is GreenWood Formula a Scam?

GreenWood Formula is nothing but a scam that makes some highly fantastical claims. Anyone with basic critical thinking skills can see this for what it is- a lousy scam, and like all scams, the GreenWood Formula should be avoided entirely.

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