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Member Since Nov 03, 2020 2 posts systemsfxs Apr 02 2020 at 11:32
Member Since Apr 17, 2020 4 posts neiltf May 22 2020 at 07:15
Member Since Sep 11, 2020 8 posts TheOne Jul 28 2020 at 17:23 is a complete scam who stole $5,000 of my money. They simply have no concept of money management and position sizing. They are full of false promises and will ensure you part with your hard earned money.

I was approached by Rose Guion who was Head of VIP Sales and Services at and she promised some fascinating returns with their so called Algo Trading. Do not trust the same as they will open big positions and cause you a margin call. I have burned my fingers more than once with them and every time they mentioned please invest more funds for your investment to grow and recover the losses.

I simply do not understand how they can exists for so long and would urge the financial authority of the country in which they operate to penalise them and close their operations. If you have investments with them they do not risk it for too long else it will be gone in the thin air. Be warned and be protected. Listed below are some of the sources which provide the proof of their reliability:

Some more proof of them being dishonest includes:

There site is classified with Low Trust Rating and identified as unsafe to use. It is based on Russian Federation with safety level as little as 25%.

CFD1000 Ltd / 1000Trading Group Corporation is in breach of French law and is not required to follow the basic rules of investor protection, good information or claims processing.

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Sign-up Bonus:

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

I will share more information about them in near future so that other investors are not cheated. I urge all the investors of to withdraw your funds before its too late. If they turn out to be genuine broker and if they do refund my investmest I will keep you posted.

Member Since Sep 11, 2020 8 posts TheOne Aug 21 2020 at 11:23

After some research I have come to understand this is a broker who is based in Israel. The sales professionals (scammers) will call you from a busy environment to pretend as if they are in middle of the trading floor and offer you some bonus which is applicable for next few days. They will ask you to deposit funds in a day or two to avail the special bonus. Please refrain from these liars as they are highway robbers who will steal your money in the broad daylight. You will find more update on this broker in the below link:

There is a scam alert issued against this broker. Below is the link to the proof of their credibility. A message to existing and potential clients of stay away from these scammers or be sorry for yourself.

Member Since Sep 11, 2020 8 posts TheOne Oct 04 2020 at 16:17 is a scam company whose sole purpose is to steal the hard earned money of the investors. If you ever invest money with them consider it gone. Invest at your own risk and refrain for doing damage to your capital. Now they have started forex education site and offering pirated software. Not very credible of a broker to offer pirated software

Member Since Oct 13, 2020 2 posts Rafaelloxxx Oct 14 2020 at 06:05
Member Since Sep 11, 2020 8 posts TheOne Oct 19 2020 at 19:08 (edited Oct 19 2020 at 19:11 )

I have lost my investment due to sheer negligence and unethical trading procedure by this firm. They have zero qualification on trading funds of its clients and simply give margin call to any and every trader who allows to trade their account by this bunch of unprofessional.

Attached is some proof of them being blacklisted and the fact that Financial Conduct Authority of UK saying is not a regulated broker and simply a blacklisted organisation. Any investor with little bit of sanity would consider a broker who is registered and regulated. There are plenty to chose from in the Forex market. I don’t see a point why risk the capital. A word of advice, just give your capital for charity instead of investing with because both would result in you parting with your funds however in one case you will get blessed for the good deed and in another case you will end of making someone else a fat cat who will laugh his way to the bank.

If you do genuinely have an live account with them then hold on firmly to your chair as you will be pleasantly surprised with a margin call.

Member Since Sep 11, 2020 8 posts TheOne Oct 19 2020 at 19:22 (edited Oct 19 2020 at 19:23 )

Here is another proof of them flawing the French law (

Do not invest with this broker. If you do have your money with this broker then simply pull out your funds before they expose their evil side to you.

Member Since Sep 11, 2020 8 posts TheOne Oct 19 2020 at 20:45

And here is the broken legal language of this esteemed organization who does not seem to care much for the legal clauses on its corporate website.


Member Since Sep 11, 2020 8 posts TheOne Oct 28 2020 at 16:35

I hate this broker because they literally stole my $5000 investment. Did you hear that ‘STOLE’. I have read multiple reviews about this broker and some of the investors have lost $20,000 and others have lost as high as $50,000 for their so called Algo Trading. Simply pathetic service.

I am not referring to individual trader who invests with this non-regulated broker and trade for themselves. I am referring to investors who invest with this bunch of crooks and allow them to trade with your money. This is where they will show you the lemon with a margin call and cover their backs stating market conditions forced the account to have margin call. Whilst the truth is that they will open multiple big positions in your account to swindle the money out of your account.

Beware investors, stay away from this highway robbers. There are better regulated forex brokers in the market. I don’t see a reason why you need to deal with this company who has been blacklisted in so many countries.

The Best Cheap Online Stock Brokers

Best for New Investors

Best for Active Investors

How We Found the Best Cheap Online Stock Brokers

13 Trading Sites Analyzed

2 Experts Consulted

The Best Cheap Online Stock Broker

The best cheap online stock broker offers a variety of investment options at a low cost. We compared fees, account minimums, and other costs of the cheapest brokerage accounts to find which best suits different investing priorities. While most online brokers have dialed down their costs, we found three that we like more than the competition.

Since 2020, has helped millions of people find the best of the best in all things, including online stock brokers. After investigating 13 major brokers and consulting with third-party financial experts, we’ve put together a list of our top picks and have continued updating this review to ensure it stays fresh. The author of this review does not own stock in any of the brokerage firms mentioned here, or in any other financial service companies.

The Best Cheap Online Stock Brokers: Summed Up

Ally Invest Charles Schwab Interactive Brokers
Best for New Investors Best Resources Best for Active Investors
Account Minimum $0 $0 $0
Price Per Trade $0 $0 $0
Per Share Fee $0 $0 $0.005
Margin Rates 4.75%-9.25% 7.575%-9.325% 2.18%-3.06%

Data as of Dec. 10, 2020.

The 3 Best Cheap Online Stock Brokers

Ally Invest – Best for New Investors

Easy entry point
Room to grow
Managed portfolios

Difficult to find account specifics
Light on education

Why we chose it

Easy entry point

If you’re a relative newcomer to the stock market, you should look for a broker with low costs, plenty of educational resources, and, importantly, a low account minimum. Your best bet is Ally Invest. Because Ally Invest doesn’t maintain brick-and-mortar branches or run advertising campaigns, it is relatively unknown outside of the trading world. However, Ally does better than most online brokerages at making investing accessible to newcomers. The real welcome mat in front of Ally’s door: $0 commission on U.S. stocks, ETFs, and options, as of December 2020. And with a no minimum for independent brokerage accounts, just about anyone can get started investing with Ally.

Room to grow

Just because Ally makes investing approachable doesn’t mean it isn’t an expansive company. There are plenty of tools and opportunities to expand your investment horizons. Ally offers all the same major investment vehicles as other brokerages — stocks, options, ETFs, bonds, forex, futures, mutual funds. And on the subject of mutual funds, Ally provides access to nearly twice as many mutual funds (around 10,000 vs. 5,000) and charges a much lower mutual fund commission than the competition (around $10 vs. Schwab’s $75).

Managed portfolios

In addition to Ally’s swathe of investment vehicles, the brokerage also offers a host of accounts that fall under a managed portfolio. These portfolios are comprised exclusively of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) — bundles of investments that trade on the open market like stocks. They offer similar diversification to mutual funds, but typically carry lower expenses.

In addition to small fees for holding the ETFs themselves, Ally charges a 0.3% advisory fee for its legacy managed portfolio product. That’s a pretty middle-of-the-road percentage in comparison with other full-service brokerages but slightly higher than companies that offer only managed portfolios. We discuss these robo-advisor companies below. Ally offers one managed portfolio type without advisory fees — a cash-enhanced managed portfolio that balances risk by putting 30% of the portfolio in an interest-bearing cash buffer.

Points to consider

Difficult to find account specifics

Ally boasts an aesthetically pleasing and easily navigable site, but buries much of the hard data that we were craving. From the easy-to-reach pages, scout out fine print hyperlinks promising “More Details” to find consolidated information about fees, investment vehicles, and account types.

Light on education

Ally takes a light approach to education and research. While having more in-house resources would improve the overall client experience, you can still find plenty of information elsewhere on the internet. And in-house improvement is on the horizon: Since Ally’s merger with TradeKing, its original system has seen a boost in tools and technology.

Charles Schwab – Best Resources

Stellar research
Robo-advising options
Traditional brokerage feel

More expensive than Ally
Complex tech

Why we chose it

Stellar research

Schwab puts extensive information on accounts, products, as well as wider investment education front and center, hitting you with its expert counsel and breaking news. Not only does the firm provide access to independent research, it also publishes relevant in-house research.

Robo-advising options

Charles Schwab offers a managed portfolio option, Intelligent Portfolio, available for a large number of managed account types ($5,000 account minimum). Unlike every other managed account we looked at, it charges no advising fees. Instead, Schwab makes money by holding some of the underlying assets of the accounts. The only fees associated with the account come from the investments, and while that percentage increases to a substantial amount (from 0.07% to 0.21% as risk builds), it’s still lower than most.

Automated financial advisors are the wave of the future, but many people don’t feel comfortable putting their life’s savings in the digital hands of a computer. Charles Schwab has developed a half-and-half solution: A hybrid service, Schwab Intelligent Portfolios Premium puts both financial professionals and financial algorithms to work. A nice little solution, so long as you have $25,000 to plunk down.

Traditional brokerage feel

Charles Schwab has retained more of a classic brokerage feel through its in-person presence (you can schedule a free consultation with a financial advisor) as well as its more traditional account minimums. Charles Schwab offers a deluxe set of services, but depending on the account you choose, you don’t have to invest a correspondingly huge amount. Opting for an independent brokerage account gives you access to the resources of a traditional, full-service brokerage without putting down a traditional amount. Plus, as of December 2020, all U.S. stocks, ETFs, and options can be traded commission-free, following in the footsteps of brokers like Robinhood.

Points to consider

More expensive than Ally

Just about every basic fee charged by Charles Schwab goes toe-to-toe with Ally. The price between the two does jump in certain instances — broker-assisted trades go up by $5 and mutual fund commissions go up to $25. However, both brokers have $0 account minimums to open a brokerage account, and the breadth of tools and resources available with Charles Schwab does a lot to justify the extra expense.

Complex tech

If you need personalized settings and advanced features, StreetSmart Edge provides both in spades. You’ll just have to learn how to use it. User feedback about clunky trading tech has led the company to revise its approach, but if you still find the desktop platform unwieldy, there’s also a web-based platform, Trade Source, which offers streamlined trading and market insights on the go. Investors that are new to the game may find the web-based option more accessible.

Interactive Brokers – Best for Active Investors

Rewards active trading
Exceptional platform
Protegés get perks

Trading tech learning curve
Futures trading violations

Why we chose it

Rewards active trading

For pure trading and competitive prices, no other brokerage comes close to Interactive Brokers. Previously, IB required a $10,000 minimum account balance (one of the highest in the industry), but as of April 2020, it was dropped to allow people to open cash accounts with $0. However, IB still has the relatively high $10 monthly activity fee, which is charged if your trades don’t rack up at least $10 in commissions. On the other hand, it offers extremely low margin rates (their highest interest bracket still charges less than 3%) as well as the choice of fixed or tiered pricing, giving investors the opportunity to choose what makes more financial sense for them. Tiered structures like this will typically benefit high-volume traders.

Exceptional platform

Interactive Broker’s incredibly rich platform offers trading technology advanced enough for professional day traders. Choose from the web-based trading platform WebTrader and the more advanced, downloadable platform, Trader Workstation. Both are included for Interactive Brokers clients at no additional cost. Serious traders will likely gravitate to the Trader Workstation’s more in-depth features.

Protegés get perks

If you’re a savvy investor who also happens to be under 25, you can open an Interactive Broker account with a monthly fee bumped down to $3 from $10. IB’s recent announcement that it dropped commission for U.S. stocks and ETFs also has its benefits for younger investors who are getting their start.

Points to consider

Trading tech learning curve

Navigation in Trader Workstation is far from intuitive as tools are located in discrete sections. However, it is also customizable, allowing you to group together the resources you make frequent use of and hide the ones you don’t. The interface, like the rest of an IB account, only benefits experienced traders. However, IB has recognized the learning gap. To supplement the educational tools on Traders’ University, IB has introduced a layout library (choose from pre-made setups and templates for different trading strategies) as well as an AI assistant. IBot can answer plain-English questions. But, like any other voice-activated helper from Siri to Alexa, it has its limits.

Futures trading violations

Back in 2020, the company was fined for several violations relating to the management of futures market funds. The result was a pair of fines totaling $925,000. Because the fines occurred several years ago, and because futures trading is a fairly niche investment area compared to stocks and funds, we don’t think this is enough to cancel out Interactive Brokers’ overall value. However, if you’re planning on doing a substantial amount of futures trading, be aware of this mark on their record.

How We Chose the Best Cheap Online Stock Brokers

Major brokerages

We focused on major names and newer players that were doing more to disrupt the space. We considered seven brokerages in total: Ally Invest, E*trade, Fidelity, Interactive Brokers, Charles Schwab, Merrill Edge, and T.D. Ameritrade — all major brokerages that have made a name for themselves offering exceptionally low rates. To find the best online brokerage among them, we investigated their platforms and compared fine print to see how they stack up in fees, learning resources, and trading technology.

Low account minimums

Whether you’re new to the stock market or a seasoned investor, choosing a brokerage with low overhead is a smart financial decision: Spending less money on fees means your investments have more room to grow. And while cheap trading platforms may not offer the same level of counsel or market research as a traditional firm, you can still find plenty of tools to make trading decisions smarter and faster. For the novice investor who wants to start small and spend small, we sought out accounts that have a low minimum balance (the amount you’re required to keep in your account at all times), no minimum activity rules, and as many $0 fees as possible.

Low trading fees

We didn’t want to neglect experienced investors, though. For investors who’ve had time to let investments grow, a low minimum balance probably isn’t a top concern. But putting more money in shouldn’t make your fees swell proportionately. We looked for brokerages that kept fees low for larger accounts — or, better yet, offered more discounts for frequent activity. Some of the most important: broker-assisted trade commission, monthly activity fee, price per trade, and price per share. Though the numerical difference between two brokerages’ fees can appear small — an extra $2 per trade or a 2% bump in margin rates — those dollars and percentages still eat away at your investment. We looked for brokers that kept fees and commissions as low as possible.

How to Choose a Cheap Online Stock Brokerage

Choose with your investment habits in mind

Your financial goals and your personal investing style will be the two biggest factors in choosing the right brokerage for you. We set out to find the strengths and weaknesses of the cheapest brokerages we could find, but you’ll still have to decide which offers the right combination of savings and services for your needs.

Weigh the worth of special offers

Special offers for opening a brokerage account can include a set number of free trades or even cash bonuses for investing above a certain amount. Read the fine print to be sure that these early benefits outweigh later costs, and whether those new client perks align with your investing practices. In other words, don’t be enticed into choosing a broker offering deals on investment products you don’t understand or aren’t ready to use. Since special offers are by definition short-term, we focused on set account pricing. In the long run, those are the savings that will impact your financial goals.

Start with virtual trading

One of the many reasons we prefer Ally Invest for new investors is because it offers virtual trading. With virtual trading, you can test out strategies before putting your own cash into the mix.

Online Stock Trading FAQ

Our best online stock broker suggestions do their best to minimize risks, however there are still several potential risks that come with online trading and investing.

Security concerns
Online stock brokers do all they can to minimize security risks, but there is still always a chance that a hacker could find their way into your account to swipe sensitive information or available funds. Make sure to speak thoroughly with your broker or broker agency to have a crystal clear idea of the ways your money and your information are protected. Executing smarter habits, implementing 2-factor authentication, and changing your passwords every season, as well as using a designated computer to do your trading, are some things you can do to help keep your account secure.

Technical difficulties/internet dependent
There is a real possibility that your online broker may have a day when their site isn’t performing as it should. Maybe the site was hacked, a system failure has occurred, or maybe your internet is slower than usual. In the event of technical difficulties, your transactions could be delayed or negated, which could end up costing you valuable time and money.

Too much talk
Most online brokers offer trading forums where users can talk strategy, but keep in mind that many comments are coming from amateur traders who may have different investing goals than you. We recommend only following advice from professional financial advisors.

Potentially addictive
A study published in the journal Addictive Behaviors links trading very closely to gambling. In particular, traders can experience a similar dopamine release to those who gamble.

If this is your first foray into investments, the general wisdom suggests you dedicate around $1,000. Less, and it can be too difficult to gauge the success of your strategy or to weather any stock market storms. That said, no amount is too small. The concept of Time Value Money (TVM) suggests that money is always worth more the earlier you receive it because of its earning capacity. If you have the choice to get a spare $50 now or in three months, you should choose now because you could invest it and watch it grow. With no account minimums, there’s no reason to save up to invest.

If you relish the thrill of quick trades, you won’t be asking this question at all. Performing multiple trades a day means that juggling stocks is your part-time or even full-time job. But if you’re interested in keeping investments a side hobby, and don’t have the time or interest to try and outwit the market, don’t stress yourself checking the numbers more than once a week. Any closer monitoring than that, and you may be tempted to make trades based on short-term fluctuations — and that’s bad for your long-term earnings potential.

The inexpensive trading platforms established by the likes of Scottrade and E*trade make it easy to invest by reducing or eliminating fees that make traditional brokerage firms elite. They are not, however, the newest rich kid on the block. A slew of robo-advisor investment portfolios — Wealthsimple, Wealthfront, and Betterment — have materialized within the past five years, with marketing and functionality geared toward a demographic used to automated services. Simply plug in your time frame and risk tolerance and an algorithm takes it from there. Wealthsimple’s slogan says it all: “Investing on autopilot.”

A nice side effect of AI investing — even lower fees. Wealthsimple and Betterment both allow you to open an account with $0 down; Wealthfront asks for $500. Wealthsimple charges an annual 0.5% advising fee; Wealthfront and Betterment charge just 0.25%.

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We keep a finger on the pulse of finances in all its guises: investments, insurance, currency. Through research and expert input, we surface the best products and services to grow wealth and protect it into the future. Check out our top picks in the reviews below.

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Philip Palermo Lead Senior Editor – For the Home

Want to Invest in Laos? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Last updated March 5th, 2020.

Laos is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. Strong exports and its burgeoning service sector helped the Lao economy surge by 6.6% in 2020. The Asian Development Bank predicts even faster GDP growth of 6.9% going forward into 2020 and 2020.

Meanwhile, foreign investment is surging into Laos – especially from its much bigger neighbor.

China is pouring massive amounts of capital into Asia’s emerging economies through its One Belt One Road initiative. And Laos is among the main beneficiaries of China’s pet project.

The fact that Laos shares land borders with five other nations, including China, gives them the potential to become a transport hub for the entire ASEAN region.

A major example is the high speed rail line being financed by China. It will go through Laos and into Southeast Asia, leading to even more trade in the future.

Strong historical performance, and possibly even better days predicted ahead, might make you consider investing in Laos.

You probably shouldn’t buy property, stocks, or any other asset in Laos though. Here are a few reasons why.

Investing in Laos as Foreigner is Hard

Despite a rapidly growing Lao economy, it’s rather difficult for investors to bring money in and buy property or stocks. Markets don’t mean anything if you can’t access and profit from them.

Every plot of land in Laos is technically owned by the state. Foreigners can only lease land for a period of up to 30 years. Strangely enough, you can own houses and other types of real estate in Laos – yet not the land your property is built on.

Do you really want to buy a home when it’s at the mercy of someone else’s land though?

Similar to other frontier markets, Laos just barely has a stock exchange. You can trade exactly seven companies on the Lao Securities Exchange. Most of them are quasi-public corporations like the state-owned oil firm and the electricity provider.

This means starting a business is the sole practical method of investing in Laos as a foreigner. You don’t have many options left in a country that bars foreign ownership and doesn’t have a stock market.

So what’s the problem with that? Well, doing business in Laos is very difficult too. Forming and maintaining a company is a bureaucratic nightmare. On top of that, getting a long-term visa to actually live in Laos and run your company is a complete headache.

Quite simply, while nearby countries are among the easiest places in the world to invest, Laos is one of the hardest.

Laos is a Landlocked Country

Geography isn’t something that anyone can change. Yet a nation’s place on the map absolutely defines how easily it can grow. Having natural resources, access to sea routes, and arable land are all factors that help sustain economic growth over the long-term.

Laos is surrounded by five other nations. Having borders with as many countries as possible is generally positive for exports. However, in the case of Laos, it’s at the expense of having access to the sea.

Life isn’t fair. But Laos is at an inherent disadvantage because of its position on the map.

Being landlocked means Laos will always have a hard time selling their products to the world. They can’t ship by themselves. Laos will always be dependent on its neighbors that border the ocean like Thailand and Vietnam.

Not only is that inconvenient for Laos, but costly as well. Lao products being exported through Thai ports, for example, are subject to Thai tariffs. Lao industry is noncompetitive and will face numerous developmental challenges.

Furthermore, Laos itself is difficult to maneuver. Approximately 70% of the country is made up of mountain ranges and highlands while dozens of rivers run throughout its territory.

This is also costly and inconvenient. Taxpayers must their spend money on infrastructure like bridges and tunnels to merely get across the country. Laos doesn’t have the luxury of building long roads across a flat plain.

As a result, infrastructure in Laos has a higher cost and will likely stay below global standards for a while. That issue is compounded by several other factors in this article (most of them self-imposed) and will deter those wanting to invest in Lao stocks, real estate, or companies.

Laos could potentially turn its location from a negative aspect into a positive one in the future. A rail system could eventually move products between China and Southeast Asia since Laos is otherwise centrally located.

Of course, that requires tons of effort, money, time, and cooperation with bordering countries.

You Have Better Investment Options

Nothing stated above means you can’t make a profit in Laos. In fact, lots of multinational firms. are doing very well here. Many of them are big companies from places like Vietnam and China, but plenty of smaller firms have found success too.

With that said, there are better options right next door to Laos. Vietnam’s stock market is fully functional and doing business is much easier. Meanwhile, Cambodia allows foreign real estate ownership and almost anyone can get a long-term visa.

There’s no reason to burden yourself with paperwork, stress, and bureaucracy when markets like Cambodia and Vietnam are right next door. Both are growing at around the same pace as Laos, yet they have far less of the negative aspects.

We’re talking about the most dynamic continent in the world. If you’re investing in Asia, do it correctly. Don’t sell yourself short.

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Learn the best places to invest – and where to avoid – by downloading our free Investment Cheat Sheet.

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J’ai lu attentivement votre poste et vos arguments.
Je suis partiellement d’accord, car vous n’écrivez pas toute la vérité.

Au Laos, vous pouvez devenir propriétaire de terre à condition que vous déteniez 100% de vos parts d’actions au travers une compagnie en règle. D’ailleurs pour se faire, il y a effectivement des difficultés pour obtenir certaines autorisations ce qui a été mon cas, mais rien n’est impossible. Je suis en mesure aujourd’hui d’expliquer pourquoi cela a été difficile. Mais il en faut accepter des préceptes non pratiqué par d’autres pays.

J’ai mon immatriculation, mon numéro fiscal et une autorisation du droit d’exercer sur le territoire.

Mais, il ne faut pas dire qu’investir au Laos, il ne faut pas et pourquoi vous ne devriez pas.
Cela, est certainement du à une mal connaissance des pratiques du pays comme une mauvaise introduction que vous auriez pu avoir ou encore, être mal entouré aux risques d’escroqueries divers. Cela, j’en conviens.

Si vous avez besoin d’aide, ma compagnie totalement en règle, est en mesure d’accompagner n’importe qu’elle types d’investisseurs et ainsi de permettre officiellement son existence. Le seul paramètre est d’accepter le fait que nous sommes sur un territoire pas facile avec des contraintes d’ordre financiers. Si vous l’acceptez, je suis en mesure d’obtenir toutes la documentation permettant vos investissements. Cela étant une réalité.

Et Croyez moi, lorsque vous parlez de pays voisins sans les citer, les pièges existants peuvent se refermer sur vous sans que vous puissiez rien faire alors qu’au départ tout parait franchement plus simple et plus sécurisant. A méditer….

Vous pouvez visiter mon Facebook ou je publie même l’ensemble de mes pièces administratives de l’état à mon immatriculation, mon numéro fiscal, et mon autorisation du droit d’exercer sur le territoire. Je vous invite également à pouvoir contrôler l’ensemble de ces documents auprès des ministères en charge de leurs productions.

disagree with your opinion not to invest in Laos. In fact Laos has never been landlocked as you said but they have been thriving doing business with their neighboring countries. Just that they could tap on the rest of the world trade because they didn’t have access to the sea. Today with the road and belt project from China, Laos will be able to export their product at higher rate and volume. So let’s check in again in 5 year time.

PS: contact me for any business discussion or opportunity thanks

Best Binary Options Brokers 2020:
  • Binarium

    Best Binary Options Broker!
    Perfect For Beginners!
    Free Trading Education!
    Free Demo Account!
    Sign-up Bonus:

  • Binomo

    Good Choice For Experienced Traders!

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