InstaForex Minimum Deposit

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Instaforex Review

Instaforex general information


Founded in: 2007 year
Offices in the country:
Minimum Deposit: 1 $
Website languages:
Execution model: NDD, ECN
Deposit currency: USD, EUR, RUB
Support languages:
Regulated by: RAUFR (Russia)
Mobile trading: iOS, Android
Types of offered accounts:
Trust management: PAMM
Affiliate program: Yes
Deposit bonus: 30 %
  • Provision of a VPS server
  • API capabilities
  • Web-based platform

Instaforex Forex broker description

InstaForex is a renowned brand that was founded in the year 2007. The brand boasts over 7 million customers and over 1,000 fresh accounts opening every other day. InstaForex ensures that traders can benefit from fantastic trading opportunities and their trades also executed expertly. More so, the clients can get assistance when they need it from reliable customer support that runs for 24hours.

Trading accounts

InstaForex has created two categories of trading accounts to see to it that the clients can make a meaningful trade. The accounts are segmented according to the method of commissions and accounting spreads.

Insta.Standard Trading Accounts

These types of accounts are focused on standard trading terms set, and the following are its elements.

  1. Trading terms are standard.
  2. Charges are not required
  3. A fixed spread is paid once a trader gets to work with all trading instruments.
  4. All categories of traders can work with it.
  5. Traders can change the trading leverage
  6. Micro Forex trade which is a minimum deposit of 1$-10$)
  7. Mini Forex that is, minimum deposit $100)
  8. Standard Forex ($10000)

Insta.Eurica Trading Accounts

Below are the characteristics of this type of trading account

  1. Spread is not required to be paid during the opening of a trade
  2. Zero spreads are applied
  3. Best for newbies
  4. This account does not need any spread to be paid during a trade opening. For most

Cent. Standard and Cent.Eurica trading accounts

  1. Minimum trade volume is allowed
  2. Micro Forex which has lot volume of 0.0001
  3. No risk for deposits

Security of funds

Trading with InstaForex clears you of any worry regarding the security of your assets. As soon as you fetch an account with the broker you are given complete protection that covers both the financial and technical aspect. The security measures put in place that guard your account against hackers but also gives you extra security that rules out the likelihood of your account being breached. The protection provided will not put you at your wit’s end and is 100% effective. The security measures employed by InstaForex to keep their clients’ funds safe are:

  1. SMS security at the bank level. What SMS security does is it wards off any unauthorized withdrawals from your account from hackers. Every withdrawal requires verification from the trader. It does a great job in notifying you on any malicious attempt on your account.
  2. Logs of the Client Cabinet access. It gives you a history of all the logins in your cabinet. The logging information is there to ensure that the client is on the know in case of an attack on his account through withdrawal.
  3. Safety of withdrawal to unverified requisites. The moment you make deposits to your account with assistance from a bank account or payment system, requisites become verified. However, it is impossible for the same requisites to get verification to withdraw more than the particular requisites deposited.
  4. Two-factor authentication that is meant to protect your personal information. Two-factor authentication goes a step ahead and provides better security than a single password would.
  5. HTTPS/SSL secure technology which protects the trader from wiretapping the traffic with intentions of getting hold of passwords.
  6. The broker provides a virtual keyboard for traders who log in to their accounts using computers at internet-cafes. It protects the client from password spies.
  7. The broker offers the client with the option of opening a segregated account, whereby clients can keep their money far from that of the brokerage.

Trading conditions

Minimum initial deposit

The customer is required to make an initial minimum deposit of $1 through electronic payment systems, $50 via card and $300 through the bank.


A minimum spread ranging from 3 pips

Trading platforms

The broker provides the clients with the following trading platforms.

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MetaTrader4 is InstaForex main trading platform. The benefits that come with trading through MetaTrader4 include:

  1. Allows traders to make technical analysis whereby they are also able to get news and other traders’ reviews of the broker.
  2. Enables traders to evaluate several instruments of finance.
  3. It highly reliable
  4. It is convenient
  5. It is multifunctional
  6. Has a user-friendly interface


The major reason as to why InstaForex introduced this platform is because it was able to allow traders to trade straight from the internet browser. The other pros of trading with WebTrader are

  1. The interface is user-friendly.
  2. Allows the efficiency of trading with several options.
  3. Allows quoting of changes online.

IFX Option Trade

IFX Option Trade platform, as the name suggests, is the best pick for clients trading options: the traders can download the platform.

InstaForex offers clients who work with options to download IFX Option Trade, one of the components of the InstaForex platform. The program is easy to install as it is set manually to the trading platform folder. The main advantage of the platform is that it gives the trader an opportunity to trade a wide variety of options, most efficiently and conveniently. As a trader, provided you have the platform installed, you will be able to both sell and buy options and at the same time monitor the history of the trade.

Forex Rates Viewer

Forex rates viewer is also among the platforms that InstaForex developers have been able to integrate into their system. What the platform does is it keeps the traders updated on any changes and trends in the market: which has proven to be useful to the trader in making moves. Forex Rates Viewer also has its set of advantages.

  1. It has a foolproof interface.
  2. It is convenient
  3. Straightforward installation


The trader gives a club bonus for each new deposit.

Modes of payment

InstaForex allows its traders to make deposits and withdrawal via a variety of options:

  1. Credit and debit cards
  2. Bank wire transfer
  3. MegaTransfer
  4. Paxum transfer
  5. PayCo
  6. Skrill
  7. Neteller
  8. Boleto
  9. Bitcoin

InstaForex customers are also allowed to transfer funds to clients of other companies.


InstaForex is both a CFD and forex broker boasting years of experience in the market: which says a lot about its dexterity to provide the traders with excellent service among other benefits that come with being proficient with the trade. You can check out Instaforex customer reviews and comments to get a glimpse of other clients’ experience with the brokerage company.

Большая афера от InstaForex StartUp бездепозитный бонус 1500$ или как бесплатно копировать форекс сигналы

Сегодня хочу рассказать про солидного форекс брокера InstaForex, а точнее про его действительно крупный «бездепозитный» бонус InstaForex StartUp Bonus в размере аж 1500$.

Почему слово «бездепозитный» в кавычках? Про это и будет наша статья.

В первую очередь переходя на сайт InstaForex вам сразу же предлагают получит этот бездепозитный бонус для обычного человека — это конечно удача такие деньги, да еще на халяву. Но вся суть кроется в его отработке и выводе. Вывести его конечно нельзя и даже отработать по лотам тоже нельзя. Торговать на них можно, но и прибыль вы не получите пока не выполните условия. Прочитать вы их можете, перейдя по ссылке. А над этими условиями трудился наверно не один юрист, а целый штат сотрудников. Давайте разберем по пунктам в чем суть этого развода.

Когда вы наторгуете на 150 долларов (увеличите депозит) вам придёт письмо что вы должны пополнить сумму на 150 долларов или больше по вашему желанию чтобы продолжать торговлю.

Ответ суппорта Инстафорекс на форуме

Хорошо мы пополнили торгуем дальше. Заработали и захотели вывести свои деньги и здесь вас ждет крутой облом потому что вы не прочитали пункт 14 в договоре.

Кто торгует на Форексе тот поймет в чем фишка, а для новичков я разъясню на пальцах. Когда вы торгуете вы не только в прибыль идете, но и в минус конечно. Сегодня вы заработали, а завтра можете потерять хоть немного. В начале вам дали 1500 долларов и если вы только ушли в минус, то есть даже у вас стало1499 долларов то ВСЕ вы черту переступили и теперь по условиям договора Инстафорекс может забрать у вас все вложенные деньги и не только прибыль.

Я напишу ссылку известного форума где человек реально вложил 4500 долларов и их забрала — это вроде известная компания. Перейдя по ней, вы прочитаете начало переписки также, я думаю вас ждет еще много новых комментариев Ссылка>>>. Всю его переписку, вы можете прочитать, найдя пользователя Avsh и под аватаром кликнуть найти все сообщения. Такого наглого отъёма денег, я еще не видел.

Вот что он пишет:

Вот только некоторые комментарии вы можете почитать здесь:

Последний пункт думаю в комментариях не нуждается. То есть ваши вложенные деньги они приравнивают к бонусным, если вы до этого ушли в минус от 1500 долларов даже если это хотя бы 1499 долларов, а потом по договору кидают вас. Все по закону и красиво только вы останетесь без своих денег.

Забрать все деньги они могут в любой момент. Приравняют их сначала к бонусным а вы даже знать не будете.

Но нам с вами надо получить хоть какую-то выгоду от этого бонуса.

Она есть и сейчас я вам расскажу в чем смысл.

Бесплатные сигналы на покупку или продажу

Вы получаете этот бонус и используете для своих целей.

Подключаетесь к программе ForexCopy-Система это разрешено по условиям бонуса. Выбираете самого лучшего трейдера из списка вверху там их трое или из списка ниже.

Это важно. Ставите настройки для подписчика 0,01 лот. Так как прибыль нам не нужна и вводить мы деньги не собираемся.

Не забываем нажать кнопку изменить.

Подключаетесь и ставите терминал МТ4 себе на компьютер. Теперь вы будете видеть все сделки.

Создаем у другого брокера счет или даже у того же Инстафорекса только с обычными условиями, если денег мало лучше сделайте центовый счет. Есть много бездепозитных бонусов у других брокеров, но с нормальными условиями. Хотя бы дают бонусных 5 долларов и периодически проводят акцию “Welcome Bonus 75 USD”, то есть вы можете просто зарегистрироваться и отработать лоты не пополняя счет. Раз в 2 месяца проводят акцию-это точно. Появился новый бездепозитный бонус без пополнения счета это брокер здесь уже дают 222$ бездепозитных без пополнения счета. Необходимо просто наторговать определенное количество лотов и затем спокойно выводит деньги

Короче суть в том, что при открытии сделки в терминале инстафорекса вам надо создавать такую же сделку у другого брокера вручную либо с помощью копирующих скриптов. Если вы видите, что приближаетесь уже к 1650 долларам просто ставьте убыточную сделку этому я думаю учить не надо.


Мы получили на халяву бесплатные сигналы причем хорошего качества.

Зарабатывайте с умом. Про все разводы и лохотроны я пишу каждый день на этом сайте. Если вам надоели мошенники вы можете посмотреть хорошие способы заработка в «Проверенных курсах». Удачи вам. Не забываем подписаться и поделиться с друзьями. Пускай знают ο хорошем способе заработка.

Если вы все таки решили попробовать торговать по сигналам как описано выше, то нажмите на кнопку и получите 1 500 $ на свой счет!

InstaForex Review


InstaForex company work from 2007 year and already show itself how safety and stable broker. More than 2 millions traders have their registered accounts in InstaForex.


Broker InstaForex
Website URL
Founded 2007
Support Number +44-800-051-8899 UK, 1-800-882-528 Malaysia, 001-803-017-9108 Indonesia
Support Types Phone, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, ICQ, MSN, AOL IM, Email
Minimum 1st Deposit $1
Minimum Trade Amount $1
Bonus 5 types of bonuses
Payout 80%
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Regulation IFSC
Number of Assets 72
Types of Assets Currency, Metals, CFD
US Traders Allowed
Mobile Trading
Overall Score 8.8/10

Full Review

The first thing that can be interesting for customers of Instaforex is the combination of simple strategy, big coefficient of profit, comparative predictability of risks and profit, independence of profit from market conditions and the simplicity of the trading process. You can try out the features of Instaforex at any time.

Intraday options

This option has significant discontinuity (a five-minute step in the timeframe M5), and also, in the first half hour, one step of one minute only. This option is a good opportunity to acquire an option or abandon it. And, surely, it is an interesting opportunity to purchase this option an unlimited number of times in a day.

The trader should remember that the option price is fixed at the time of opening of the candle. Beyond this, buying intraday options from Instaforex requires choosing a time interval of purchase for the option on the next day and thinking out the prognosis of change prices of the assets and only afterward can you purchase a contract with a certain denomination in the chosen direction.

Urgent options

When a trader works with Instaforex, he has the opportunity to trade in urgent binary options, which are contracts with fixed conditions, where income is known from the beginning and the time limit is increased to 4 weeks. Also the broker allows the postponing of the purchase of options for 2 weeks. If the prognosis of the change of price of concrete asset, that was from buy moment until end of option, is right, trader start to have profit.

Open demo account on Instaforex

Almost all brokers, including Instaforex, provide the opportunity for beginner traders to work on demonstration accounts. You can open a demo account without registration and for zero cost.

Archive of quotes

To ensure a more accurate analysis and assessment of the market, the broker saves on his server an archive of quotes, access to which is provided to all registered traders. Access to all assets and tools that are used by company gives traders the opportunity to make effective analysis. Information needed by a trader is given out automatically and already issued in the form of a table. For more detailed information, send a request including the following:

  • essential tool;
  • exact timeframe;
  • date on which quote is requested.

Service life feed

Besides all of this, you can get access to service Life Feed from a broker. This service provides the opportunity to monitor all necessary information for options trading. Such information includes data about operations with options and the demonstration results of other traders that work with this service and many others.

Regulator of the broker

Since its founding in 2007, Instaforex has developed a solid reputation. The majority of customers say it is a safe, responsible company. Instaforex is regulated by RAPFM. The main office of this company is in Kaliningrad. This company’s profit allows it to sponsor a lot of sporting events and several teams. You can either trade through fourth MetaTrader, which sis equipped with additional add-ons, or work directly in your account. It is also important to note that the minimum deposit is only $1, and the maximum deal can be $1000. The size of the deal is always fixed at 80%.

Complaints about Instaforex

Our team has searched the Internet and found some negative reviews but, in our opinion, these are just the machinations of competitors. Those that were fair and reasonable critiques were settled by the company in a positive manner.

If we find complaints about Instaforex, we will post it on social media. Follow us to be well informed:

The most important good qualities of Instaforex are the following:

  • Simple and comfortable interface, that you can easily use immediately after you start to use it;
  • Absolutely fixed profit – 80% and independent of any trading conditions;
  • Many tools that other brokers typically don’t have;
  • Possibility to choose the way of working process (personal area or MT4);
  • Many various ways to withdraw or deposit money.

Unfortunately, there is one negative: an insufficient type of options contracts. There aren’t types of contracts like range or spread.


It’s normal that some experts find defects in some options platforms. Of course, we can’t say that this is ideal, but the development of Instaforex unequivocally attracts attention from traders. This occurs because because the broker platform is convenient and functional. Other companies don’t have this. Customers get more significant opportunities to make a winning deal, because of the opportunity of extended selection of expiration time and the change time for beginning operation. And the reputation that traders achieve during trade gives them hope for withdrawing money without any problems.


InstaForex provides good trading conditions for newbies, as well as for experienced traders. I started last years with them, without knowing anything about forex. I took advantage of their bonuses, because I wanted to invest just a little money to test the system. Ever since then I’ve deposited only nearly a thousand bucks and I’ve made almost $9,000 with it. I strongly recommend their PAMM system for those who want to be an investor

Thank you for choosing us! We will do our best service to help traders like you! ��

I’ve been trading with InstaForex for over then one year and I had the best results and top services quality. I have one Insta.Standard account and one PAMM account. I started with a deposit of 400$, got a 55% bonus back. which is eligible only if you don’t apply for other bonuses first, and started to trade right away on MT4 platform. The platform works fine with fast execution of trades, instantly trades. I like the client orientated philosophy of the broker with a great support team which know what they are doing. My usually trades are with EUR/USD, GBP/EUR, USD/CHF, USD/JPY , Gold, and Bitcoin if I see some strong signal there. Profit was easy to withdraw through Skrill and Epayments, or directly with my Visa Card.The cherry on the cake is that above honest broker, there are a lot of campaigns and contests where I could win even a Lamborghini. I recommend this broker because it’s quality services.

Thank you for giving us a satisfactory rate. We are aimed to develop reliable trading services convenient to newbies and professional Forex traders. We wish the best of luck to you. Happy trading!

Since I joined instaforex, currency trading has become my regular job and it pays me really well. I use all of their platforms, webtrader, mobile MT and they work really fine and reliable. Their system supports expert advisors and many plugins, which help my trading strategy a lot.

InstaForex is a very good forex trading company. Since I first started trading, I was really impressed with their services and trading programs. They have a very professional team that is always there for me whenever I have problems and questions about my account. They were so friendly and they communicated well. I love the way they worked. They were very helpful to traders who have less money and afraid to deposit with large amounts. Just only with USD 1, I was able to join them. And what I like the most from InstaForex is the bonus that they give, especially their no deposit bonus. I dare to give a review like this because I’ve got it all from InstaForex.

Instaforex is a good broker and I have never had any issues with them. They have by far the BEST customer service out there. Every time, I had problem, the customer support at InstaForex immediately solved my issues whenever I have. I started to trade with this broker 2 years ago, and I satisfy all their services. Indeed, I only invest 600$ through their Instadebitcard and in the first week, I earned profits with 150$. Therefore, I decided to cash it out, and luckily, I have had no problem in taking money. They always upgrade their services to provide their clients with best trading conditions. Recently, I have just joined their trading contest and I win. Also, currency trading is like taking a good education is a big university, it requires me a lot of knowledge, information, skills, and trading experience to become proficient to understand the market condition. Now, I am an independent Forex trader with 4 years full time trading forex career. Overall, Instaforex is the best broker for me as well as in Asia.

I have join InstaForex last month to see their promo that they are giving $10 bonus (which is trade able) for subscribe their official page. To grab this offer I was subscribed their page and follow the instruction, you would not believe that within 30 minutes they send me a bonus activation link on my Facebook. I was impressed that $10 deposited on my account! Another things they are giving $5 referral bonus. My 5 friends already join through my referral link. Beside this Fast execution, tight spreads good customer service these are good enough for me.

Although I just joined trading with InstaForex in a short time – 8 months, I got many good trades at this broker. Thus, this broker always gives their best conditions for supporting me in trading, and their customer service is supportive whenever I have problem. For example: last week, I had problem in withdrawing money, so I contacted to their support to ask their help. At that time, I deposited 500$ for trading, and I got profit with 700$. Therefore, I made a request of withdrawal with them for my profit, but I couldn’t make my request due to technical issue in their system. Then, it’s great when the issue was fixed in soon, and I could withdraw money. In addition, InstaForex has good bonus program, and this company looks solid and secure to me. So far, I have had no problem withdrawing any money. Besides, their platform is stable and reliable and suitable for automatic and unsupervised trading. All in all, InstaForex is the best broker I have ever traded in forex world, and I highly recommend this broker to all of you!

Thank you for giving us a very satisfactory rate . Your opinion is very important to prove that InstaForex is really not a fraud broker ��

instaforex is the best broker I’ve ever use! InstaForex provides good trading conditions for newbies, as well as for experienced traders. I started last 2 years with them, without knowing anything about forex. I took advantage of their bonuses, because it give me advantage in gaining profit without using my own capital. To be honest, I do really like their bonus program that they promote to me such as LFC bonus that give 100% bonus and fixed bonus 30 and 55 percent. Not to forget their biggest bonus ever which 250% bonus is really worth to claim! Their Instatrader is really stable and user friendly make me feel enjoy trading using that platform that not give me problem during trading activity. For sure at first stage of trading I do really face much loss than profit but I keep learning and improve my trading skill by learning from their websites through webinar and forex courses. From zero to hero I guess instaforex really change me from newbie to pro trader that can use every strategy such scalping, intraday and swing. I’m not worried about their deposit and withdrawal because they can trusted in taking good care my money which their process is fast and no transaction fees from them. Last week I made a withdrawal for 1000 USD and they approve my request after 3 hours request have been made. Thanks insta.

Thank you. Your opinion is very important to make our more job better ��

I have been dealing with Instaforex for 9 months now which I started with $150 and I am already very satisfied to the service that they are giving to their clients. First, customer support team is extremely helpful and has assisted me when I have issues with my account. Second, they have stable server all time and quick fills even in news time. I’d say that this platform is one of the good ones in the market – even during tough market times. The published rates are real market prices, easy to lock-down transactions. I am earning regularly with my transactions that can earn 20% monthly. I am able to transact with ease and never have to worry about my account’s security. I recommend others to trust the company, especially for those who are looking for good returns.

I opened an account with InstaForex in 2020, since then, I have been operating in the forex market, in my opinion it is great for beginners, because they work with small minimum deposit, you can invest in different portfolios, leverage is very flexible, and they offer a lot of deposit and withdrawal options. Two months ago I had a problem with my withdrawal via Skrill ( Moneybookers), it did not process immediately, but with the feedback I had, I could see we are supported when necessary.

Instaforex is such a good broker. I am of the active investors of the PAMM system of this company, and I can say, they have a fair profit-sharing. In fact, I just received the profits from my investment in PAMM account worth $140. This company never lets me down, not even once. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my PAMM manager who handles my investment very well. Being a PAMM investor is profitable and free from any stress. It only requires patience and trust. To be honest, I always invest $300 a week. Call me an aggressive investor, but i don’t care because I always earn a lot of money from them. I withdraw my profits every two weeks via Skrill. I chose Skrill because it has an affordable system fee and the payout procedure is almost instant. You might be asking if I have knowledge about Forex market. Yeah, I have, but due to my busy working schedules, I decided to entrust my funds to PAMM manager. I also tried the Forexcopy, and found it very effective. All the deals are quiet good.

Pls im a novice instaforex trading,can u pls explain PAMM to me,and can I withdraw to my direct bank account?

Instaforex is very popular broker now. Its gives us opportunity a lots. I join this broker via forum platform and learn a lot their then I decide to join this broker because this broker is really nice. Its spread is fixed that is good for me and also low spread. I invest and get bonus for start my trading and now I have a partner account with more then 30 clients. Thank you Instaforex.

Working with this works s broker has been great so far. I realized in just a few months that this is profitable and reliable. I started with only $15 but I applied for welcome bonus and my deposit was increased by 30%. That increase was credited to my account very

Trading with InstaForex was one of the best decisions I took. I was trading with a different broker and I wasn’t satisfy of their trading conditions, and the fact that the platform had delays constantly. With a standard account and 700$ deposit with Insta I managed to make a profit of 200$ the first month, and the second month another 400$. I trade on MetaTrader 4 platform with Instant execution and real quotes, major currency pairs, metals and sometimes shares. I withdraw 500$ from that profit and the approval came in 1 working day. The broker is not manipulating the prices during volatility times as other brokers do, and the support team is helpful.

Instaforex is a whole scam do not trust them, I am currently pointing together a legal case against companies like this on myscamexperience. The more we are the stronger our case, I believe by sharing our reviews we can help others avoid scams like this.

As someone who is new to Forex trading, having Instaforex as my first broker makes me feel really fortunate. The regularly conduct contests to be participated by traders. Not only for registered traders, they also provide demo contests. This is what helped me train myself on trading while also being able to win prizes. The money that I won is what I used to start a live account. Aside from that, this broker takes good care of its clients by responding to any concerns.

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