Is BinaryOnline a Scam

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Scam Website: Their website quality is good.

What is Broker?

A broker are the operators of trading platform. We advise to either contact us or checkout enough information about the broker which you are going to sign up with. BinaryOnline has alot of question marks as to whether their service is what they claim to be.

They also have app for

Their address is Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, MH96960, Marshall Islands.

Their helpline numbers are +442030265665, +16467793366, +61288800196

BinaryOnline review summary

BinaryOnline may not be what you are looking for. To be honest there are so many fake auto traders and very few which might make you some money.

Binaryonline Reviews

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Write a review

Reviews 12

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Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Sign-up Bonus:

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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Misleading & Unscrupulously Dishonest – AVOID

Misleading, unscrupulous unregulated Brokers. You are funnelled in from a Scam video link that redirects you and once they have your details you’ll be called and persuaded to invest more and more money with fake promises and guarantees that are unfounded. I reported them and am in a Dispute to get my money back. Read their Terms and Conditions which place you in an untenable position once you accept a matching Bonus. AVOID like EBOLA.

Tak for advarsel.

Tak for advarsel. Fupnummer.


It started with an advertisement on Facebook, night to 23rd December this year when a video presented a man who had developed The Quantum Code. By using this system, you could get a pretty good return on your investment . simply by depositing € 250
I signed up and paid € 250 from my MasterCard.

2 minutes later I received a call of a man – who was not from The Quantum Code . but from a company called
For sure – I was a little confused. Not least of the rapid response – but also about being approached by a man from a different company.

Whether it is just my opinion or whether they really provide information on, I must leave unanswered.

This ‘agent’ convinced me . via excellent oratory that I should tell him my data from my MasterCard and spend € 5,000 instead of € 250 as the video described. Since I did not have so much money available, I rejected the proposal. Okay . what about € 3000 asked the enthusiastic – and a little irritating agent.

Since I had not € 3,000 available – but could only use € 1000 to the purpose, the agreement was such that I had to transfer it from one account to another – and inform the agent my code from the Danish card provider.

I must admit that I have been very skeptical right from the start. And it certainly is not diminished by their more than 90 phone calls over Christmas.

First I had to pay € 250 via my card.

Then I had to scan and send color photo of myself + copy of driver’s license + copy of my insurance card + proof that I was the person I pretended to be – with signature from a third party + Investment Testimony Form + Proof of Address (In Denmark, this is what we have on our insurance card). These were sent by e-mail to the agent while we spoke the same phone and also the their compliance department.
Then I had to give my card details to the agent.

Then I had to pay € 5000. This I rejected.

Then I had to pay € 3000. This I rejected.

Then I had to pay € 1000, which required that I needed to move money from one account to another. The money was drawn on the map via the agent – with my confirmation on the SMS code.

And now my doubts again began, determined to take effect.

Suddenly, the agent will have a copy of my deposit for electricity in the apartment where I live?! Eh, what? I get him told that my apartment is rented, where I pay a fixed monthly amount – and therefore do not receive a specification for each deposit. I am now well into my doubts that I want my money back. All of € 1,250 that I paid!

In the phone, the agent was threatening me, that I can only get this money back if I submit the documents for payment of my electricity bill. A document which I’m not able to provide.

I’ve blocked all the numbers that the agent called from – and it’s about 20 different phone numbers.

I am not sure if I ever get my money back . but at least I would like to warn everyone else not to fall into the same trap as I have done. The company operates, and I am not sure if it is fraud or just stealing my money – but nevertheless it seems like cheating people who do not have much knowledge about stock trading.

Be careful not to invest / lose your money in this business or The Quantum Code

In person, you can be informed of all the phone numbers that I have blocked and get the names of the people that I have received emails from.

Det startede med en reklame på Facebook, natte til den 23. december i år, hvor en video præsenterede en mand, som havde udviklet The Quantum Code. Ved at anvende dette system, kunne man få et ret godt afkast af sine penge… blot ved, at indbetale €250.

Jeg meldte mig til og indbetalte €250 via mit MasterCard.

2 minutter senere blev jeg ringet op af en mand – som ikke var fra The Quantum Code… men fra et firma som hedder Indrømmet – jeg blev lidt forvirret. Ikke mindst over den hurtige responstid – men også over, at blive kontaktet af en mand fra en helt anden virksomhed. Om det blot er min opfattelse eller om man virkeligt giver oplysninger videre, skal jeg lade være usagt.

Denne ’agent’ overbeviste mig om… via særdeles gode talegaver, at jeg skulle oplyse ham mine data fra mit MasterCard og bruge €5000 i stedet for de €250 som videoen beskrev. Da jeg ikke havde så mange penge til rådighed afviste jeg forslaget. Okay… hvad så med €3000 spurgte den entusiastiske – og lidt irriterende agent.

Da jeg heller ikke havde €3000 til rådighed – men kun kunne bruge €1000 til formålet, blev aftalen således, at jeg skulle overføre dette fra en konto til en anden – og oplyse agenten min kode fra Nets.

Jeg må indrømme, at jeg har været meget skeptisk lige fra start. Og det er bestemt ikke blevet mindre efter deres mere end 90 telefonopkald hen over julen.

Først skulle jeg indbetale €250 via mit kort.

Herefter skulle jeg skanne og indsende farvefoto af mig selv + kopi af kørekort + kopi af mit sygesikringsbevis + Bevis for, at jeg var den person jeg udgav mig for at være – med signatur fra en trediepart + Investment Testimony Form. Disse blev sendt på e-mail til agenten mens vi talte samme i telefonen.

Herefter skulle jeg oplyse mine kortdetaljer til agenten.

Herefter skulle jeg indbetale €5000. Dette afviste jeg.

Så skulle jeg indbetale €3000. Dette afviste jeg.

Herefter skulle jeg indbetale €1000, hvilket krævede, at jeg skulle flytte penge fra en konto til en anden. Pengene blev trukket på kortet via agenten – med min bekræftelse af sms-kode.

Og nu begynder min tvivl bestemt igen at træde i kraft.

Pludseligt vil agenten have en kopi af min indbetaling for strøm i den lejlighed hvor jeg bor?! Øhh, hvad? Jeg får ham fortalt, at min lejlighed er en lejet, hvor jeg betaler et fast månedligt beløb – og derfor ikke modtager en specifikation for hver enkelt indbetaling. Jeg er nu kommet så langt i min tvivl, at jeg gerne vil have mine penge tilbage. Alle €1250 som jeg har indbetalt!

I telefonen truer agenten mig med, at jeg kun kan få beløbet retur, hvis jeg fremsender dokumentation for indbetaling af min strømregning. Altså et dokument, som jeg ikke er i stand til at frembringe.

Jeg har blokeret alle de numre som agenten har ringet fra – og det er ca 20 forskellige telefonnumre.

Jeg er i tvivl, om jeg nogensinde får mine penge retur… men i hvert fald vil jeg gerne advare alle andre om ikke, at falde i samme fælde som jeg har gjort. Virksomheden driver plat på dokumenter og folk som ikke har megen viden omkring handel med aktier.

Pas på ikke, at investere/tabe dine penge på denne virksomhed.

Ved personlig henvendelse kan du få oplyst alle de telefonnumre som jeg har blokeret samt få navne på de personer som jeg har modtaget emails fra.

BinaryOnline Scam – How Is This Broker Still Operating? Full Review

BinaryOnline is a relatively new broker that was introduced in 2020 and the platform promises its services in over 100 countries with 8,00,000 registered traders. The web-design is decent the color scheme suits the industry. Thank God, we are finally reviewing a broker that is still operational…

BinaryOnline not only serve through its website but it also has an Android App. Unfortunately, the broker still lacks an app for the iOS. In addition, the website doesn’t offer any language options other than English. Moreover, the Demo account isn’t available.

Is it a good choice? What do you need to consider the possible BinaryOnline scam claims? How has the platform served over the last couple of years? This review will uncover the truth you need to know before considering this platform.

BinaryOnline Review Summary

Summary: We’re surprised to see that BinaryOnline is actually still online & accepting new traders as the whole operation is without a doubt a typical binary options scam. There have been many public warnings from regulatory bodies about BinaryOnline & as a result we do NOT recommend trading with them. If however you have already lost money to BinaryOnline then continue reading to see how you can get it back.

Quick Navigation

If you have just come here looking for some specific information on BinaryOnline then to make things easier for you we’ve put together some links below which you can use to quickly navigate through our review.

BinaryOnline Background

Zola Ltd. owns and operates BinaryOnline from Sofia 1000, ul. Pirotska No 2 fl. 4, Apt. Office 12.

Zolarex Ltd. undertakes the payment services and it operates from Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, this offshore location is discouraging for the experienced traders as they know that most of the brokers from this location don’t really have a transparent status.

The broker promises the availability of 17 stocks, 3 indices, 62 currency pairs, 6 commodities, and a couple of cryptocurrencies, i.e. Ethereum and Bitcoin. These number don’t really match with what they really offer.

If you fail to trade anything during a 30-day period, your account will automatically become inactive. Let’s have a look at the legal status of this broker.

Is BinaryOnline Regulated?

BinaryOnline is NOT regulated and its reputation is terrible. The clients are not happy with the pressure tactics and false promotional claims made advertised on the website.

The broker is also promoted by scam robots redirecting the visitors to BinaryOnline. So we are actually reviewing a broker that is not regulated, is operating from an offshore location, and the website now doesn’t mention any physical address, and the management is using tricky marketing tactics to throw the bait.

The British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) issued a public warning against BinaryOnline on Dec. 14, 2020. It was after this warning that the website erased the previously mentioned address.

BinaryOnline Complaints

BinaryOnline is more like a pyramid scheme inspired by affiliate marketing tactics. The clients are not happy with the harsh behavior of the support team. The account managers go beyond limits when convincing the traders to make further deposits.

The fact that this broker is using scam robots disappoints us all. This is a clear sign of a scam artist. For instance, the notorious HB Swiss redirects the visitors to BinaryOnline website. Nova App is also involved in the same practice & so is the Ethereum Code. Why on earth does a binary options broker establish links with extremely notorious entities?

The withdrawal failure is becoming a frequent complaint against this platform. The hungry account managers make you feel like haunted from all directions i.e. repeated calls, emails, and letters etc.

BinaryOnline Withdrawal

BinaryOnline entertains Wire Transfer and Credit Cards for withdrawals. The website mentions eWallets but doesn’t name any.

100 currency units are the minimum withdrawal limit over Credit Card and it rises to 500 currency units in the case of Wire Transfer.

We were surprised to realize that the processing time raged from 3 working days to 21 working days. And the existing clients seldom receive their money even after 21 days. They are simply struck with some withdrawal failure issue and the whole process has to be repeated. The results are the same though!

25$ is the withdrawal fee for Credit Card but it is also accompanied by a 10$ processing fee. This is crazy! What the initial $25 if not the processing fee? In addition, $50 is the withdrawal fee via Wire Transfer.

Is BinaryOnline a Scam?

Since its launch in 2020, BinaryOnline scam warnings helped the traders to stay alert. But the broker still managed to attract a sufficient number of traders to materialize a significant steal. It hasn’t yet disappeared but we think that the Doom’s day is approaching soon. This is the typical scam scenario. The website content is extremely misleading. The claims are false and the broker is linked with notorious scam robots. What else are you waiting for?

Our Verdict on BinaryOnline

We DO NOT recommend BinaryOnline because this is a typical scam. It is still operational but we are convinced that it will disappear without even posting a notification. NEVER think of making further deposits with this broker come what may. This is a team of marketing experts preparing the bait based on pushy money-making claims.

How To Get Your Money Back From BinaryOnline

Did you already deposit into BinaryOnline prior to coming to this review? If so and you have lost some money to the system then don’t worry, we can help you get it back.

We’ve put together a scam reclaim guide which shows you exactly how you can reclaim your funds from these scammers & you can access the guide for free by clicking here.

The guide is proven to work & to date it has helped thousands of people get reunited with the money that they lost to scams, so if you’ve lost cash you should definitely check it out.

A Better Alternative To Make Good Money Online

Brokers like BinaryOnline are just out to take your cash, but thankfully there are some legitimate programs out there that truly can help you to make good money online… So if that’s what you’re looking to do, then rest assured it’s still possible.

We’ve reviewed many programs & come across several legitimate ones, but there is one that stands out from all of the rest & we have gave it the crown of our #1 work from home opportunity. You can access it by clicking the link below:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
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  • Binomo

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