Scam broker EZTrader has gone too far

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Is EZTrader not a scam?

Is EZTrader not a scam?

Can I work with EZTrader. I am not sure if I should work with them or not. Can anyone help me on this?

EZTrader is a trading platform, basically for Forex Trading. it is not a scam. But if you wish to trade forex, there are many many better services available, which also are tried and tested by millions of traders.

Just googling will give you the top preferred trading services offered, of course for some reasons that may be EZTrader lacks.

I personally prefer to trade with is not for Forex Trading. Its for Binary Options Trading. I tried it, and liked it. If you want to try something new than this one is for you. I like the 1 Hour trades with the results immediate and the known risk.
I think its safer than most Forex sites

According to RipOffReports, EZtrader is not likely a scam, because they are no complaints filed:

You could trade with directly. Although, I can see why you might prefer, as they have sped up the process of investing with “binary” options.

Hi, I’m Haley and I’m an account manager.

About your question, I understand your concern but first of all, you can see on the bottom of the site the symbols of NASDAQ, Reuters and McAfee which are major companies which have checked and verified us.

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Second of all, and if you have a company of your own you will be aware of this –
We process credit cards, if we had a chargeback (people saying this is a scam and they want they want their money back) rate of 2% they wouldn’t allow us to process credit cards anymore. And anyway, you’re always protected by your credit card company as in any transaction you make.

If you have any further questions about Binary options, trading or our platform feel free to call us:
212-937-7794 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 212-937-7794 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

The EZTrader concept of binary options is NOT a scam. I think they have a great web site, and they appear to be a very professional outfit at first glance. Anyone who loses money simply doesn’t understand how to make a profitable trade decision.

My problem with EZTrader is this: deposits from your credit card into your EZTrader account are instantaneous and hassle-free, but withdrawals are slow and stressful.

Although they DID eventually refund my original deposit and pay me my profit, I want to let everyone know that this process took almost two full weeks and required 1 to 2 telephone calls every day to make it happen. This was after I filled out the required paperwork according to their specific instructions, which include:

-Photo copy of Driver’s License
-Photo copy of front and back of credit card
-Bank account number & routing number

After the initial request, they told me it would be three days before they would process the withdrawal. Three days later they told me they hadn’t received the documentation. I ended up emailing the documents 4 times to various email addresses during the first week. When they finally acknowledged receiving my documentation, they kept telling me it would be processed “in a few hours, or tomorrow morning at the latest.” This went on for about 5 days. The standard response to my calls was “Your request is with our Withdrawal Department, so there is nothing more we can do.” When I asked to be put in contact with someone in the Withdrawal Department, they told me it was offsite and there wasn’t a way to contact them other than emailing [email protected], which never replied to my emails.

I feel that Carolina Gonzolez (Vice Head account manager, [email protected]) gave me the runaround every time I called them. I believe she lied to me to keep buying more time and delay payment.

No reputable broker should treat their customers this way. Do yourself a favor and stay away from Eztrader.

Hi Edward,
EZTrader has been online for over 3 years now, having great support service and handling withdrawals as fast as possible. Our withdrawal policy is to return your money by 3-5 working days. Due to Money laundering restrictions, we are obligated to receive a few documents verifying the your identity and credit card number. If your withdrawal was delayed it could be due to lack of correct documentations. Keep in mind that it can also be caused by either your bank or credit company which has nothing to do with us.
We like satisfied returning costumers and therefore try to handle things on the best most efficient side.
If you encounter any problem, you are welcome to call our toll free number 1-800-435-7042 or send an email to [email protected]

In order to help you,i checked whois database of the using I got formatted information.Using this information,i didn’t confirm is the legit or not.Then i checked that company complaints using I got “This site has some negative feeedback” message. I can’t be to confirm this as legit one

EZTrader is not a scam I have taken help of them and it was nice. Usually it is for Binary options whereas some people have confusion that it is for forex. Due to some people lot others have started doubting on binary option, but there is an absolute solution to it i.e. binary option broker. You can visit to find experienced broker. You must start trading with an experienced broker for improved and better results.

I tried EZTrader binary options trading app and found it moderately good, however, I had some troubles with this app initially. If you are skeptical with EZTrader and looking for something fresh, then check out … xOhuX0LE9A – here you will find many new platforms with professional reviews.

What is forex trading?

by Shil1978 7 years ago

What is forex trading?

Is Forex trading gambling?

by zacsontan94 6 years ago

Is Forex trading gambling?

Everybody seems to be against forex trading here.

by kkavya 10 years ago

Hi folks, Recently i posted a topic about forex trading here and i was not amused at all as everybody seems to be mad at me. They calls forex a gamble and other cynical stuff like poker. Many here have misconception that forex trading is big guys game, is a complete gamble. First of all an average.

Is it ok to invest $ 10K for forex trading?

by nilbos 3 years ago

Is it ok to invest $ 10K for forex trading?account with USD 10,000 with However, after seeing your comments, I have stepped back and want to do a further study.Do you suggest I shoudl be doing forex trading ? If yes, would you be kind enough to share any points I must be careful.

Forex Trading – Opinion Please

by Reginald Chan 6 years ago

Forex Trading – Opinion PleaseRecently, I really thought of joining these Forex Trading Online. However, a quick Google and I really see so many writings on scams etc. Therefore, here are my questions:1. Is there any recommended Forex Trading Online company I should look up for?2. Is it worth.

Who has an experience in online Forex trading and would like to share something

by Nina P 5 years ago

Who has an experience in online Forex trading and would like to share something (advice)

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Eztrader Reviews

35 • Average

Write a review

Write a review

Reviews 35

Support actually answers.

I’d never heard of eztrader before but, in my opinion, they are excellent. A trustworthy platform. Also customer service actually has someone that you can talk to.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a serious broker

Received our 1320 Euros upon withdrawal request. Took 8 business and was more than efficient. I’m still trading and recommend using EzTrader yourselves.

Best broker I know

They answer the phone every time and they are available to explain procedures for you and give you some good advice. I’ve no complaints and the communication was excellent!

Nice and smooth interface.

finally broker you can trust on.

you will loose your money for sure. their idea is to make money for them not others. dont fell in to this scam

dont waste your money

EZTRADER thieving crooks

I have an account with these thieves. I started noticing that most of the strike values of trades were off by some amount. So even trades that does not move and should break even always looses. Then I have also noticed that their values are off from other broker sites. The biggest frustration was when great trades that are in the money just fail without any reason and you the loose that profit.

I have lost most of my funds because of their shady and dodgy thieving system. The term and conditions screws you from day one, and there is no way to prove their fraud. I only managed to get one screenshot that implies their fraudulent system, but that is useless.

I want every cent back from you thieves.
I want 75% of my complete trading volume because you thieves robbed me.
I want CySec to do their regulatory function and take their licence.
I want EZTrader to pay me $1,000,000 as punitive punishment for this serious securities fraud

EZTRADER is a secure winner

At eztrader you can be invest in many different investments like commodities, exchange rates, index and equities.
All investments except that they expire after a predetermined time when deciding whether you have won or lost.
Once an investment is approved, they can not be erased even if you might regret or mistyped.
In order to have an excess gain must be obtained for at least 2/3 of your ratings since only wound around 70-80% of an investment if won.
In addition, the company has a “black horse” which is their “BONUS” which shall bear interest at 40 times within 90 days. Now that is a good investment without the risk of Eztrader at your risk.
I had actually expected a system that was able to provide some reasonable provide advice in the form of mathematical probabilities, but this was not the case and the people behind it will / can not help you. They simply say that it is easy to make lots of money.
Be careful not to use this company.

Might as well be a scam

So much wiser I am now, thanks EZTrader for royally screwing me over. Avoid them unless you really know what you are doing, but then I guess then you would not be messing around with such a non-serious excuse of a business.

Theft – Scam- Fraud

I funded £200 in eztrader. but this website/trader not only is scam but also a thief.

Just check the page you want to make payment. That is a not a real bank/financial body webpage but only a fake webpage created by eztrader to rip off the customers. The webpage is WMG SERVICES LTD which actually is eztrader’s page.

Through this page they get your bank information (card number and cvc). Then they ask for an ID card and utility bill for verification. Then they use these info to take money out.

Pure fraud. I have filed a complaint in the bank. going to report to police too.

Multiple red lights!

Apart from that they trick you into choosing a ridiculous bonus contract, 25xbonus within 3 months before you can withdraw or they take all your winnings, my first impression was actually not that bad. Simple layout, easy to understand and use.

However, after playing around for a couple of days I found that the site tends to reload itself to often causing you to log out involuntarily. The stocks might also disappear from the list right before your time is up, so that you cannot follow the latest development in price. Furthermore, if you follow a stock closely and want to take advantage of sudden drops or rises, they will not allow you to do that by stating “Investment fail. Please try again”. So you do, again, again and again. Then, just for fun, you choose the opposite (for instance call instead of put), and voila, it works. Except that now the odds are in their favour, and you will most likely loose. And, of course, if there were to be sudden drops or rises when the time expires on your investment, it is considered valid and you loose your money. Now, I am a novise so I will not speak of how common such sudden rises/drops in stock value are, so feel free to comment on that if you have more experience.

And in addition, the “investment fail” error sometimes happens if you want to make a long term bet on a stock with steady decline/increase throughout the day.

I will not blame EZTrader for all my losses, since many of them were just poor guesses on my behalf. Nevertheless, having used the site now for some days my patient is gone and I will not make another deposit. Lesson learned on my behalf, next time I will do more proper investigation before engaging in the trading business.

Брокер Trading Times: обзор и отзывы о компании

Trading Times – это относительно молодой брокер. Он был запущен недавно, но уже сумел заслужить немало положительных отзывов. На сайте клиенты могут получить доступ к торговой платформе MetaTrader 4 и MetaTrader 5. Компания специализируется на валютном, фондовом и криптовалютном рынках. Однако надежен ли этот посредник? Давайте узнаем о возможностях брокера и рассмотрим отзывы о нем.

Обзор сайта Trading Times

Официальный сайт брокера заслужил хорошие отзывы пользователей за наличие русскоязычной версии. Это свидетельствует о том, что компания ориентирована на рынок СНГ. На главной странице сайта вы увидите слоган брокера “Начните свой путь к финансовым вершинам” и кнопку “Подробнее”, где можно найти подробный обзор активов.

В верхнем меню есть 8 пунктов, в том числе:

Также на есть краткий обзор котировок основных индексов, валютных пар и других активов, доступных на торговой платформе. В верхней части ресурса он выполнен в виде бегущей строки.

Также на сайте “Трейдинг Таймс” публикуются обзоры главных экономических новостей, информация регулярно обновляется. За эту функцию компания получила немало хороших отзывов трейдеров. В этом же блоке сайта находится кнопка “Ознакомьтесь”, которая ведет в аналитический раздел платформы.

Еще одна полезная для трейдера функция – обзор цен основных активов в формате таблицы. Информация на ней обновляется сразу же по мере изменения котировок. Здесь представлена стоимость основных валютных пар, торгуемых на платформе, а также показатели индексов:

В нижней части сайта компания предлагает клиентам скачать десктопную версию платформы, а также приложения для Android и iOS.

Обзор регистрации на и отзывы о процессе

Форма регистрации достаточно проста, создать аккаунт можно всего за минуту. Чтобы зарегистрироваться на сайте “Трейдинг Таймс”, нужно указать:

  • имя;
  • фамилию;
  • страну;
  • номер телефона;
  • адрес электронной почты;
  • промокод (если есть).

Также для создания аккаунта необходимо поставить галочки в пунктах “Подтверждаю, что мне есть 18 лет” и “Я согласен с условиями”. Форма выглядит так:

Обратите внимание, при регистрации на не нужно указывать пароль. Персональный код приходит на электронную почту в письме со ссылкой для подтверждения аккаунтов. Автоматическая генерация паролей – один из способов защиты пользователей со стороны брокера. Как говорят клиенты в отзывах, это очень полезная функция, которая усложняет взлом аккаунта.

Рекомендованные для вас статьи:

Обзор и отзывы о торговых платформах Trading Times

В отличие от многих брокеров, команда “Трейдинг Таймс” предпочла обойтись без самописной торговой платформы. Брокер сделал выбор в пользу готового решения – MetaTrader. При входе трейдеры могут выбрать удобную для себя версию платформы: 4 или 5.

В центре терминала находится большой график с обзором котировок по выбранной торговой паре. На платформе Trading Times можно использовать более 100 различных инструментов для технического анализа и свыше 50 индикаторов. Также площадка предлагает настроить график. Можно выбрать следующие типы:

Также можно произвести настройку графика по таймфреймам. Вы можете просмотреть котировки за временные промежутки от 1 минуты до 1 месяца.

Левее графика находится поле с обзором котировок основных торговых пар. Здесь вы выбираете интересующую вас trading pair и знакомитесь с перечнем активов. Например, если клиент работает на Форексе, ему доступны следующие виды валют:

Чтобы открыть сделку, необходимо два раза кликнуть по предпочтительной торговой паре. Перед вами появится экран настройки ордера. Здесь вы можете выбрать объем, установить Take Profit и Stop Loss. Терминал предлагает два типа ордеров – отложенный и немедленное исполнение.

Также на торговой площадке есть история сделок. Вы можете в любой момент провести анализ ранее открытых ордеров.

Среди особенностей трейдинга на выделим:

  • возможность торговли в один клик;
  • кредитное плечо 1:100;
  • наличие демо-счета.

Благодаря использованию платформ MetaTrader 4 и 5, компания также получила ряд хороших отзывов пользователей. Как говорят клиенты, разобраться с торговыми терминалами может даже новичок.

Экономический календарь и аналитика от “Трейдинг Таймс”: отзывы трейдеров

Еще одна важная и полезная функция для трейдеров – экономический календарь. Перейти в раздел с информацией клиенты могут с главной страницы Брокер публикует краткий обзор основных событий, которые произошли в мировой экономике.

Календарь удобно структурирован, можно просмотреть сведения:

  • за текущий день;
  • за прошедшие сутки;
  • за прошлую неделю;

Также в календаре есть анонсы главных событий на следующий день или на всю неделю. Информация в экономическом календаре “Трейдинг Таймс” выделяется с помощью молний. Три символа свидетельствуют о высокой важности сведений для трейдера.

Кроме того, на есть специальный раздел с аналитическими материалами. Команда проекта самостоятельно готовит обзоры новостей финансового рынка. Эксперты “Трейдинг Таймс” публикуют аналитику ежедневно.

Обзор способов пополнения и вывода средств на

Есть несколько способов ввести и вывести деньги. Прежде всего, это платежи с помощью карт Visa и MasterCard. Также есть возможность пополнения банковским переводом. А еще компания сотрудничает с крупными платежными системами, такими как:

В целом количество способов вывода денежных средств ограниченное. Нельзя использовать некоторые популярные в нашей стране и за рубежом платежные системы. Вывод средств осуществляется на протяжении 5-7 рабочих дней, что довольно долго.

Обзор отзывов о “Трейдинг Таймс”

Отзывы о Trading Times в Сети только положительные. Негативных мнений клиентов найти не удалось. Пользователи отмечают удобство торговой платформы, наличие мобильной и десктопной версии. Как говорят клиенты в отзывах, вывод средств компания осуществляет стабильно. Также трейдеры положительно оценили экономический календарь и аналитику от брокера:

Trading Times – мошенники?

Этот брокер еще достаточно молодой, но у него уже хорошая репутация в Сети. Большое количество положительных отзывов свидетельствует о том, что “Трейдинг Таймс” – не мошеннический сервис. Он действительно выплачивает клиентам заработанные деньги.

Преимущества и недостатки

Несмотря на то, что Trading Times работает не так долго, этот брокер зарекомендовал себя в качестве перспективного посредника. Преимущества компании:

  • возможность работы с MetaTrader 4 и 5;
  • маржинальная торговля, кредитное плечо 1:100;
  • наличие демо-счета;
  • стабильный вывод денежных средств;
  • наличие экономического календаря и аналитических материалов.

Недостатки “Трейдинг Таймс” несущественны. Среди минусов выделим:

  • довольно долгий вывод денег (5-7 рабочих дней);
  • ограниченное количество способов ввода и вывода средств.

Итоги обзора

Брокер Trading Times обладает хорошим набором функций как для начинающих, так и для опытных трейдеров. Однако у компании есть и определенные недостатки, хотя назвать их серьезными нельзя. Работать с этим посредником или нет — решать вам.

Автор: Иван Андриенко

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