Review Is Lucky Earner Scam or Should I Invest

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Expert Advisors Reviews

The Lucky Pound EA is a popular system, which we will take a look at. Although not much is known about the system, it has performed well over the last few years. Read on to see our opinion on this robot.


There is little information about the trading strategy used by the Lucky Pound EA. Based on the system’s name one would assume it trades the British pound and this is partially true. GBP/USD is the system’s most frequently traded pair, with quite a few trades being done in the EUR/USD and AUD/USD.

The average trade length is above 6 hours, so this is definitely not a scalper (which is a dangerous type of EA, as it is very broker dependent).

Looking at the results, month by month, they appear to be pretty random:

This is gives us enough reason to believe this is a legitimate technical system and not a grid or martingale, which are also very risky.

Historical Performance

The Lucky Pound’s performance is tracked on MyFxBook, on a verified live account, traded at Alpari. A lot of deposits and withdrawals were made at this account, which is usually one of the signs of a fake MyFxBook account. However, this is not the case, as the Lucky Pound is actually traded via a PAMM account. This is an account with which investors may choose to invest (i.e. deposit funds) and withdraw whenever they wish. This explains why the absolute gains vary so drastically from the overall performance.

The system has been running for slightly more than three years, at the time of writing of this review. It has gained around 2000% in time-weighted terms. Here is the growth chart:

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    Best Binary Options Broker!
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As you can see it is fairly attractive, but not as smooth as the ones, which martingale systems have. While this risk is not present, we must take a look at the historical drawdown of the system:

While the Lucky Pound EA has stayed under the 20% drawdown line for most of its existence, the system did suffer more seriously in the summer of 2020. That being said, given the performance, such levels of drawdown are to be expected. The general financial rule that greater returns come with greater risk also applies to Expert Advisors.

The Lucky Pound’s average pips per trade currently stands at a solid 7.5. While we do not recommend systems, having an expectancy of under 3 pips (with 5 being a more conservative level), this strategy is performing well above it. Systems like the Rocket EA (only scoring 1.6 pisps/trade) do not pass this test.


The Lucky Pound EA can currently only be followed, via the Alpari PAMM system, which it is traded on. The actual costs of following this system are the fees, one would have to pay to the account manager. If you were to invest more than $100, your fees will pay 15% of the net gains, on a monthly basis. This may appear to be steep, but at least the fee is only owned on the gains (the high water mark rule applies).

Bottom line

The Lucky Pound EA is a popular system which has had an amazing performance in the last three years. The system is only accessible via a PAMM investment, which may not be everybody’s favorite cup of tea. The system’s strategy is not presented anywhere, but given the historical performance, we can conclude it is not a martingale, grid or scalping system. A better presentation and additional methods to follow this strategy may reach even more followers

Lucktastic Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

Updated May 22, 2020 By Josh Patoka

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Do you like playing instant win games online? If so, you’ve probably stumbled across the Lucktastic app that offers free instant win scratch cards!

Is Lucktastic a scam?

This Lucktastic review answers all your questions so you can make an informed decision.

There are many instant win game scams, but Lucktastic is a legit app with more than 220,000 winners and is continually rated one of the #1 lifestyle apps! To win however, you will need to play on a regular basis.

Lucktastic is completely free to play and you always earn rewards tokens that can be redeemed for gift cards, cash prizes, or contest entries.

Unlike the physical scratch cards you buy at the gas station with your real cash and rewards aren’t guaranteed, Lucktastic only requires your time.

Before we dive further into Lucktastic, let’s make something clear: all of us at Well Kept Wallet don’t endorse playing the lottery on a regular basis because you can go broke.

However, Lucktastic offers free games of chance that provide entertainment while giving you the chance to earn real cash or gift cards.

Table of Contents

What is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic describes itself as “a fun and free app where players can win real cash prizes and real rewards straight from their mobile devices.” In fact, Lucktastic is mobile device-only and you have to download the app to begin playing.

If you want to make money from your smartphone, Lucktastic is one of the easiest and most fun ways to earn cash or gift cards. To start winning with Lucktastic, you only need to meet the requirements listed below:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Own an Android or iOS device with in-app GPS location services enabled
  • Have at least 30 seconds per scratch card

Since the Lucktastic app launched, over 220,000 real people have won real cash prizes. In fact, there have been more than 15,000,000 app downloads and over $3,000,000 in prizes awarded.

How To Make Money with Lucktastic

Scratch cards are the most common way to earn Lucktastic rewards, but it’s not the only way as you’ll see.

Scratch Cards

Every Lucktastic scratch card is free to play. There are dozens of scratch cards to play every day and they only take a few seconds to play.

Each scratch card has six boxes to scratch and you need to match three symbols to win the grand prize. Even if you don’t win get three matching symbols, you will always earn at least one reward token in the Bonus Play scratch box. After all seven boxes have been scratched, you can claim your rewards and immediately play the next scratch card.

There are plenty of scratch cards to choose from with different prize options. Some games give you the chance to win actual cash prizes that can vary between $2 and $1,500. Other scratch cards offer bonus tokens that can be redeemed for gift cards or contest entries. If you play enough scratch cards each day, you unlock the $10,000 scratch prize.

You can play each scratch card game once every a day. The clock resets each day at 5 AM Eastern Standard Time, and additional bonus cards are added every afternoon and evening.

Although Lucktastic is free to play, you will need to watch a 30-second advertisement before you can begin scratching. These advertisements can become slightly annoying and repetitive, but no purchase is ever required.

Play Lucktastic in the Afternoon and Evenings for Bonus Cards

You can play Lucktastic at any time, but you can play bonus cards during these two time periods:

  • 1 and 5 pm Eastern Standard Time
  • After 9 pm Eastern Standard Time

During the afternoon hours–assuming you live on the east coast–keep your eyes peeled for a bonus card. You don’t know when Lucktastic will launch the card so enabling push notifications will let you be among the first group to find out.

Every evening after 9 pm, Lucktastic releases a set of nightfall scratch cards that are different than the ones that are available the entire day. If you have some time to kill before you go to bed or after supper, try your hand at a few of these extra cards to potentially earn more prizes.

Daily Rewards

Make sure you play one scratch game at least four days in a row to earn a daily rewards bonus. On the fifth consecutive day, you’re eligible for a mystery reward that can consist of tokens, contest entries, cash, or another prize.

On days one through four, you will earn between 150 and 500 bonus tokens each by playing one scratch game.

Keep the streak going as long as possible to earn the most rewards possible. These daily bonuses are the quickest and easiest way to build your token balance on an ongoing basis.

Try New Apps

You can earn additional tokens by downloading sponsored apps through Lucktastic. For example, you can visit the Letgo app, watch a brief video, and browse local offers on the app to instantly earn 300 rewards tokens.

The offers are constantly changing and some apps might even offer actual cash payouts by using them so you can get paid twice for using these services through Lucktastic.

Share Lucktastic on Social Media

Sharing Lucktastic on social media also helps you earn additional tokens and show others that Lucktastic is a legit app. You will earn 1,000 tokens for each friend you refer via social media.

Become a College Ambassador

Although anybody in the United States at least 13 years or older can join Lucktastic, college students wanting to make money have an added incentive to join Lucktastic.

As an ambassador, you get Lucktastic swag like free stickers, pens, and apparel to give your classmates. You will also earn gift cards by referring new Lucktastic members.

Win These Lucktastic Rewards

Each scratch card gives you two chances to win. By matching three winning symbols, you’ll win the grand prize for that game. Because each card is a game of chance, winning the grand prize isn’t guaranteed. This is why you always need to scratch the bonus prize box to win rewards tokens.

In the Lucktastic app, you’ll see that you have a cash rewards balance and a tokens balance. Each balance can be used redeemed for different rewards.

You can also get an idea of the potential prizes by clicking the “Winners” tab to see pictures of real Lucktastic members and their winning prizes that run the gambit from $5 Amazon gift cards to $10,000 cash.

Cash Prizes

If you match three winning symbols on a scratch card offering a cash prize, Lucktastic will flash a message that states how much cash you win. These prizes are going to be more valuable than the other two prize redemption options, but it’s also harder to win a cash prize.

If you have a Dwolla account, you can request payment with a $1 cash balance. Obviously, this is the best rewards option because you can request payment each time you win a cash prize.

Gift cards are the easiest redemption option because your minimum balance only needs to be $2 to receive an instant gift card. Once your cash balance reaches $10, Lucktastic can mail you a check for the entire amount

You can also request a prepaid Visa gift card when your cash balance reaches $100, but you might prefer the $2 instant gift cards or $10 mailed check to keep your winning momentum rolling.

Redeem Tokens for Gift Cards and Magazines

You can begin redeeming your tokens for gift cards and magazine subscriptions when your balance reaches 10,000 tokens. Some of the gift card redemption options include:

Because it takes 10,000 tokens to earn the most affordable rewards, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on the scratch cards to build your tokens balance. You should also share Lucktastic on social media, try new apps, and refer friends to earn bonus tokens. And, play at least one game each calendar day to earn the daily reward bonus!

Enter Contests

You can also redeem your tokens for contest entries. Winning isn’t guaranteed, but you each entry only requires a few tokens. Some of the active contests can help you win:

  • $500 for groceries
  • iPads
  • Gift cards
  • Cash sweepstakes
  • Tokens

Some contests don’t even require tokens to submit an entry, you gain an entry just by playing multiple scratch games and sharing Lucktastic with your friends.

You can view all of the contests in the Lucktastic app by clicking the “Enter Contests” tab.

  • Completely free to download and play
  • Each scratch game only takes a few seconds to play
  • $1 Dwolla cash payments
  • Earn rewards tokens from every scratch game
  • Can redeem tokens for gift cards, magazine subscriptions, or contest entries
  • Bonus scratch cards available between 1 and 5 pm Eastern and after 9 pm Eastern.

What makes Lucktastic a fun app is that you can play an almost limitless number of scratch cards each day with different prize options. You earn rewards tokens with each game that can be redeemed for real merchandise, even if you don’t win an instant prize.

Since Lucktastic only requires an internet connection to play and a single scratch game only takes about 35 seconds to play, you can play at home or in public with minimal effort or time commitment. Just for its simplicity, Lucktastic can be worth trying out.

  • Can take a long time to win a prize
  • Must watch a 15 or 30-second advertisement before each scratch game
  • High number of tokens required to exchange for gift cards

If you don’t have the patience to earn 10,000 tokens or don’t match three winning symbols on a regular basis to win the grand prize, Lucktastic will quickly feel like a waste of time.

Some of the most common complaints by Lucktastic app reviewers is that the odds of winning a substantial cash prize are very slim and the sheer number of tokens it takes to earn reward gift cards.

There are real winners who hit the jackpot, but most people are only going to win a few dollars worth of prizes when they win a scratch game. If you don’t play Lucktastic on a regular basis, it will take a very long time to win a prize.

As long as you go into Lucktastic knowing that you’re playing a free game of chance, you’ll know that it can take a while to win a prize. However, no two Lucktastic members will have identical winning experiences. The best friend you refer (or you) might win a large prize soon after signing up.

Is Lucktastic a Scam?

Lucktastic isn’t a scam because it’s free to play and you win real prizes. The app makers are also very clear that Lucktastic isn’t a “get rich quick” app and you won’t see pop-ups that state you’re the X lucky visitor and win a special prize.

Yes, Lucktastic might not be the most productive side hustle because it requires no skill to win and only minimal effort to play. You will win real money, but there are better ways to earn cash and gift cards in shorter periods of time. For example, Lucktastic can be a good complement to online surveys or completing a variety of activities on Swagbucks.

Many people don’t play the lottery in the real world because you’re more likely to lose money long-term instead of winning money. Although you might get lucky and win a substantial prize on your first or second ticket, this almost always isn’t the case. The same principle is true with Lucktastic, the odds of winning the “grand prize” on a scratch card are relatively low and a fun way to use your free time outside of work or classes.

Even if you’re opposed to playing the lottery, you might enjoy Lucktastic because it’s completely free. Your only cost to play is your time.

If you like playing games on your phone or tablet, Lucktastic is worth the download because you can win real prizes instead of bragging rights for achieving the new high score in your friend circle with other games that only offer in-app rewards. It’s free to try so the only thing you have to lose is your time.


Lucktastic can be a fun hobby for teens, college students, and adults who want a free hobby. You can win real cash and gift cards by playing on a regular basis. Because each scratch card is a game of chance, you will probably “lose” more often than you win. This app won’t replace your regular income, and you should only play Lucktastic in your free time.

If you want a side hustle that earns a consistent income, Lucktastic isn’t your best option because it is a game of chance.

Download the Lucktastic app today:

Have you tried Lucktastic before? What’s the biggest prize you’ve ever won?

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