My Freedom Review is Scam or Should I Invest

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TimeFreedom.Me Review: Useless Scam? is an online business opportunity where you are promised to earn $38,798 per month, in this review you will find out if is a scam or not!

TimeFreedom.Me Quick Review

Name : Time Freedom

Website :

Price : $1 – $20,000

Type : MLM Scheme

Owner : Alex Z

Verdict : Legit

Recommended ? Yes, if you can invest massively and have experience

What I liked

  • Legit Opportunity
  • Valuable Information on the training
  • You get some good training for $1
  • Alex Z owner of is very successful and knows what he is talking about

What I did not Like

  • It literally costs an arm and a leg ( You need to invest thousands of dollars up to 30k- 50k )
  • Some fake scarcity tactics on the sales page
  • Alex Z says doesn’t cost a lot of money to start while that’s true it will cost you only one dollar but that will only allow you to have a look then you will have to invest real money.

What is is an opportunity where you can make big commissions like $500 to $7000 per sale

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
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At first glance, I thought it was the same usual scam with fake income reports

After having a closer look I’m happy to tell you that the is not a scam and the person behind it Alex Z is not a scammer but a real person that is successful and can actually help you make money

But like anything in life, the has it own flaws

I’m not going to analyze the flaws of this system but I think it’s worth mentioning some bad things I noticed about this program which may make it not for you especially if you’re on a budget. is Digital Altitude

I have nothing against Digital Altitude and I don’t think they are a scam although there are quite a lot of people that think otherwise just because it’s an expensive MLM scheme.

I personally prefer Affiliate marketing because you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to start your online business but that does not necessarily mean MLM’s are a scam I think it’s just a personal taste.

Back to our main subject is essentially a sale funnel to Digital Altitude

What is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is a high ticket opportunity where you have to license high ticket products and resell them for a profit

There are a lot of people that make money with Digital Altitude while there are those that wasted thousands of dollars.

With this opportunity, you have to expect to invest a lot of money in order to start making money.

[thrive_link color=’orange’ link=’’ target=’_self’ size=’big’ align=’aligncenter’]Legit Training to Earn a Consistent Income every Month! [/thrive_link]

How Does Work?

Alex Z in the sales video says you can get started for $1 only or even for free if you say no to that exit intent pop up

When you connect your credit card you will get access to the program you will also have your own personal coach

Remember that you will pay $1 only to have a look at the system

When you finish the few video tutorials at Digital Altitude you will have to upgrade, your personal coach will be encouraging you to upgrade to the higher membership

How Much Does The Really Cost?

Frankly, I don’t like how the sales page barely mentions the real cost of this system

With and Digital Altitude, you will need to invest thousands of dollars in order to get started

Below I will break down for you all the prices of the products that your personal coach will encourage you to license so you can resell:

  1. Aspire : $67 per month
  2. Base : $397
  3. Rise : $1,497
  4. Ascend : $6,997
  5. Peak : $11,997
  6. Apex : $19,997
  7. You need to invest at least $50 per week on ads and traffic

Can You Make Money Next Week Working 30 min per day?

If you are an experienced internet marketer with an active email list you can definitely make money in the next 7 days by working 30 minutes per day

As a newbie, you will need to spend hours and hours in the training with consistent hard work and invest money in learning web assets

When you put in the hard work and invest in the training and yourself you will have assets and skills to make money later working only 30 minutes per day

Is TimeFreedom.Me a Scam? Is it Worth it?

I know a lot of people that will call it a scam just because it’s super expensive and an MLM scheme

In my opinion, a scam is something that will disappear after you pay money or something where you have zero chance of making money and Digital Altitude are not scam

But is it Worth it?

In my opinion, this system is perfect for people that have some experience in this field and can afford to license Digital Altitude products

For Newbies on a budget that want to start an online business

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate it’s a great affiliate marketing training that you can try for free, the first month is $19 then $49/month and you get literally everything you need to start making money online. Final Opinion

This system is legit and it does work if you put in hard work and consistency it will pay off big time for you

However, I don’t think it’s for everyone because it requires investing quite a lot of money up to 50k to be all in

If you are a newbie and don’t have all that money to invest

it’s perfect for newbies that want to finally start making a living online selling other people products without spending thousands of dollars for training.

What do you think about the Time Freedom System? Would join or you think it’s a scam?

Please leave your comments below and share with us your thoughts!

What Is Freedom Checks – Scam or Real Way To Profit? [Review]

American taxpayers are sharing in $34.6 billion worth of ‘Freedom Checks’. All you need to do is signup, and with just ten bucks you can start cashing in FAT checks!

Sounds pretty cool, right? Yep.

Thankfully, you’re smart enough to be here doing your homework though. Because Matt Badiali is NOT telling you the full story. Not by a long shot.

Read on to see exactly what Freedom Checks is about and how it really works…

Freedom Checks Review

I first came across Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks via an article on the Banyan Hill website. The article appears to be an “update” on how much money people are making with this…

Apparently, people are making so much money it’s like winning the lottery.

But the truth is- this is an advertorial. Which, in the world of marketing, is code for bullshit.

The above article exists for the sole purpose of promoting something. And as I will soon explain, that “something” is a Real Wealth Strategist subscription.

Anyways, that article links to a video featuring Matt Badiali…

In this video, Matt introduces himself and starts pitching the idea of “Freedom Checks”.

He claims that 568 ‘designated entities’ will soon pay out $34.6 billion to American taxpayers in the form of ‘US freedom checks’.

He says that residents in the United States can easily begin collecting checks for $24,075, $66,570 and $160,923 with this. According to the video, all you need to do is signup and start cashing checks.

Matt goes on to show testimonial after testimonial. There must be dozens of testimonials throughout the video, all supposedly from real people making real money.

Here’s a screenshot of some of these testimonials to show you what I mean…

As you can see, Matt says these people are earning between $124,000 and $643,000 per year with this ‘method’. And all you need is a measly $10 investment to start cashing in.

Unfortunately, there’s some serious holes in his story though.

For starters, these people are really just stock photos…

I won’t go through each and every testimonial, but my guess is that they’re ALL fake. I see this kind of thing a lot among scam sites and (in my opinion) it’s highly unethical.

If REAL people are making real money- why use stock photos?

Anyway, more important are the amounts they claim to be earning. For people to be earning such high amounts of money this way, they’d need to be investing millions of dollars.

Seriously. This is the only way you can make such high returns with the methods he’s referring to. And I intend to prove this beyond any shadow of doubt.

Read on to see what these ‘freedom checks’ are and how they really work.

What Is Freedom Checks? (not what you think)

Freedom Checks is a term Matt Badialia created out of thin air- which really means investing in MLP companies. An MLP (Master Limited Partnership) is a unique company structure that pays investors a monthly, or quarterly return on investment.

This is a legitimate investment strategy.

But it’s NOT for everyday investors with ‘ten bucks’ to spare. Not by a long shot. To make real money this way requires a significant amount of capital.

Surprisingly, I was able to find the official eight page PDF that explains the process and the MLP companies Matt recommends investing in.

I literally found it through a quick Google search.

This is the “$34.6 billion freedom check payout” he’s talking about. If you read that and are wondering what the fuss is all about- you’re not alone.

Anyways, the only way you can get this (other than being here now) is by purchasing a yearly subscription for “Real Wealth Strategist”.

Which means Freedom Checks is really just an elaborate sales pitch to lure people into buying Real Wealth Strategist. It comes as ‘part’ of your yearly subscription to RWS…

So it’s safe to say you can disregard most of what is said in the sales pitch. It’s nothing more than a sneaky ‘gimmick’ to sell you into a subscription. And teach you a (not secret) method of investing.

How Freedom Checks Really Works

First and foremost, this is about investing in MLP companies. Which is all about buying ‘units’ of a given company and receiving an annual yield (ROI) based on the companies performance.

So you are becoming a ‘unitholder’ (AKA shareholder) of a given company in the hopes they will perform well.

This is very similar to how stock dividends work. Where you’re buying shares of a company in the hopes of earning stock dividends. Except there are certain tax advantages and other differences with this model.

Anyway, these companies distribute at least 90% of their total revenue to investors. And they don’t pay tax like most companies either. Nor do the investors who receive this income. Income tax on these earnings is only payable upon selling any shares you own.

Assuming you’ve got a handle on the basics, the important thing is to pick the right companies to invest in. At least, if you want to make a good profit. And this is where Matt’s ‘freedom check blueprint’ comes into play.

Out of ‘568 companies’ he narrows it down to just five MLP companies to invest in…

  • San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (SJT)
  • CatchMark Timber Trust (CTT)
  • SunCoke Energy Partners (SXCP)
  • Pembina Pipeline (PBA)
  • Sabine Royalty Trust (SBR)

These are companies that apparently own or control over a billion dollars in raw materials. Specifically, natural resources such as oil, gas, minerals, timber, core metals and precious metals like gold and silver.

How much do they pay investors?

The above MLP companies (typically) pay out around 5-10% of your investment per year. Which is physically paid on a monthly or quarterly basis.

This seems to be about the average returns among many MLP’s from what I can see.

Either way, none of them pay out more than 10% per year return of capital. Which is why much of the sales pitch is a complete and utter load of BS.

Here’s an example of investing in a company that pays out 10% per year…

  • $10 investment can make you $1 per year, or $0.25 per quarter
  • $1,000 investment can make you $100 per year, or $25 per quarter
  • $10,000 investment can make you $1,000 per year, or $250 per quarter
  • $100,000 investment can make you $10,000 per year, or $2,500 per quarter
  • $1 million investment can make you $100,000 per year, or $25,000 per quarter

As you can see, ten bucks will get you NOWHERE.

And to make even a reasonable amount of money, you need substantial capital to invest. In any case, the returns on investment are nowhere near what he shows in the sales video.

In order to make anywhere close the numbers he shows people in the sales video, you need over a million dollars to invest.

I’m sure most people have that kind of money laying around though, right?

Matt seems to think so.

Is Freedom Checks a Scam?

Freedom Checks is a scam in the way it’s marketed to people. The marketing material is full of unrealistic hype, fake testimonials, and never explains what you’re really getting into.

So in my opinion, this is grossly misleading and unethical.

As far as Matt Badiali’s Real Wealth Strategist goes, it may be worthwhile. I chose not to buy it since I don’t like being lied to like this. But it’s possible there’s some value within it’s contents. Considering it’s only 47 bucks per year I don’t think it’s a huge risk.

However, several comments I’ve come across suggest there are heavy upsells once you’re a member. Which would not surprise me considering what I’ve already seen from these people.


Investing in the way Matt suggests, with the companies he recommends, is good and well. This is a legitimate means of investing and assuming you have enough capital, there is money to be made.

As far the way it’s sold to people, that’s another story. This is a classic case of exaggerating and leaving out critical facts in an effort to make a quick 47 bucks.

Whatever you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this sheds some light on this so you can make a more informed decision.

You may not know this… but the truth is most people fail to make money online.

So the odds are seriously stacked against you.

I don’t mean to be negative, but that’s the cold hard truth. And I believe it’s mostly because of all the fake “gurus” out there, selling their overhyped “systems” that simply don’t work.

The good news is.. it IS possible for the average person to create real success online, I know because I’ve done it myself. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures online (4-step formula).

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