Rapid Income Method Review

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Is Instant Income Method a Scam or Legit Money Making System? Let’s Take a Look!

I received an email about Instant Income Method today. Apparently, this system allows you to start making big money online, while raising your credit score to 750 or higher.

Sounds cool. But since you’re reading this review, chances are you’re skeptical. You want to know if this is legitimate or just another scam, right?

Here’s what you need to know before you join…

Instant Income Method Review

The first thing I did was visit the Instant Income Method website (instantincomemethod.com), and put my details into the box, so I could access the video.

From there I watched the video which is presented by Mack Mills.

Mack is a well known internet marketer who has successfully promoted a number of programs over the years. Using similar sites to this one.

For example he most recently created a site called Daily Income Method to promote a MLM company called Motor Club of America.

Not sure if that’s still going or not but it was quite popular. So my point is, Mack knows his stuff and he has made a lot of money online doing this sort of thing before.

Anyways, in the video Mack talks about how he started out broke and struggling to make money online. And how he maxed out his credit cards trying to get into profit with his online business. Eventually, he did start making money online. Apparently lots of it.

So he went about paying for everything with cash…

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
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    Best Binary Options Broker!
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I have to say he does spend a good chunk of time talking about how much money he makes, showing off his luxury cars and house etc. But he says the point of this isn’t to brag, but rather to explain that paying for everything in cash was a mistake.

Because doing this, along with his past debt, left him with a bad credit score.

Which he eventually fixed, and now he wants to show you how to do the same thing. As well as showing you how to earn a substantial income in the process.

Which brings me to the what this is really about.

What Is Instant Income Method About?

Instant Income Method is a sales funnel for a MLM company called myEcon.

Mack is a myEcon associate, so if you join myEcon through his site, he will earn a commission. He is also selling you a replicated sales funnel for $97, so that you can promote myEcon using the exact same funnel you went through yourself.

What the heck is myEcon about?

MyEcon is a company that helps people attain personal financial success, or so it says. They sell a range of products and services, including a credit repair service.

Their flagship product is their ‘Income Shifting Membership’, which is all about educating people to become financially free. Through tax and debt reduction, increasing your income and investing in assets.

You can read my full review of myEcon here if you want to learn more.

And I highly recommend you do so. Because in the above review, I go into full detail about the company, it’s products and compensation plan.

Since this is what Instant Income Method is all about,you’ll probably find it useful! And as you will see, there are pros and cons to consider before joining.

Anyways to sum it up- myEcon is a network marketing company with legit products and it’s not a scam. Mack is an associate (AKA affiliate) for this company so if you join, you will actually be joining his downline.

Which if you are considering joining myEcon, and you want to do more than chase friends and family, does have its benefits.

Because Mack provides his referrals with a replicated version of the same Instant Income Method site you are considering joining through.

How Does This System Work?

When you click the button below the video, you’ll end up on this page…

There are TWO steps you need to take in order to get started with the system:

  1. Join myEcon for $19.95 (and $34.95 every month thereafter)
  2. Pay $97 for access to Mack’s sales funnel, so you can start promoting myEcon with the same funnel you are joining through

The first step is pretty simple- join myEcon. When you do this you will either be joining under Mack directly or through someone else in his downline who is using the system themselves. Either way you will be joining his ‘team’.

The second step is about setting up your marketing funnel, so you can promote myEcon. In this step, Mack explains that for $97 you can begin using his sales system to promote myEcon.

The system consists of some lead capture pages, sales videos, extra training and access to a private Facebook group. Basically the exact same system he is using to convince you to join myEcon.

You don’t need to do this to make money, you could literally just join myEcon and promote it on your own. But it obviously works, since you are considering joining yourself.

Like anything though, there are positives and negatives to consider with a system like this. And just because one person is making money with it, doesn’t mean you will.

Can You Really Make Money With This System?

Yes. You can make money promoting myEcon and Mack’s system may help you with this.

I’m not a huge fan of MLM in general, but if I was going to promote a company like myEcon, I would definitely use the internet to do so.

Because you have a much better chance of making real money with a company like this when you know how to do online marketing. And if this funnel converts well, then it might make it easier for you to get started.

For one thing, you are using the same funnel as everyone else which means it can become less effective over time. Second, you are paying big money for traffic with this method. And third, you are not building your own brand, you are building someone else’s.

The other point I want to make here is that Mack will be making the bulk of the money with this system. Because literally every single person who joins, pays Mack $97 directly.

Obviously a small amount of this will go into covering his costs for setting up the funnel. But this is how he is leveraging other people’s money to run large amounts of traffic into the funnel.

That’s all good and well for him. But you need to make sure you are ready to invest money into paid traffic. You can have the greatest system in the world, but unless you have traffic you won’t make a dime.

The cost of sending traffic into a funnel like this can add up VERY quickly. So this sort of thing is very much a numbers game.

You want to make sure you know your numbers before diving into something like this. Otherwise you could end up being out of pocket (quite a bit) with nothing to show for it.

Verdict- Is Instant Income Method a Scam?

I don’t consider Instant Income Method a scam and I don’t believe myEcon is a scam either.

You do get real products for your money (with myEcon) and you do get access to a sales funnel if you buy Instant Income Method. Along with some other benefits like additional training and access to a private Facebook group.

And as I explained earlier, you can make money this way (assuming the funnel converts).

However, like anything there are drawbacks to consider. And there are other ways to build a profitable online business that do not require you to join an MLM or invest in paid traffic.

What you decide to do is up to you, but hopefully this review has been helpful either way.

You may not know this… but the truth is most people fail to make money online.

So the odds are seriously stacked against you.

I don’t mean to be negative, but that’s the cold hard truth. And I believe it’s mostly because of all the fake “gurus” out there, selling their overhyped “systems” that simply don’t work.

The good news is.. it IS possible for the average person to create real success online, I know because I’ve done it myself. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures online (4-step formula).

Tim McKinlay

Hope you enjoyed the article! I’m Tim, founder of Affiliate UNguru. Like most people, my early attempts to make money online weren’t very successful. But I eventually learned how to create a real online business, and these days I earn a living this way. Here’s how I went from zero to 6 figures per year online.

Rapid Income Method Scam – Critical Review|Binary Options Doctor

Read this critical Rapid Income Method Review and avoid joining the Scam. We have got at least 25 emails from our valued readers and subscribers about this software. All of them got email invitations to join this system. First of all, un subscribes your email address from the list of these fraudsters. We really don’t want to invest your valuable time and money. So, don’t spend a dime on this Rapid Income Method.

Rapid Income Method Owner is an actor

The alleged creator of the Rapid Income Method software, Dominic Taylor is nothing but a famously paid actor. He has the highest selling Gigs on fiverr.com as an anchor. He has appeared in many scam software presentation videos. He is an awesome video presenter and anchor. Unfortunately, he is on the wrong side of the road. We have seen him in scam software like My First Online Payday and Midas Touch App . So, his appearance makes it confirms that Rapid Income Method App is a scam. He has been hired to persuade you that Rapid Income Method signal is genuine and you should, therefore, register, open a brokerage account and deposit. Please do not make such mistakes otherwise, you will regret soon.

Unrealistic Profit Gain

Dominic Taylor, the so-called CEO of the Rapid Income Method, says his system can generate $5,607 per day profits! This is more like a fairytale story. It is an unbelievable and imaginary claim. This type of promise is actually scammers do. It is human nature to be rich within a short period. So, this type of statement actually attracts newbie traders and they become an easy prey for the scammers. We can guarantee that some of you will sign up with this the Rapid Income Method program even after reading this article. Because some of you want to give it a try to become rich in a shortcut way. We have reviewed much legit software and none of them can make you such amount in a single day with an initial investment of $250.

7 Beta Testers Story

The Rapid Income Method platform is available for 7 beta testers only! This is what we are being told in the video presentation. If you visit the Rapid Income Method website, you will see the spots countdown timer appears and counting decreasingly. We waited until the timer counts to zero. Then we refreshed the page and amazingly the timer countdown starts from 7 to zero again. This is a force sales tactic that creates pressure on you mentally to sign up immediately. This is because you may start digging a little deeper about their software and find the true article written on their fake system.

Rapid Income Method: Fake Testimonials

The Rapid Income web page has flooded with fake and misleading testimonials. Those people are actors by profession and got paid to endorse the system. If you visit fiverr.com you will see those people selling their service for only $5 to $20 Dollars. They can promote anything without asking about the legitimacy of the product. If their claim of earning millions by using the Rapid Income Method is true, then why are they still on that site and selling their service for a cheap price. Have you ever seen millionaires selling their service publicly in a promotional site!

They say Rapid Income Method signal is free for those who are able to sign up as beta testers. But the truth is it’s not free until you deposit $250 to their nominated brokerage account. And those brokers are not regulated by any authority and often manipulate ongoing trades to confirm you lose all your money.

Final Decision: The Rapid Income Method is a SCAM.

DaxRobot is a dedicated Forex & CFD trading application that trades Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and Litecoin & All the other major currencies. It is a fully automatic app. It has an accuracy rate of up to 91%. Therefore, you can earn between $100 to $220 per day consistently.

Rapid Cash Income Review – You Can Build Your Business for $9,68.

Product Name: Rapid Cash Income

Product owner: Billy D

Verdict: Scam

Rapid Cash Income is a laughable short video “course” that can teach you how to build an online business and make thousands of dollars each and every day. The author of this “amazing” product is Billy D who is also the author of other similar crappy products.

He claims to show you an eye-opening, forbidden secret that will allow you to go from zero to hero by making thousands of dollars without much effort from your side. In my review I’m going to show you what exactly you can expect from that guy and if his crappy product is worth paying $9,68?

The main idea behind Rapid Cash Income

Rapid Cash Income is a short video course in which Billy claims to show you how to find or create a product, find affiliate programs, bring traffic to your business and start making money. Nothing wrong with this approach. The main problem here is How Billy approaches this issue and covers the subject. Unfortunately, Billy doesn’t explain anything in his video and his product is absolutely useless.

Pros of Rapid Cash Income

  • I really don’t know what to like here. The only reason you can benefit from Billy’s training is just get a general idea on how internet marketing works.
  • Price is affordable

Cons of Rapid Cash Income

  • Billy doesn’t teach you how to start a business online
  • No real methods you can apply to your business
  • False promises
  • No support from Billy
  • No refund
  • Many upsells
  • Complete disappointment ��

Inside Rapid Cash Income

1. As I said above, Billy’s training, if only it’s the right word to use here is not a step-by-step guide to watch and then start making money. To start making money on the internet, you need to learn the basics of internet marketing to understand how the whole thing works.

You need to learn how to build a website because without your own website you will not be able to make any real money. You need to know which products to choose and which products are a waste of time, you need to learn how to create content for your site and why content is important.

How to optimize content for search engines to be able to get free organic traffic, understand the difference between white hat and black hat SEO etc.

I can easily continue this list but I don’t want to bore you. Long story short, you will not find all this information in Billy’s Rapid Cash Income product. Without this knowledge you simply can’t understand how to properly build your business and organize it in a way so you can start making real money.

Billy’s product gives a general information which you can easily find for free on the internet without paying him $9,68.

2. There are many upsells that he tries to push with his main product. I personally hate upsells simply because it’s very common to almost all poor quality products out there. If you can’t benefit from his main product, how can you then benefit from his other minor crappy products?

First upsell is a Done for You Campaign. In this campaign Billy will show you how You can make a lot of cash within 24 hours! Of course, this is not true.

Another upsell is about teaching you same strategies. Actually, this upsell is not different from a previous one. The only difference is in the price because this upsell is being pushed at a lower price.

Another upsell is about giving you PLR rights to his product for $27,50. You can sell this crappy product to other people, but I’m not sure if you can make any money with it.

You can get the last upsell for $17,50. That is the end of the story.

3. The only thing you can learn from Billy is how to create a product and then sell it using any means, ethical or unethical, no matter. This is of course a proven way to your failure and you will never achieve any success online if you use deceptive methods to sell your product.

4. All internet marketers know that the best source of traffic to a website is the search engine. If you know how to write content to get top rankings in search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, you will be able to drive tons of free traffic to your website and make sales. This is very important step in online business and unfortunately, Billy doesn’t explain anything in this respect.

5. On his website Billy claims that you don’t need any experience or knowledge, you don’t need waiting time, just plug into his system and start making tons of money. This is of course not true. All internet marketers that I know spent 1 to 2 years at least before they started making serious money online. What Billy promises you is just not going to happen.

6. Billy claims that he will show you what he exactly does to generate thousands of dollars, a high quality traffic source and reveal a secret to making money. This is of course not true. Remember, theory and practice are not the same. It is not as easy as you might be thinking.

7. He also claims that he guarantees you that if you don’t like his product he can easily refund not only your full payment but also he will give you 900% more than what you paid. Don’t believe me? Look at the image. I now want to ask you a question. Do you really believe that Billy will give your money back? I don’t think so. It doesn’t look real at all.

8. Billy doesn’t provide any support and that means if you have any questions or get stuck at some point, you will most probably be left on your own. Remember, the worst products are those you can’t get support from.

Final word on Rapid Cash Income

With all that being said, though the price of Billy’s Rapid Cash Income is pretty affordable, the product is useless. What can you expect from a product that you buy for $9? Do you really believe you can buy it and build your full time online business? I’m sorry to disappoint you but this simply will not happen.

If you want to build your very own business online and become a full time internet marketer then I recommend you to look no further and read about my # 1 ranked program to start making money online. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you out.

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