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Annie Don’t Stop Review

Album. Released 2009.

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    BBC Review

    Twelve slices of sublime pop genius.

    Once upon a time, around the start of this century, there was a young Norwegian lady named Annie who came to a few people’s attention when she released the Madonna-sampling single The Greatest Hit. It was deemed slightly genius and Annie was duly crowned as one of the stars of what was eventually-named-as the ‘noughties’.

    Then things went a bit quiet – until 2005, that is, when her first album proper Anniemal was released, bugled by the extremely magnificent lead-off single Chewing Gum. After bothering the lower reaches of the charts, Annie then signed up with Island to become an actual proper pop star. But alas this was not to be, due to the label dropping her before she released her second album in October 2008. Finally, that album emerges, with a few changes in the tracklisting. During the interim, however, women playing keyboards and being a bit pop have spread across the charts, and now Annie is in the unfortunate position of being regarded as an afterthought, rather than a righteous torch bearer.

    Standout track My Love Is Better is a Xenomania belter, with guest guitar action from Alex Kapranos. An earlier version featured Girls Aloud on backing vocals, but was halted by the band’s management, possibly in fear of it eclipsing their own abilities. Songs Remind Me of You is another monster, a blinding snort-up of amyl disco strobe-fest proportions, which throws in a bit of Mel & Kim just in case it wasn’t quite rapturous enough. The dramatic Saint Etienne-ness of Marie Cherie allows for breath to be caught up with; I Don’t Like Your Band is a honest summation for anyone in love with a musician; and The Breakfast Song is just plain bonkers.

    With assorted production credits for Paul Epworth, Richard X and Xenomania, a more ‘of its time’ record would be hard to find, but no matter: Don’t Stop is 12 slices of sublime pop genius, and one ranks right up there with the best contemporary female pop. Here’s hoping more than a dozen people buy the thing.

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    1. 1 Hey Annie
    2. 2 My Love Is Better
    3. 3 Bad Times
    4. 4 Don’t Stop
    5. 5 I Don’t Like Your Band
    6. 6 Songs Remind Me of You
    7. 7 Marie Cherie
    8. 8 Take You Home
    9. 9 The Breakfast Song
    10. 10 Loco
    11. 11 When the Night
    12. 12 Heaven and Hell

    Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language.

    Rockdoor Reviews

    311 • Great

    Write a review

    Write a review

    Reviews 311

    So pleased with my new stable rockdoor

    So pleased with my new stable rockdoor. Not only does it look great, it is solid; feels really secure and opens and locks with ease. It has really enhanced the look of the house and I am thinking of now replacing my front door with another great quality rockdoor ��

    I like to say Big thank you to…

    I like to say Big thank you to northwest Fitter Tony I am so grateful on how you sorted my door out.

    I finally have beautiful door ��

    I would highly recommend Tony to anyone specially friends and family . He is truly is excellent at your job with his knowledge on rockdoors , from him ordering the door , to fitter the door he is very professional .

    I will definitely be getting my front door sorted out very soon .
    Thank you ☺️

    If I knew then what I know now.

    Hi had a Rockdoor fitted last year. It had a slight rattle and so the fitter came and adjusted it. To get out of the house you have to push the door and twist the lock at the same time, and to get into the house you have to pull and twist at the same time. After a few months we noticed a stain on the door. The company we purchased it from fitted a new door (lock is still the same) after a few months the door started to bow in the center. They are coming to fit a second one this week but have told me if anything goes wrong with this one I am on my own and not to call them as you dont pay them for fitting a replacement faulty door. So where does that leave me?

    Sorry your experience has found it necessary to leave a 3* review on your Rockdoor, your installer has a legal obligation to yourself and I am sure that they have provided a warranty on their installation a d your Rockdoor. I am positive that you will have no issues with your new door which will be one of our new “Next Generation” doors, we launched the next generation doors last June and have manufactured over 20,000 doors to date in this specification and we have had absolutely Zero failures due to what you describe. With all manufactured products there is a chance every now and again of failure and I believe you have just been unfortunate, that said I am positive that your replacement will live upto your expectations and will not let you down.

    Rockdoor Customer Service

    Great job by Tony at Rockdoor

    Great job by Tony at Rockdoor, can’t fault his craftsmanship or the price.

    The door, surround and fittings are of excellent quality.

    Some slight communication issues but all good, nothing that wouldn’t stop me recommending him and Rockdoor at all!

    A P Instalations and Rockdoor

    A P Instalations, 5 star service from start to finish
    I would like to thanks Andy for a brilliant job he has done installing my new Front and rear Rockdoors. He has provided us with quality workmanship and is a true professional and would recommend him to all
    There was very little mess and he cleaned up afterwards, My previous doors came with my new home and had leaked and been drafty from day 1. The New Rockdoors are now in and and what a difference no more leaks or draughts and a quality finish. I would recommend both Andy and Rockdoor to you all.

    Tony was absolute gem

    Tony was absolute gem.
    He processed the ordering and the fitting if the door very quickly and the workmanship is excellent.
    Reasonably priced to for an excellent product and service . I would highly recommended Tony at Rock doors. Genuinely lovely guy and so helpful
    Thank you Tony
    Michele and family

    Draught EXCLUDED !

    I awarded a 1 star in a really critical review a few weeks ago because of a severe draught around the catch / strikeplate area that left my hall feeling cold.
    The installer maintained there was no fault evident following several visits over eighteen months, my review prompted Rockdoor to send their chief engineer to visit and carry out an inspection. Within five minutes of arriving he detected the problem and rectified it – the door was not sealing correctly causing the draught.
    The door has just passed the testing conditions of Storm Dennis – no draughts !
    Always been more than happy with the look of the door to be honest it looks really smart – now it’s fully thermally efficient – RESULT !
    Pity it has taken so long to resolve otherwise the score would of been 5 Stars.

    Happy Rock Door Customer !

    Love my Rock Door, I chose the Grey Vermont, with a stylish chrome handle and door knocker. It really looks the part, keeps out the cold and feels so solid and secure, especially when compared to my previous UPVC Door. I had a couple of minor issues after installation which were dealt with very promptly and very efficiently by Jason in Customer Services. I am a happy customer and would certainly purchase another Rock Door, in fact I will be looking to replace my upvc back door with a Rock Door in the near future

    Drafty Rockdoor

    Can’t believe my beautiful Vermont Rockdoor is drafty. The latch plate seems to let a draft through on windy days. I thought I bought a top notch product. No wonder the hall feels cooler than before the new door. Very annoyed and disappointed. Door fitted by a trusted Rockdoor supplier and fitter in Leigh, Greater Manchester.

    Thank you Rock Door North West!!

    We had our rockdoor put in by Rock Door North West, and I have to say their service and expertise was faultless. Tony fitted our door very quickly after we had a break in at our home and his work was meticulous!!
    Thank you so much Rock Door North West!! we feel safe and sound now in our home because of you, and the stable door is simply beautiful.

    Absolutely delighted..5 star service…

    Absolutely delighted..5 star service and quality. Had the Vermont fitted today and am really please with how it looks and feels. My previous door was only 8 years old but I had nothing but problems from day 1 with draughts, leaks and door dropping. Straight away I could feel a massive difference in quality with the Rockdoor and am sure I am going to have many draught free years with it. The whole process from ordering to it being fitted has been smooth. Very happy and would certainly recommend Rockdoor to others.

    This company is awfull

    This company is awfull
    I have a bowed door they refuse to change it
    Speaking to other people this company has a bad reputation for their services discusted
    I tryed to give no stars but you can’t post a review without a star otherwise I wouldn’t have given them any ��


    I am delighted with my two new Rockdoors. A Jacobean front door and a Stable Spy View rear door both in Chartwell green. The new doors were the icing on the cake to completing the overall appearance of our Lake District holiday cottage.
    The doors were installed by Paul Wightman Trading As Martindale Windows of Kendal. This is the second time we have used Paul as he installed our new windows and he also installed another Rockdoor and windows on our road.
    Highly recommend.

    Love my Newark door

    Love my Newark door. We are constantly complimented on how our door looks. It has made such a huge difference in the house the hall way is so warm now and we are saving so much on heating in the hall. Can’t wait to have our back door fitted in the coming month.

    Rockdoor and Windows

    What can I say. Had my front door with fanlight (Newark door) as well as all my windows fitted in anthracite grey on white last week not only do I notice a massive difference inside the house including warmer and quieter they look amazing a big thanks to Howarth and Winnard for a professional friendly job from start to finish. Clean tidy (didn’t even know they had been there) I would highly recommend both Howarth and Winnard and Rockdoor.

    I had a rockdoor fitted a few months…

    I had a rockdoor fitted a few months back that cupped and had to be replaced. i have now had a replacement door fitted but there is a terrible draught through the 3 hinges and the latch. my hall way is freezing cold and i can see my breath. It was sold to me a triple A rated door which seals like a fridge. Defo not got a product i was sold. very disappointed. Im a singke mum of 2 children spending 1400 on a door was everything i had!

    Good afternoon Lois,

    I am sorry you have found it necessary to leave a 2* review of your Rockdoor, all our doors have been independently tested by the BFRC (British Federation Rating Council) and have achieved fantastic results following rigorous tests, all our certification can be obtained from the BFRC website.
    Please can you provide the details of the Rockdoor production number and RTI (Rockdoor Trusted Installer) that installed your Rockdoor, please email these details to [email protected] This issue could be down to a simple adjustment, our hinges and keeps are fully adjustable for compression against our Qlon weather sealed gasket, it is critical that this has been done in accordance with the Rockdoor installer guidelines in order to achieve full weather-ability. Once again we are very sorry that that you have had an issue with your original door and we are happy to work with your installer and advise of the best way to help resolve the issue that you are encountering with the replacement that you have been provided with.

    Rockdoor Customer Service

    New Rockdoors look really smart

    New Rockdoors look really smart. Good quality and finish. Went for Jacobean style front and back. Review: Don’t Shop Here Before Reading This Review!

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    The story shows us that hatred and betrayal are the lowest traits of human.
    A small boy faced with cruelty adults, he said the most important words and he called us to goodness and mercy, compassion and empathy.
    It’s my favorite book. I like it very much.

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