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LiteForex Review

LiteForex general information


Founded in: 2005 year
Offices in the country:
Minimum Deposit: 10 $
Website languages:
Execution model: ECN
Deposit currency: USD, EUR, CHF, RUB
Support languages:
Regulated by: CySEC (Cyprus)
Mobile trading: iOS, Android
Types of offered accounts:
Affiliate program: Yes
Deposit bonus: 100 %

  • Provision of a VPS server
  • Trading signals
  • Web-based platform
  • Cashback rebate
  • Guaranteed stop loss

LiteForex Forex broker description

Lite Forex was conceived in 2005 with a major aim of making it the best by focusing on small-scale traders. It offered very flexible trading conditions during its conception period and it came up with the cent account. In this setup, traders were allowed to make a minimum deposit of $1 in order to execute trades.

This model made them very popular and it acquired many clients all over the world. This has made it the global brand it is and whose model of operation is followed by many. Its over decade-long stay in the industry has given Lite Forex a great step in having the right experience from dealing with many clients.

Trading Accounts

For a client to be able to execute trades, he or she will need to sign up for a trading account. They will need to sign up using their valid details in email addresses among other valid credentials. Lite Forex review has various account types that are specially designed to meet the individual tastes of its clients. The account types are the demo account, the classic account, and the ECN account.

The Demo Account

The demo account is the account type that is meant for traders who do not know how to trade. This account type will serve as a learning tool for such traders who will be able to execute trades while at it. The trades are simulated and the funds will also be virtual as the key is to teach those who do not know of the concept.

The Classic Account

The classic account is designed for experienced traders or traders who are willing to stake more into trading. The account is flexible and will serve all traders equally both novice and experienced. Its many features are as follows.

  1. Minimum deposit of $50.
  2. Leverages at 1:500.
  3. Increased quoting precision.
  4. Floating spreads from 1.8 pips.
  5. No commissions are charged for this account type.

The ECN Account

The ECN account is an account type for experienced and professional traders who want to use the social trading service. This account utilizes the ECN technology in offering its services. Its features are:

  1. Leverage of 1:500.
  2. Floating spreads from 0.1 points.
  3. Minimum deposit of $50.
  4. Commissions are charged at $5 per lot.
  5. Market type of execution.
  6. Allows for social trading, scalping and news trading

About Lite Forex and Security Of Funds.

Lite Forex has been in business for over a decade and it has much to show for this time. It has its headquarters in Cyprus but due to its resiliency over the years and the expertise gained, it has managed to spread its influence to other counties as well.

This growth has led to revisiting of its strategies and modifying them. This can be seen in the presence of social trading, crypto trading and also its Islamic trading to comply with the sharia law of its Muslim clients. This coupled with good customer service courtesy of its personnel have made it a big force in the forex sector.

Lite Forex is a very credible company that has the right documentation in licenses in the regions it runs its operations. This licenses come from the regulatory bodies in these regions and govern how the company is operated.

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Among the licenses that Lite Forex has under its possession include:

  1. A regulatory license in compliance with Marshall Island’s Marshall Island business corporation act.
  2. It is licensed to operate in Cyprus by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

These regulatory bodies put a lot of emphasis on the protection of clients’ funds. Lite Forex has put up measures to ensure the safety of clients’ funds in compliance with the set regulation. Among the measures put up include:

  1. Segregation of the company’s bank accounts from clients’ funds’ accounts.
  2. Having the state of the art encryption f their databases in case of cyber criminals.
  3. Partnering with credible banks to aid in the storage of such funds.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum initial deposit is $10 which serves as the client’s initial base capital for trade execution.


Commissions are charged on ECN account holder at $5 per lot.


Leverages go up to 1:500.

Trading Platforms

The trading platforms that Lite Forex uses are among the best with technological advancements as well as awesome features to boot. This enhances the traders experience while executing trades. The platforms are the Meta trader4, the Meta trader5, and mobile phone platform.

The Meta Trader4 Platform

This is a great platform that comes with many features such as:

  1. A user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use.
  2. Has advanced charting and analytical tools.
  3. Has many indicators.
  4. Gives the trader access forex news from credible sources.

The Meta Trader5 Platform

This is another advanced platform that will allow you to trade hassle-free. Its features are

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Has advanced charting and drawing tools.
  3. Allow for social and automated trading.
  4. It is available for both the mobile phone and desktop version.
  5. It is easily customizable.

The Mobile Platform

In a bid to tap into the ever-growing mobile phone sector, Lite Forex has a mobile phone platform that will enable a client to execute trades from the comfort of their phones. This is a downloadable platform that I available for both ios devices and Android operated devices. It is simple to use and lightweight meaning it won’t take much of your device’s space on download.


The following are the promotions currently being run by Lite Forex on its site.

    The commission compensatory scheme where you receive a bonus upon deposit.

Withdrawals And Deposits

Lite Forex offers flexible withdrawal and deposit methods that will match your convenience. Among the accepted modes include the use of bank cards such as Visa and MasterCard, bankwire transfers, electronic transfers, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum transaction amount is $10 with 0% commission.

Briefly about Lite Forex

This is a very legitimate trader that is totally focused on a great customer experience. Lite Forex customer comments and reviews prove how much this broker is trusted and credible. This is a recommendable trader for any experienced trader. Review: Reforex is a Risky HYIP. Don’t Invest!

Имея на руках некоторую сумму свободных денег, появляется желание вложить их куда-нибудь, да так, чтобы процент был самым высоким, а риски – минимальны. Существует немало способов инвестирования, каждый из которых имеет свои плюсы и минусы. В рамках этой статьи рассмотрим самые простые варианты: доверительное управление на рынке форекс и HYIP фонды.

Инвестирование в HYIP фонды для многих представляется чем-то непонятным, непредсказуемым и загадочным, поэтому вложение средств таким способом может показаться нереальным. Однако такая система работает и позволяет быстро заработать, хоть и с определенными рисками.

Еще одним способом вложения средств являются инвестиции в форекс. Но здесь стоит оговориться, что речь идет не о торговле, ведь инвестором является тот, кто сам не работает, а лишь получает прибыль за то, что кто-то пользуется его деньгами. Если рассматривать инвестиции в форекс, то вложение осуществляется в какого-либо управляющего, занимающегося трейдингом.

На первый взгляд, что инвестиции в форекс, что HYIP довольно рискованны, поскольку в первом случае управляющий может проиграть все средства, а во втором – закрыться фонд, т.е. разницы, куда вкладывать, особой нет. Однако так может показаться лишь начинающему инвестору, готовому рисковать ради большого куша, все же у каждого способа есть свои особенности.

Сравнивая инвестиции в форекс и в HYIP, можно выделить три основных типа инвестиционной стратегии:

1) Инвестирование в HYIP фонды.

2) Инвестирование в фирму, занимающуюся доверительным управлением (ДУ) на валютном рынке.

3) Инвестирование в частного трейдера, торгующего на рынке форекс.

Сравнение инвестиций в форекс и HYIP

Первые два пункта очень похожи между собой. И в том, и в том случае вначале инвестор сталкивается с привлекательным рекламным текстом, после чего ему представляется некий краткий отчет о деятельности компании, сколько времени она работает, сколько процентов выплатила и т.п. При этом отсутствуют какие-либо детализированные отчеты, которые позволяют потенциальному инвестору оценить реальное положение дел. Например, узнать, какой метод торговли использует управляющий, получить инвест-пароль и стейт-лист и т.п. Все, что инвестор получает, это статистику бесконечных заработков и никаких доказательств, что делает его вложения довольно рискованными.

Если же говорить об инвестиции в форекс через частного управляющего, то здесь картина более четкая и наглядная. Начнем с того, что такие трейдеры пользуются в большинстве своем сервисом ПАММ-счетов, благодаря чему инвестор может получить представление о тактике и успешности его торговли.

Чтобы было понятней, приведу пример из личного опыта. Только начиная заниматься инвестированием, решил вложить на рынок форекс 3 тыс. долларов. На тот момент я обладал лишь поверхностными знаниями о валютном рынке, поэтому обратился фактически в первую попавшуюся компанию с доверительным управлением. Первый месяц оказался успешным, поскольку на рынке был скачок, благодаря чему мои вложения увеличились на 10%. Однако уже после второго месяца, когда компания слила не только эту прибыль, но и еще 15% от моих средств, пропало всякие желание делать подобные инвестиции в форекс. Спустя некоторое время я увидел эту же компанию в списках рейтинга по ПАММ, где она находилась практически в конце с одними проигрышными сделками. Если бы мне удалось увидеть эти данные раньше, то инвестировать в такое ДУ точно бы не стал.

Продолжим. Выбирая управляющего для инвестиции в форекс, вполне логично попросить у него стейт-лист и инвест-пароль. Стейт-лист представляет собой историю сделок, содержащую данные о торговле трейдера. Если новичок мало что поймет в этой куче цифр, то опытному инвестору данный документ может поведать такой важный момент, как метод торговли и его рискованность. В свою очередь инвест-пароль предназначен для проверки, что предоставленный стейт является оригиналом, а не отредактированной копией. Получить такую информацию от управляющей компании нереально.

Инвестиции в форекс: стейт-лист

Таким образом, рассматривая вариант для инвестиции в форекс через частного управляющего, следует заранее изучить, что представляет собой стейт-лист и какие данные в нем важны для оценки. Итак:

1) Стоп-лос приказы. Более надежным будет тот управляющий, который ограничивает свои потери. Если же стоп-лос приказы отсутствуют, то значит, трейдер придерживается тактики пережидания в минусах, надеясь, что вскоре рынок развернется в нужную ему сторону. Такая торговля однозначно рано или поздно приведет к существенным потерям.

2) Использование метода локирования убыточной позиции для улучшения баланса также рискованно.

3) Пипсование. Данная стратегия торговли редко бывает прибыльной, поэтому вкладывать такие инвестиции в форекс управляющих не рекомендуется. Тем более, если трейдер к тому же не пользуется стоп-лосами.

4) Система Мартингейла. Даная стратегия удвоения ставок на графике баланса на начальном этапе смотрится довольно хорошо, однако со временем увеличивается риск потери всего депозита. Выявив такого трейдера посредством стейт-листа, вы сможете обезопасить свои вложения.

5) Бесконечные усреднения для получения прибыли рано или поздно также поставят под удар весь депозит. Статистика управляющей компании показывает только прибыль, и лишь стейт-лист позволяет выявить истину.

6) Стейт-лист позволяет узнать количество сделок, максимальную просадку, устанавливаемый уровень тейк-профита и стоп-лоса и прочую полезную информацию. Естественно компании ДУ такие данные не раскрывают.

Вывод по инвестициям в форекс и HYIP

На основании всего вышеперечисленного можно прийти к вполне логичному выводу: инвестирование в форекс-компании с доверительным управлением и в HYIP-фонды очень похожи. В обоих случаях все зависит от везения, но никак не от стратегии инвестирования. В плане же инвестиции в форекс через частного управляющего можно хот немного минимизировать риски за счет открытости реальных данных о торговле данного трейдера.

Forex Brokers Lab







Commissions and fees

Customer Service

Platform & Tools

Product Portfolio

  • Demo Account is Available
  • Reliable
  • Promotion & Contests exist
  • Multilingual
  • High Spreads

Regulators : CySEC (LiteForex Europe)

Minimum Deposit: $50

Maximum Leverage: 1:500 (Marshall Islands Company)

Spreads: Medium

My Score: 5

Today, i would like to inform you about LiteForex. The broker was established in 2005. LiteForex introduced cent accounts which made it possible to trade with $1.

In my opinion this was major progress for Forex industry. Because there were many people who hesitate to enter Forex industry because of high initial deposits. Eventually, most of them started trading thanks to cent accounts.

Is LiteForex scam or legit? Pros and cons of LiteForex? What kind of deposit/withdrawal methods they offer and are there any withdraw problem? You will find all the answers in my LiteForex Review.

LiteForex broker is operated by two different companies. LiteForex (Europe) Limited Company and LiteForex Investments Limited of Marshall Islands.

The website gets 375k visitors monthly. This is quite high number if we compare it to sector average.

Russian traders alone make up 21% of visitors to the website. Other countries in top 5 are Brazil, Ukraine, United States and Latvia. They all make up slightly more than half of its visitors by 54%

So we can conclude that the broker isn’t focused on a certain countries.

Regulations and Investor Protection

I think there is no need to questioning of LiteForex (Europe) Ltd. Since the broker is regulated by CySEC. CySEC is one of the most reliable watchdog based on Republic of Cyprus. You can check the broker by CySEC license number of 093/08

But when it comes to LiteForex Investments Limited which is registered in Marshall Islands and has no regulation, question marks appear. However, if we rely on the customer feedbacks, it seems they are reliable.

For another CySEC regulated firm, check out XM Forex Review.

LiteForex Account Types and Spreads

ECN Account

Electronic Communications Networks or ECN provides direct approach to other customers in Foreign Exchange market.

Minimum deposit amount is $50 and it will cost 2.5% of your account. You can apply a leverage up to 1:500. Spreads start from 0.1 pips and commission fees start from $5. Only MT4 is available for ECN.

For similar tpye ECN account, you may think of trading with Pepperstone.

Classic Account

Some people don’t mind high spreads they you pay a commission fee. If it’s you, Classic account is for you. Minimum deposit and maximum leverage is same as ECN, $50 and 1:500, respectively.

But the big difference starts with spreads and commission fees. In this account type there is no commission fee but spreads start from 1.8 pips. Both MT4 and MT5 is available.

Here is the table for LiteForex Classic Account. Note that the figures change constrantly.

Demo Account

You can virtually deposit any amount of money to LiteForex Demo Account. Also there is no risk at all.

Trading Platforms

LiteForex offers MetaTrader4, MetaTrader5, WebTerminal and their mobile versions. They are standard platforms in the Forex industry and considered as best for many.

What is more? It’s VPS! VPS means Virtual Private Servers. What would you do if your computer stops running or lose your internet connection meanwhile a very important trading execution? You would be probably become mad.

But with VPS you don’t have to worry about these. Because, the probability of these incidents are almost none.

Also the system uses Microsoft Hyper-V. It’s a technique of virtualization that will ensure that the price plans will be valid for every customers.

For a detailed explanation, you may read our article about VPS.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods of LiteForex

When it comes to depositing or withdrawing your money, LiteForex provides four different types of options. The first one is Bank cards. If you have any card supported by VISA or MasterCard you can use this method.

Second one is bank wire transfers. SberBank Online, Alpha-Bank, Swift Wire Transfer are among these.

Third one is Electronic transfers: Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, QIWI.

Fourth one is cryptocurrencies: Bitecoin, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin cash, Bitcoin gold.

Customer Service

The customer service employees were friendly and they solved all my problems. Also the service is available for 24 hours.

They operate one of the most multilingual websites I have ever seen. In fact, they come forward not only among forex industry but among all websites. Totally 27 languages are ready for traders from all around the world.

These are English, Arabic, Malay, Portuguese, French, Vietnamese, Armenian, Bengali language, Korean, Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Serbian, Norwegian, Persian, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Hindi, Japanese, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Swedish, Kazakh and Georgian.

Trading Instruments


All the major currency pairs are available in LiteForex. But, first we need to make description of major currency.

When USD pairs with a currency of Australian Dollar (AUD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Canadian Dollar (CAD) or Swiss Frank (CHF) it’s called major currency pairs.

Also you can trade with many minor currency pairs.


You can trade with gold as XAUUSD and silver as XAGUSD. You can use leverage up to 1:400. One lot size is 100 troy ounces for gold and 5000 troy ounces for silver.

When it comes to oil, you have two options. UKBrent and USCrude. UKBrent actually isn’t drilled in UK, but the North Sea. Since its price indicate over 70% of oil produced in the world, it’s a very important value.

USCrude is the oil drilled in big oil fields of the United States.

Global Stock Indexes

Customers of LiteForex can make trading executions to indexes. An index means bunch of companies and its price shows general situation of these companies.

IBEX35 (Stock exchange index of Madrid) and FTSE (Stock exchange index of London) are among the 11 different indexes you can trade with.


Ever heard of ‘Blue Chips’? The nickname represents a stock in a company renowned with trustworthiness, success etc. This trading instrument made up by these blue chips.

General Electric Corporation and Verizon Communications Inc are among 24 different stocks that you can trade.


Are you excited by high-tech industry? Then LiteForex CFD NASDAQ may be for you. In fact, it brings technology and investing enthusiast together since 1971. Apple Inc and Intel Corporation among the 13 different stocks you can invest.


You can trade with cryptocurrencies in LiteForex. Bitcoin, Bitcoincash, Dashcoin, Ethereum Classic, LiteCoin, Monero, Ripple and Zcash are the available as cryptocurrencies.

Bonus & Promotions

Return of commission with zero fees

Lite Forex pays back the commission fee that is taken for your deposits. The promotion will continue until 31 st December 2020.

Demo Contests

5 contesters will share $10,000 which is total prize fund. To win the contest, your trading should be most profitable and your risk factor will be also considered. Number of contesters are unlimited. For other promotions and contests, you should definetely read our bonus article.

Partner’s Contests

30 participants will share $2,500 prize. If you trust yourself about your partnership with the broker, this contest is for you. Meanwhile the contest, you should get the highest amount of commission payout to win contest. Unlimited number of participants can join the contest.


When it comes to reliability, the broker ensures trust well. I mean wouldn’t hesitate to trade with this broker

There are actually only two type of accounts are provided by LiteForex. Although the broker claims that they are the first firm to introduce Cent Account, Currently the broker doesn’t show any information about their account.

Also It’s a nice feature that they have a demo account.

Trading instruments and trading platforms are quite adequate. Customer service was nice.

So All in all, after preparing this LiteForex review, I started to think trading with them.

Please comment below if you agree or disagree with this LiteForex review. Maybe you would like to add something extra from your experience, don’t hesitate to share!

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