Is There CopyOp Scam Activity ¦ Social Trading South Africa

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Copyop Social Trading Reviews

About Copyop Social Trading

Copyop Social Trading, found online at, is a company that says they want to provide both beginners and experts with a beneficial new way to invest, by having the chance to “copy” successful traders.

How Does It Work?

This company says that they were founded in 2020 and have “hundreds of thousands of loyal users from around the globe” who have financially benefitted from using their specific approach to investing and trading.

This approach is to give their traders a way to Watch or even Copy other traders who are also using this investment platform. This allows new, struggling, or inexperienced traders to be able to follow the actions and investments of more knowledgeable, successful investors, so you can make money despite your lack of personal know-how.

Latest WhatsApp scam in SA: Three tips to help you avoid losing money

South Africans are being targeted as part of a sophisticated scam on WhatsApp, which has ended up stealing thousands of rands from its victims.

Image via Pixabay

The National Stokvel Association South Africa (Nasasa) has warned people not to fall for the latest WhatsApp scheme, which has been doing the rounds. The scam operates as a purported ‘savings club’ or stokvel, where users join the club with R200 and are encouraged to invite as many other people to join as possible.

#WhatsAppStokvel The National Stokvel Association of South Africa (NASASA) has warned against fraudsters using social media to lure victims under the guise of traditional and trusted saving schemes.

How are people being fooled?

Scammers who appear to be from trusted saving organisations lure their victims using social media. At the moment, WhatsApp has proved to be their biggest draw. Once someone is added to a stokvel, they are asked to recruit more members, with the promise of earning up to R1 2000 based on how many people join the group at your request.

Once the money is deposited, there is radio silence from the other end. Many victims have reported being hoodwinked out of their cash and never hearing from the initial messenger ever again. People are being duped on such a frequent basis, Nasasa have started addressing the media about the issue.

How to avoid the latest WhatsApp scam in South Africa

It can be tough to avoid falling for such a scam, especially when those behind the chaos seem to be from an official source. However, there is a set of guidelines in place for this type of scheme. SAPS have issued several directives to ensure no more people are seduced by the promises of quick riches. This includes:

  • Refraining from making cash deposits of members’ contributions on high risk days (e.g. Monday after month-end).
  • Ensuring persons depositing club contributions or making withdrawals are accompanied by another member.
  • Arranging a stokvel, savings club or burial society for members to deposit cash directly into the club’s account instead of collecting cash contributions.

Stokvel WhatsApp scam exposed

The police and the association are hoping that people will now recognise these “pyramid schemes” for everything that they are. Some people have reportedly lost thousands after committing to the scam, only to found they’ve lost all of their investments later down the line. It’s time to stay smart, and question anything that seems too good to be true.

copyop Support Reviews

29 • Poor

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Write a review

Reviews 29

ureliable and basically a scam

the website cheats – it is supposed to accept bids starting at :00 every hour until :55 of every hour, however it routinely blocks you for 2-3 minutes at the beginning of every hour, which is often when the highest volitility occurs and your best chance of placing a winning choice would be

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then, in the last 5 minutes of bidding, the copyop website suddenly departs from every other open source of data by several thousandths and suddenly jumps to match these other sources when bidding is closed (as in the split millisecond, the live markets haven’t jumped at all but the copy op site suddenly jumps by 3-5 thousandths meaning whatever bid you just placed is now “wrong”)

and further, at the end of bidding, if your bid was close to where the market is, copyop are very lax on what their cutoff point is, so while many other sources show that you “won”, the copy op site will keep the expiry open until it matches your bid so that again you “lose”

if you do start winning they will bombard you with calls and “training” to deliberately mess you up so that you start making more mistakes and if you do want to withdraw your funds they will do everything they can to ignore you, try to convince you to keep the money in and/or add more funds and it routinely takes weeks to get access to your own money


GOOD DAY TRADERS. I think all these negative Reviews about Copyop are a little ridiculous. Of course Copyop are making money from this as many other people are using this app and other apps. 90% of retail traders will not make profit from trading due to the intuitional traders trading against them. So why blame the tools when the tradesman Is trading at his own risk.
Discipline and understanding of when to trade on the side of he smart money people.

I’ve been a fool

I’ve been a fool, it seemed to be very authentic but true. You just loose everything in the end. Stay away from them. its too good to be true.


Avoid being scammed at all costs! This is a fraudulent company targeting venerable individuals. They will call you every other minute once you download this app. They will tell you ridiculous things such as you can’t do anything now besides giving us your bank details and you can’t delete the app without giving your bank details. You will be forced to make big deposits with a 100% chance of loosing it. If you do not agree with making a deposit, you’ll be sworn at in the harshest manner. No respect at all. Avoid being scammed!


I have used many trading platforms, these people have disgustingly taken 1 week to even get back to me about withdrawing my money, and asked for so many documents and proof of this and that made me send bank statements, utlity bills I feel exposed the amount of information I was forced to send over to get my money back and at the end of it all they will charge me 50 Pounds for withdrawing my money. It is an absolute joke! and until today still waiting for my money. SCAMM AND ROBBERY this company should not even be legal.

big scam

this all is one big scam. If you need customer support you will get none. I’ve tried multiple times to get in touch with the support desk but they only want to help you if they can make money on that.

My advice: do never use the services from this website!

Advies: Gebruik deze website niet, je wordt opgelicht waar je bij staat!


DO NOT USE. It’s a complete scam. You won’t be able to withdraw your money in most cases, and If you do you will be charged £50 to do so. You will have more satisfaction by taking your money out of your wallet and burning it yourself. I lost £100 in 20 minutes, and was then charged £50 to take the rest of my money out. The money still hasn’t arrived in my account. DO NOT USE. DO NOT USE.

I’m taking copyop to court!!

Hi guys if you have been a victim of copyop just like me, then it’s time to do something about it, I will be filling a law suit, please visit you county court and file a small claim, if we all do this the law authority will do something about them, hence please keep writing in different blogs about these scammers, they are nothing but fraud, I personally deposited £250.00 and I got tired of it and when I tried to withdraw the money on the 30 of June, they still haven’t released the money, I laugh about it when they arrest everyone of these scammers.

Can’t withdraw money!!

I’ve been trying to get my money withdrawn for months now.
I’ve added every bit of information they want, but it keeps saying it’s waiting for approval.

Already tried 3 times to withdraw my money, and everytime it says i’ll get my money back in 72 hours.
Every time it just fails after a week or 2.

I had fun and success trading the stocks, but getting my earned money back is proving to be impossible!
Just give me my money back!!

fake and gambling web

400£ gone in 2 days
dont beliewe this is a good to invest .
dont waist your money for nothing .

Take care you dont get you money

I can’t withdraw my money!
I have sent 3 mails whit All information to get my withdraw, first the first answer me, but when I 3 time sent all the information about who I am, copies of bills and copy of passport and driving license – as they charge for that I do not launder money – since I have late all this I have not heard or late something in 10 days.
My perception is fully aware of this scam and I now sent to my lawyer will file a police report.
if it was not a fraud company would also answer back on these accusations here, as they do


Deposited $250 and quickly turbed it into $350. Got bored quickly and decided to withdraw my money. The company made it as difficult as possible to withdraw funds by repeatedly requesting the same documents. I was not comfortable with the amount of personal information requested but did so as I wanted my money back. Finally got approval for them to give me my money and still three weeks later I’ve got nothing in my account. I’ve emailed and contacted them and nothing, no replies. Zilch! They phoned me to try and get me to deposit more money and offer me ‘coaching’ and I repeated to them that I still hadn’t had my money back. They said ‘i should e-mail support’.

Hopeless company. I wonder how the people that work for that scam are able to sleep at night.

Avoid like the plague.

Good experience

I felt i needed to comment given all of the negative reviews here. I joined copyop and traded for 3 days. I ended up being -$150 from where i started and decided it wasn’t for me (to be successful you need to dedicate a lot of time and study the markets). I requested my remaining funds (about $550) be withdrawn. To verify my identity copyop requested scans of my credit card, drivers licence, and a recent utilities bill. I provided all of these (standard requests to mitigate money laundering/fraud etc.). I provided all of the requested document and covered up the sensitive information (PIN on the back of my credit card, for example).

I then received an email that my withdraw request had been processed and I would receive the funds in 5 business days. The funds were deposited into my account in 3 business days.

Copyop is legit, it just has questionable methods. I received one call from an overseas number which I ignored.

If you have the time and are prepared to put in the energy and research the markets you can make money, and withdrawing your funds is not difficult if you are prepared to provide some personal information, which, as mentioned is a standard procedure with all online gambling websites (which copyop essentially is).

Can’t withdraw

Have been waiting 2 weeks for a withdrawal that was supposed to take 72 hours. Have emailed customer service but no response.

I’d give 0 Stars (or even minus) if i could!

UPDATE: Sent everything to Noah as requested onthe 26/2/16 and even though he said he would “personally follow up” I have had nothing back as of 16/3/16.

Original: A complete scam and I cant believe its still allowed to run. Just don’t do it people. I tried to cut my losses and withdraw what I had left, and 3 months later haven’t had any money back, or contact from anybody at copyop.

I should have known from the start really. A girl rings me up, saying she notices I have opened an account but not put any money in. Says she’ll walk me through the process and add on a bonus. Great free money! why. why didn’t I run. What company has to do that? a scam that’s what.

First off we are here to help, it is strange that you didn’t receive your funds. Generally if this happens there is a reason. 3 months is too long, usually payments are made within 72 hours (3 work days).

Our sales and support team will call from time to time to help you trade and develop a sustainable portfolio.

Please leave your user name and email and link to this review at [email protected]

I will personally follow up and walk you through the process.

–Noah K.
copyop support

The biggest Scam

I can’t withdraw my money! They used to respond my emails;however, since I told them that I want to withdraw my money. They don’t respond my emails. I sent them already 4 emails for the pass 5 days.

Be careful fellas,

I withdraw 6 monhs already no reply !

When i withdraw they require many document and i send all they didnt reply me anything !!

I did get my money !!

So I opened my account with these guys and deposited $500.00, via credit card. After 3 days my total account balance was $1565.00 (profit of $1065), however when I logged into my account on day 4, it was locked and then the same day I got a phone call from the customer service guys saying that my account has been locked. On asking why this was the case I was informed that the Canadian government does not allow binary trading and hence the account had to be frozen. So then I asked them for my money back. They refunded my initial deposit of $500.00 back on my credit within 10days, but could not transfer my profit as my credit card provider would not accept the transaction as they were my profit funds (that’s what the customer service guys told me). So they asked me to open a SKRILL account where they would transfer the funds. I opened the account and in 2 days they transferred the funds into that account. Now they way the SKRILL account works is you can either put you bank account details in there or you can get them to issue a cheque to you. I didn’t want to provide them with my banking details, so I opted for the cheque withdrawal for which I was charged $6.00 fee and was informed that the cheque will be mailed to my address in 10days. On day 7 after my withdrawal request I got a cheque in the mail. In he end, it was a little frustrating but when I actually got the cheque it was all worth it.

I would definitely use this app again if I could. I hope this info as helpful.

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