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My Perfect Cosmetics Reviews

27 • Poor

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Write a review

Reviews 27

Can’t get hold of company. Don’t reply to emails .

Ordered product 3 weeks ago. Still nothing . Cant get hold of company on phone or chat , and no replies to numerous emails. Don’t even want to
try the product now , company service is non existent . Just want my $183 .00 dollars . ����������������

Love the day and night cream

My review on their homepage seems to have vanished so here goes
I purchase a starter pack and although I have not used the facial yet.
The night and day creams are amazing although less is more I have found and will definitely buy these again.
The perfect eyes serum did not work out for me even though I tried it a couple of times as I thought I may not have cleansed well . sadly it left my under eyes red and Very sore, on the upside Though it worked on the crows feet �� with no adverse reaction �� and no white residue.
So although I still have bags �� my crow feet have flown away ��

This product is so bad for the skin and…

This product is so bad for the skin and it should be banned. First time trying it i thought maybe it was because i had been out for a walk in the wind . Tried it a second time last night and my face is totally swollen this morning and burnt.
My negative review on My Perfect website was not noted so it looks like they have only 5 stars reviews.
Im now over the 30days send back and the three product i bought will be going straight in the bin. Totally waste of money. Please please be aware. Dont not buy from this company

A must for every woman

I’ve been using My perfect eyes for about a month.
There is no way I will leave home without it from now on. I dont wear makeup apart from a little mascara so it is perfect for me.
Took a bit of time getting used to applying it without getting the white marks but I’ve now got it perfect now. I tried botox before using this. In comparison this is cheaper and safer.
I bought the 200 application bottle and got the day cream free with it. I love the day cream too.


My Perfect Eyes. This product is awful. Instead of having a few bags it leaves you with a white residue that looks worse than the initial problem. It also burns the skin and causes great discomfort. Don’t think you can send it back like all their literature would make you think. It’s absolute rubbish. You DON’T HAVE 30 DAYS. So be very aware.

I am very sorry to hear you have had this experience with My Perfect Eyes and I do hope that any discomfort has now eased. Sensitivity issues are quite rare but not unheard of. Usually sensitivity will be evident during the patch test and to discontinue use would be the recommendation as stated in the instructions.

We do offer a 30 day money back guarantee as explained in our Terms and Conditions. This allows customers up to 30 days to try the product and contact us if they are not 100% satisfied. Once the customer informs us of their wish to return, they are then given the returns details and 14 days from that date to return the goods back to us for the refund. A customer must tick to confirm they have read our Terms and Conditions prior to placing the order. This is to ensure customers are fully aware of our procedures and policies.

I can see you emailed us on the 24th of January for the returns details. Your email was responded to the same day with the returns address and the return by date being the 7th of February.

We do feel our money back guarantee is very generous and allows customers to try their products from home.

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Kind regards,
My Perfect Cosmetics Company.

Disappointing mistake purchasing this

The tracking info for these products was not so good. It just says order in process, nothing more. It did eventually arrive. I’ve road tested each product. At first I thought it was okay as a set of products. Yes the face pack made my face excessively taught, but the creams – day and night, seemed okay at first. The face wash was okay if a little hard to use.
With regular use, I actually think that I have some deeper lines in the areas of use, which were not as noticeable before. So it made me look more not less wrinkled.
Also the products were very pricey and the pump action on the creams, in no way lasted for as many uses as advertised. In fact about 30 uses not 200. Overall another hyped up disappointment, as often seen in the beauty industry. There is also no info on the website about whether animal testing or products are part of the product. A mistake in purchase, that I wont be making again.

Horrible purchase experience

I purchased an item from this company. They did not provide any tracking Info. After three weeks of no product I emailed them and did not hear back. I then opened I claim through my credit card and then finally heard back from them with the wrong tracking info. When the product finally arrived I was charged an additional $20 to pick it up! Overall I would say it is a horrible company to deal with and would let people know to not waste their time with this company as there are many other products out there that are similar.
FYI. U WILL be charged import charges and they will be pricey. Also the company will not help u at all. Terrible customer service.

I am really sorry to hear of the experience you have had with your order but am glad to hear that you are now in receipt of your goods.

In regards to the delivery fee, we are based in the UK and all orders that go internationally may be subject to customs and import charges all differing thresholds dependant on the country they are going to. These charges are set by that country and completely separate to any payments made to us for your order.

It is outlined in our terms and conditions that these charges could apply and there is a ‘tick box’ before you ‘checkout’ to say you have read the terms and conditions.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

Kind regards,
My Perfect Cosmetics Company.

Absolutely love this ‘My Perfect Eyes ‘…

Absolutely love this ‘My Perfect Eyes ‘ takes a bit of practice and definitely less is more , if you have a white residue it means you have used too much , Can’t be without it now

Customer Service is extremely poor

Customer Service is extremely poor, I have been trying to get in touch with this company now for 3 business days . first time customer is now the last time customer.

I used this foundation as it was a new…

I used this foundation as it was a new product in my work. I have very light, combination skin and when i swatched it, it looked very orange. However when i applied it in my face, it didnt look orange bit round the neck line it did. It is a whipped formula, reminds me of the maybelline dream matte mouse. It applies very soft and smooth but i would say it is medium coverage which isnt buildable. It dries down to a powder like finish so if you have dry skin this may look dry and patchy.
Overall it has a good application and a nice soft powder finish but the coverage wasnt for me. Plus the fact it gave me an orange ring around my neck. I wouldnt purchase this again, i only bought it as it was on offer. At £30 you can find much better foundations with a much wider shade range.

Not for me I’m afraid. Don’t waste your money.

I purchased this when it was on offer at 17.99 from Lloyds chemist.
Unfortunately this did not work for me. I applied it to clean dry skin as stated and in the way that was advised. Still had wrinkles showing. Won’t buy again.

Bought the foundation maybe feels light…

Bought the foundation maybe feels light and silky but had no coverage atall gutted I use the facials I find sometimes great sometimes poor it’s the activator gel I’m sure there’s a bad batch I spent hundreds on facials measure it exactly but iim sure it’s a manufacturer fault when making gel to mix great then poor and so on. But foundation no good can’t build extra coverage when you try it sets with powder and separates gutted bought it as treat for myself before x mass had high hopes but gutted

I am really sorry that the foundation wasn’t for you.
We do have a 30 day money back guarantee when purchasing directly with ourselves, if you would like to take advantage of this please email us with your order details and we will be happy to resolve this for you.

I am very sorry to her this in regards to the facial, please feel free to email us at [email protected] and we will look into this for you.

Many thanks,
My Perfect Cosmetics Company

The My Perfect Eyes product does exactly what they say it does

The My Perfect Eyes product does EXACTLY what it claims to. If you apply it correctly, exactly as directed, it really does make puffiness and lines completely disappear. It does take a while to get used to the application; at first I think everyone puts on too much and gets that white residue. Really only a small amount is needed (which also means that this relatively inexpensive product goes along way). I have also used the mask and day and night creams, and I have been completely satisfied. At first I thought the jar packaging would make the cream useless because of exposure to air and light (never buy any cream in an open jar packaging; even the best cream will lose all its effectiveness within a week. Only buy products with plenty of antioxidants in either a tube or pump), but they have come up with an ingenious pump within the jar, which means that the product is not exposed to air until you pump it out. I really see a huge difference since I’ve started using their products.

If I could award a 1 or zero star on…

If I could award a 1 or zero star on this product I would. Absolute rip off and does not in anyway work and leaves a dry residue on your eyes. And as for “Dr Hugo kitchen” who’s happily endorsed this ridiculous Product I’m not entirely convinced he didn’t receive a rather large cash incentive to “big up” this over priced “Miracle” cream and shame on These people for preying on those who are seeking anything to improve their looks. oh and you won’t get a refund either. Another “Untruth “!

Be aware of return policy

Purchased pack of 5 treatment My Perfect Facial from Lloyds pharmacy online. Used the product exactly as directed, but unfortunately it had absolutely no effect whatsoever on me. Decided to return it under the 30 day ‘no quibble’ money back guarantee, but was told by the company that since I purchased it through Lloyds Pharmacy I would have to return it under their returns policy, which I couldn’t really understand, as they were the manufacturers of the product and it was their guarantee that I was returning it under. However they absolutely insisted that they would not accept the product back and it had to be returned via Lloyds Pharmacy. As Lloyds Pharmacy’s return policy is within 14 days and the product suggests using the treatment over a minimum 2 week period, it means that It is always going to be outside the Lloyds Pharmacy guidelines, so cannot be returned to them. As for the efficacy of the product itself – well all I can say is that it made absolutely no difference to me, but maybe works on other people? But please be aware of the return anomaly if you purchase through Lloyds Pharmacy, if you use the product and it doesn’t work, the manufacturer will not honour the guarantee.

Perfect Privacy VPN Review

November 25, 2020

Below is my Perfect Privacy review…

Perfect Privacy is a recognizable name.

We use several of their free privacy services to check other VPN connections and proxy servers, for instance.

But this time, we’re turning the table to see whether their encryption and protocol offerings are up to snuff.

Perfect Privacy comes courtesy of the Swiss-based Vectura Data management Limited, which was founded in 2020.

And in this Perfect Privacy VPN review, we’ll spill the beans on their private network, including whether you should fork over your hard-earned dough or stick to their free resources, instead.

Perfect-Privacy VPN Overview

OVERALL RANK: #4 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY: Very Easy, Supports All Devices
LOG FILES: No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS: 24 countries, 55 servers
SUPPORT: FAQ, Forum, & Email
TORRENTING: Torrenting Allowed
NETFLIX: Yes 1/5
COST: $9.99/mo (yearly)

Perfect Privacy Pros

Perfect Privacy doesn’t let us down, offering best-in-class protocols and encryption options. Their logging policy is legit, connection leak free, and application user-friendly.

Here’s a quick summary of their positives.

1. Industry-Standard Encryption and Protocols

Perfect Privacy starts strong, offering the OpenVPN protocol, along with IPSec and SSH, plus SOCKS5 and PPTP proxies.

OpenVPN should be your default choice in most cases, because it offers bank-grade 256-bit encryption. No one has ever been able to hack through this rock-solid standard. And no one will in the near future, either. It would even take today’s supercomputers decades to crack. So don’t expect it anytime soon.

The other protocol options are good for older or incompatible devices. For example, less expensive laptops might not be able to run OpenVPN. Where as iOS devices typically use IPSec.

2. Zero-Logging Policy

Perfect Privacy’s log-free policy is also free of any suspicious, technical jargon. (See what I did there?)

Perfect Privacy logging policy is simple and straightforward.

Many other VPN companies will use sophisticated legalese to give themselves some wiggle room. That way, users either won’t understand what they’re agreeing to. Or, they’ll be powerless to stop the company from using your personal data however they please.

That’s not even the worst part, though.

Because many times, when you dig below the surface of a VPN’s terms and privacy policy, you’ll discover that they outright lie about their logging policies .

Fortunately, you don’t have that issue with Perfect Privacy.

3. Leak and Virus-Free Connection

We use Perfect Privacy’s free IP check to make sure each VPN connection is telling the truth.

See, some connections will accidentally ‘leak’ your true IP address right from under your nose. Obviously, this completely negates having a VPN in the first place.

So this time, we turned the tables.

We double-checked Perfect Privacy’s connection in several different tests. And they came out clean in each case.

  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)
  • (none found)

The other positive we found was that no potential viruses or malware showed up in their installation files, either.

This is great news, considering a few other VPNs we’ve reviewed, like StrongVPN for example, has produced as many as three viruses in their install files.

Forking over your cash for a VPN, only to have them inject your device with malware, would be a complete disaster. (Not to mention, a complete waste of money.)

You can rest easy knowing you’re in the clear with Perfect Privacy.

4. Easy-to-Use Application

Not every VPN app works flawlessly.

You’d expect them to all be pretty simple. Just fire it up, select a server, and hit “Connect.”

Simple as that, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Well… a lot in some cases, apparently.

Take Azire and SlickVPN. Each one crashed multiple times when we were trying them out.

In fact, it took up to TWO HOURS to properly connect.

Mercifully, Perfect Privacy was a breeze in comparison.

Their app is very minimal and simple. There were no bells and whistles:

Options allow you to change protocols or switch servers. Once you’re up and running, you can also run it from the taskbar so the client is hidden away for the most part (unless you need it).

We didn’t find any major problems with their app.

But we did have a few minor inconveniences.

First, server switching could take a long as thirty seconds. Kinda lengthy compared to the instantaneous experience we had with other VPNs.

Second, the app’s user interface was kinda old school. I know — totally minor. Still felt odd.

Not deal killers. Just stuff to be aware of before purchasing an entire year’s worth of service.

Let’s end on a positive, though.

Perfect Privacy’s app also includes a kill switch to make sure your browsing session isn’t exposed when your internet connection unexpectedly drops.

Interestingly, they also give you three different levels with it:

  1. While tunnel is active (on-mode only when VPN is connected)
  2. While program is active (on-mode when software is working)
  3. Permanent (works even when software is off)

We also tested this feature out to make sure it worked as promised.

For example, we turned on the ‘second’ level and then tried accessing the internet. No dice:

Looks like the kill switch works perfectly.

5. Respectable Customer Support

Perfect Privacy offers support through the FAQ section, forum, and email.

No live chat available.

The FAQ page is OK for finding simple answers to common questions. The forum is decent, too.

But you’re going to need email help for complex issues.

We fired off a message at 10:25 PM one night to test both (1) quality and (2) speed.

A reply email hit our inbox almost exactly twelve hours later at 10:29 AM.

Not bad for email or ticket-based support systems.

Their response was simple but direct. They asked a few follow-up questions and we were able to get an answer pretty quickly after.

It was an actual back-and-forth conversation, as opposed to some VPN companies that try to automate the process with a bot or simply copy and paste some support links into the body of the email.

The other thing I liked is that Perfect Privacy will even hop on TeamViewer for screen sharing to help solve technical issues. So it seems like they’ll go the extra mile to help you out.

6. Netflix Seems to Work, For Now…

Perfect Privacy prides themselves on just that: “Privacy.”

Nowhere on their site will you find proud proclamations touting Netflix-friendly servers.

And there’s a reason for that.

Because we tested five of their servers and found that only one worked with Netflix. The dreaded Black Screen of Netflix Death reared it’s ugly head all five out of five times:

  • U.S. Washington server – not working
  • U.S. New York server – not working
  • UK server – not working
  • Canada server – not working
  • The Netherland server – working

If you need a VPN purely for Netflix, consider finding something from this list instead .

Perfect Privacy Cons

Perfect Privacy started off great.

But they had trouble keeping pace across the finish line.

Server speeds started to slow.

Then, they completely dropped the Netflix ball.

Last but not least, server count and device compatibility ruined an otherwise good thing.

1. Server Speeds Consistently Slow

One of our favorite VPN tests zeros-in on their server speeds.

See, encryption often comes at a cost.

It doesn’t matter how secure a connection might be if the day-to-day use is virtually impossible.

This is also one of the first areas we see an otherwise strong VPN start to falter.

So it was with Perfect Privacy.

Things started well. We were positive.

Then, the speed test results started to trickle in.

And Perfect Privacy’s combined score was able to place them at 4th (out of 78).

Placed in the top 10, easily.

Our initial benchmark speeds included a 98.71 Mbps download, with a 53 Mbps upload. Strong, but not Earth-shattering.

Next, we connected to a Perfect Privacy server in the Netherlands, and here’s what we saw:

  • Download: 62.21 Mbps (35% slower)
  • Upload: 18.62 Mbps (64% slower)

Not a convincing start.

We then connected to a US server in New York, and things quickly went from bad to worse:

  • Download: 32.78 Mbps (67% slower)
  • Upload: 33.27 Mbps (37% slower)

Pretty ‘meh’ overall to be honest.

Not awful, but not near the top with the likes of ExpressVPN , either.

2. Torrenting Allowed, But Limited

Torrenting is user-friendly, but not always privacy friendly.

Connecting to so many other ambiguous devices on a big network can leave you exposed. Which is why a VPN becomes an essential security product if you’re a heavy torrenter.

Link to torrenting policy:

The trouble is that although Perfect Privacy allows torrenting, they only do so on their “premium dedicated servers” (read: most expensive). This is a bummer considering that many other VPNs will simply give you full, unlimited torrenting across all their servers for the same standard price.

3. Low Server Network

Perfect Privacy boasts 55+ servers in 26 countries.

That’s not very many, to be honest.

Especially when you compare it to the thousands of servers that NordVPN or even PIA provide.

A low total server count translates to a poor user experience for a number of reasons.

The first is practical:

You have more users chasing the same few servers.

This leads to resources being spread thin, and slow speeds as a result.

The second issue deals with proximity.

The further away you are from the connecting server, the worse performance you can expect.

And when your VPN only reaches 26 countries to begin with? You might have to hop several borders to reach the nearest one.

Either way, the already-slow server speeds we saw from Perfect Privacy will probably only get worse.

4. Located Inside a 5-Eyes Cooperative Jurisdiction

Switzerland enjoys a privacy-friendly reputation.

And that holds true here, too, for the most part.

However, there is one tiny wrinkle:

The Swiss can (and will) cooperate with the Five Eyes security alliance if required.

If you’re not doing anything wrong? You’re in the clear.

If you’re walking a fine line? It’d be better to choose a VPN with a completely isolated jurisdiction, so you couldn’t possibly run into any of these problems.

We’ll admit that the likelihood of Perfect Privacy being forced to cooperate is pretty low.

But if it only takes one small, slim chance to have your personal data end up in security databases around the world, it’s worth re-considering.

5. Disappointing Device Compatibility

Perfect Privacy offers set-up tutorials for a range of devices, including:

  • Mac – through OpenVPN and Tunnelbrick as well as native app (easy to set up)
  • iOS – through IPsec protocol (easy to set up)
  • Linux – through IPsec and OpenVPN
  • Android – through IPsec and native app
  • IPTV – AppleTV, SmartTV, Satellite TV, Playstation, XBox
  • Routers – custom set up ( guide here )

You can even connect unlimited devices under one plan! That’s awesome, considering other companies maybe give you three to five devices at a time. You can even use Tor, too.

So what could possibly be the problem?

They can do better when it comes to device compatibility. While they only used to have ready-made apps for Windows devices, they now have apps for Android and macOS. Still, more needs to be done as far as device compatibility is concerned.

You know all those others on the list above? You’ll have to use workarounds, like setting up the OpenVPN option, first, before manually creating your connection.

And if you don’t know your DNS from your ports? Good luck.

Too much manual labor in our eyes. Especially compared with the price…

Perfect Privacy Plans, Pricing, and Payment Options

Perfect Privacy has several plans, but the major difference is the term and price. Here’s a quick list, along with pricing in USD as of February 2020 exchange rates:

  • 1 Month – $12.99
  • 1 Year –saves 23% – $119.99
  • 2 Years –saves 31% – $214.95

Payment options are extremely versatile. You can pay with wide-range of options like PayPal, Bitcoin, Mobiamo, Visa and Mastercard, Amex, and UnionPay.

If you like old-school anonymity, you can even pay in cash by sending your money in a concealed envelope to a remote address in Latvia. (No joke.)

Perfect Privacy offers a seven-day money-back guarantee. Except, if you pay with cash or Bitcoin. Anonymous payment methods are great for privacy. Not so great for getting a refund.

Do You Recommend Perfect Privacy?

It’s not that they bombed any one section. They weren’t the worst VPN we’ve tried.

But at the end of the day, you only need one VPN.

And there were just too many holes to overlook.

Consider the fact that speeds were consistently slow, they barely reach two dozen countries, Netflix doesn’t work at all, and anyone outside of Linux or Windows users will need to setup their own manual connections.

Plus, the current costs — whether due to the exchange rate or not — puts them among the most expensive providers we’ve reviewed.

There were some positives. The leak-free, virus-free connection was great. Protocols and encryptions were top notch. The app was easy to use and customer support was also good.

If you’re only paying for one VPN service, there are a few others I’d recommend you check out, first.

Add your own Perfect Privacy review

2 user reviews for Perfect Privacy VPN

Paul T 10 / 10 January 13, 2020

The Best Bar None

I’ve tried most VPN’s & Perfect Privacy is the best by a long way – The review points out it doesn’t work with Netflix, this is true but a very cheap licence of Windflix sorts that out. PP’s multi hop system available, no logs, whatsoever – As I live in Europe, the lack of servers doesn’t affect me. Speed is pretty good for me & the VPN connects in under 10 seconds as good as most & better than some. Most people with need to add exclusions to their AV & Anti-Malware as this can cause slow connecting. If you want a all singing all dancing (cheap) VPN look elsewhere – if you want the most secure VPN there is, buy Perfect Privacy, you won’t regret it – And ignore most of the VPN review sites they are sponsored, ever wonder why Nord & Express VPN always come out on top?

Adam 10 / 10 November 4, 2020

The BEST for privacy and anonymity

So, Perfect Privacy is awesome. Before I start, however, there is an error in this review. TORRENTING is allowed for ALL users. The “Premium Dedicated Servers” statement on their P2P/Torrenting info page was simply stating that ALL of their servers are premium dedicated servers, NOT that you need to subscribe to a premium package. In fact, if you go to the prices page, it says that for ALL plans, FULL FUNCTIONALITY is included. There is no torrenting restrictions regardless of which plan you choose. You get access to all Perfect Privacy has to offer.

Perfect Privacy is the best when it comes to privacy. And even though they are in a cooperative jurisdiction (Switzerland), their servers use RAMDISK mode, meaning that as soon as power is disconnected, all data is lost that is on it anyway. And the fact that they log nothing paired with that means that there is zero risk of your data being exposed. I would rate them as perfect, but since Netflix only works on the “London 2” and Netherlands servers, I knocked off a bit. I simply switch to ExpressVPN when I need Netflix in another region, but it isn’t too important to me.

Great VPN. Privacy is important and they nailed it.

Rated #4 out of 78 VPNs

Perfect Privacy Pros:

+ No Logging
+ Switzerland jurisdiction
+ Netflix works
+ Torrenting is allowed
+ Kill-Switch
+ Unlimited devices

Perfect Privacy Cons:

High cost
Mediocre speed

Earnings disclosure: In order to get you the cheapest price possible, we’ll earn a commission if you decide to purchase through our links. Thanks for your support.

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Read this beginner guide – What is a VPN .

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Software Review: My Perfect Option

GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Perfect /

Perfect: Server-Side Swift 简体中文

Perfect: Server-Side Swift

Perfect is a complete and powerful toolbox, framework, and application server for Linux, iOS, and macOS (OS X). It provides everything a Swift engineer needs for developing lightweight, maintainable, and scalable apps and other REST services entirely in the Swift programming language for both client-facing and server-side applications.

Perfect includes a suite of tools that will enhance your productivity as you use only one programming language to build your apps: Swift. The global development community’s most dynamic and popular server-side toolbox and framework available today, Perfect is the backbone for many live web applications and apps available on iTunes.

This guide is designed for developers at all levels of experience to get Perfect up and running quickly.

Working with Perfect

Compatibility with Swift

The master branch of this project currently compiles with Xcode 10 or the Swift 5 toolchain on Ubuntu.

Access a tutorial to help you get started using Perfect quickly. It includes straightforward examples of how Perfect can be used.

Get started working with Perfect, deploy your apps, and find more detailed help by consulting our reference library.

We welcome contributions to Perfect’s documentation. If you spot a typo, bug, or other errata, or have additions or suggestions to recommend, please create a pull request or issue in Github.

We all need a little help now and then. If you do too, don’t be shy, ask us or the friendly and supportive Perfect community:

Your Perfect project can be deployed to any Swift compatible Linux server. We provide a macOS desktop application, Perfect Assistant, to help with AWS and Google Cloud deployments. Additional deployment options are in the works.

Samples, Examples, and Tutorials

Our library continues to grow as members of the Swift-Perfect development community have shared many samples and examples of their projects in Perfect. Examples include:

There are many more examples you can explore. Please share yours!

Core Perfect Modules

Perfect project is divided into several repositories to make it easy for you to find, download, and install the components you need:

  • Perfect – This repository contains the core PerfectLib and will continue to be the main landing point for the project
  • Perfect Docs – Contains all API reference-related material
  • Perfect Template – A simple starter project which compiles with the Swift Package Manager into a standalone executable HTTP server. This repository is ideal for starting a Perfect-based project
  • Perfect Examples – All the Perfect example projects
  • Perfect Redis – The Redis database connector
  • Perfect SQLite – SQLite3 database connector
  • Perfect PostgreSQL – PostgreSQL database connector
  • Perfect MySQL – MySQL database connector
  • Perfect MongoDB – MongoDB database connector
  • Perfect FileMaker – FileMaker Server database connector
  • Perfect FastCGI Apache 2.4 – Apache 2.4 FastCGI module; required for the Perfect FastCGI server variant
  • Perfect XML – DOM Core level 2 read-only APIs and XPath support
  • Perfect HTTP Server – HTTP 1.1 server for Perfect
  • Perfect Mustache – Mustache template support for Perfect
  • Perfect CURL – cURL support for Perfect
  • Perfect WebSockets – WebSockets support for Perfect
  • Perfect Zip – provides simple zip and unzip functionality
  • Perfect Notifications – provides support for Apple Push Notification Service (APNS).

More about Perfect

Perfect operates using either a standalone HTTP server, HTTPS server, or through FastCGI server. It provides a system for loading your Swift-based modules at startup, for interfacing those modules with its request/response objects, or to the built-in Mustache template processing system.

Perfect is built on a completely asynchronous, high-performance networking engine to provide a scalable option for internet services. It supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, and it features a suite of tools commonly required by internet servers such as WebSockets and iOS push notifications, but you are not limited to those options.

Feel free to use your favourite JSON or templating systems, etc.

Join and Contribute to the Community

The Swift-Perfect developer community is vital to improving Perfect and supporting one another.

You can help other developers by sharing your expertise and tips, as well as learn from others, by joining the Perfect Slack channel. Contributions of all kinds are welcome: reporting issues, updating documentation, fixing bugs, building examples, sharing projects, and any other tips that may help the Swift-Perfect community.

If you would like to share your example project, tutorial, or video, please share the URL of your work on GitHub and Twitter, and the Perfect team will highlight it to the community.

Code of Conduct

The Perfect team welcomes people of all ethnicities, nationalities, ages, gender, disability, levels of experience, and religious beliefs to use and contribute to the Perfect project. We pledge to foster and enforce a harassment-free environment of openness, respect, and cooperation for everyone in all project and public spaces online or offline.

Please report any behaviour that violates our Code of Conduct to [email protected] The Perfect team is committed to enforcing this Code of Conduct to ensure everyone who wishes to use, contribute to, and comment on the Perfect project may do so freely and openly and without fear of reprisal.

We will investigate all complaints of unacceptable or abusive behaviour or comments expediently, and we will maintain the confidentiality of the person who reports any perceived infraction or wrongdoing to us. We will not tolerate any form of direct or indirect harassment or discrimination within the Swift-Perfect community, and will take appropriate, fair, and corrective action to any instance of inappropriate behaviour.

The Perfect team maintains the right to remove, edit, or reject any comments, code, edits, or issues that do not align with our Code of Conduct.

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